Pottsville Republican from Pottsville, Pennsylvania on May 28, 1929 · 9
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Pottsville Republican from Pottsville, Pennsylvania · 9

Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, May 28, 1929
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LEVEN SCHOOLS IN COUNTY TRACK MEET first Annual I rack Meet Is btaged By Port Carbon High Tr n l o n7.(iL m CnmasKU rvas niyri ouurvr rrun 1 weniy- Six foinis; uins acorea i mrxeen roints For Winning Blue Team i i.i m mtm I Tli m Rnrt l -1 T:V J 1. 1 ! fteM meet, scheduled for Friday, and i postponed on account of rain, was S j held yesterday afternoon at the basc- K ! ball held on Jackson atreet. The mM I B i ui.i : i .... ' 5 u ronneciion wirn We nrst I j annual May Day program of the j schools of that place. The meet war I j attended 'by a large number of people. The Legion dram corps was on hand to pep things up. The meet met with a great success with many fine races being run in j fast time and also a number of field Tod w y '5 I r n r o c B J v. j g B POTTSYILLE VOL. LXXXVIII NO. 26 TUESDAY, MAY 28, 1929 P. H. S. IN TENNIS TOURNAMENT Again nay nosr i o County Track Teams PAGE NINE MtRICAN LEAGUE 1- i. Aktlei Washington: Game Walberg and Cochrane; , and Berry. . 1 ii U 3 0 0 0 0 j u 1 0 0 2 3? and Schang; Prud- Phillips. UOi shaute Autry. ."11 and L. Sewel! ; IIONAI, LEAGUE k- ark and Picinich ; 'Farrell. con 100 0 fOO 004 1 -. Greenfield and Leg- .".1 and Pavis. nO 01 ... 000 00 nt Cincinnati not m. started St. Louis. Game starts STANDINGS OF THE CLUBS. A .OlEKICAM LKAr.lE Yesterday's Resnlta rvtrrwt. 4. Detroit. 5. ; Cte eland. CI jb Standing XT. ... 1 9 IS 1 r. .. 10 10 Rnni Scored L. 8 13 13 IS 19 22 34 Tet .758 .Z9 .594 .559 .457 .395 .312 .394 MTWTF8 ST . 7n 1 -h i-M 1 ' , 1 ; ; ! ! .NATIONAL LB AG IE leUrrd.i' Results . . Boston. 1. . 15ton. I. ; ch. 1 ' . St. Louis. L ' . S : "hicago, S. events with some nice marks reached The meet started at one o'clock and was run off in rapid speed. Instead of beinz a regular class meet the track team with a very large number on it yesterday were divided into two teams, Blue and White. The Blue team carried off the meet, having a total of 71 points, 13 of these were scored by the girls. The White's scored a number of 44 points. So-niasky took the scoring honors with 26 points to his credit. He was a member of the Blue team. He came through with four first places and two second positions. The first event was the first heat of the 100 yard dash, Somasky coming in first, with Howells second. The second heat of this event Bebelheitner was first, with Mader second. The ! final was won bv Somaskv with Bebel- heimber close behind him, Mader third and Howells fourth. Time being 10y3 seconds. The 220 was run off in fair time with Somasky taking this event, with Bebelheimer again coming in second. Kails was third and Mader fourth Time: 2.5 seconds. In the pole vault the White team did all the scoring. Shelly won it with a jump of 10 feet 3 inches. Howells was second going 0 feet 5 inches, and Hoy and Rehrig being third and fourth, respectively. The high jump went to the Blue team, with Somasky taking this event with a jump of 5 feet. Falls was second with 4 feet 9 inches and Howells I third, with Bcrger fourth. -Shotput was won by Belielbcinier. I of the Blues, with a heave of 37 ft. 10 1 inches. Somasky, second, and Howells and Falls third and fourth. The broad jump was won by tin-Blues with Somasky taking it with a jump of 18 feet, 5 inches. The half mile was won by Falls, of the Blues, Somasky being second and Hoy third. The