The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 1017 t rilATtiEVILIJ5 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS itate Week-end leath Toll Up Two Killed and Four Htm When Truclc And Train Collide Variety of Styles and Sizes Marks 25 Years of 'Miss America' yos- (By United Press) Tlie deatli ol two children in Irani-truck crash at Prescoti li'rday brought Arkansas' a::..... |al deaih loll (or the week-end lo A Hunt child died of barns, lud a young Hconcville woman was ' victim of a fall !rom a truck. Killid in tl;e Prescott accident David York. 1), and his bfo- Jamos. 5. They died when a nuk driven by their father, Lester l »'ork, was struck by a Missouri Pa- i'lt passenger train. Mrs. York and three other chil- ren were Injured. Velma McGee, nine - year - old itiT ol Mr. anrt Mrs. Preston •I'/Oe.i of near Mrnn. died in a Lit• Hock hospital Saturday night of j'Urns. She \va.s injured when struck Jjy p. can of naming gasoline thrown Jrom a tind; last tiumlh. Tlic buvn- |»B fuel was hurled by her uncle lifter it ignited while lie was usiiif; to prime the truck motor. Funeral .services will bo held Lo- JOw ai Uooncvillc for Oveline IVrnqlielcl, 2j-year-o)d daughter 11 Mr. and Mrs. Willie Wiuglicld. l-hri died in a Hooncviile hospital liter she was run over by a truck falurday morning. The young wo- |ian fell from the front fender of truck "driven by u iriend, Barbara |)ean Barboul. n Meanwhile, two Arkansas men died li out-of-state accidc-nLs. Hilton llonre Lynes, 14. of Hens-ley. Ark., |-as killed instantly when the motor Icootcr he was riding in Memphis las struck by an automobile yester- |ay. He was visiting a brother. 'And at Panama City. Pla:. Robert Konneekcr, 33-year-old ' Navy ii from Pine Bluff, was killed i an automobile accident Katur- •'}' night. I State Gets Over ten I Million in Gas Taxes MTn.K KOCK. Ark., Sept; 8. (UP) — The stale of Arkansas collected taxes on 104,901,1178 ijal- ons of gnsollne liuiing the llrsc x months of 1047, the StiUe lllgh- •« y Deparlmeiit said yesterday. Of his amount, isoiVuOOO pilous er t , taxed nt the regular rate of l ,L- cents a gallon. MARGARET GORMAN D. C.—1921 K THERINE CAMPBELL Ohio—1'122-3 NORM A SMALLWOOD Okla.—1928 ROSE COYI.E Peiiua.—193S The average American beauty is taller (hail she was two decades aRt. if the annual "Miss America" contest is any yardstick. Also, she wears!) n more allurintj bathing suit. These typical ciue'eiis, Includini; Hie first "Miss America," Margaret Gorman, was joined by still another wlien 1547 winner was selected at Atlam'ic City Sept. 0. ' FRANCES BURKE enna.—194* . BESS MYCRSON N. Y.—1945 MARILYN BUFEKD Calif.—1946 Father, Son Die in Crash MEMPHIS, Sept. 8. <UP>—Father and son will IK buried today. Houston T. Taylor. 58. and his 27-year-old son, Herman, were killed Saturday when their converted Army training plane crashed near Bolivar, Tenn. Oh Boy! Red's Coming Back to Totfri TFie tilings ynii now clioosc toqc.i]irr me tlic things you will always cheTish most! ...Granites worthy to rccortl a \\ i ortliy name . . . you i name! Jno. C. MeHanev & Sons "Your Monument- Men' Wytheville, Ark. War Souvenir Explodes; Six Children Injured HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Sept. 8.— (UP)—Six children were injured, Lwo xedous'.y when u- 37-millimeU'r shell with which they we're playiny exploded near Hot Springs yesterday. The ocL-idcnt happened at the home of Mr. and Mr.s. Jnme.s Cox. Doy!e Cox, 15, was seriously injured' with I wo inchi 1 :; of bone being blown from his. right leg anil hi.s knee cup beitig shattered.. Others injured included -William Cox, 1, shrapnel wounds in hi.s right ear, head, abdomen and right les; Charles Rooney. 