The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1948
Page 7
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FRIDAT. FEBRUARY 18. 1948 Suggwtons For Better Fanning Featured For This Section 1 ! Progressive Farmen. Balanced Farming Competition Planned on State-wide Basis; Missco Again to Participate' County contests in Balanced Farm in if «nd ! ive At Home comiJchlio,,, Inaugurated in Arkansas d rm K 1947 «"- ' , Keith J. BilW. •Hie 1948 contests will be held on the same principle* „., that o f last ^I'rt lifJV" 1 ' 1 f " v cll «»8cs expected. Whether or not the contest will have ihe MM1P SJ)0))50r5 as D'ey did in 1947, 'i, not yet known. Mr. Bllbc.y staled, but It has been definitely decided that the contrsl.s w ni be nc)d He stated that he planned to meet with member* of last year's Balanced Farming committee to talk over plans for the 1D48 eon- tm In the near future. Complete details will be worked out at that meeting, he said. The Balanced Fanr.dtg Program in 1918. as In 1947, will be sponsored statewide by the Arkansas Press Association through the cooperation of the Arkansas Power and Light Company Rcgistiallon for competition has begun in some arens and enthusiasm among farmers over the state us reported to be at a peak. A goal of 30,000 entrants ha* been set for the state contests. Mr. Bilbrcy stated that he had received a supply of balanced farm- i»K plan phamplets, entry cards and report books and thai farmers of the county who desire to enter the contest "may obtain TO p- cs of these by calling at his office in the Court House here. However he pointed out that reglsteratlon for the county contest win not begin until next month. K, 11 ,^ i 0 " 1 ? 51 w »* sponsored in North Mississippi cmmt v by the Courier News and ihe Arktrui,. Missouri Power Company list year. State To Help In Saving Tons Of Lost Foods Arkansas may provide » e » hungry world with 500.000 tons more food during the stale'* bumper crop years, New refrigerating systems technical developments i-id f^ier transportation will m«ko that goal po^ible, according to engineer*. without increased sowing, labor anS harvest yields. "These developments are well beyond . the blueprint stage," sa'.d M. B. Roberts, regional engineer for Brown Instrument Company, Philadelphia manufacturer ot electronic '-'-•• precision instruments for control- j ling food processing and carrier and storage temperatures. "New tecnniques will affecl meats, lish. fruits, vegetable*, dairy products, Is Your Tractor Ready to Go? IF NOT..: GET OUR FREE ESTIMATE ON REPAIRS AND PARTS REPLACEMENT! We make it easy for you to have all your' farm equipment in good shape for (he season just ahead. Our credit service is just the thin* you'are looking for. Come in H nd let us explain how it works. You'll Profil by i<s use in (hat you'll have (he "righl" tractor for the particular job when (he lime cornesl CREDIT TERMS McCormick-Deering Service , PHONE863 Rural Telephone Lines Extended Work Now Under Way To Provide Service For Many '" Missco Approximately 75 residents of ru- >•* «re«s in Mississippi County re- a."*. l «'«Phoiu- service during 17 through added lines and from ISO to JSO more win have phone* through construction scheduled for completion early NiU TC gr. p. j. Pot. Blythevllle manager of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.. said today. Rural construction to be complct- i early this y«»r includes that in rura »rea.i embracing the communities of Dell. Shorty Lane. Doc- wood Ridge. Armorel and Clear Lake, Mr. Poe said. The telephone project, in the Dell area Is scheduled to bring service to bchveen 100 and 200 customers. Mr. Jiistallallons were recently completed in the Denwood area near Joiner and East ot Luxora, hi said They also l, nvo been completed at Nodena. near Wilson, and /,-om Wilson to Marie. Installations are tinderwn> in the Frenchman'* Bayoii «rea, Mr. Poe said. W. E. Gosdin of Little Rock division manager of the company said Southwestern Bell Telephone Company added 5.300 telephones in rural l area* duiiiiR ia<T and now is serving more than twice the number of farm families and bu.wne.MM that hart telephone., at th« end of the war. *-H Youths fell Of Real Values In Home Gardening "My gardening work really started when I had to find some «-av to earn m.v college tuition." -We need a pretty good income, for there are 11 members in our family. My garden has supplied the family with vegetables, not only to «»t and to can for winter use but lo sell." "Through «-H Club work I hav« learned how to choose a good gar| den spot, select the right varieties : to plant, cultivate to conserve moisture, and control diseases and In- I sects." These are statements made by 4-H Club members, telling the real values and reasons that prompted them to become Interested in the National 4-H Garden awards program. Their statements are typical of those made by the 46 state winners and the S.850 <-H'ers who won county awards in the program last yesr. !