Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 2, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1897
Page 21
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John Gray's.. , ER ON GLxOAKS. « have not bought out any manufacturer, and we are not overstocked, but we have correct goods bought right, and for casn, and we can, and do sell them •heaper than any other house 'in the city. Come in and be Convinced. FANCY CUTS -OF- Beef, Veal & Pork Fancy Quality Lard 6cts -At— Win. Rowe's Market, 5th and Broadway. A. S.Everett, A.M ,M.D. Practice limited to Dyspepsia • and the rational treatment of Chronic, Gastric and Intestinal Disorders. Consultation and Prescriptions by mail. Flat E,, 0158, •reenwoCKl, Ave, Chicago, Ills. UDA LEISURE Physician. Office in House, Cor. Thirteenth ana North streets, Professional calls answered promrtly. New and Second Hand at Reduced Prices ... W. F, FIDLER 513Broaawfly> Campbell's Old Stand E. H. GRACE, D. D. S. DENTAL PARLORS, S16 Market Street. New Aluminlte Rubber Plates. New Undertakers. 303 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killiaa & Co. DB. C. D. EVERSOLE'S BEDTAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Btore, of ourth aud Market Streets. E>r- Ex- £> Hunt, —DENTIST- All the latest llseoverlog In medicine and -plianoes to relieve pain In extraction or flu- Ik of tooth. Modern methods, modern prices, k ™ nC ra-s on Fourth -treet. C W Telephone No. 82S. McConnell&McCoimell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. PRESIDENT'S MOTHER. Stricken With Paralysis at Her Hume iu Canton. Feared That Her Deeath is Onlj a Question of » Short Time. Special to the Pharos. UANTON, OHIO, Dec. 22, issi.— Mrs. Naaeyw Allison McKtnley, motber ot President McKlnley was stricken with-paralysis at her home In this city today, li Is feared that her death Is anly a question of a short time. A WKfiCK On ttia Panhandle at Auoka Juu c- lion. DAILY FHAEOS THURSDAY, DEO. 2. 1897. QFTY JSLB.WS Learn prices on fancy China ao the Trade Palace. J. H. Hardy, of Detroit, is In the •tty on business. ~Fred Schneeberger returned to In- ilanapolls yesterday. The two children of Mrs. Reams of Pootiac street, are ill of la grippe. Rev. Cloud Is conducting a revival at the M. E. church at Fletchers lake. Two o! the children of Mr. and Mrs. James Fairer of Sbultztown,are Ml of lung fever. Hog cholera is reported on saveral farms near Fletcher's lake. S. M. •rable is the heaviest loser. Mr. and Mrs. John Buckles have returned to Noble county after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Longwell- Walter (Dutch) Moore, who will participate in the Elks minstrels, will arrive In the city Saturday from iDecatur, Ills. The Penny club of Rathbone Sis- uri will meet Friday afternoon at 2 • . m., Dec. 3, at Mrs. Walter Thomas', 2029 North street. Our room-making sale of dress g«jdi, heaty underwear and blank*• IB proTlng a great drawing card. Attend and save 25 per cent at tbe Trade Palace. Panhandle Freight Train Broke in Two Derailing Fimr Cars—A. Fireman's Leg Broken—Kaiiroad .News. Panhandle freight train, first 71, broke In two at Anaka Junction, this morning, and running together again derailing four cars. Tne crew escaped injury. Tbe tralQ was in charge ofJCondustorJCoatea and Engineer Kennedy. LEG JJKOKEN. FlremanJH. E. Buaolan fell from the running board of a locomotive in the yards this morning and sustained a compound fracture of the left leg above the knee. He was taken to St. Joseph'shospitaljand Drs. Shultz & Hetherington adjusted the fracture. He also sustained numerous bruises about the head and body. KAILKOAD_]NEWS. The Pennsylvania snow plows are in the shops being overhauled and made ready for winter. Tne Panhandle Is improving and beautifying its newly acquired grounds adjoining the passenger depot at Elwood. The damage suit of A-dam Ulerich and George A. Smith against the Wabash railroad has been seat* from Peru to Logaasport on a change ot venue. THE &ODHD OF THE DRILL. Work Nmv Being Prosecuted at Fire Points in This County. The drillers of the well at Adamsboro have had good luck and are now down about 500 f net. Limestone was found at a depth of 50 feet and the drill has been kept pounding away (lay and night. It is expected tbat Trenton rock will be reached early next week. The Bunker Hill company set tbe drill In motion this afternoon at Walton and developments in tbat section are expected in about ten days. It is confidently believed that oil will be found at or near Walton. The company of which Dr. H. A. Alford is at the head expects to begin drilling on the Bumgarner land near Walton next week. The contractors who are