13. shvupnet wounds both leg. 1 : tnul shock; Wendell Huoney, 7, JLiceritU'il thigh; Lola Leon Cox, U, shrapnel wounds in Leon Cox, U ,siirapnel wounds in his left leg. Hospital attendants said amputation ol Doyle Cox'.s leg mny be nec- e-ssary. Deputy Sheriff George McQuire .said Ihe explosion happened when Dayle dropj>ed the shell while showing it to the other children, lie said .the shell was brou»iit to the) Cox home- by Dora Jean ;Wi!s6n'\vho.^ inther'hacl obtained a n-dM p titi te* U. S. Air Seek Jet Planes Oh Longer Range WASHINGTON. Sept, 8. (UP) — Top aviation sclentlsLs are wrestling with the (lllMcult in'oblem of gettiny more cl'fecllvo range out of America's Jet-projiclled military ilanes. The Jets are fast but they won't ;o far without refueling — n se- 'ious matter for an nlr force rely- ng heavily on the concept of loni;- "ange stralcyic bombing? and coti- ceritratiiig most of its power In his country. The National Advisory Committee 'or Aeronautics revealed that Its esemchcrs are giving priority attention lo meaixs of incrcashiE;. rouge by reducing- drag, or resist- .mcc, of planes at lilgb speeds. Tliere are at. present four American jet bombers of which there is public knowledge. They are the 1J-45 which Is In production anil the experimental 3CD-4(i. XB-41 and XB-48. The Air Foice says their tactical radius is more than TOO miles, speed more than 480 mph and bomb load more than 10 oiis. None of these bombers therefore appears to have much more than half the range of a B-29 super- fort although they arc twice as fast TTnti carry as much bomb load. Read Courier News Want Ads. FARM LOANS At Lowest TJatf honj; Term Quick Service A. F. Dietrich United Insurance Agency KKi'S. 1st. St. Ingram Hld.i? jNovo/ Pci-sofinel Sought ] For Duty in Memphis I i Openings tor ar. Naval personnel ] in eerlain raliiiKS lor .slationki'e duty at tlic Mninpliis Naval Air £latlon vvinn alliiijuiUM'd today Llic coniinnnditii; ollicci 1 of the All Sluliim. Vclerar.s ol lla 1 Anny, Air Forces Navy and Marines oHniblc lo the rallnys. lie said, anil non-vel- rl'ans bf;l\vi'eu Ihe ayc.s of 17 ant 40 will bo acc'cpU'd also. Ex-serviren».-n who held tliln •Anns petty odiccr r.itln(;s, technicians, phannaelsts-iiiate. 1 ; or si-eoni class ratings as electronic technicians are particularly wauled a the Naval Air Slallon for interview lie said. 'Men accepted [or this duty wi! lie unsigned to tlu 1 . Memphis .sLulloi for active duty as a part of Ihe Na val Air'rvc program. Rend Courier News Waul Ads. IF STOMACH BALKS DIE TO CIAS AND BLOAT Help Get Food Digested to Relievo Yourself of This Nervous Distress 1>6 you f««I *U p\if[«d-up mil mts*r*tjlr *ftrr fV*t-> nieti; taste §our, hitter food? If no. hern (s huw you ni»y get. tilmcd rrlirf In helping yoyr stomach do Uir Job—it MiovlU He UyliiK—In (he illm'*- tlOll Of U./0<X!. Kvi'rylkni« food tntrra the atoipuch * vluk KT»Miie lulte HniatrtovJ nv«»Mt»y to jrmk'iip cf rtn^i fiKKl purtlcl*a; <-)HL-ilif ooit may ftrmerit, Kyvir food, ncitl ItiUl- vat I on And K«R fr*<iu#ntly c»me M inor- jkl, touclty. fr«tfu). ite^vlsh. nervoui MHulUIon, 10*9 of Ki>|i?tll«, \nitlerw«lylit, ri-ntlru aleti). WfrtUiif»a, To Ket ri-nl rf|)ff you nuiat lncre>»e the DOW of ttll« v\l*\ tfKKtrlc julct. Medl- tt*l *uthorUl««, \\\ iinl.evituvUn.t t»Mora- tory ti'.iis on lunnKii ttioinuclirt, liuvc liy lioalllvu proof shown tlmt HHil Tonic Is uinu/.lsiKly efTectlve hi lucreunhit* thlM (low wlu'ii it, Is 190 l)tt)e or BcmHi' thi« to n non-artCBiilc ptuiTiHch dli.turlji\tiCL>. Tliit )s ihii} to Oiv H^H Tonic roinUllu wJilclrconUinii jipcul^l HIU! putcut &ctl- vntlnn iiigrntleiitB. . Also, ays Tonic Uflin buiut-ui> nou- orRMiilc, v-'tdk, Wfttery btooil In imirl- Uon»l muni*—si> with H'KVK>L( flow of thin Kvntrlc iligijultTP Juice, jiUis rich red- blouu you should cat bcttt'r, *)ttp iH'lUt, It'rl brtler, work hrttpr. pity Vjetlrr. Avoid ;mnlsUlnic youriell with ovcr- tloaea'of eodi, tnj other »1kK]l^i'ra to count em ct um BUI] uloathijc wlu'U whut yoi\ HO tlrariy nei'd In K9S Tonic to help yon dlyeat foixl