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Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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aged 26 years, an in- The County Auditors wen looking XT third Edition. tiSBADEMY OF MTTHtn of Mrs. M. Rishel, of Scbuyi- XL. ONE NIGHT ONLY.

their report today, preparatory to finishing their labors. HoniWa-Nerwegtant. Real Estate Agt. and Notary Jgg MONDAY EVE'G, MARCH WARDF A young boy named Smith had his fingers cut at the taming shops of Charles Marsden, yesterday afternoon. kill Haven, died this morning at ten o'clock.

This is the fifth child (the third from that place), that Mrs. Rishel buried; all dying from consumption. Mr. Bisbei returned a few weeks ago from Florida, whither he had gone last fall in hopes that in the mild climate of that State he could bridge over another winter. The funeral will take place on Saturday at Auburn.

-Boston JocwrAi 1 AND COMPANY, 1 Festival ST. SICHOL Damon! Pythi The G. A. R. festival closed at Tamaqua last night, and the relief fund has had a nice sum added to its accounts.

iodical for bop u4 An illiuttr cited of earn mown. ftrtmca TioAtie. Price. S5 cents number, or 98 00 a war. in advance BookseUertv FOR THE BKKEPIT Or HENRY CLAY LODGE, K.

OF Died Suddenly. Marie, infant daughter of Evan and Emma Jones, residing at Fishbach, died suddenly this morning. Coroner Halberstadt will hold an inquest this evening. P. newsdealers, postmaster and tjhe publishers take which should begin with the ivorem-ber number, the first of the volume St Kir.nm.AS aim ft hnth to satisfy and SO dev el Tickets for sain by John Boltck Bank; W.

aTOwsBsnVSl. Local, brevities. School books at Zerbey'a. The oysters at Cooney's are immense. ol7tf The weather this morning was delightful.

Dressed and smoked meats at Doerflin gar's. Ice cream, the whole year around, at Nab-hole's parlors. Fresh oysters, every sty le at short notice, at Zimmerman's. One hundred and fourteen prisoners occupy sells at the jail. Farmers are hustling the "Murphy to market quite lively.

7 The best oysters right fresh from the beds I at Potts' Restaurant. tt' Nsbholz's cough drops are for sale by all druggists. Pure and good. j8tf 1852 Established 1862, Allen's cabinet photos, $3 a dozen, the best. tf Beef and dressed bogs by the side and quarter at G.

A. Doerflioger's, n27-tf Buy Rettig's beer and XX porter for sale at all saloons and restaurants. tf Just received a full line of winter millinery goods, at K. E. Dai ley's, tf Swiss, Lim burger and Creamery cheese at Sent to Jail.

Dick Meyers, of Girardville, and James Holmes, of Middleport, were in town on Monday and indulged freely in whatever was going on around the saloons, but that did not prevent them from attacking John Lande-feld, shoemaker, residing on Minersville who was on his way home from St. Clair. They were taken before 'Squire Reed last night, who committed them to prison in default of $300 bail. A warning to others who come to Pottsville not to become footpads. Our police will gobble them.

and Davitj Ricuariw r' Tn ixuuse, pio Funeral. ope the tav tes of its constituency and its record for the past twelve years, during which it has always stood, as it stands to-day, at the head of periodicals for boys and girls, is a sufficient warrant ACADEMY OF MHSIC, ONE NIGHT ONLY. for its excellence during me coming season, a editors announce the following as among the The funeral of Michael Clarke, an old resident of Palo Alto, took place this afternoon. The funeral services were held at St. Patrick's church, and the interment at No.

3 cemetery. February 2fl LEADING FEATURES FOR 1885-86: A Serial Story by Frances Hodgson Burnett fkn 4 I nn trv aV.a haa YvVitton tt feilrlSMl EZRA i UC 111 ot JVUK owi omj a ivvvu A Christmas Story by W. D. With hu To the Eastern Penitentiary. Monday morning Deputy Sheriff Gaughan lrajruDDien ana most Natural ltectoredt at Heading.

James X. Helms, delivered an able address at Reading Monday night the District Convention of the P. O. S. of A.

