Pottsville Republican from Pottsville, Pennsylvania on May 29, 1930 · 8
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Pottsville Republican from Pottsville, Pennsylvania · 8

Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1930
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i. e 1 - la. JAGE EIGHT Go re co us Sons of the Wc?T Gifted Blonde Belle Real Air Veteran Comes as All-Natural Color Chain Station i Sin?;inf: Danrin?:. Talkir POTTSVIIXE, PA EVENING REPUBLICAN. THURSDAY. ILKY 29. 1930 Newsi !l 1! t i ! ! 4 J 'I it li j .i ji 1 I J j 'HI'i'" " '''rrwassif Eyes. Sometime I'm Happy, from "Hit the Peck". El Clvocolo. That Made Me Ctivm In. Weddinv of the Painted Doll. from -Broadway Melody . a PVT. bo Are Too, Cardinal Song. KaJger Song, from' -Rio Rita" WJZ. - Eui-Di.Iid tm Flay freaa BMffl T-imf til melodic mi DOIWlur by talkies and bits wbich Bad their ri- Meaaerlal Day Tfceegbte ation Hymn Sing to bs beard t " 1". M., K. S. T. ' , ... The mixed quartet presentinr thla program U made op of Muriel W llson, . . i Jink', contralto; Clyde uengier. Tenor, u I rln tn Broadway revne at : tr. George Vau-a la the accompanist. I WJZ WBZ. WEZA. JCDKA. For All the Saints w no irom i"5i . ltr U VtMr 3ImmiU Tabors Rest, Mixed ouartet: Sleep cm. I EugeM Ormandy Introduce a nov- j Beloved, contraiio aoiu. -""j I elty orchestral version or jesaeia "March &f the Wooden Soldier- over Tenting Tonight. Tenor solo. L'ya Benjler; nearer air ti" to Mired quartet: Only Remembered, Soprano and Contralto duet. Muriel w i.nn ami Helen Janke: Safe In the Arm of Jesus, Mixed quartet ; Sleep-In- for the Klaff. Soprano solo. Muriel Wilson: Lest We Forget, Vocal duet; f Morning Land. Tenor and Baritone duet. Clyde Pengler and Arthur "j": lngs Hunt: Crossing the Bar. Mixed quartet WEAK. Jeaters Featsre Comedy Dlalegae an XBT network in Jack Frosts flofv Momenta at 8 : 39 P. M- E. & T. Conductor ormanay win organize m mualciana into a miniature miiitary I hand for this presentation. . r 1 1 T ...... .V frrm I Parlacrl." and M&sxkoweki'a "Span- lah Dance No. 1" are other orchestral features. Oliver Smith, tenor, appear twice in nolo number. Show Hits of HI 5: Selection from "Prince Pat". Selection from "The Original comedy dialogue and. a eon; I ,. pradi" Orchestra : Auf Wie- rrom memory t"u re I derseben. Tenor o,o , uuver or.u ; I'cat of Budapest" will ftlsrhlight tne Ttvaat Jeetera' broadcast at 1:15 p. M.. K. S. T. , :n.ini- sons. Comedy Dialogue, Svenjtall. the Pet of Budapest. I'm Following You. from "It'e a Great Life WJZ. Tbbm br Orehratra Pnmiiar dance tunes will be played by the Lucky Strike orchestra under tha direction of 13. A. Ilolfe at 7:00 p. M.. K. S. T. and Rettcr. from "Scandals T Vfava to Have You. from "Pointed Heele'V Should I?, from "lrd Byron Sons; Without a Name. Orchestra ; Geraldlne. Tenor aolo. Oliver Smith ; Around the Corner. Intermetso, from "Pafrliacci". Orcbeatrm; March of the Wooden Soldiers. Miniature iiuitary Band, A Dream. Tenor aolo. Oliver i Smith: Spanish Dance o- 1, OrcBea- tra. WEAF. Ilreeta da Koaea-Kera nrerrsm Th Victor Lieht Opera Company Interpret repreeentatlte works of tain tanriinir American oneretta ram. 1 losers, Jerom Kern and Reginald de i Koven at 9:00 P. M-. K. S. T. Amone the artists interpreting taeae Sunnvpide Uo". YveMdff etaoinshrl ins; in the Itain. from "Hollywood Re- .