drilling the well for the Logansport company on the Rogers farm north of city have had unusually bad luck and have not yet reached limestone. The drill has penetrated a bed of quicksand and the sand rushes up in the pipe whenever an effort is made to bale out the water. The Adams township company will drill another well. It will be located on the old Barnhart homestead near Twelve Mile. The New Waverly company has located its third well about a mile south of well No. -, not far north of the Wabash river. CHARITY BALL. By the Free Klnderjjarten Association on the 29th. The ladies of the Free Kindergar- tep association will give their annual charity ball on Wednesday evening, Dec. 29th, in the Masonic temple. The tickets for the entertainment have been placed at one dollar per person, which amount will include refreshments. It is the purpose of the ladies to give the first hour and a half to the young people under sixteen, and a comlttee of ladies in charge of Mrs. W. T. Wilson are arranging to train a number of children for several figures of the German. The success of the ball last year,warranted the ladies in making it an annual affair, and the association begs further favor from the generous people »f this city and from their friends In surrounding towns. Tickets can be secured from ladies of the board. ADDITIOSiL ITEJIS. The Weather. Snow flurries tonight and tomormorrow: , Bankrupt shoe sale an Walden's. Fancy roll* at Strecker's bakery. Fresh Jersey cow for sale at 1413 High street. F. A. Dykeman was at Bunker Hill today on business. There were no offenders in the police court, this morning. Joseph McDevitt, of Cinainnati, is in tbe city on business. H, W. Hunter, o! Chicago, is In town calling on his friends. Friday—Parlor stands, 25c: lOc glass vases. 5c.—Trade Palace. Try McHale's for a pure drink of McBrayer, seven years old, 106 per cent proof. BR1CE ON TRIAL. The Case Will Reach the Jury This Evenius Tbe Case Against MOOD, Moon and Anderson Will he Called in the Morning. The case of the state against Frank Brice charged with an attempt to rape the 3-yearld daughter of Mrs. Whipple, will reach the jury this evening. Prosecutor Kistler and John Lairy are appearing tor the state. The defense is being conducted by George P. Chase and George Ouster. The defense is that Brlce was intoxicated and not accountable tor the crime. On tomorrow morning the case of the State against Moon, Moon and Anderson, charged with assault and battery with inttfrit'to kill Davis, will be called. Lalry & Mahoney have been retained to assist in prosecuting the case. The parties reside in Washington township and quar- relled over the location of a line fence. A horse belonging to Henry Eberle was frightened at noon today by tbe Primrose £ West band, and ran away on Sixth street. But little damage was done. BIQ EiRMSGS. The Pennsylvania Road Will Pay >'ine Per Cent, on its Capital Stock. _ The Pennsylvania Railroad company will have no grounds for complaining this jear. On lines west of Pittsburg and Erie for the month, of November the gross eaanlngs increased $560,100, expenses increased «225,300, and net earnings •.increased »334,800. For ten months gross earnings Increased $217,300, expenses decreased 1878,400. and net uarolngs increased 11,095,700. Estimating November and December, It is^said, the increase In net, earnings of the Pennsylvania proper will be, for the year, at least 14 000,000 or 3 per cent, on its capital stock. As the road earned over 6 per cent. In 1896 the lines east of Pittsburg will, in 1897. earn between 9 and 10 per cent, on its capital stock. Late Deaths. S. P. Sharp died at 1 o'clock this morning at his home in Harrison township of typhoid pneumonia, aged 18 years. The funeral wilt be held tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock from tbe residence, Rev. McCloud officiating. Interment will be made in Mt. Hope cemetery. Clemmle, the 22-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Meyers, died at 9 o'clock last night at the family residence, 34 Uhl street, of brain fever. The funeral will be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning from the family residence. Interment will be made In the Metea Baptist cemetery. Circuit Court. The suit of Belle Burres against Wm. T. McGriff was dismissed at plaintiff's cost. Hannah M. Street was granted a divorce from Winfleld Scott Street and given the custody of their two children. In the matter of the guardianship of Margaret Burkctt's heirs: sale of real estate reported. Onr Shoes Fit Like gloves And they wear Like Iron. We treat our customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. Our prices are