half mile relay race was also won by the Blue team. The winning team was composed of Falls, Somasky, Connors and Bebelheimer, running in that order. The White runners were, Bcrger, Mader Shellkammer, Howells. Girls Events Fifty yard dash, first heat, France Hey wood, first, Hannah Schrodiug, second. Fifty yard dash, second heat, Elaine Shorter, first, second, Clarice Shirey. Fifty yard dash, final heat, Shorter, first Heywood, second, Shirey, third and Hannah Scliroding fourth. Baseball Throw Jean Millington. fir, 126.4: Ot?a Shipe, second, 122.10; Hannah Schrod-ing. third, 122.3; Violet Rummol, fourth, 102.4. MIDDLEPORT BEAT HAVEN BOYS, 7 TO 6 Middleport cam out of its slump and beat out the Schuylkill Haven outfit at Middleport by a 7-6 score. They came within an ace of losing in the ninth, when Middleport commit ted an error, coupled with a walk and single, and produced two runs for the Giants. Most of Schuylkill Haven's runs were made on errors, for Shapella kept their nine hits well scattered. Burch led at bat for Schuylkill Haven with three solid doubles, but died there. Caslow and Bursas had two each. The latter had a triple. Deem Ird for the victors with three hits, the. last one coming in the eighth with the bases loaded and cleaned the sacks. M. Stefanek had two singles. Middleport is showing a fine brand of ball at present, but must brace up in their tatting. S. Nevada, their young shortstop, again supplied the fielding features. wth eight chances without .1 slip. He is expected to fill the shoes of J. Yuscyk. who is with St Clair. S. Roman saved the game rrTthe ninth with Box Score Didn't Give Umpire Credit For Putting Out Kid Elberfeld '(By FBJLWZ G. MENKE) i u . H " 1 1 -1 - a fln- catch. Mlddlepsrt Vuscvkrf M. Stefanek lb Deeni cf , J. Nevada ss C'anfield if M. Roman c . . . . S. Nevada 2b . Kaximbo 3b Shapella p ... Prabnis S. Romar. rf McCloskey 2b . Totals Srh. Hun Thornburg ss Fessler 2J ... Steinbru am 3b Folk lb Caalfkw rf Kaplotsky cf . Burch If August c Bruzas p .... Ney AR H O A T. . 4 .6 .3 .3 .1 1 1 0 2 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 o 1 0 1 1 0 o 1 0 0 1 .31 7 A B R . .3 2 I I Totals . . 1 Middleport S-Ji. Haven . .3 .4 . 2 ! s 27 12 O A 1 1 1 s I 1 6 0 23 S 9 24 6 5 ..20010004 X 7 ..1 1002000 26 CI ib Standina-s W. L. Pet. 21 12 .636 20 12 .625 21 14 .600 15 16 .434 14 16 .467 14 20 .412 13 19 .406 13 21 .364 Run Scored rIah M T W T W S S T 1 o : 1 1 ! I !10 S I E I -ll Mill 1 V r F R N T IO N A L 1 i-terdays Results 7 : Newark 6. Buffalo. 1. : Montreal. 3. 5 . Reading. 5. !b Standlncs I IS 1 s 1 4 I 1 I - L. 1 13 16 16 16 16 20 20 1 VS SCORED Fet. .667 .52 .529 .529 .467 .448 .429 .375 I 9 7 6 5 I 2 1 I I I 14 r, I I I ; ; 1 1 f 1 - f - ! 'I I Rl AN AS0. Toledo, 1. i . Columbus, 3. K t. OBSERVANCE l,v Services Follow lor Tarade 11 Tost No. 374 and of Pinegrove are Memorial Day celebrate this year. The cele-hekl in the morning. :;w:na- the parade in l.-.itheran Cemetery. - umlfr way to secure a speaker for the oc- w!ll consist of tha vet-ihre- wars, the Civic and Sunday School -'I-! organisations, -' firing squad and bugle '.y ion. - S-jzanne Delaney. of .-unfia y as the gVSSft Mt. farmel. 