-..' lov.n thirty Saturday te.ht Nlehtmare. ColleBlate Love, Black f Broadway". Turn on the Heat, from .elections are Lucy Marsh. Edna Kei- losa; and Olive Kline, sopranos ; t,sie Baker, contralto: Lewis James, xen-or. and Wilfred Glenn, baas. Nathaniel Shilkret directs the program. Selection from "Kobln Hood", or chestra ; Babes in the wood, from Verv Good Eddie" Soprano and Tenor duet. Kdna Kelloggr and Lewis James? t.v Moonlisrht. orchestra; They Uidn't Believe Me, rrom rne uin from Utah", James Melton tenor, and Chorus : Raggedy Ann. from "Step- Harriet Lee. wha ret her start la stars at ebala breadcastinc. CbJeage radio, aow Is ea ef the - TETJXSXXAT S1CBT EICEUCSTS. . 5;30 1. M. WAEC-Cik Hrpetforj laeaUt. 4:15 P. JL WJZ At taa Captain s TW. slttck. :54 V. M. VTEAF Eaarbali Score. , 6:00 P. iLWJZ Ao V Aady. , WEAF Federttitm Ujmm tizg. WAEC Daaca C.rh iL 6il5 P. M. WJZ TatTtat Jester. 6:30 P. WOK CWtrr CabbW Orcaeatra. WJZ BrbaIl Scores. 7:00 T. M. W KAF ITeiackmaa IIori VaHs OrrWstra. Won lUmbrrxtr XitO fjosfowoy OnWttfit JLvrlt Finipaon, acvjvrano. WJZ Lock y StriU OrcWttrs, WABC iBteraatiooal SkJeUsstt IX. Terra. T: P. M.-WA HC U. S. Maris fcaaj. 8.00 T. M. WEAF Area Birtbday Party. WOR lawsa fUr raasrra. WJZ Knox-Dunlap Ortbestra. 8:30 T. L WIUF Jack Frost Melody Momeai. WJZ Maxwell Hoot Mtlodia. S:45 P. Mv WOK Copert a4 Motto, Kms. 9:00 P. 1L-WD F RCA Orrbettfa. WABG Kodak Sjaafboeiy Orrbe.tta. 10:00 P. M. WE.." Great Lore ScetH- la M.r, la George Titer. 10:15 P. M.W ABC Hey wood. Braoa'a Radio Coiaasa. 10:30 P. M-WABC Dance CamWak (SU-Wtf Ne Vart W tHC Ca) JO PtiU Cpitatay Ata wri kc wok wui.; sa cee " O Mdk Uysaa b nr. . H ad V a M 4t w. J J J A K W , . JO HU Hour ta Capital A Wo WJR WTAU VRC WhaI WMil i 0 oi.-h.-e How. fcndy Vallee Or A '- WKH WT(J WJ rilj wri wrc wot won ar. wrjc J wht wjtt ii ha WSB W8AI WRVA W?M CKOW KTM VV ''T,r... 0 H rthday Party-AHK WKH WJA WTAO CX'IW ,'H WT1 ten nrcn wku 1.1 r KJtl WRVA V PT WWI arc! Hollywood XEW YORK. May 29. Wl Harriet Lee. blond ' beauty of broadcasting, qualifies as a radio veteran. In ap hpr veara ara nnthlnr to ping Stones' Orchestra and Quartet;! worry about, but in radio they are i Olu Promise Me. from "Robin Hood' ,-j fjve. a Jong Ume tn faat moving art. Contralto aolo, Elsie Baker : Selec- I Take a took at her past and there's tlona from "Csterbury Filerlma , I record to b nmud of. It in a reci- , c..