for body atreti^li anil repmlr. Dou'L wait) Join thf hOAt, 1 ot tmiipr people SSB Tonic lius helped. MllUoriB of bouica Bold. a*t » ijbttie.ol aaS TouU from your UriiR itort today, aSH TonLu help* BuLtd tlturd} Itcklth. MONEY FOB MATBDfOMt tt Milestones call for When you're getting or expecting a new addition to the family, get the money quickly from G. C. P. C. PHONE 2121 122 W. AIM ST. •LTTKCVitU Former Prisoners of Japs Plan Meeting in Memphis MEMPHIS. Tclliv. Sept. 8. (UP) — A nationwide meeting of prisoners at Ju)>nii will be hclil licrc Oct. 11. it was announced today. Lt. Bert C. Puller. nUuchcd to the Nnval Air Stalion Here, who announced plans for the meeltnK, snid nt least 500 former Jap Captives wilt attend. ITc also announced that Lt. Gen. Jonathan W. WaimvrigM, most famous Jap prisoner of war, was Ijcinp; sought as principal speaker. Pullman Fare Increases Given Approval by ICC WASHINGTON. Sept. a. (UP) — Railroad passengers fuce a $13,- CCO.OOO-a-yeav Increase in Ihe cost of Pullman sleeping car accommodations. The Interstatu Cominercn Commission has yninlcil the Pullman Company special pcrmlsslnn lo In- creaso various slcepL'r rales by" trom one lo .|U.:i per cent on 20 days' notice. The increases are expected to | yield $i:i.OOO,fl(>D in additional annual revenues. Read Courier News Want Ads State Receives $4,809 For Confiscated Liquor UTI'LE ROCK. Ark.. .Sept. 8. (UP) —The State Revenue Department, yesterday announced the sale of (10 cases on confiscated whiskey to Barrett Hamilton, Inc.. a Little Hock v,'holcsale liquor dealer. The stale received $4,1)09 for >h- liquor which was a part of :|11 r.n.sps taken last November al Lake Village because it was unstamped in interstate shipment. Revenue Commissioner otho A. cook says Ihc .state si ill ha.s 100 cases lur sale which should bring in $10,(H)0. >r»n»r»r*~*i»"*~*z*"*n«"^*"»z*n*"*-^*~^*n*~#'>!r*"+"*"* ; .>"*..»;>"».:»;>'>]>;>"«->"*.--.-._-....... ____' ' •"• PROFIT By Reading the Classified Ads Every Day! Ill PROFIT ) : V> 5 By Advertising In The Classified Columns When Yon Want To Buy or Sell Ads Placed by 10 a.m. Will Appear Same Day All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance Phone 4461 Blylheville Courier News Treat Your Car to Skilled SERVICE 1 :»: ^^^ Expert Nash service is now available for nil make cars. This means that your car—no matter what make it may be—can now receive the benefit of the experience of our skilled mechanics who work with the latest tools and equipment to give fnst, efficient service on all jobs. Make it a habit to treat your car to the best in service-skilled Nash Service. SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 119 W. Ash Phone 4438 F.nioy our delicious, select, well- cooked fobils , . . swiflly. courteously served! Kveryllnin you dine out Ircal yourself ID maximum pU-usiire at inliiitnuin prices! JOHNS GAFE «!> Wrst Main SI. I'limir 'Wftfl REMOVAL moved our office In UK; SOUTH' [.'inst STR'KKT .liisl nff Milin, Hiielt of City tinty Slo'rc IN THE INGRAM BUILDING On (}]<> Oroiiiul Ploor United Insurance Agehey doini' Soo Us In Our Now l.odiliou \Vo Insure Kvofylhinj; ;niil Miiri't'y DIRT FOR SALE & Phone 517 FARM Home Office, Newark, N. J. • ' LONG TERM PROMPT CLOStNO' LOW <:M.I., WHITE OK srt RAY WORTHINGTON I in S. Tlilnl HI.. Blythfvlllt, Ark. -Scrvlne This S.-cliun M Vrars A nlliarlii'il iVnrluo** Loan SoMcltttr lor T11K J'KIIUI-N I IAI. 1NSHKANCK AMERICA' • WEDDING PICTURES Capture the rapture of your wedding day forever with perfectly wrought pictures. • CHILDREN'S PICTURES Have their pictures made in the familiar surroundings of their own home . . . by appointment only • BUSINESS BUILDINGS Record your business changes with accurate interior and exterior photographs. Livestock Photography PHONE461--ASK FOR MRS. OENKMG The Courier News Co.

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