Low— Wonderfully low— And quality is High- Very high—And we want Your trade. Elias Winter. Now bas ibe largest teaching- force it has ever had, Six Teachers are employed day and night. The taculty is nor. Only the la zest. bi:t is made jp of tbe best educated men that have ever been connected with tbe institution Two instructors have degrees conferred by Sute Universitits of NATIONAL REPUTATION Others who have not taken a college course, have spent from one to three years in preparation for special work. Each teacher is a specialists in the liae of work in which he instructs. We have a special teacher for bookkeeping. A special teacher for Mathematics. A special teacher for Penmanship, A special teacher for Shorthand. Seven of our students have taken positions recently. If you wart to secure a position in Logansport attend Hall's Business College Cor. Gth. and Broadway. 3Iow to Treat a Sprain. The first thing to be done is to immerse the part in hot •water. The water should be as hot as can be borne, and should be kept -op to a constant temperature by frequent additions. It will be necessary to continue this treatment for a long time, it may be for hours, or until every trace of soreness is practically dispelled. The part is then to be tightly strapped in a bandage in a position just short of absolute fixity. The best-article to use in such a case is what is called, in medical parlance, a "Martin's bandage." This is a long, narrow strip of sheet rubber of sufficient strength to withstand considerable strain and fitted at one end with tapes for tying. It is easily seen that by the use of this bandage the desired pressure can be obtained without complete immovability. How to Make Chili Sauce. Twelve large, ripe tomatoes, 3 green peppers, 2 onions, all chopped.; 1 table- gpoonful of salt, 2 of sugar, 2 teaspoon- folB of ginger, 2 of cinnamon, 1 of cloves, 1 cop of vinegar, 2 teaepoonfuls of celery «eed. Boil two hours, stirring frequently. : __^- as the quality is the BEST and yon are sure of getting the LOWEST POSSIBLE PFJ.CE. Third and Market Sts. You are safe in buying your Shoes at WILLEY'S SHOE STORE, SEALED PROPOSALS. To furnish supplies for the Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane, for the month of January, 1898, will be received by the Board of Tru^ tees at the hospital until 12 o'clock M. on Tuesday, Dec. 14,1897. See specifications in Citv National Bank. By order of the Board. JOS. G. ROGERS, ^ Medical Superintendent. ton? cliff. Lopransport. )nd., Dec. 1st, 1897. How to Keep Blankets Fresh. Blankets cannot be too frequently or thoroughly exposed to the fresh air. Even those made of the finest wool, if constantly used without careful airing, will cease to afford that delicious warmth aud to be the luxurious cover : ing that they are when new. When washed, they should be dried as soon as possible and the nap raised by going over them with a fine and short toothed wool card. Apple. Cream. Take the pulp of 12 large baked apples and bruise smoothly with a spoon. Add the whites of 2 eggs well beaten up and add powdered sugar by degrees until sweet enough; also a little brandy. It must be well beaten for a considerable time. Do you know what baking powder is bought by the Government for the families of army officers ? Cleveland's. Do you know what one all the leading teachers of cookery use and recommend? Cleveland's. Guarantee* •rocan are authorised t* ftn back your money it fat d« not fad Clsvelasd'* tl» be*t bakiaf fowder yon have «T« ***4. derclaiid Bakinf Powdiw OiL, M.T. Tailor and Draper, BETWEEN ONE THING and ANOTHER we manage to turn out the best fitting, eiquisitely finished and distingue suits of clothing- to be Men in Logansport. We take palos to select the latest and handsomest fabrics for your selection. Just now we are making nobby suits in soft finished worsteds, cberiots, tweeds, cassimeres, and English mel- ton, beaver and kersey overcoats, lined with silk, at prices that can't be matched. Carl W. Keller. 