-J-,, 1 t.riwaaera juarcn, urtuwu; U oI part OI Chicago radio DUitory Today Friday baturaay cradle song. Soprano aok, Lucy aa WelU I Marsh; Who, from "Sunny". Orches-J Eack In the hazy days of 1913 a elrl mi tt7rlT19 I tra and Ensemble; Old Fumoneo I anneared at the tudio of WOK. Chl- 1 nC VlUVV OCllOt I Wife, front "Oh. Boy !. Soprano olo. I Cago, looking for a Job. She didn't be- oiive Kline; TurnKey somx. irom i (te he . had any oarticular talent. for th position waj that of olfice EirL She, started worki.. WOK' was new to the radio game, and talent was scarce. Harriet could sins: aivl piny ihe niano nrettv cood. tha sljtton ofli. the works of Handel will be,presented thought So Cia the Jistenere a 1 A fA T3 Vf .Q T I . ." - a g i I Olive Kline; Turnkey Sonar, rrom .tlOn! AlTieriCa S ilirll-Rob Roy". Wilfred Glenn, baes and U " tr s Male chorus. WEAF. WTAG. WGY. Friend Is tsacK Again ! . Drama Shows Kaeliah Ceart Seeaes A dramatisation of - scenes at the Court of Kmc George I rt England, with a musical setting adapted from New Studios Of NBC Last Word In Swank J0 Melody Momenta Alan WJ AS WTAO VCU WFl WRC WCAE WWJ WSAI WTAM . ., . .rt war. wot V,r weB wfjc trwj wiai wbt wjax wiod wuai WSJ4 WSB KIW TT A M WRVA . . M M.-OO Creat Love Sceaea rn Mone An WW WHR CKOW wrt WWJ fTTAst 11 ao Hour pi Dance Maste Ala WWJ WRC WRVA WJAX WiOl IU WAIC New Yerw tm (C casra) f3r WA Girls ! Songs ! f I Laughs! 3-J Pep! "-I" I wasaw .aaaaa . i -a. "u -aaa at 10:00 P. M.. K. S. T. The musical drama is entitled "In Georgian Times" and is one in the series of Great Love Scenes In Music HandPl was musician at the court of the Hanoverian king and received inspiration for many of his composition there. WEAS Haunt Directs Slumber Hoar - The Slumber Hour trosxam under the. direction of James Haufit will aUo include a male quartet at 10:00 P. M. The quartet to be heard in-the fol lowing program consist of Harold Branch and Steele Jamison, tenors: Edward W'olter, baritone, and Earl Waldo, bass." ' , after they heard her. On the air the went wien an artist did not show up. Spasmodic - appearances became the regular thins and ber tame spread. From WOK she went to WLS. KYW, W1BQ ana the Chicago NBC studios. When Weldell Halk who conducted the Theater of the Air over the CBS chain for a year, broueht her to New York to appear in one of hUi program, she remained. She had tmpreeeed the CBS program officials o much that they put her on the staff. Now she ap pears in numerous CBS programs, including Minute Dramas, in which, she is Maizte. Harriet likes to tell about the ti that she stuck to the microphone for 72 hours aiding WLS to collect a fund for the Florida hurricane sufferers. CHICAGO. May 13. VP) Broadcasting, which haa not been long out of the back room stage of development, has pushed up nlonsslde of the movies, a pace setter in swank. The National Broadcasting company, in its new quarters atop the recently completed Merchandise Mart, demonstrates the latest in radio grandeur. There are six studios, all of different design and color effect. Studio i.OO rritr WABC only; U todra&a Oa j te WCAJf WJ AC WUJ WFBLWKBW WB.EC . . JO Tip Top Club, Variety Prorram Ah WEXM tTJtAC WCAO WCAO WJAS WFBL WHK WGHP WKBN fO ttoct Torraaca Also LBZ UO WVtt, TTItP WJA1 WUW WKbVT WADC WKKO WWNO WTAK-wr BJ -.,.