The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1947
Page 12
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fAGETEN •m V&ry to,Qtt set Grain /Exports Drop Sought PNGTON, Sept.' s. OJP)— ire Department off Ida's ojrUd today to be catalog- American food resources to ...jtmus of off-setting a certain An grain exports {o hungry peo- BLYTHKVItLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS PossUalitws under consideration p/vere said to Include tl) largei fits / and oil exports, &) an eftoit to persuade the Anny to take moie dried fruit for occupation areas and <l); government sugar purchases for foreign relief. ' In the case of at least some of n^commodities, larger exports dihave the dual effect of bol- ; sagging domestic prices and ig what most experts believe a critical European .food itary ot Agriculture Clinton P.-Anderson last night \riped oul fllny lingering hoi>es that the Unit- 'jed _States this year would be able •'"'*; to.: match last year's record-break" ing exports of 567,000,090 bushels of grain. ;. <Tln a nation-wide radio talk from Albuquerque, N. M.. Anderson sket- ' ched a grim picture of probable con- ( jdiUohs in Europe this Winter. With '.exportable grain supplies down sharply, he said, deficit nations must pull their belts even tighter. "Even : if they do this," he warned, .."the people in many of these coun- • tries face the prospect of shorter -'supplies in-the year ahead." He said a food shortage had been '.> expected this year but tha til hurt • been.complicated by the failure of "the American com crop and the 1 growing, dollar shortage abroad. We Could Have Done Better With a .45 JIOSDAV, SKI'TICMJJKK 8, J5M7 Two pajaina-cliul blondes from "Six-Shooter Junction," belter known as Hcmpstcad, Texas, show photographers ho\v they blasted a burglar Irom lliclr w^^lilnfjtou apartment, when he attempted to -breaK down their bedroom door. The ^5-year-ol<l twins, }»aljellc left, nncl Lorraine Clemons, both WAVES, tucked the .'22 in bed witli them several niahts previous to the shooting when they discovered their apartment, door lock line) been tampered with. Av, T atccned by the banging on the door, Lorraine gave warning and then fired through the door. The burglar got siwny, but he was believed to have been wounded. (NEA Tclepliolo.) State Highway Revenues Exceed 1946 Collections LITTLE ROCK, Alt;., Sept. 8. (UP) — Highway revenues for the bond year 1917-48 are ninning some $000,000 ahead of collections for the same period las: year, the State Highway Department said ycslcrday. period last year. The bond year started April t. The Department said that aftc 1 : Collections ot $l.714,84G liurini; i collection casts and other expenses August brought, the bond year's wer c deducted the Highway De- total to $8.203/158 or $G4I.3!>4 more partincnl received S7.102.519 •dur- tlian was collected for tile same [ Ing ihc live-month period. © by tliicl-clh Stifcil. DIsttll-glcJ Ly I :rA StRVICC. ISJC .lf(i- 111* ' Till: STOIIYl Mtllcolm '' •• attack of mlprnlne durin 1 •pcratlon anil Andrew tukr« !»I««T before Miirtln hn* n i-)i:n:i-i- 'l tm. I.nttr, Andrew ciimmrnlN oi» ] Malcolm'* fumbling. KUKK>-'A(K lie ; .|« l*»lnc hin «kltl. "Von're n doc! i«r," Mnrllu <rll» Andrrtr. "Iml ( 7*M*re ovt to MM. not to vurc." i - • --. . *' » * -.! r " • -. XIX Tj^HEN Andrew first mol Nnncy, •'. i* he had suggested that she might be interested in attending - pne of 'his clinics. Malcolm had never encouraged her visiting the /hospital, believing that a doctor should keep his family life strictly apart from his professional life. Sii it was a natural curiosity that .prompted Nancy to accept An- 'driew's. invitation. '''•Gradually she fell into almost a routine ot attendance at An- '«Jrew's clinics. ('"This particular morning, when jAndrew came back to his office ' jbe ;was visibly startled to find INaney seated at Miss Dyson's 'desk. A little brown sailor hat, circled with pansies, was tilted •jiver one eje, her flannel suit was ',^he color of tarnished gold. She ^smiled at him mischievously. -?"You have a new office nurse! "|«fce said gaily. b M So I see. And quite an im- ipfoyement, too." ; ^\~f, "Do jou mind my coming liere ^[Andrew'"' she asked seriously. T He glanced down, furtively, wrist-watch. "I never mine g you "do, Nancy," he sale i gallantly, "You please me in al you say and do — a completely [satisfactory iriend." | She shook her head.