'niiamln. of Greenwood h;s home on Sunday '"filing the past week trip to New York City. MLNERSVILLE LEGION WON Minersville team of the American Legiot, Junior League, took a fall out ot the St. Clair club, at the home park of the latter last evening, the score belnx 7 to 5. Grusgas, the Minersville pitcher was just a little too much for the local boys, and hung up tha nice number of 13 strikeouts. Both teams were guilty of costly errors in the field. Minersville committing 5 while the St. Clair boys made thiee. Angelo, was tha leading: hitter bavin three safeties to his credit, while Carroll and Scarbinsky tied for the locals with two each. St. Clair made an effort to get the game In tha final Inning, but were unsuccessful. The first two batter struck out and then an e,rror and a walk put two on bases. Holden rolled ono to tha first baseman, that he fumbled, but recovered In time and nipped the runner who had mad a desperate slide. Misers Till Ab R H O A K Charles. 3o 6 0 0 1 1 0 Duffv. cf 5 0 1 0 0 Angelo. C 4 1 3 12 1 " Gruagas. p 4 1101 Boran. sa 4 0 3 0 t Pasco. 3o 1 0 0 1 1 Gauntlet, 3b 3 1 Klenas, rf 4 3 0 1 0 0 Rosenberr. lb 4 3 1 K 0 1 Connelly. If 3 1 2 2 0 1 TataU 37 7 9 37 7 5 St. CIlr Ab R H O A T. McDonald. If 5 0 0 1 0 o Zelinsky. lb 1 I 1? " Scarbinsky. 3b 3 1 3 S 1 1 Holden. c 4 0 1 6 1 0 Bartholemew, sa . . 4 0 0 3 3 0 F. Monahan. 3b . . 3 1 1 3 4 3 J. O'Brien, cf 0 0 0 0 Btranko. rf 4 1 1 0 0 CarroU P 3 12 0 10 Totals 33 5 27 10 3 Minersvill- ..... J J ' " J jl St. Clair 31100010 0 5 Oriole Challenge The Bock Bun Orioles would like a game for June 2nd and 9th, at' home. They have won five out of six trt tlria year, and plan to take sweet revenge on St. Mary's All Stars of Minrville, or Memorial Day. which team is responsible for that lona blemish. The Oriole challenge the Sluggers and Indians of Buck Run in a aeries to determine the juvenile championship of Buck Run; also all other teams who age do not exceed 13 vear. Write to John Lay-chork, or" Walter Wehistinsky of Buck Run, for information. ST. CLAIR TOP CUMBOLA BOYS The St. Anthonys ball club of Ct.m-bola, traveled to St. Clair, where they met rough treatment at the hands of the Tolish Society Club of that town, by a score of f-2. Sna.-binsky did the hurling for the winners, although nicked for nine hits was effective in the pinches. Wagner did th pitching: for the Saints and witched hard throughout, but four errors which were costly by his teammates and which tr responsible for five runs, spelled defeat for Wafrner. F. Rompal'i and J. Sllponsky were the leading hitter with torte hits each. All hits being singles. This war the second time this year these teams met, and each team has won one game and the deciding game will bo played In Currbola in the future. Damonsky again caught a fine tame and also got two hits for himself. Ro-gov. sky also had two hits, both being doubles. St. Anthony's want games. Address Anthony Laurence, Cumbola. Those who like to wrestle around with knotty baseball problems might take a whirl with this one and decide the query: "Who got the putoutZ" Kid Elberfeld stepped to the plate one afternoon in 1 1 7 in a game between Atlanta and Nashville. The count rose to three balls and oue strike. On the next pitch, Elberfeld, who 'didn't take a sock at it, heard the umpire call out "Ball Four." So the kid started for first. The umpire called him back, snorting, "What are you trying to do that strike two." Elberfeld looked at him, all be-wildered-like, and insisted: "You called bail." "No, I didn't I signalled strike," retorted the umpire. The argument became heated. Final ly it was decided to leave it to the denizens of the press box to determine what was the umpire's actually ruling. And this is what they reported. "The umpire called out 'ball', but with his hand, which he flipped upward he signalled strike." Proving that the umpire's voice and muscles were not in harmony. "Well, it's a strike that's what it is." maintained the umpire. "You go back to bat, Elberfeld, and the count is