-f:1s F. W. Wile Also WEAN WNAC WUI CAO Wait, f JI WLBW WFBL WKBW WADC WKRC WKUM WfPl WWC rT" fja U. S. Msrlne Bsnd AJm WEAN WNAC W LBZ C0 .-00 A :ja .Kntchts Atao WEAN WNAC ftCAU C0 WI4AL Wiii WFBL WKBW W ALXj WHK WRKC WUMP Wf III E An All-Talking Vitaphone Production with Scenes In Technicolor. . Tpt it T 1 TI - 1 ior tne loriaa Hurricane sulterers. t Ull't leaded l UOI P"1- ohe conaidered. was the high M, A lsA, A IW 1 ght ,n radjj work whjch haj! WJAS WLBW WFBL WKBW WADO WKRC WGHP WKHS Arabeaoua Also WEAN WNAC WLFI WCAU CaO WMAL WMP WJAS WLBW WFUU WKBW WAt0 WOUP WPPU WWNC w J Kntchts Atao WEAN WNAC CAU C0 WI4AL WUI U w I'm wk-etf w a iv" Ruv irscRr? a n i p w?i d wn t :00 Mld-Week ITogram Alan WEAK .S'AC WCAU WCAO WMabwIJ WFBL WHEC WKBW WAtC WHK WKRC WGlJf W?pp 09T 30 Forum Al-o WEAN WNAC W1.F7. WFAN WCAO WM AL WMP 'JJ WLBW WKBW WKRC KB.i W wo WW WT AH v l.AM va 4 t00 OOaerver WABT; l-n Beat WT At ffll WMAL WHP WLBW WFBL WKBW WQUP KkM Wn NC WTAR WKBJ WIH1 w.i M:1 Harool Brotan Ataa Wr.AM veNAC WI.W Wr1 W- r L w Tin ! n nt awr -am a- ) rfi 11 ft fsW W t)4 taS." ! W V. WT aa W "A; is the largest radio theatar.- It W;30-Pance Csrnlyai-Alao WEAN WIJ1J5 WCAU WCAO wL Wtr is .j feet long. 51 t?ft na III , i,i RW uini. rcknw watir wkri Wf.HP wkhS trart If so feet high. It will ho 1,000 person. hiaO-MMnlrht Melodies W EA N WNAC WLB7. WCAU WMAL WUP V1EI i;oonul wnere nuww may. see auu hear the broadcasts, others where they may see only; make-up room; rehearsal studios, and many office are nrovided. . Three years ago the compaay had two email room, a staff of three and one program from Chicago. Instead of the usual velvet or monks' cloth drapes tp deaden auundn. the new studios will be wailed with adjustable narrow panels. The new tludioa will be occupied In June. i v'' -w" .-s - . t.. " -a. ! . , e - F I ..: ' la . f t -' t 1 j ' r 1 tt. - M ! "- a ' ' Sla f M n V-jr 't ( ' r t ' i f ' -1 : I X'iia-sm' r VIZ l 5 eluded children's programs Shakes- I KH ...... .11 U..... pearean plays, harmony cringing, piano I IIXOAVVCU llUUdC WGHP WSPD WWNC WTAR WDBJ WBRC WPO MJ WJZ Nra Vara 7SO (NC CKalat :4s Floyd Gibbons Also WJR WLW WHT WftVA WJX TFlL :00 Atrv,.a n' Andy AIM WBZ WHAM KLaKA WRC CKUW WWVA W7TF W BT WCKY WJAX WIOD; :! lh Jseiera av WCKT :30 Score WJZ: Vincent tpl Dane Orcha.ita-WJI F0 B. A. Rolte Orcn. Also WBAL WHAM KDKA WJR KTW o Hatters Orchestra Also WUZ WBAL U Kt'KA WCT WJ JO Harold Panford Orrb. Alan WPZ WRAL WHAM K PK wrR t WHAS WSM WBT WJAX WRVA WSB KIW WIOD WIT K CkliW OO To Be Announced WJZ and F'ittaf 10 K Slumber Music: Mellow Mekndlea WJZ ftatloee t0J Amoa 'p Andy As f"ol (Second stre4cstt Oaly te WIlAi WM Ull (WLW WJR 1st lSm.1 llXV-a A. Rolf Orth, (Second DrotiJciiO-On:? U WSU WlB WLW WIIAI i playing, and classical . and popular songs. Miss Lee, by the way, was the May of May and June, the rormer WLS harmony team. She has a deep contralto voice. For a lone .time listeners did not know that ""Bobby" Lee, who sang the eolos in the dance broadcasts of Ted Fior-ito's