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Pottsville Republican from Pottsville, Pennsylvania • 6

Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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pottsville, -pa evening republican, Saturday, January issa PAGE SIX ANNIVERSARIES MEETINGS GCIAL LICAN P6 PARTIES ENTERTAINMENTS WILL OBSERVE HER NeV Officers Of The Ladies Of The G.A.R. Take Chairs 80TH. BIRTHDAY ANNIV. ON MONDAY Mrs. Catherine Schowers Is Life Long Resident Of This City i Mrs.

Catherine Schowers. who will be 80 yean old on Monday. Jan. 10. was born in this city, a daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Enoa Glaser, of the East Side. She was the oldest child of a well known family. She resides with her daughter. Mrs.

Cecelia Smith, 74 Water street i I If 5 ii US II Ik i f. it Mrs. Dollie Herb Is President of The Circle: Mrs. Kinzey Had Charge Installation of offi.cew wu held Friday evening in Malta Hall by Gowen Circle No.t 120, Ladles of the G. A.

IU with Mrs, H. Kinzey. the installation The- following were installed: Mrs. Dollie Herb; Senior Vice Mrs. Theresa Schertin-zer; Jr Vice Mrs.

M-Stratton; Chaplain, I Mrs. Carrie Seltzer; Patriotic Instructor, Mrs. Ethel Bigler; Mrs. Bosalin Kinzey; Conductor, Mrs. Annie Simmons; Guard, Theresa Higgins; Musician, Mrs.

Margaret Bense-man; Registrar, Mrsv. Agnes Hoffman; Treas Mrs. Bessie Moore, Pro Tern. A business meeting was held prior to the installation, and Mrs. Carrie Seltzer, in behalf of Gowen Circle, presented Mrs.

Elizabeth Rae, outgoing president, with a beautiful pin. Following the meeting refreshments were served by Mrs. Dollie Herb and Mrs. Rosalin Kinzey. Those present in addition to the officer were: Mrs.

E. B. Wright, Mrs. H. Kenny, Miss Anna Watson, Miss Annie Trough, this city; Mrs.

Margaret Gaughan and Mrs Florence Fielding, St. Clair. The prize for the evening was won by Mrs. Agnes Hoffman. Jalappa, and is a member of the Mary Queen of Peace Church.

Her other children are: Joseph, at home; of Yorkville; Mary, of John Vogelgesang. of Savory Street Palo Alto: Paul Schowers, of Reading; Verna, wife of James Fitz pa trick, of W. Norwegian street; Leo Schowers, of Sch. Haven. There are 21.

grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. She has four sisters, and two brothers, Mrs. Mary Reddinger. Mrs. Elizabeth Armbruster.

Mrs. Frances Schneider, and Mrs. Rudolph Barth, of Pierce stret Joseph and John Glaser. 1 JUST TRY A TRIP TRAY-ING if you want to Join in a new -sit-down sport that's ail to" rtje ill toe mountains at KearsaVge. N.

B. Jean Flanders (left) and Virginia Fits say that sliding on a tray is one sure way of avoiding a not-co-soft landing. Sustains Gaah la Fall Local police had a call trom Centre and E. Market St, last evening saying that a man had been injured. On investigation they found that Wilbur James, of 540 S.

Norwegian St. had fallen while coming out of a restaurant on E. Market St and sustained a bad gash over the eye. TOWER CITY GIRL AND WILKES BARRE MAN TO WED NO FAILURE WITH FOILS is Maria Crrr Hunter college, whose defeated opponent In recent rompmiion Elisabeth Ortukin of Brooklyn collere. POLLY POTTS SAYS (2 u.9 Miss Mae Sterner Honors Miss Elizabeth Christ Ceremony Will Take Place In-Tower City Saturday Afternoon The marriage of Miss Margaret A.

Snesavage, daughter of Mrs. Mary Snesavage, of Tower City, and Anthony J. Podsadlik, son of Mrs. Miss Mae Sterner, of Schuylkill Haven, was hostess at her residence, We Can't Get A Word In Edgewise Friday evening, when she entertained in honor of Miss Elizabeth Christ, organist of St. Ambrose Church.

Games were enjoyed, with prizes awarded, and during the evening. Francis Sterner, choirmaster, spoke of the splendid work accomplished Celia Podsadlik. of Wilkes-Barre, will take place Saturday afternoon at Tower City. GRAPE colored cotton is this casual evening gown seen at the Miami Biltmore Fashion show in New York. White pique oat-lines bodice and jacket collar.

The service will be read at four by Miss Christ, and presented her an Catholic Church by the pastor. Rev. with a bouquet of roses and carna "Sorry She's reading Garret Murphy. The bride will be attended by Miss Antoinette Veleska, of Wico-nisco, and the bridegroom's best man will be, Bernard Shulanski, of Wilkes-Barre. tions.