He spoke for over two hours. morous pictures by in tie daugnter. "George Washington," by Horace E. Scudder. A.

n.nal anil jftMctiwo Hi rii i vvkurniimn nk of Wilkes-Barre. and a number of assist American eiage, in his latest Comic ants loft for Philadelphia. They had in charge Charles Sbarpe, Henry Kiose and" A PAIR OF KID Short Stories for Girls by Louisa M. AlcotL The first "The Candy Country' in November. New "Bits of lalk fot Young Folks" -by JT.

JET. This series forms a gracious and fitting memorial of a child-loving and chi Id-hel pine soul. Papers on the Great English Schools, Rugby and Fred Walters, of Wilkes-Barre, who were con victed ox murder in the second degree, and Crashed to Death. James JTlynn was crushed to death at Mt. Carmel shaft by the falling of a J.

Harkers, of Hazleton, who was convicted Supported by the C. D. HESS Comedy iw pahy, of Comedians and Vocalise ua of horse stealing and arrested by W. H. Lin- large piece of coal He was quite prominent others, illustrations oy josepn renneti.

A Sea-coast Serial Story, by ,2. Trowbridge, will be life-like, vigorous and useful. 7ti' Tinrtrili ii fjntijtt' a. rial hv ft denmuth, of Pottsville. The four prisoners in Mt.

Carmel Township politics and on Tues day last was elected a school director. were taken to the Eastern penitentiary. ing the celebrated 0 L-r--P-i-A Q-U-A-R-T-E-T-T-E, New Costumes, New Scenery, Latest of the dav. from the vrimw JjJfflH Otis. Dealing with news boy life and enternrise.

"The Frank R. Stockton will contribute several of his humorous and fanciful stories. A Tall PAmnahv haft lnAn 1 1 The Philadelphia North American, Jan. 19, said: "Incessant laughter fairly convulsed ouu iuc nuwe uciun unuti uis perSfina! Mike Dailey, a miner from Combola, aged 23 years, was in town yesterday, and every a su wwi is a iftWt ntucu aione SQOUld be guarantee of its merits. delighted audience at the Arch Street The person who looked at the young fellow remarked, "Oh, isn't he tall." Mike is just atre last evening, ben Mr.

Kendall's capital r-opuiar 3, 35 and 50 Cen "nnu," by John jrrcmon true, a capital school story for hoys. The Boyhood of Shakespeare, by Rose Kingvley With illustrations by Alfred Parsons. Short stories by scares of prominent writers, including Susan Cool idge, ft. H. Boyesen, Nora Perry, T.

A. Janvier. Washington Gladden, Rossi-ter Jonnson, Joaquin Miller, Sophie May, Heze-kiah Butterworth, W. O. Stoddard, Harriett Pres-cott 8 po fiord, and many others.

six feet seven and three-quarter inches. humorous satire "A Pair of Kids," was pre now on gj I xteservea seats cents extra, Pershing's Drug Store. sen ted. As Jiles Button, an eccentric old Marriage at 'Squire Hill's. countryman, father of "A Pair of Kids," Mr.

Kendall was irresistibly comic in action, and Jttfstellaiuous. H. H. Hill, the northeast ward magistrate the smartness of the dialogue was made the jvniertainmg sketches oy Alice noiiins, cnas. G.

Deland, Henry Eckford, Lieutenant Schwatka, Edward Eealeston, and others. united in the bonds of matrimony yesterday most of. None who enjoy a hearty laugh Poems, shorter contributions, and department Jeremiah Miller to Mary Green, both from Tower City. The certificate which was taken out frem Register Johnson's office was num win complete wuat tue jxurai jxexo rorteer cans will willingly miss the performance DIED. L.

Oi Ring's, 103 Market street. tf The work on the new railroad has again been retarded by the late cold snap. License applications are coming in rapidly at the office of the Clerk of the Court. Choice Mackerel and largest Bloaters in town, at L. C.

King's. 103 Market St. tf The finest cuts of steak in town are served at Doerfiinger's, Cor. Centre and Arch. nl8tf Dress and Cloaking Cloths; flannels 25c.

a at M. Boland's, 214 B. Centre tf Some skaters are making an effort to have a trades carnival on Saturday, the closing night. For fine oysters and cheap meals at all hours, Tanhauser beer, go to 8chliobers, S. Centre street.

tf Yoengling's celebrated beer, Rettig's Dublin porter, and Schmidt's XXX Alois on tap at oil's Northeastern Hotel. tf The only place to get a Scotch Whiskey punch is at the Park House. John Day has the old original Mackey kettle. 15 tf At Centennial Hall, Thursday and Friday evenings, February 25 and 26, by die mem hers of Trinity Reformed Church. wf We learn that Mr.