• Again in 1943 Allis-Chalmers offers rewards to 4-H boys and girls who excel in their garden project.-;. These rewards include medals tor county winners, and an educational trip to the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago lor the stat* champion. Eight national winners selected from the state champions each receive a J200.00 college scholarship. County extension agents will furnish complete information. Club members in Arkansas receiv- ed.medal awards in 7o counties last I year. j poultry and grains. They will con- j serye food and lood nutrition and flavor." | "The 800,000 extra tons ot food from Arkansas are based on U. S. Department of Agriculture estimates that at least 28 per cent, of sll food produced In the oountrj-. or 50.000,000 tons, ii wasted in transit or In homes. "Instead of adding to grower and processor financial burdens." Mr. Roberts said, "the increase in available foods should reduce oojU for everyone and also prices to the consumer. We should have reached that period where, from frozen foods to home equipment, we can build stocks In times of plenty for years \ of scarcity. Check Health Of farm Stock During Winter UTTLB ROCK. Alk . Feb. ISA "tooth mm locnnll" Winter a t- l»" on l«-o of (he problems tlnit may cut down the working hoVi-- power of America's farm horses during the 194g crop season v| )5 urged today by the American Ftouri- datlon for Animal Health "Horses' red need special attention during the stabled period, to ward off disease and Injury that may prove to be crippling." n Foundation report said. "Horje., 1 teeth also need a check-up at least once a year, and winter la »n Ideal "me to h,ve th? veterinarian make * dental examination." Brittle hoofs, spongy hoofs, thrush, and ,/oot canker were cited nt four of the horse diseases commonly caused by bad stable conditions—either by excessively dry. hard Moors, or by long stabl- Inn in damp and unsanitary quarters. Clean, dry floors were recommended as a wise precaution. Also, the feet of stabled animals should be trimmed at least one* a month Any irregularity or -trouble with the feet should be examined by a ve.erinarlan, the American Foundation said. A S for the animal's teeth, the bulletin pointed out Hint the horse's mouth Is so constructed that Its teeth wear off unevenly, if this Irregularity Is not corrected, the animal cntmot chew properly. "Dl- gestlv e upsets may follow."' It was explained, "and the horse's cheeks may be painfully Injured." --TEATURES PAGE SETEN P«bH«ti«<i Ertry Friday to th* t of Farm FinUUs •< TU» AgricuHural Swllw. Farm Agents' Tips IT'S TIME TO: Pl«n the farm rotation to In- creasf crop yields, supply lurrtclenl 'ecd. and balance pastures wl'li crcp.v • Be certain (hat yon know C, condition ot your cotton plnnling seed, only seed of known purlly and germination should be planted. All seed should be treated «t SIPTOL Civ** you instant relief lo i «(J-tip hcacl-col.i and cough, throat ii rilatiyi) ami lioarsrnpsi due to a cold. Siptol loo.'en* th« phlfRm in tni nasal and broncul iraet. anil makpa hrralhing otier and c)i«cki GET S I P Vo L TOI>AY Form Implement Production Hurt by Strikes WASHINGTON, Feb. 13. (UP)_ A farm equipment manufacturer *«y* labor trouble* huve looped one-third off the nation's poten- Ual production of farm Implements since V-J day. W. A. Roberts, executive vice president of AllU-Chalmeri said hi* own firm hud lost an estimated 15.000 tractors from strike* In Its own surf other plants. "Prospects from here on out ire better," Ilobcrls told the House Agriculture Committee. "The Indus- ry now I. closer to capacity mil- I'ut than at any time since 'before Ihe war. "1 don't think them will IK- nny crop« k»t In 104H for failure i>( farmers lo get delivery on farm machines." The committee Ls InvrsllKudng gray market sales of tractors and other machine., it also Is looking Into demands of the Marshall plan for Increased cxjxirU of form equipment. In reply to questions by Chnlr- man Clltforrt R. Hope, a., Kan Robert* said It Is "entirely likely" that Kurope can gel along all with export*: of Irnctors Hint already have been scheduled by the Industry Under administration proposals the present export rule would be doubled In 1948 and 1949. Agricultural Council Plans Labor Parley