- "Don't cal ine friend," she said. "1 feel tha I' have become much more thai that to you." • ' tWhat could be rhore than friend 7 " He moved toward hi - 4esk, glanced toward his black! JflBed-m schedule. t\ "If that's the S64 Question." sai 'nncy, "I know the answer. I can e more than a friend. 1—An- rcvv, I decided last night that the me had come for me to. make a iovc, to acknowledge to you Hint d fallen in love wilh you. It may ot be the tiling to say—it may ot have been the thing to do. ut there it is. 1 love you—for 11 the things you have clone for le," "Whal," ho said, n lilllc brcath- essly, "have 1 done lor you, iHE got up, went over lo him, •^ put her hand upon his arm. Til love lo tell you," she sold oflly. "Listen! You've taught me 0 know myself, to be brave, lo be lonest. You've made me a real )erson again, not—" She slopped, coked up al him, misty-eyed. Ife patled her hand, put his arm Iboul her shoulder, thinking thai his was a fine tiling to 'happen o busy day. A fine thing to lappen at any lime! He'd not ex- >ecled—he'd not wanted Nancy lo lonnce on him so. Though he nighl have looked for her lo do io. Women werc never content lo et these pleasant lillle flirtations drift along. They wanted things EO completely Una!. "If yon love ne, you must marry me." Judas 1 man couldn't marry Ihpm all! He smiled quizzically al Nancy 'f hope you havcn'l spoiled things Tor us," he said plaintively. "Tin. balance is veiy delicate—" 'I know," she said eagerly. " know it lias been—but I rcall love you, Andrew, and—" "Love can be a very dclightfu end in itself, my swcel," he saic deeply. ("This," he was IhinUin ever more impatiently, "is cer lainly a swell lime for Nam Glenn lo prostrate herself.") Th Board meeting was on top ot then and he wanted every argumc: to be on his side when he prc scnted Grcjjor's name. Certainly j il would be bad to have some im- nl Stall member side against Woodward because he had been playing around dishonorably v.'ilh Glenn's wife. It was just such inconsequential things that advanced a doctor on a Stan", or held him back. * * * TJIS fingers stroked Nancy's soft cheek. "You've always been v=ry sweet lo me, Nancy," be murmured, "never seeming to remember that you are the Chief's wife, and f only—" "Oh, Andrew-—" Ills smile was whimsical. "But 1 am your husband's junior," he said ruefully, "and not in any osition to defy my boss by— Nancy citing lo his arm, her untied face intent. "I know it's nol oing lo be easy lo lell Malcolm, ) mnkc Ihe break—hut I'd go .trough fire for you, Andrew." He smiled gently clown into her yes. "Would you bu witling to ose me, my darling?" She stared at him. "Never!" "Well, then, we must be careful — for a while." lie bent his head o kiss her, his mouth hard upon iers, insistent. He released her. 'There! We can't have even that nuch if we are not careful. One nust use a little delicacy about hcse things, my Nancy. 11 would inrdly do for me to gel in wrong icre at Ihe Hospital. For a time, it least, we must be discreet. Be- icve me, 1 am thinking about you —and Ihe future for both of us." She nodded, looking down lo :iide Ihe tears in her eyes. "Yes, \ndrew. You're righl. 1 was being selfish—I shouldn't have come to your ollicc, should 1?" "No, I'm afraid not. Miss Dyson apt to barge in here any miu- ulc." "I'll not come any more," she said softly. "K people should begin lo talk, I can see how il would spoil Ihings for us, Andrew." He kissed her again, lightly, and opened the door for her. Ho watched her RO along the hall until she lui'ncd into Ihe lobby, Ihcn he came back and kicked the leg of Miss Dyson's desk. "You would have lo lurn up missing!" he cried furiously.' (To Ho Continued) !»'