John Phillips will keep right on erecting new houses the coming season, as they are good property to own. Oil Cloth Window Shades, with fixtures, ready to put up, 50 cents each, at Zerbey 203 North Centre street, Pottsville, Pa. tf The members of the Schuylkill County Bar are preparing for the Supreme Court. We know of several cases that will be taken np. In the game of polo at the Casino last night the Mahanoy team "kicked" at an unfair de (Tbe best Magazine for children in the world," THE CENTURY New York.

i Jf, irl bered 387. SELTZER At Brandonville, on Tuesday afternoon, February 23, 1886, John F. Seltzer, Killed on tike Hew Railroad. aged 67 years, 8 months and 8 days. Joseph Revels, aged 40, a foreman carpen oral on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.

In ant 1866. HARPER'S BAZAR, terraent in the Evangelical cemetery at Ringtown. ter on the Pennsylvania Schuylkill Valley rieoas ana relatives are invitea. Railroad, was struck by an express train on the Reading Railroad, near Hamburg, Satur ILLTJSTB day evening, and fatally injured. His family jinn akpkr's Bazar is the onl naner in the world hat combines the choicest literature and the finest resides at Alton, McKean county.

1 To Lecture at Orwigsburg. DESIRABLE RESIDENCE FOR RENT, No. 8) Mahantongo street: brick dwelling: green City Superintendent Balliet will lecture in stone front. Apply to 122 Mahantongo street 23-3 CTOR SALE At a bargain, three wagons, suita- Are you aaars how delicate an organ ttoLaau eye is? If so, why will you persist in wris those common spectacles and eyeglasses whid have the cheap moulded and unpolished lent urwigsourg next imaay evening on lis a way we have." Prof. Balliet is becoming a popular lecturer in Schuylkill county and our Jj ble tor heavy hauling freight or stooe.

Apply art illustrations with toe latest fashions and methods of household adornment. Its weekly illustrations and descriptions of the newest Paris and New York styles, with its useful pattern-sheet supplement and cut patterns, by enabling ladies to be their own dressmakers, save many lames the cost of subscription. Its papers on cooking, the management ot servants, and housekeeping in its various details are eminently practical. Much attention is given to the interesting topic of social etiquette, and its illustrations of art needle-work are acknowledged to be unequalled. Its literary merit DAVID NEUSEK.

sister borough will be entertained handsomely by the lecturer on the evening mentioned we wearing 01 wnicn wui cause a smarting or burning sensation in the eyes, thereby injuria them more in one week than yon would in yam. provided you wore a suitable glass XitOR RENT. A small five room house for rent A1 cheap. Apply to GEO ROE ALHTADT, j29-tf 1017 Mahantongo Street. cision of the referee and refused to finish the above.

Killed by a Fall. An old man named James McTamany, game. 423 E. TOOR SALE Double brick dwelling. No is ox the highest excellence, and the unique character of its humorous pictures has won for it the of the American Punch.

200 feet lj street, lot 100 leet trout by a ine cciet rated crystal spectacles if properly id-justed he worn with perfect ease, the warring, glimmering and burning sensation, 10 uftsv experienced while wearing the common glass, tt wholly avoided. They, in fact, approach as nev the perfect lens of the natural eye as it it porno for art to approach nature. These celebrated glasses are sold only at the The planet Venus is now skipping around between the sun and the earth to commence aged 66 years, at Port Clinton, while intoxi deep. Apply to WM. BUECHLEY.

jlS-tr cated, was running after two small children, a morning star engagement in March. Its late OR 8ALE A Second hand Heater suit HARPER'S evening engagement was entirely satisfactory. able for a small church or large dwelling. when he fell into an area way four or five feet deep and was killed by the fall. He was very stent, weighing 225 pounds.