to 2." Elberfeld refused to return to the plate. He argued that he was cn titled to be on first. After waiting a reasonable length of time for Elber feld to go back to the plate, the umpire ruled that he was out. Who got the putout? Or rather, who was entitled to it? No one "killed otT' Elberfeld but the umpire. And his operations are not listed in the box score. Elberfeld was out but none of the rival . layers bad retired him. Yet the out had to be tallied. The official scorer pondered over the thing a long while and then decided that the catcher was a good guy who loved his put outs and he cve 't to him! Lightning's Effect Ray Caldwell, pitching for the In dians in 1918 was struck by lightning while on the mound. The bolt flat tened Caldwell and his mates rushed over to pick him up, thinking be was dead. But Kay wasn't. Caldwell was back at work a few days later, won six out of his next seven starts, and (hut out the Yankees without a hit. Even then, he was an old timer; a Giant discard. But that jolt of electricity must have rejuvenated him, tor Kay is still playing ball somewhere out on the coast. Did you know that in 1890 when there wasn't a lively ball that 83 of tha 258 National League players finished up the year with a mark of J00 or better? And in 1917, with 400 men doing the best they could in that circuit, only six men could hit .300 or beyond. The payroll of the Cincinnati Red Stockings of 1869 (which team won 81 straight games!) totalled f930t. The Boston team of 1874 averaged 17 hits per game throughout the season. Wagner Aad Golf Years ago, when Honus Wagner was with the Pirates, they trained at Hot Spring. The town was cluttered with golfing folks who coaxed Honus and coaxed him to take a try at their game. Honus finally agreed, went to the link, got a ball and teed it up. Wagner built a Huge mountain under his ball. One of his "teschcr'' noticing it, rushed over and kicked it into dust. fYoull never get a drive off a tes like that it 'a too high." And he built Wagner a tee of or dinary height. Honus studied it and then 'he kicked it apart. "I think I can do better with a tall So he erected another mountain, placed the ball thereon, took a swipe hi first at a gutta percha globule and he drove 310 yards! tc Palo Alto next Saturday to meet the team of that place In a leagua game. They alao have a few open dates. Any teams desiring same will pleas writ to Mgr. John Grace. ML LalTee. R. F. D. 2. Fottsvtlle. Pa. Mt. LaaTee Jr.. Ab. R. H O A. C. Orff. 2b 3 4 3 1 i O .Sharp. 2b. . . 5 & 3 J Caaev If 4 J 3 O t'urran. lb 6 Callahan, c 4 Chylack. ss. 4 J. Brennan, cf 4 Kg-an. rf 3 Ed. Brennan, p 2 ;. alofntt p 2 'T. Davis, c 3 S. Weiss, rf 0 T. Grace, p. 2 fit. Anthanrs Ah R H O A K F. Rompalo. 2b 4 0 S 4 2 0 R. Rompalo. ss . . . . 4 1 1 1 3 1 Rogowskl, 3b 3 0 2 2 0 Dldyinsky. lb 3 0 1 2 3 Domansky, c 3 o 2 S 2 0 Kuss. If 3 0 0 4 1 0 Rutka. If o 0 0 0 o 0 Dobles. rf 3 0 n 3 2 0 Strouss. cf 3 1 0 0 0 0 Weincick. cf 1 0 o o o o Wagner, p 3 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 30 2 ! 24 12 4 84. Clair Ah R H O A K Lenchion. c .'. 3 1 9 o 0 J. Stiponsky. 2b ... 4 0 3 2 2 0 Sechonick, ss 5 0 1 0 2 1 Sharbinsky, p .... 4 0 2 0 1 0 Boris. 3b 4 I 1 1 1 0 F. Stiponsky, lb . . 4 0 0 0 2 Casky, If 4 0 o 1 o n Krull. cf 3 1 1 4 0 0 J. Boris, rf 4 3 1 2 0 0 Totals St. Anthony's St. Clair 37 8 10 27 3 . . 01 000 100 2 . . 