Chicago orchestra was not a male but the fair Harriet. Chicago, in Miss Lee's mind, should be spelled with capital letters. Shew proud of the fact that she' originated there, and to slur her home town is to start a verbal encounter In which she is the victor more often than not. W0R Highlights Melody Quartette On Air Tonight Mighty Lak A Huee and "Should I" will be the tuneful contributions of the Maxwell Hout-e Melody quartette on Thursday night's Maxwell House Coffee radio program. Harold San tor d has selected a veritable bouquet of familiar and well loved melodies for his orchestra that evening, including Victor Herbert's tuneful Inspiration. "Orange Bloe-sonw", Ftlti Kreisler'a "Llebesfreud' and selection from the chann.ug "San Toy". The complete program for the Max well House Hour at 9:30 P. M.. E. D. .41tJ WOB ewark lit 6:0 I'wU ivn : I i Ta lk : Ca bblee 7:00 lUmberrer Symphony :00 Hanger t:4i Harmony Duo : Orchestras IUJ Wi AC X-klla. Ill S:60 ltue Law ( :00 porta t:J0 Herman's lilt 7:J Hour of Feature t:I0 Trappers ! :00 Organ sts-s WLW Clawaaaad te rt m n Vnn ( . fa 1 -mt- Tow iter : rnnx l.fcla !: lirwWj ar4 r. tl:e aritlr and I w .a wjm pnnH tie erterenadTS ;4J-J'cil aM rr T :P y.4 MrVoaiaell rtTW,tiboy 1 : TsTw 11:1) Dane Mu -,( f W it Vl-V .'' tftlBIR l",.fli--' f a tt r s ait) ..:-; !. A, .At W mi i if . i tTilt. sn ;.. ta t w rf". i It fMlSS ""','f' '!ILI ,"H I "it'"l Silt f 't ri.a. itii4 r. li. nr. ' (f' tf't tt a a., r I ia t ' t 4 . i 4., .; ; n Tfc -.a t ' . 1 , ,. rnaA . ! ar !, r -. ,a At.Aji j 1 fr twl t I 1'1M.A t t- A'f 1.. . l..a tea . 4 ' t.tj 1 '.' . t i Hf w MT. LAFFEE I Iwtstnww. was a Tvit AUe Mrs. Andrew Ktar was a T a "; s 1 a'yVMjiA. A s . A.' ' r.'v at- t n.4. j,n t " .,. ii At ai'at. i .f a- A T . i1 tar tlw ..I' tiuiif ,.,, i tVi iluuiatp I, fa tiA I."1' a. ! , itrsaour f a at iia i " J i i- n 1 ' t rwf A . . w t a ' j ' ' ' Am-.A, ta " j T aAe am :, ai-i; t., a. KhlisrJ Urace trsnactcJ luiac in lTimroe. Tuelsy afternoB. Mrs. John MeloocbW-k. spent several S. T.. Thursday. Mav 79. over Sin. .Annette Simpson, whose rich lyric I tion WJZ and a nation-wide network 1 hours, shoppin? in PottfTille. Tops. soprano voic charms thousands or 1 of the National Broadcasting Cora-1 wff 1tK i nfrin Frits Rrennan " 1 By Pacific A Atlantic) Mrs. Anne Morrow Lindbergh (above) is now a full Hedged iilot, havinif received her pilot' icense on the first anniversary of her marriage to the Lon Eagle. - radio listeners nightly when she sings In WO Rs 'Moonbeam,' will appear as soloist with the Bamberger Little Symphony Orchestra, under the direc tion of Philip Jamee. at the concert to be broadcast from WOR on Tmir- day night. May 29, at 8:00 o'clock EST), . pany follows Orange Bloeson, semble : In the Muriel Wilson a freud. Orcheotra Quartette; The Thunderers Orcaeatra "Banks of the Wabash" and "Casey Jones" are two bright spots included on a program of old favorites to be sung by the "Lone Star Rangers", a male quartet under the direction of George Shackley to