The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1947
Page 7
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, MONDAY, SKWKMUHK 8, 1947 ]$],YTJIKVIU,K (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Hunters of Big African Game Glad to Get Back to America; Zambezi River Thrills Scribe Ky Virglnl-A Walton Brooks * Tin' Berrv 15. n rooks trio Ijade I ., farewell (V Kenya Colony, Hast w ?. w "' e '" lhe XJ "'°» ° r So""' Africa to spun Tanganyika and . AfnOT J°>' " Denied more like Clii- Northern Rhodesia eiiroute to Victoria Palls, In Southern Rhodesia. Tins js the honeymoon haven of Africa, just as it's lesser counterpart. Niagara Falls, is to the romantic North Americans. H is the sUjar.lic offspring of the Zambezi River as it rushes easterly from the 'Helgian Congo to the Indian Ocean in a 1.10D mile flow. A myriad of rainbow hues dance above the thunderous waters which gush into clouds of mist anil spray as the river clashes over » precipice 1.900 yavds wide into a rocky norge whose 50j feet exit, is 353 led beneath the river's surface. It is a most spectacular Mghl which attracts world tourists. The Kini;, Queen, and Princesses of p;ngiand paid hcmngc to this J^reat wonder in early April. We viewed the Queen's Royal Suite at our renowned Victoria Falls Hotel. Another memorable air view was made above the Kafue Flats in Northern Rhodesia where the rare Sil- itunga and Sable roam. Parts of the Zambesi Rivet have never l>cou explored for it is not navigable aloni; it's entire course and it's endless swamps are impenetrable in vast, areas. Scientists have observed animals in these .swamps which are identical with the pre-historic dyno- saur and broifjDsumt. 1 ;, hitherto I'ciievcd to have, become extinct -several millions of years HBO. Thus proving that there is not only nothing new under there are tangible evidences of remaining pie-historic animals still roaming the earth undisturbed. It is ironical that your Safari Scribe should visit South Africa lor it is the one continent that her lather, the late Allan Walton of Blythcville, did not want her to i visit. In his early adventures he chanced to land in Capetown when he had planned to stow away on a boat heading for the Galveston Flood which occurred Sept. 8, 1900. '1'xie Koer's iwar wns in progress. This eager young American was vehement in his disapproval of the English for his loyal ancestors had just, linished fighting for their freedom in the war of 1812 and the American Revolution. For -sneakinsj out of turn rie was slvai^htv. ay put in the guard house for a cooling off period until the nest ship for England could take him from the South .African shores which he had crashed £0 recently. This was the only country in his world travels that he did not long to return nor did it endear him for to the English. Johannesburg Is affectionately called Jo-burg. It has the vibrant tempo and progressive rush of an American city. We kept lorsHting American built cars that insisted on driving on the wrong side. It was our privilege to enjoy he hospitality of friends of Iva and Perry Joy who refrigerated South Africa. Wo were entertained at the Transvaal Automobile Club. Country club and the Baragwanath Flying Club of private niteiaft owners. August 18, at 0 a.m. we boarded the Constellation, -not Spur" 'outward bound for America. We were treated like children on probation with no service. Our first meal was served after we had been aloft hours. The air conditioning on the ;>ressureiz;d plane did not work and we were sealed in uncomfortably hot. flying at comparatively low spr-ed and altitude. We flew 0,433 miles in 40-1 2 hours lapsed time with stops in Leopold- villc, Belgian Congo, (below the Equator) Accra, Gold Coast. Dak French West, Africa. Lisbon. Portugal. Santa