Th* 194" farm labor program lor Arkansas will be dlsntMcd March « at « meeting in Memphis of the Agricultural Council of Arkansas. H waj disclosed (lit* week by Hni'- old A. Young, of Utllc Rock, council president. He: also Is president of Ihe National Cotton Council. The 1848 Inboi prcgnun will discussed by representatives of Ihe Stale Department of l.nbor. Mr Ynutig said, and th« sessions will ho conducted In Hotel IVnliody. This Is of particular concern lo fmmers In Knsleru Aiknnsns be- enuse for the past two yours Ihe Aiknnsas Extension Service has hurt an extensive program to secure Inini labor from the South Texas aren. «nrt also contributed U) the support of the farm labor office located on the Memphis side of ted lo the support of the farm Inboi office located on.the Memphis side llaihmi bridge. d«jr of January, Ifetwl 1<H6. HARVEY MOMRI8, Clerk By Belly Peterson. D 0. Clnmtc F. Cooper. Ally, ad lltem Ed fl. Cook, Ally. adtHlem. Road Courier Mew» Wnnt Ad» "MISERY TVo* You OfHn G«t from WMtlivr, MDOJ many ion* to tto a|rjr> for C-ms. OflM you aUtt to <Mi quick rplif f after th/> fu«t ipoonU. ' lion: UM only M directed. ~ ~ Icnst one month before planting Plant Ihe following In the hotbed: ciibbnge, broccoli, cauliflower, head lettuce, onion seed, and CKC- plant. WARNI.S'O OKDHi III ill* Chum-cry Court. flilck»«aw. b» IHntrlct. Mlsslwlpi County. Ar- kftllMlS. Joy L, f\)U'y Plaintiff, vs. No. 10,38(j Joe Fuh'y Defendant. The defendant Joe fviley Is hereby warned to nppcnr within thirty (lays In Die court tinitii'd In tho caption hereof nml answer tire complaint 01 the plnlntlff Joy L. Holey. Soy Beans Cleaned Don'l plant *r«»s >nd WMH! wed wllh jour Miyheiin». Our new «le«ner remove* ill obnoitou. M ed. Beforn h«vlni your Mf 4 beins cleaned come br an* >ee. our new modem cleaner. Brlnr your oe»n» lo be cleaned »t jour convenlrnre. Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. Highway 61 South Old American Legion Airport Phone 28GO CALL 4627 For Lower Cost Inaurjince • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS Arkansas Mutual Agency W. L. Tnriike, Mjrr. Isrincs Rltljf., Blyfheville, Ark. IEED sows NOW:.. Sow* n»«d a lot of mintrals, vilamini and pro- Uins to build big lilien of hu«ky pigg. U iu r« pay« to f«»d a balanced ration of your grain and- PURINA SOW AND MG CHOW CLIP THIS AD FOR FUTURE REFERENCE! We Now Hove for Immediate Delivery: Plenfy of — rini! Tooth Harrows I'sctl with 1 horse-drawn Mower Shipment of Plantert and Middlf Buit.rt Soon See Douglas Lawson, Manager Russell Phillips Tractor Co, South Highway 61 Phone 2171 AMERICA'S FAVORITE FEED FOR LIFE AND GROWTH You'r» money ah»ad wh«nyour chick* UY» and grow — fact. T h a f« w h r ! t pai» to i»»d— Fkr>^L CHICK STARTENA PURMWATR W» RM E R Th±rmo«tal- io control. For pan* and fount*. PURINA HOCK fEEDM Kill Lice ON COWS, HOGS New, powerful Purino Inxct Killer with D.D.T. g.i. 'em. Aik for... mm w«a KIIUF IN CALF FECD S.H your milk (crt U. S. OY•rag* price*) and fe«d— PURINA CALF STARTENA L. K. Ashcraft COMPANY H Block Iratk *( DRY COW fl fD MAKES MILK. jBuild* up condition 'of dry cowi, which' mak«i milk afttr PURINA • DRY* FRESHENING CHOW HEADQUARTERS PURIHA°CHOWS GOOD/YEAR S<duZum> /OO" bOOU/YI >W lints WORKS THCSf WONDERS IN ANY <* TRACTOR' TIRE I • MAXIMUM T1ACI.OK- UM .lip, B or. pull W |U ] Ju«l. •MODE WOM. US* EirCMSI -_ ,„,,. ,| r .. and .qulpmenl wtxrr— do,. raO r» work p«r hour. • CONSTANT IMnATIOM — no p,..,u,. !„„ |h« TM , around — In itoraq* or ui>. Nan-lroilng. • riESIUIC iUIU)« W a. load !«o,.CM«. • INCIEASED DIAWMR Mill _ » p to 5 00 ft». B0 f« with no ^ht.l wttghl.. • M08E COMFOIT, LUI iOUIICS-proTld« a noolli. •r ild», Ion lailgu*. • 10X0X1 TJ»I Ufl — <r«ad Ii much I.M t>M<nM* o< minimum allp nnd «onitcmt corrtat ptoatur*. Arrango lor our Goody»ar Solution 100 S«rvic« novr lo c/»t ah«ad In your workl GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality Boiler Work and Remodeling a HO'/a E. Davis St. Phone 4641 fffyou* Still & Young Motor Co: Lincoln-Mercury Deafer Phon« 347» Blytheyille Ark. 112 Watnut 8t. "My Joints Feel Rusty" Don'l (nke a clinncc willi your health. Doctors cnll It Arthritis nnd sny lliat It mny be nggrnvated ny Improper kidney elimination. Mnny physician! rccnmmcntl this imlurnl mlnernl water that helps to eliminate Ihe systemic wastes. Order a cast TODAY— Call or write lodny for t'RKK bookleL CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blylhevillc, Ark. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION Sfrgg Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK.

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