The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1948
Page 9
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1948 OUT OUR WAY BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS 3L SHEW "TO BE ' usep TO -TH 1 NEW BFOCAL GLASSES NEW TEETH, ' NEW ARCH SUP PORTS •- BLUP--UB- GUKO.LE CERE'S JUST ENOUGH GUVS LIKE TMACV A5»UND TO TAKE TH 1 BULL -EAR LONGER FERGIT THAT HITS GREAKIN' 'N A SET OF NEW PARTS/ VEH,THERE'S ALWAYS ONE LIKE THAT, AKIP ALWAVS TWO TO TAKE HIM--RUT TH' TWO ARE M.WAYS . TOO LAI E. — . — ;; ""1 1 llfiV ll.I.K tAKK.,) By JR. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc i !I I^.T 1 / v.rri_i T.7r-m^*^^kl '• _ _ WARNING OKDKR In Hie Chancery Court nl AJl.Hissip- lil County, ClilckasAwlM Uislrirt, SlMtt of Arkansas. Inez cable Works PlaiiHiff vs. No. 10.338 JKT.CS J. A. Works .... Defendant. The Defendant. James J. A, Works, Is hereby warned'to appear in Hits Court and answer the complaint ot the Plaintiff, Inez Cattle Works, within 30 day.s, and upon WtNS, AND IT l&rTT A <=,PLIT DECISIONS- ->.>= PAGE NINE OFFICE nurse By Adelaide Humphriei « ki AJ,lo,J. 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(%>hl) ,_ . mill .InnliT l,». „ l,,.,.rrl, ,,J ( H,« •V .">• "'" ""•" J ""l«'<- «i<«i l»r tMi-1 or krr culler !«.<. n.k. whni «h* I» ruing lo do nlionl It. f/fclTl'Ti'l" 1 * 10 " *"" '" kl> " •""<"• • • * XXIII \,IR. HILARY believed lhat Janice had been working too long: ht thought she had come to the point where she needed a change. Al least thai was what he lold her. after contriving to get her alone with him one evening after dinner. "My dear, !. want to have a little lalk with you," he said, closing the sludy door to insure privacy. Graham Hilary was not a lalka- live man; he always found ii dim- cult lo discuss anything of a ner- sonal nature with any ot his children. Besides. Mildred always attended lo such mailers. In this instance, however, his wife nad urged him lo be the one to talk with Janice. "Yes, Father," Janice answered obediently, ye' with a determined air, as she settled herself in one of the old leather chairs. How much did her falhcr know? What had her mother told him? Well, she couldn't have told him very much. Except lhat possibly Janice had been edgy for quite a white now. Janice had never mentioned Eric to either of them. Nol even after her talk with Eric the other day when he had told her for Ihe first lime thai he was going to ask his wife for a divorce, that he wanted to marry her. I will tell them soon, she thought. But not now—not yel. I have to have a little more lime to think things out myself. "Hummm . . ." Mr. Hilary cleared his as he sat down in Ins chair, propping his (cot up on the hassock. Mildred had lold him whal lo say. but she nad not lold him how lo say It. "U's just —t>r—" lie- cleared his throat again. "1 want you to do something for me—me and your mother." "I'd like to—II 1 can." "It's nothing much—nothing you cnimnt do." Her father smiled reassuringly. "Your molher and I want you to BO SAVE- for a little vacation. We feel that you have been working too long, and too conscientiously We feel that the lime hai- come, without your knowing, when it is imperative that you have « change." * • • "J—I'M not sure thai I can do that." Janice's gaze faltered; she looked at ncr hands. "But you can! Molher and I have talked this over; we wanl, lirsl ot all. (• repay yon. Janice, for all the help vou hnvc Riven us financially during these past few .years when you have done so well and I so poorly." "Don'l say that!" She looked across at him again now. "You know J wanted lo help. You know I don'l want lo be repaid." "But you roust allow us thai privilege." Graham Hilary's voice, once he (ound how lo say whal he had to. could be Brm as well as gentle. "I have decided to sell lire house. Janice." "The house! Our House! Oh, no, you can't, rather! Surely Mother won't lei you. And if you are Ihinking of doing UIDI for me—" "Bui we're not." His smile was reatauring. "1 know—il was hard for us al first lo think of giving up our home. But it is too much for your motner. And since Allen ii married and has a home of his own, and Albie has made plans lo share an apartment downtown after the firs' of the year, your mother and I thought that if you'd JANICE suw. looking at him ut he leaned forward 10 sny Una losl. lhai ins eyus were bright, even twinkling Thai would be nice, she thought. « second honeymoon. She could nol recall when her molhei and fnlhcr had been ., together. (I miiat have been years. Nothing mupi stop iliem from going. She smiled at him across Hit table, Ihe lamplight dancing In her hair. "I'll do whol you ask, Father. 1 give ycu my word. I'll to away." HaviiiR promised, she felt • wave of Immense relief »wcep over her. It would tw good to gel away from everything and everyone: by herself—all by herself— that wat what she wanted. "1 Iliouphl,' net falher said, "lhal you might want to go with us. Bui your mother teemed to Ihink—" "Molher Is rishl!" Wasn'l 3he always? Mildred Hilary must have known before Janic* had -•• what her daushler needed was to go away by herself. "As though 1'c! spoil Hint second honeymoon!" Graham Hilary cleared hii Ihroal; rchel invaded him too; he could tell Mildred that he had done wdal she afked. "I'll tell Mother il's all setlled. then. Kun along, my dear. I'm oxpectin E Thad Taylor this evening to draw up the final papers. We may have to vacate by the first of next month. So ii you can make plans for rour vacation that soon—" "They're as good as made." Janice came around behind his chnir and dropped a light kiss on Ihe high forehead. 'I'll give notice in the oflice tomorrow and I'll see about my reservations. 1 think I'll fly—I'd love to fly. And 1 think I'll go to Mexico." "Good!" Her falher reached tor his newspaper. The ordeal was over, and he slill did nol know why Mildred had considered it imperative that Janice «o away, (To B« Continued) his failure to do so Ihe complaint ' in salil muin will uc taken HS eon- ' fes-scd. Oli-en under my hand and seal ths 32 day on January, 194J). | HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Dorothy Conies', D. C. '• D. F. Taylor, Jr., Ally. CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second Here's Looking At You! • • . for a more immaculate, nttractive appearance (his spring . . . bring wiled sui(s to us for rapid, frcsh-iis-new cleaning and pressing! NU-W A LUNDRY-CLEANERS Dial 4474-4475 The Right Place To Buy Your Car... EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Street Clean Used Cars _ AH MakesI Phone 4191 •'• W. I.ovclady r' Larn J? n . Grnvcr Kra/.icr RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Except Canctrj DRS. NIES&NIES 10 Ford Tractors n«nr r«,, Com P |cte With Kquiprmml MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY? 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