131 030 000 S MT.LAFFEE JUNIORS WON The Mt. LafTea Junior opened their season as members of the American Legion League, by defeating the- St-Patrick's Tanks by the score of 36-1. The game was opened up by Francis Moore throwing out the first ball and giving the boys a talk on clean sport. The Juniors displsyed a great brand of base ball in both the hitting and fielding column, and Mgr. John Grace thinks that his club can easily gain high honora. Tha Junior will travel 2 2 a 3 2 x 1 n 1 2 0 2 10 2 0 1 2 4 0 O0O 2 0 0 1 o n f Totals 42 34 25 21 8 1 St. Pat k. Yaaks Ab. R. H. O. A. E. P. Sullivan, c. . . McLaughlin. 2b. Schauer, lb. Hummel, p Zambian. sa. . . . Bambrick, 3b . . Were. If Ney. cf Smith. If., p.... Rellly. rf 1 n a o 0 n n at a o s 4 4 a n n 3 11 t 0 1 3 IS i; Totals 18 Score by innings: Mt. LafTee... g x 0 3 3 14 0 3 St Patrick. 0 0 0 O 1 0 0 1 Two base hits McLaughlin, Sharpe 2. Moffltt, Curran. Three base hits Callahan 2. Sacrifice hits Orff 1. Stolen bases Mt. LafTee in. St- Pat-rick 3. Struck out By Brennan S. by Moffltt 2, by Crace 3, by Hummel 1. by Smith fi Bases on halls Off Brennan 1. off Hummel 2. Wild pitches Hummel 2. Umpire Dare, Smith and Leo Kelley. MIKE M'TIGUE IS THROUGH NEW YORK. May 28, (ArV-Tbe fistic scrap-heap seem to await bold Michael McTigue from County Clare, Ireland, twice bolder of the light-heavyweight championship. Attempting a comeback at the age of 36, McTigue was knocked out in two rounds by George Hoffman, former national amateur champion, at the St. Nicholas Arena, last night. Hoffman, with only a mediocre record among the professionals, found the ex -light-heavyweight champion an easy victim. McTigue- career ha been full of surprise. Beginning his pro career in 1915, the Irishman fought eight years, with more or less success, be fore he inveigled Battling Siki, the singular Senegalese, into a Dublin ring on St. Patrick's Day, 1913. Siki bad tha world's light-heavyweight championship in hi possession when ha entered the ring, but not when b came nut at the end of 20 rounds. MeTigue receiving the decision and the title. Then followed no decision bouts with Tommy Loughran, W. L. Stribling and Mickey Walker before McTigue surrendered the championship to Paul Berlenbach in &. Early in the next year Mike was knocked out in four rounds by Jack Delaney, and the experts were ready to retire him from the ring. But Mike suddenly developed a punch, and bowled over opponent after opponent. Berlenbach, who bad been relieved of. hi championship by Delaney, was a victim of Mike's punch in four rounds in 1927. Later that year, the New York State Athletic Commission transferred the 17" pound crown to McTigue,' when Delaney announced he no longer could make the weight. Two month later he lost it again, thia time to the present titleholder. Tommy Loughrsn. After that Mike went down hill fast. The end of his career, to all intents and purposes came in September of last year, when he was topped by Tnffy Griffith in a single round. Early this month, McTigue, apparently to recoup reported losses in the stock market, announced he would attempt a come-back. He outpointed Paul Hoffman of Holland, in lus- first start, but another Hoffman. George, apparently ha written finis to the veteran's career. HIGH SCHOOL OPENS TENNIS TOURNAMENT The first annual Pottsville High School tennis tournament officially opened yesterday afternoon at the West Wood courts when the first round of the girl s tourney got under way. Jtht affair is sponsored by the Higd School Tenuis Association who are enjoying success in their second year of activity. The entire movement is under the leadership of Prof. Charles Williams, athletic coach at the local institution, and able assistants in the persons of Harold Leininger and Bol Lundy. Ir the first two formal opening matches. Miss Adele Brenner and