Maria. Azores. Boston Mass., and New York City. The most outstanding exiwricnc'c of the flight occurred at midnight when we were passing thru a terrific electrical storm on the Atlantic coast Hearing Dakar. Suddenly the plane dropped from beneath as we were caught in the fury of the storm clouds pittins man made motors against the might and force.' of nature. When the worst wa. 1 over the ship's captain invited me . the sun but also I to tomc into the plane's cockpit to PAGE SEVEN Ruark Meets Inspecto^General Of lliv world's Krcnlcst Spoilsmen. Jimmic Sicwuri liml us lit sllt- chcs with Ills luU'nivoUitloti ot "HiUTi-y." We shopped on Fifth Avenue. Owlon Uulloek of B. o. A. C. flew down from Toronto, Ciuuuia lo welcome us lioine. The Pcrclvul Uieks. (B«sl Travel Agnus III the world) and Eddie Unities and Homer Orvls mm!* our stuy most ciijoynblc. Wo dined mill ilnnci-d UJXMI the Slur- light Hoof will) uiisscll AHketi, frt- mous C.Temisl, Artist, Writer. Bpoitsmim mid one of New York's most eligible burtielors. He Im.s lilt, sl.Urilo iipnrlnivnl tastefully filled wftli hire treasures collected on world travels. He plmis to make i\ safari lo Kenya Colony in November w(th Virfilnln's White Elephant Hunter. Frnnlc Uowmnn. Whnl excitement lo tx> both \vl(c and mother of elciihant sluyersl Even Ilioueh on [• arrival In Memphis wns once iKisiponed and [our hours lute, when wu did reiich our dcslliiiuion, u Icfilon ot loynl family niul friends hnd wiilted through ruin and darkne.w lo (-reel 1IR royally, 'i'heru were more pictures ami Interviews before lulummg homn niter n 4-112 months* absence. My mother, Mrs. Allan Wiilton, liiul supervised my mulct Jessie's initllUK the homo In order for our home j eomhij!. The only sorrow to blight om 1 safe return was the absence of III- llo "lloUei!", our 14-1 'I year old J'oincrnnrnn who pusseil on lo Don llonven May 30 while we wire nxvuy. Everyone nn.ssed her welcoming yips of Joy unrestrnlned. Stic wns older than our Virginia. In an hour's time it. was a.s II we hud never been away. Fort Smith Man Named To Accountancy Board LITTLE HOCK, Ark., Sept. 8. IU1') — Clov. lii-ii Lnnuy yD.ilcrday iiplKilnted J. Douglas Waiter, Jr., of Port Smith to the Hoard of Ac_ eounlmu'.y for a lhrce-yei\r term, 1 Walker succeeds Widler V. Tliels of t'lne liliiir. Uobcrl C. Huark. left. S^ripps-ltownid rolmntilst' whose reports resuHeil in an inve.stii;alloii into 1,1. (.leueiiil Julin C. II. Lee's McrliLm-iiiieim eomm ml, is lucelrd )>y Major Ucncriil Ira T. Wyclie, Hie War Department' Inspector OeiicnU, when lie anivcd sit Livtrnc lUily. Kuiirk Tclep oto ICi'.l ir.fitlof.ctl by (ioneiiil Wyclie for more ifiactio- Roire-Nt'w York by Julius lliiini, Aunt-NBA -Stall Of TfTL€ 'REAL ESTATE-: | LOANS TERRY ABSTRACTS REALTY CO.' ZIJW. WALNUT JT. PHONE Z38I BLYTHEVILLE ARK. better view the f'rcworrks as OIL static pluyecl over the wing, mo tors and fuselage of the might} Constellation. The invitation \vas not one often extended so I accepted despite my lack of admiration for lightning at any time, much less when flying thru the other. IL \\-as a long time? between beds for \vc did not retire from .Saturday night until 9 a.m. Wednesday when we reached our luxurious suite it- the fabulous <Wiir.tiorf-Astoria i» New York City. Never was a coin- tollable bed more appreciated. We did not try to pay ourselves back the lost sleep and C hours rest was sufficient. Every American citizen should be required to visit on foreign country in order to fully appreciate his native land of boundless opportunities. One of our first •'musts" was to order food nt a drug .store counter where we indulged in our first hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream sodas and sundaes in four months. To celebrate our rciurn to our native land we