be broadcast over WOR on Thurd?v niht. Mav 29. at 8:00 o clock (EST). Daca, the cowboy from Texas, will be soloist sinst-ing typical western songs in his charm ing original fashion. The quartet im comprised of George O'Brien and William Cruger. tenors : John Quine, baritone, and John Oak ley, bass. chestra and Ensemble, uroaaciiaun com- iiyTiff nu?h t.ufrn. Frit 13 re n nan I "TT" "TT O -t S, Kli' MMm. s'Sas JniBBoarome - todai WITH ALL THE- COLOR OF- THE- GOLDEN WES1 singing Sfsa 14. V; s A uv A HUIIUCI a i aa. mmil -. a I sT ' a I Should 1. Quartette: Los Torres, from I Marparet lcLn vitlted friends in "A- Feria". Orchestra; San Toy. Or- Keadin?. liu Muldowncy, Winia Orff and John Grace were ruttvui ADVERTISEMEN1 Abdominal Pains Danger Signals "tteride Qf.Pottsullli ALL NEW STARTING TODAY P iS! . Special Holiday l "QWa- Abaction I BESSIE IC1 J.CNtCENT j V,!- et UW1( RUBIN HARYDCtUN ; V rrT. Waa A Ca1 Vt m llTAtKING A v,V&- The atmosphere of apred and I quaint charm found In Ketelby's "In a Chinese Temple Garden" and the fantastic lure of dim lights reflected in lily ponds expressed, in the "Japanese Lantern Dance of Bratton surround the musical program to be heard during the broadcast of "Red Lacquer land Jade" from WOR on Thurany night, May 29, at 9:00 o'clock (EST). Some of the clamlv-temoered wis dom of toe ancient sages of the Orient which has survived for centuries i amonjf Asiatic people, and recognized by occidentals for its humanitarian i principles, will be brought to radio listeners by Basil Rtivsdacl our reader of oriental, philosopY. visitors, Tuesday evening. Ckarlfa aii motored to Miner- ville and called on frkndL Frank Fran attended to boinea in Minert- tll?. Tuesday momin?. Misae Ar-lene Zimmerman and Kathleen Loft- us. of Buck Kun, pnt lat evenm- rf fZoll UlnrlHA with local frieoda. Mra. W m. (.race va u.i li.uuuw I M rotts.iU. caller, TJ.r Physicians sav thousands have Gall 1 morninjr. Wra. Thomaa and Mi- Bladder trouble and think It's stom- chad McGrath were connty teat vit- ach pains, -indi-reat ion or intestinal I itor TesterdaTj Supervuiflff ITlO distress. Nature's warnings are con- cPl Charles B. Williams, wife and stipatiou, biliousness, bead pains. I interesting daughter, Lomae. ana r dizziness and esnoriallr naina nrvler 1 and Mr. John Wsde. of PL Clair the riba on tha ril.t a!rf. If n.. I motored to Fort Lebanon. ChrUt ... . ! . . . ... i i lected, gaU bladder inflammttioB I Bail, i .umrntiur, TALKING DANCING leads to trail stones and the sur geon's knife. This-is caused br lack of fluid in Tuesday ereninj god Tited rela tive. Mr. and Mrs. John CVe an , th- h i. .T C. V.