•>, BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE FICE NQRTH TENTH Phone 3151 "Just becausa I broke my ankld playing baseball ii no I'll get hurt in football—I ride with you when you " drive the car and I've never got a scratch 1 ." FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER Sales Response GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch ' M Pfc 7 Crown 1.35 Culvert 1.35 Sc hen ley 1.35 Three Feathers . .... 1.35 Hill & Hill 1.40 Old Taylor Four Roses Ft 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Hh «>.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% Beer per Case $2,88 GAS ' re 3 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5: All BrandsCigarets,cfn. $1.35 STUDEBAKERS u CHAMBL1N SALES CO. D Sales—SI udchiikcr—Service Headquarters for CJuiiranlccd New and Used Cars and Trucks New Int. Hi Ion Sliorl \Vliccl I!;isc 1917 New Ford I'/, Ion Long Wheel I!;ise — 1947 New Iiilernalioiul !',?• Ion Lons Wheel Base 194G Doilgc >/. (n,i I'lckiip 1945 Chevrolet >.<• fan Pirkup 1946 CMC 'A ton Pickup 1341 Chevrolet y, tan 1911 Chevrolel '/• tun Pickup IfllO 1 Ion 1047 New Ford "K" Coupe 1042 Nash 3-I>oor 1041 Plymouth 2-Uoor 1041 Stuilelwkcr 4-l>oor 1930 DcSolo '1-Door Sedan D E B A K E R Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out OurWay EOAD,BURKE.' Bb&V TESTIM& A F IDEAS.' YOU REPAIR TO SDM.E GRO-JE \>JtAECB A. IS CLEARING Lf\ND O^WD PULl I OUT A FE\M TR&E5 BV T\4E= ROOTS'?-«*• SOLS COULD START; COMMA =«T V^\!£ M sis BOBK' IM TK CHAIR BUT \VHV AT ME PER SPTTIM' OM n? YOU CAN'T HURT A BOOK JI5 ITTIM' CVJ IT. to\M'& ABOUT TRAirSING ~~'N\ 6O SOFT t^O'M HE COULD O CNER. N^E LIKE A JORK1W5 A PAKS O' DOUGH. 1 WHY NVDTHERS GET GRAY BY MICHAEL O'SIAL Wte Brief easily shook o!( the pdkecaTS thatfolbwed him. But that wi5 part of my plan. HE s cavt TO THE aO MOGUL PIANT THAT THEY STOPPED USWG AFTER THE WAR! HE MUST HAVE OOUYM06U1IU5IDE THERE SHE IS. AND CRIBB.' JUST t& I riGUREO, ME AMD BRIEF ARE IN CAHOOTS' IF HE GUESSED HE HAD WE AS A TOJUK.HE1DBASHME IN LIKE MOLD SUITCASE. L TCLLYOU, - lYoOTHIWKSO OVER-STOCK'ED MAVBE, MR. WITH BOW TIES , /STUFFLEBEAM, NOW I _—' BUT THIS ONE'S REALLY DIFFEREMT: ITS TAKEN THE a& CITIES BY STORK* / I ASK 'AT SOMEP'N'? AND YOU CAM &E THE? FICST 10 INTRODUCE ir IM SHADYSIDE.' PICKARD'S GROCERY WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS, BUD? VERY CLEVER. SUP WHO'D WAWT JO BUY A GADGET LIKE THAT? I'LL SHOW, VOU WHO . HEY. KID. , COME HERE/ Phone 20-13 101-1 Chickasawba INSURANCE STUD EB AKE For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation WASHTUBB3 IT'S RIDICULOUS.J.R... BUT THE/ KNOW you SPENTA SHOET TIME IM THE LOS LOCO INSANE A-SYLUM LAST yeAR,ANP- FEW MEN HAVE PAODVi\ EXACTLY, CAROL! SUT PRESTIGE AMD EBCORP \ UWTORTUNATELy A FBM OF ACHIEVEMENT, UNCLE VERY INFLUENTIAL MEN TITUS... HO VVONDER. / IW THE ADMINISTRATION! THEY NEED HIM IN / ARE DISTURBED OVER. A WASHINGTON.' ,< ftUWaB, AW HAV£ SLOCK HIS APPOINTMENTS TO RUMOR! WHAT RUMOR? OH, MV 6OUL AMD BODY! I IW6 RAILROAPSP [WTO THAT PLACE THAT 5COUNFR6L, BUCKIK4.HAM ISH! THEV RELEASEPMe IM OF COURSE W£ KNCW THAT, J.f? BUT THEY A. PEW PAYS ! J , THEY'RE AFRAIP YOU Mfty BE Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Charles O.DUtner-W. M. (Bill) wiuon 1£S,REO'lVb 6t CHF.CK1S3" UPON! THAT FIRE — 1H.ERE WERE GoTtA CATCH THIS RU5TLER.' lAZt-Y, MISS EVA^S-' ^\Y &OS5 TELLS f\e To K2USH UP OhJ i 1 - 1 OFFER tO HOLP N16HT Rtri T CLP\55£5 AT THE SCHOOL, 6riE RIFF.' By J. R. Williams NO;" WITH TH BOOKMARK'S YOU TWO Us YOU'VE BEMT THE BOOK AND ST FRIGHTENED THE SPOOM/ A V. T. HAMLIN LCXX,C TRO.V1 HIS Ol-.VRt: So HE'D IIIIMn: anrl RALPH LANB <50<X> vl'M SflCK 1 . F0«. NOV1 KNOWX IAR.ft«O MR& BUOD 5OVO TO HEA.U31 NOU'. *-C. > rM&NW ' V/iIf i< r^ I

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