gave a reception at the Waldorf where our friends could see -Berry's superb photographs of African "Wild Life. Soon our sui'e was knee deep in reporters, photo- -i graph'crs, and flashlight bulks' as news of our African Safari spread throughout Manhattan. Pictures Of Virginia, our youthful heroine huntress, and her father, a renowned sportsman, were making headlines on front pages all over the nation. Long distance messages came thru from fi*iends in San Francisco, Canada and throughout the U. S., welcoming us home with hearty congratulations. Every one seemed relieved that we had had a .safe journey extending more than the distance encircling the globe. There was aii avalanche of offers. requests and propositions, for youn^ Virginia. She wanlcd to come to go .swimming with her friends, j "We the People" induced her to stay over for their broadcast and stand| by with script ready to go on in case the slated program failed to come thru. She met Wallace Beery who shared our taxi bach to the Waldorf. She acquired a bevy of big name autographs which compensated for the delayed trip back South. ^ Dr. and Mi.s. .lamr; U Clark, who plan lo return lo Nairobj in O^-iober on an expedition loi the Museum i'l Natural Jlisicry. hud us for th-J weekend at their cabin aL Camn- tire Club, the exclusive rcmlcvouu SCHENLEY LMDS IN AMERICA'S FAVOR Swwj> Morning Flavor is the mason S'JNNY far pfe. o sure, Schcnfcy Scafs ffic band, that Su/inv Morning ffaror's grand t SCHENLEY A S(l>fnl*i Mart of Merit ProJaCl RESERVE _ What's In A Number? o CN O (N O CM K) There's a lot in a number wliun it brinK* ^^ you Mm type of instant auto sorviuo Unit •""• \vo .specialise in. Ucmcmber it when you """* hiivc car trouble :uxl you'll bo, ulad yon J » did. Wilson Auto Service, gives yon lhe 1^* prompt attention you nicrly hopu for else;- ^^ \vlicre! __rf PHARIS TIRES £ NEOPRENE TUBES 2 STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS — • 5 Wilson Auto Service 2: 2nd of Ash Streets New Numbers 4474 and 4475 But Same Reliable Service For Work Done Right CALL // NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners 220 North 2nd Street Modern Breakfast Suite f> piece while ejuimel Hiiilo wild rod Icnlhcicllc uj>- liolKlerec! chairs. A fini- suile, sturdily hnill lo give maximum weiir fur llii.s minimum price. Thi.s i.s definitely the suilc for ecunomy-jiiimicri housewives. $29.95 OIL STOVES ELECTRIC STOVES Closcout Price •1 and r> burner oil stoves by nationally) known manufacturers. They're in limited <|UHnti(y, but unlimited finality. Sec our Apl. si/.c ;uul full si/.t electric stoves now on dis- [ play. Tf you've wailed and wanted . . . now's your ichance! Kitchen Size Linoleum Beautiful 6x9 Rug in very attractive patterns. Supply is limited — Hurry! only $2.95 ICE Refrigerators $49.95 Are You Planning to Move? Wo offer you thin piece of equipment designed for siifo transportation in all types of weather. Ample Kiiriiilure puds! juul other equipment, to insure safe handliii};. 24-Hour Service on Notice BOTTOMS UPJ It's limr Id B ,-i u, ;l i FHH Kurd- rolm mil utiii jirrpurc yourself fur the future. Check your nlmcs; lirliiR them In for new soles or liccls, cleaiilm: nr ilycinj;. HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop For Electric Work Coll 2397 < BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation BOO N. Fifth St. lilyllnville, Ark. Plumbing For Sale Hath lulls, Closets, [.avalorics, 00" inch all-metal'Aufd- Iti-sisliuj; Ca'-inct Sinks with douhle drain hoard. AHl«mulli: Oil iind Kliicti-ic Wattir Mentors. Also Septic Tanks. All I'ipc & FitlhiKs necessary to iiistall your coinpSelL' l>iilliroiiin. • v Osburn's Plumbing & Heating 1920 West Main St. Phone 875, Always Remember . . 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