Miss Emily Warmkessel proved victorious ly conclusive wins. They eliminated Mias Hia Cooler and Miss Ruth Eber, respectively. Miss Warmkessel appeared to be outstanding when she conclusively defeated Miss Eber by two love sets. Miss Warmkcsael exhibited much brilliant play, flashing through in a startling style to win. The score were 0 0. C O. Mis Brenner rolled through her match wjth Miss Coojer the final scores being fi-0 and 8-1. Most of the game in the Brenner -Cooper match went to duece. most every point being fought gamely. Miaa Brenner played a steady consistent game to prove superior. The second round of matches til the girl's contesting will take place this eenin?. The contestants will be announced late this afternoon. Helen Conway and Peg Bell acted a official storekeepers, while Harold Lrininger, Duke Keith, Les Seaman and Leonard Altschuler were official umpires. ST. ANTHONY'S JUNIORS WON Preparations Are Being Made For Annual Track and Field Meet To Be Held At Fair Grounds This Saturday Preparations have been completed lor the annual Schuylkill County High School track and field meet to he held at the Eair Grounds this Saturday afternoon. Prof. J. Y. Murray, track mentor nt Pottville High School, announced this morning that he i pi pa ring the list of entries and that they will be reaJy for publication on Thursday . Eleven schools hare entered, they being AV land, Blythe, Branch. Fra'ckriHr. Mah anoy City. Schuylkill Harn. Ta-snaqua. Shenandoah and Pottville. In addition to these entries four high chonls will semi down gills teams. Blytbc. Brsiirh. Shenandoaii and Pottsville girls will in in the "i vards dash and the one half mile relay. It looks like anlod-s meet thi year, and followers of the sport pre dicr that tbe results will be close with the mtet bitterly and closeh contested in each event. All county hih school hae lecn tMisy tnts season. 1 ney nmc participated in more meets than nrr lcft-and it will be a trained to the minute crowd that clash st the Fair GrouaJ track thia Satnrttay. Track is meeting with popular fawtr throughout , the county. Each hili school will send down a lsr-o deleja tion of student and follower. FIGHT RESULTS OF LAST NIGHT NEW YORK George Hoffman New Yoik. knocked out Mike Mefigu-, New York, (21. BOSTON Bi Bov !.-.. stopp! i Ralph Smith. Angelea, (21. B LTlMOKE. Andte K-utis. ot France. stopjed Btiter Brown, Baltimore. (31. KANSAS CITY. Walker Kk-U, knocked out Joe O'Brien. Indiana pod. ll. MILWAUKEE. Dot.y Drlmoi ?. Chicago. kn'H-kcd put Erving Bem! 1, Milwaukee. CM. Dave Miller Milwaukee. k ked out Date Oldstrout, Chicago, ' I ' DOIX.K c ITY, Kan Angus Snv-dcr. Dsle tity. ntKmtrd Joe Loh-tnan. Toledo. 1 IO). NEW HAVEN. Stnilaa Loyaza, Chile, outpointed ticorgie lhn. New Havrn. 1 MM. Canght Under Fall of Coal Caught under a fall of eal at the Reliance Colliery. Frank DakersLy. .V4, of Mt. (ermel, lat etenin suffered etensie lacerations of the lio-M and had hi right hand so 1 oil. crushed that it may have to he am patated. He is in the Ashland Stat. HospjtaJ ORVVIGSBURG The niemlrv .f the Amerwan 1-gioti. the Spamtb American W ar Yei -erans and the C A It. attended tha Memorial y service held In Ft-Paul's Lutheran 'hureh. rw igsbyi c. om S. .ia evening Rev Wm. J. Ma-aer delivered the address. Mim Mary Haexeier. of Atlantic t"it. waa a week enl vteltnr a thw gueat of her mother, Mr. Ella Krb. The Saint Anthony' Jra won their fifth straight contest Saturday afternoon by troanctng the strong Valley Furnace Cub by the tun of 11-, in a well played gamr. The Junior started off with a bang. getting six rum off the delivery of J McUee. and Ma brother, Francis, toed the slab, and waa nicked for five runs during the remainder of the game. The Junlora got i: hits off tha Mc-Gee brothers, while Jo Hompalo held the Cuba to five hlta Damanswy, Urban and Kurek did the heavy stick work for the Saint, while Murray waa the only man to get two hit for the Cubs. Eddie Kurek caughl a fine game. Kompalo waa in aore form and fanned 12 opposing hattera. The Juniora will meet the Cub at Cumt-ol next Saturday. Junior. Ah R Iawrenee. rf t J. Rompalo. p .... 