An inquest Rheumatic pains are painfully plentiful in POTTSinLLE SPECTACLE a EYE-GLASS mm Apply at THIS OFFICE. Per Year 115 N. Centre Pottsville, next door to toe Ei- Pottsville at present. The same report is epidemic throughout the county. The doctors was held.

change Hotel, and are scientifically adjusted br One low top phaeton, also one HARPER'S 4 fJ HARPER'S MAGAZINE. A 00 sauieu attendants, 'mere is no cuaige tor testae no ton buggy. They are in perfect order and say it was never more apparent in this region. your eyes. HARPER'S EEKLY.

4 00 sold for the want of use of property of a private gentleman. Inquire at Penna. Hall stables. tf anted vtooo, active agents in every town for a quick selling household article HARPER'S YOUNG PEOPLE. 2 00 HARPER'S FRANKLIN SQUARE LJ- BEEAT SACRIFICE Apply at ones by letter to care of this T7H)R SALE.

A six horse power steam engine, tr in good condition, cheap for cash. Owner has BRAiiY, One Year (52 numbers). 10 Ot) Our Aldermen. The past few days two of our popular young Aldermen, H. H.

Hill and J. J. Fernsler, united in marriage a party from Porter and another from Hegins township. The fee charged under the new law is $3 our other aldermen say they are open for all such office, or in person at 632 North Second street, no further use for it. Apply at this office.

Pottsville. tf -IN- Postage free to all subscribers in itheT United ENGINE. States or Canada. Word comes from the far west that "Duzen- herry" has turned up again. He is a well HALE.

Two low aesirable tor build I nraoi in ing CLOTHING purposes, on Laurel street, south side, be yThe Volumes of the zak begin with the first umber tor January of each year. When no Urns known character and all his Pottsville friends will regret to learn that his discovery this I tween Fourth and ritth. Apply to JACOB CHRISTIAN. s29-tf time is on the sick list. For Men, Boys and Children, at the great Pottsville Coffee House, Centre street, third is mentioned, it will be understood That the subscriber wishes to commence with the number next after the receipt of order.

Bound Volumes of 11 a kper's Bazar, for three years back, in neat cloth bin ping, will be sent by mail, postage paid, or by express, free of expense SEALED PROPOSALS will be received by the undersigned, at No. 609 West Market street. door south of Market, under the auspices of to Saturday, February 27th, for the following work PlatleMia CLOTHING HOW the W. C. T.

U. Cheapest and best meals in to be none at the nouse or the Atkins ire tproviuea uie ireignt uoes not exceeu one dollar town. Packages received for patrons and cared for free of charge. Ladies' dressing 113 N. Centre Street, Pottsville, Cloth Cases for each suitable for binding will be sent by mail, postpaid on receipt of fl each.

1. r'uraisn ana put on cue necessary gas nxtures 2. Paper and paint the parlor. Separate proposals will be received for the two room. )2b-tt Remittances sUould be made bv Post-Office items of work.

Particulars of style and quality of M'KltSOfliAL. Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance of loss. work and nxtures will be furnished on application. (Near Exchange Hotel.) Hats, Caps and Hon. John Shoener, Orwigsburg, was in oy order or the xown council.

Newspapers are not to Copy this advertisement without the express order uf Hakper A Brothers. Pottsville today. f. U. JUfitiUH, Chairman Committee on Fire Apparatus.

Feb. 22,1886. Address HARPER A BROTHERS, New York Clair's old rest Patrick Corny, one of St Furnishing Goods. dents, was in town today. J.

Irwin Steele, ot the Ashland Advocate, was at the county seat today. THE NEW YORK TIMES. TJIOR SALE One Pool Billiard Table, both Brunswick A Balke standard size, 4x9. Will sell cheap for cash. As good as new.

Want JQB Q. M. MILLER. Died at Brandon villa. John F.

Seltzer, an aged resident of this county, died at bis home at Brandon ville on Tuesday afternoon, aged 67 years. Interment will be made on Saturday at 10 a. at Ringtown. Deceased was the father of a very large family and had a wide relationship of his own in this and adjoining counties. i I The Drawing at Shenandoah.

Considerable excitement was created last night by the drawing at Shenandoah, of the Columbia Hose and Steam Fire Company. A person by name of Davis, of Ashland, drew Samuel Weidman, Shenandoah, 9900; Stank, Shenandoah, 8300 $600 went to a pool in Mahanoy City. Pottsville, as far as heard from, drew none of the larger prizes. Criminal Court. Next week will be a busy one at the Criminal sessions.