-, ., I - " Albert, of Heok-cherylUe. sr-t y.ral the bile, and the bile thickeninz so C-,e. with Mr. and Mra. John En. Wednelay evening. William John Kirk, of rottsvui-. tiiei rasa- tivew here. Jnaeph Connelly a4 son. Elmer, of rvttville. and John ?rs- Welcomes Television ON THE STAGE Mi 1SS IN PERSON Pennsylvania .;Wwaw'aja; " -' the pall bladder will not empty. But thanks to a scientific new home treatment called Klax-Ko. I wnicn can be relied upon to brirrjf I emwskl. of Martin, rnotored peee on ioTful relief. Klax-Ko acta on tha Wednesday evening and vetted f-wnda. liver M.,l- t I MUs Mary tefTsniC visited fred , WIBUUVl SHU lUU'IlIUAl I , . I..K- 1.. tract. I k,iiAa in nnttartlle. .Vm Anna Klax-Ko u guaranteed to thin the I Casey attended the attractions at the bile, overcome gall bladder inrtamma-I Capitol Theatre. MVa CKIumk Un, Jaiy liver, constination and bHne I Caaev was a t.ttvlll ealier yesterday yon genuine nenent. Get a 3-day I s iter noun. Aim raw ja.iier mman4 t I treatment today from Schneider s I roarmacjr or your own druggist. Adaemaamept Hrancbd.'AAe and attended to ttam there. Victor Tomannaky rs ll-t friends In FutlatilU last mxt. Don't wsit for Ion$tip4tkjn to grip you Are you aflowing wastes to dog your system tod throw off poisons which sap yoor vitality? Keep rour system thoroughly cleaned, doot let xsastipatioo get seated. IfrMbmaot sottca rid of Atts Waal weate oday ouoS bat do tfaia. Tak tn Ea is tCAtAt tar tiiaitip i raUat im thm BMrmM. Tbxy art gndy and pownw,j so pnB. Kpao. odrra Laxacrrr. la Kpsom Salts in palatable tablet And Her "Two Pirates" in Songs and Selecitons of Today SEE MISS PENNSYLVANIA DISPLAY THE LATEST IN GOWNS All performens 1n radio are looking forward to television- eome with dread and some with, anticipation. Among use latter as petite Helen Oelheirn. whose rich, deep contralto la heard regularly on the Kodak Mid week program. American born and Amerkan train ed. Misa Oelbeira. in addition to win ning mtwical nonor miabt also win a 1 beauty arize in. wclL almost any cos- TNI DILL COMPANY 1 ; - 3 TVSCARORA Joeph Msttea of BrrrVtoii. ra!W an fnemla In towtu M laaaa Valeria nd MadeUne Leskosky were Tareaqtu callers. James KeTshfter tranaai-ted toalnesa la Tamaqua. ii Us Mary Howay, Helen fpitao an.l Mary H:ll railed on I'oaldale f tVnda. Mrs, Mat Pur dor V- motored to Tamaqaa M ra. Wm. Hilt and eon, AUert, ware Taiwan aa shoppers. Jlr. and Mr. Itxa Sands and Wra. IMward Felaer of Tamaqua. vVited Mr. a- Mr. Harry irrarhman. Mr. nl Mrs. fairies Callery visited the 'aVery family C4 Coataarllle. Mr. and Mra.T"h. Ftaa. I ravage attend! th Cpul T'watTav. Pnttsvill. Frank Itubel "I as wflle. port, spent aa evening at tb fcwe ef Mr. sad Mm. Paul Lewey vv yn Hartaca. Horace Moser an4 IVjland Rnbinsoo of Marrd. were Turos rallarm. Wm. Bowa moTnr4 o. Ma or a rhonk. Mr. FrankHn Weirkay was a Ta manna hoplc Miaa IWoees Bort- sel of Fottyvill. apew'atnr a fw days at tha home of Mr. and Mrs. Le Nomin. Andre-w Tedfwk, Ton Cart I and Alfred Ve-I of Bmkt"-. nUs on tow a frtenda Caster Amdt tf i SasSIX XKUw Havt 'Vroperty Snrr-yed Eefore Birring Talking, Singing, Dancing, .VcTurci Color Out-door Musical Drama of th Old West JOHN BOU: VIVIENNE Sh'-v JOE E. BR0. 1 Geo. H. Stcidcll ALL NATURAL COtOR-. "TtCWNlCOtCfV mOCt-SS """'"" BgawereeJ CaaSsew SB tt- . ,-J. . . aafcaw'ajA0XXa

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