311 Market St, ASSIGNMENT SALE! • Slaughter Sale of the Best Shoe Stock Ever Brought to This'City, Having bought the "Walden Shoe stock at assignee sale, I will proceed to close out the entire stock at prices you have read about, but never came in contact wit* THIS IS NO FAKE SALE, [But the sroods must be sold to meet deferred payments and I will sell these goods at just • • 1=3 Less Than Wholesale Cost • • You cannot afford to miss this sale. If you don't need them now, you will in a few days. Is there any INVESTMENT that will PAY YOU AS MUCH! Tkii wholesale slaughter sale commenced M. WALDEN, 315 Fourth Street, Logansport, Ind. UNITED WORKMEN. Brilliant Past and Hopeful Future of th« Order—Lodge >'otes. j The brilliant record which the order has • made in the yours tlr.it have passed Is the | best evidence it can offer as to the wisdom , that brought it into existence. Founded | upon the enduring principle of fraternity, j it has extended its cluivity in;d protection to thousands of our fellow beings, and Its star of hope is further brightened by tbe prospects of much greater usefulness in the coming years of its blessed existence. —Protector. Members in good ?! ending at last report, 339,327. Quaker City lodge, Philadelphia, had a hot time recently, when 75 new members were initiEitcd. Mount Vernon lodge is one of the liveliest in Indiana. In two months 90 new members have been added. Arkansas has three deputies in the field —two at home and one in Louisiana. Prospects are very encouraging for the order in Kentucky- California in 12 short months has made a mosc marvelous record under the no*' plan, a nut gain of I!, 187 in young ineu at the highest rate under the new plan, or one assessment per month. KNIGHTS OF HONOR. DELICATESSEN FINE Every Man Should Join a Fraternal Order. Lodge Briefs. The attention of young and middle aged men is called to thefrutern:il benefit order of Knights of Honor. No inan is too good to join a fraternal order like the Knights of Honor, for it is cuinposud of many of the brightest minds in this country. Ir, is your duty 1u tints urorei:t your family. There an; tia lodges ir. New York city, 28 in Brooklyn, and SO ir. the rest of New York, making 171 in all is tile grand jurisdiction. Where, i;; that candidate you promised yourself and your lodge that you would introduce- this inviuh:' Every man owes ii tu his family to make provision for the support of his loved oues after his demise. 1. lie makes inquiry, he will find how economically this can be arranged for in the Knights of Honor. See that acne but the ablest and most active men are placed in office. The uieu who arc Dot looking for honors are the ones who should be selected, and young :nen should be prof erred when active work is required. How to Make Pumpkin Pie*. The pumpkin will be sweeter and of a richer color if it is not peeled. Cue it up and. scrape out the seeds and soft interior. Put it in a large porcelain lined preserve kettle and pour a pint of boiling water on it Cover it closely and let it stand where it -will slowly steam tintil its juices are drawn out. Then cook it rather faster until the juices have been absorbed and it is almost dry. It should cook about eight or nine hours. Rub it through a coarse sieve and leave it to drain in a finer •ieve overnight. Use tbe pumpkin liquor to make brown bread. In the morning take a <ruart of milk to 4 cups of the strained and drained pumpkin. Add a large teaspoonful of salt, a large tablespoonfnl of ginger, one of mace, half a nutmeg grated, 4 eggs and a cup and a half of sugar Mid Tni-E -well. Bake this custard in deep pie tins. Make some of • the pies at lewt in square tins, to provide the delightful comer pieces which are sure to be in _4 custard of jmnujkin, ghonla 407 Market street in room formerly oecspicd by Le^aneport Wail Paper Co. Guntlier'e Contectionery. Charlotte EUPBP. H« van an Cream, Wine Jellies, Chocolate Eclairs, Patty Shells. "Bag Kisses, Hickorynut -Macaroons, Almond JlHCuroons, Walnut Macaroons. O'Coanut Macaroons, Vani'la Wst'erp. Jelly Tarts. Crenin Puffe, Fruitcake, Gold and Sllrcr H"d. Lemon Maranguc Pies. Frank K. Lloyd, Pastry Cook at the Burnett and Murdock howls lor iln past five years. SSS'-We have contracted to furnish ill the Pastry and Breso jor tbe above hotels. Lovely Trimmed Hats and Bonnets. Our opening will continue for tbe season on THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS. Mrs. W. Potter,~^v 517 Broadway near Sixth Lojjaue- port, Indiana. No Pain! No Danger! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore month, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and palnles. The Finest and Best method of CBOWN and BBJDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. j®*No charge for extracting without pain when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, I 311 1-2 Fourth St. 10verFi«l>er'«Dru«§tOf 6e maae at least an inch thick. Hake mince, apple and any other pie« m ttua M the canons of fashionable tart* demand, but do not attempt to make » pumpkin pie nnleaa it i* fMMraw in •ice and ample in depth. How to K M p tt» Precipitated chalk will keep tbe tMth in fine condition. Have ft box of it always on your toilet stand and Me wk«* it will do toward freshening up a of teeth.

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