The McGrath case will be called which will occupy considerable time and many minor cases consisting of assault and battery, selling liquor without license, and an innumerable number of others. The second week will be an equally busy one as the Beck case from Orwigsburg is set down for Monday of that week. J. M. Glick, Girardville, was in town today and paid his respects to the Republican of the room for something else.

AS. R. DEEGAN, jl8tf Ashland House, Ashland. Pa. POE 1886.


John Parker, of the Tri Weekly Record, 188 THE NEW YORK TIMES is the best American was attending the labor convention today in town. Postmaster W. W. Scott, of Glen Carbon, SEALED PROPOSALS for 200 tons of White Ash Coal (sixes 75 tons of egg. 50 stove, 50 nut, Newspaper, it prints all the news that is worth printing, and by a liberal use of money and brains and 25 broken) will be received by the Directors of Np Harper's Young was on our streets today fully recovered from secures variety and interest tor its columns without sensation or humbug.

nts recent illness. the at Schuylkill County Almshouse, up to Monday, March 1st, 1886, to 6 o'clock p. to be delivered at Schuylkill Haven. The Directors reserve the right to reject any or all bids. R.

Boone, of St. Clair, and John A. AN ILLUSTRATED 1 ne news is tne none and sinew ox a newspaper, but while laying before its readers the news ot the world by telegraph every morning, THE TIMES provide also, for their further pleasure and nrotit. The position of Harpkr's Yocwo Springer, of Schuylkill Haven, were among our callers today. uy order ox Directors.

Attest C. A. Moyek, Clerk. 2s-5t the leading weekly nerouical for young correspondence, stories and literary miscellany of no ubisv otaII ABtahKihari ha MMHSlM BOare Frank Moister, of Shenandoah, rode his a less transitory value. It watches carefully and to provide the best and mostattracuvereidii illustrations- The serial and short stohss, laitniuiiy recorus tne unit 01 discussion upon topics that engage the attention of thinking men, and bicycle to Pottsville today; he was trying the roads in town with John Reber and A.

L. Phillips this afternoon. strong dramatic interest, while they are from whatever is pernicious or vulgarly eena notes tne worm progress science, theology, education, legislation, literature, art. invention and George P. Dengler.of the Schuylkill Haven discovery.

A Family Nearly Suffocated. A family named Duey, composed of son, mother and granddaughter, living at Third its political news is notably fall and accural THE CENTURY In 1886. A GREAT ENTERPRISE. PAPERS OJf THE CrVTX WAS. The important feature of "The Century Maga and no voter, Republican or Democ.

at, who takes uamw give we uesi Biunuiu IT va.liif Illiiati-atfl miwrs on atbletSC '1 an intelligent interest in public affairs can afford to be without it. THE TIMES is an earnest ad and Laurel living In the basement of the times, give lullinformatiooonffls is nothing cheap abou4i games ana past in subjects. There i re JCnterprtse, and R. S. Fey, the well-known versatile Orwigsburg correspondent, represented suburban journalism at the county seat P.

J. Ferguson, Shenandoah, Michael Merkel, Dr. McCrystle, Mlnersville, James Welsh Congregational church, were nearly vocate of civil service reform, and in estimating the worth of candidates for public office it places pnee. ji. An enitone of evervthme that is attrfflU'f personal umess aoove party zeai.

as an mde- desirable in invnil literature. Boston uenueni ttepuDiican ewsoarer it has a erowmc suffocated this morning by inhaling sulphur from a cooking stove. The son ot Mrs. Duey is confined to his bed yet, but the granddaughter and the old lady are able to be about again. Deegan and wife, and James Gibbs, of zine' for the coming year indeed, perhaps the most important ever undertaken by the magazine will be a series of separate papers on the great bat- cousmucucj jiu au moTHaing satisfaction in its A Weekly feast of good things to the wy girls in every family which it Ashland, and Wallace Guss, of Tamaqua, were in town today.

War for the Union, written by general ties of cne union. fflt. officers hiKh in command upon both the Federal Terms to as tail Post. it wuuuenui in I us wnuui -v mation anrl inuroat CKnttian AdvocUl nfederate and Co: sides uanerai want (wno writes naid. DAILY, exclusive of Sunday, per of Vidcsh TERMS i pNtaf Prepaid.