1 S Outt. 3b 1 1 SHAFT HILL LADS ON TOP The Shaft Hill boys met and defeated the Wadeaville Outlaw at Wadea-ville by score of 11-t. The Shaft Hill boy were getting along fln In the first three innings when Wadesvill brought them to stop, but this did not last long, for the Senator soon began to "core again. Stepenaskie twirled for the win-.iera. being touched for eight hlta. white Kusia twirled for th loeers and allowed sixteen hit. The Shaft Hill boys did not giv good support to their pitcher. Sweat, Honlcker. Stepenaskie and Barron wer th heavy hitters for the e.,aiors. while Kaaki and Morrow were th leader for th Outlaw. The Shaft Hill Senator will aaa!n lamanaky, c . . I'rban, ss .... Kurek. c Zuroskle. Ib . . Kama, cf W. Rompalo. If Totals tan Murtay. lb ... Shcounis. 2b . . Mawry. c T. McOev, p-p F. McOee. p. If Dooley. cf .... J. Shonls, rf . Rpotta, If Bor&n, lb Total , 1 Junior Cube 15 t tli Wadeaville Outlaw on tneir horn diamond and may have a bet for hall with them. Th Senator would Ilk to arrange a game with team whose asre do not eareed IS. Write or carl W. J. Stepenaskl. Box is. Shaft Hill. St. Clair Rkaft MUI R Revnolda cf M. Stepenaskl rf Sweat So Honlcker c W. Stepenaskie p Barron lb Rhoads s Katuhev 11 Lout 2b Total . WaetUle Keifer c Kusi p Kaski lb Snuki 2t J Gawt a Mnran rf Barnson rf Beiitaky cf Totals vQfvK&NA Manuel Perfecto wrap-X -vNI J P n fotl to prot4ci their Vf.Sv yyj&H freshness and flavor and- 1 1 1 21 W fjjiQHI a. Ne 1 jfffiTfl .s62nS alii Both have the real NUnud CitySv mN expert hand work- dPX aX V 0o manship and pieaasng -5eD 0 mildness, and both are Vk A Ovonced at ooJy a drne. n 1 n 3 .11 l R H 27 17 O A 7 1 a S 27 1 MAtnCii Pr M Gwaa Cn lac , Mmi Drrsorr. Mara. goE JINKS By Vkr 4 ATlMt UHE.N ANY MANA6-CI? HOOl-l 4 RfeOOlClfKar OvR HIS Bcrf'S SefSSATlONrXU vtcroRY. uoe. ovcu ThG- . Gosh ! listen & tmis r -trcamoq says 'that uaaTion al Wt HOCK OUT KINC, bYNAMiTt hlSKH . bCLlVCRCb AGAIN LAST NttVMT KNOCKIN& OOHNNY P15KO COWt IN FUTCT ROUNR Tmi TlMeL aUlT4 winc tAP OM Ttt tuiiM BCNC. . ue maic to (HlrlK LUHAT HC RWji.t would HAVE. BEEH 1 ClOUI lAHBES OH 0OHNNT5 w I I 1 . f I., ustit Pna r iIiMim C 'Tmrm Ten wenaj Tt arVRAMlTt ROT" HAS CrRCXH 10 6C A SUPER S CMS AT (ON . HtS RCot hou;S "TmaT IN 4uT FOURTCCN Fl&HfS M(3 t3ePONCNTS mav Lasreb taecQAMO lfcrAL of7 Jtrsr FlFTef-N ROONOS.' TeiC LOME. CgtJCPTtOrM NCIL LI3Y AT rwnifit cowar, svecfRA , SINCE bYNAMtre MAD ArREEt To TbuJ HCM WTKCThirI 75 PUE A E- HI5 MANAGER ) F" PT M 15 MANAGER " - BRbbbW m BBBBR1 a flW If Tfl flw II 'I - bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV bbbbbbbbbbbbW Mi f i IR RbbbbI ajr 1 aV M 1 'MM guu mn aRI I ' m - r 1 bbbbT2b1 HR BBBBBMBBBBSBBsi BBBBBBBBBBSMBBBBBBBaBaBBSBI BBBBBBBRBBBBBRBBBa f eta a TLaJg yT". . W BBk C ltuTa r-. m ( MU RC-Ab TmAVT AN' HJEEP .' ) Xf YOO'b MENTION fcYNAMlTe. ( To TwetR. MANA6-EH1 0sCY'J TRCMokE fto Tm.Y CootsWT v i&n othTmC xorreft unf VVllAuiTc at as Mt ' ivi t 111 t- r-" e- w ODST AS UJELU Kt 1 1 Cfc fcVHO'S OOlN' "S3 rifrHT MIM MOU ? !f

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