SSO Psrl'', urz, ismioh. and other names), uenerars McClellan, Beauregard, Kosencrans, Fire In a Chimney. An alarm of fire was sounded about noon Longstree DAILY, including Sunday, per year 7SQ VOL VI 1 commenced November 1- Closing Oat. Entire lot of dry goods and notions at and below cost. Second and Norwegian streets 20-3t Geo.

W. Mortimer. Porter, and others. Admiral Hill, 3 5a ouniMi uziijX per 3 75 DALLY, 6 months, with DALLY, 6 months, without Sunday Slnolx Numbers, Five Cents each. Remittances should be made by YJrr Money-Order or draft, to avoid chance of los today that brought out the fire department in force.

The run was made up East Norwegian street, where it was found that the chimnev 00 75 DAILY, 1 month, with or without Sunday For The Weekly. of the house occupied by Mrs. Travis was oh Single Conies, one .81 00 fire. The Phcemx Hose Company put a Address HARPER A BROTHERS E. Ten Copies, and one free for The building known as the Casino Rink.

Also 500 chairs, stoves, For particulars inquire of P. ft Dkmpsky, Penna. Hall, tf In this line "The Century" will maintain its prestage, and furnish the host stories by American writers thataan be procured. In November begins A SKW SOVEL, BY W. D.

HOWKIX8, Author of 'Venetian 'A Modern Instance etc This story deals with the rise of an Amen-eac business man. A novel by Henry James, a novelette by (irace Demo Litchfield, and short stones by -Uncle Frank B. Stockton, H. U. Boyesen.

T. A. Janvier, Julian Haw ouDsenpoons tor six LDEN'S MANIFOLD stream of water down the chimney sad had the fire soon extinguished. The alarm created quite an excitement at the time. The Semi-Weekly ..10 00 .50 50 ..12 00 ..20 00 it.

single cpi aes, one year nypjiiPRTjiA. ive copies, one year. Ten copies and one free for club A good supper at reasonable rates after 5 o'clock, Thursday and Friday, at Centennial Hall. Bill of fare includes turkey, chicken The sjradleate Not Scared. Several members of the Morgan-Welsh syn.

Over 300,000 subjects and 5,000 lUuswg numerous maps, 20 volumes, large otoeaper edition? ld.OoT Hpecunen PfiBttir THE MEW YORK TIMES, oysters, 3fc thorne, and other equally well-known writers win appear at various times. StISCKLLANKO US FKATUKKS. Under this heading may be included a series of papers on the Cities of Italy by W. Howells, the illustrations being: reproductions of etchings 3UU.UUU -KiA HOOK ttmlwtmm fine. Books for examination Syfnent on evidence of good faitb.

dicate who were seen yesterday staled that they were not in the least alarmed at the financial support that Mr. Go wen was reported to have secured. They intend to go on with the plan of reorganization. and drawings by Jeseph Pennell a sones on the PnblkWer. ik vIL at Y.

P. O. Vox NEW YORK CITY. The large circulation of THE TIMES makes it especially valuable as a medium for advertisers. commission and orhcial muster, will find it to their interest to communicate promptly, and with particulars, with McNEl LL A BIRCH, Attorneys smd Solicitors, Drawer 457, Washington, D.

C. No tees an inierauug giuujj ji Lieut. Schwatka, Princi- ew wortn-west, oemg papers by E. V. Smaliej Shooting Match.

A shooting match will take place at Mahanoy City Park on Saturday, Feb. 27, for $100 a side, between Harry Stride, of Mahanoy City, and F. Broadbeck, of Tamaqua, to shoot at ten birds each, 21 yards rise and 60 yards fall. Shooting to start between 11 and 12 e'oloek. Over half of the junior holders have given untanoi.

ana oinere, ue- Dal Grant (of Kingston, CyVT this OUT and return wnawjij and you'll get bylmail A GOiD JxJf that wia bring you MORS 0 Kb One Month, than anything else in Amer- jcriptiveof Uttle known religious; paper ton A nne specimen copy or -ioe veuimj wm President Go wen assurances of their accession to his plans, and nearly ten million dollars of the general mortgage bonds will accept his terms. sent on request. Mention tins paper. Need no capital. York Thk Cbkttjbv uo new tors.

r. x. in advance; honors dealing: highest refer wich "V9 Young,.

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