A luncheon was served, and the guests, members of the choir present were: Mrs. Emma Sterner, Miss Peggy Kehoe, Miss Mary Crevin, Miss Margaret Sattizahn, Miss Mar story in either the Pottsville ".5 nr Srhuvllcill fNfu- I)f "What's the matter with Geta Larbo? She's holding up the greatest picture of the year and keeping all these extras idle." The bride will wear a baby blue garet Maile, Miss ary Dal ton, iss Margaret McKeone, Miss Cathryn satin frock made on Princess lines with a wide beaded band at the Crevin, Francis Sterner, Bob Sterner and the guest of honor, Miss Elizabeth Christ waistline. Her bridal dress was made by her mother and it has elbow length, shirred slevees, and her finger tip length falling from a beaded Juliet cap. Blue satin i YOUR DATE BOOK MONDAY, JANUARY 10, MEETING Garfield P. T.

MEETING Lions Club. MEETING Young Married Women's Club. MEETING Mothers' Service Club. ADD WED. JAN.

12 KOFFEE KLOTCH Sponsored by the Oheb Zedeck Sisterhood. TUESDAY, JANUARY 11 MEETING Kiwanis Club. PREACHING SERVICE Methodist Church. Rev. Jos.

Fort Newton. speaker. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12 INAUGURAL BALL Kiwanis Club. MEETING Rotarv Club THURSDAY, JANUARY 13 ANNUAL CARD PARTY And dance, St. Joseph's Parish.

ANNUAL BANQUET Trin. Luth. slippers and blue mitts completed her cosutme. The briedsmaid will wear a Royal bluetransparent velvet gown made on princess liens with a slight train. It is shirred at the waistline and the skirt is very full.

The sleeves are puffed; Silver slippers will be worn and on her hair she will have a tiara with gardenias and from this a silver ribbon will fall down the back. As the bridal party enters the It hardly seems possible that the Christmas rush is over, and we are now more or less settling down to normal living. This may seem true for some, but to others the social whirl of the winter season still goes on. For instance, the Kiwanis Inaugural Ball takes place this coming Wednesday evening, and then, of course, the wedding of Jane Bazley aad Clyde Gordon takes place a week from tonight, and there will be a number of re-wedding parties for the bridal party. In the rush of activities during the past week or so, we neglected to tell you of outstanding decorations and cards, in which we feel you will be interested.

The Christmas decorations this year were prettier than ever. Persons also went to a great deal of trouble in decorating the interior of their homes. One house that looked particularly lovely was the Ro-ert Gable home. Upon entering, one was greeted by a large spray of silver leaves and red bells, gayly lighted, and they had an ever so attractive manner of displaying their Christmas cards, for over the bookcase, with a silver standard, reading "Merry was a large spray of silver leaves, and about this were arranged their many cards. Speaking of cards, werent they attractive this year? One of the cunningest ones we received was from the Dick Macks.

They chose a colored picture of their small daughter, Shirley, asleep and leaning against her collie. Painted on the card was a chimney and Santa arriving with his- reindeer. The inscription was A Merry Christmas from Florence, Dick and Shirley Mack. The George R. Brights also sent an unusual one.

The inscription read, George, Loretto and Lorette wish you a Merry Christmas. Here on the front flap was an etching of a man and a woman, both looking at a baby who was celebrating her first Christmas, looking at a tree with one lighted candle on it. On the inside page was a fireplace, on which hung three stockings, of various sizes, with a note in it saying, A Happy New Year. Mollie Cullum, of Greenfields, near Reading, sent a photograph of Riveredge Farms, her home, and a gay Santa CI a us dressed in red felt and with a Installed OJficers Of Veterans Auxiliary Sons of Union Veterans Auxiliary No. 223, held installation of officers after which a covered dish supper was served and enjoyed.

Those taking the chairs were President Miss Mary Loiseau; Vice President. Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes; Guide, Georgia Wentz: assistant guide, Mrs. Kingsbury; first centre guard, Mrs. Bessie Honicker; second centre guard, Mrs.

Elizabeth Yaissle; instructor, Mrs. Theresa Higgins; chaplain, Mrs. Elizabeth Donkin; treasurer, Mrs. Clara Bergman; secretary, Mrs. long white cotton beard, brought greetings from the Edward Fox of Natalie.

Ted Luther, whose pet hobby is hunting dogs, sent an etching of a hunt and the Robert Gables sent cards from themselves and their sons, William and Job, Jr. These cards were designed, drawn and colored by Bob, and were very lovely and Christmassy with three lighted candles. Very Frenchy cards came from the Frederick Krolls from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, wishing one a Joyous Noel. Cunning greetings came from Arline Boone, who each year has her brother Ransloe, who is ever so adept in that sort of thing, design them. A green0 card with a red stocking etched on it holding a rag doll and all sorts of interesting presents, brought greetings from Arline.

Her brother, Ransloe and his wife, Ruth, of Camden, also sent attractive cards with a man and a girl standing outside their home, wishing all a Merry Christmas. These were also drawn by Ransloe. Did you -happen to see the cunning house, used for a table decoration over the holiday season in the William Wells home on Mahantongo Well, it was too adorable for words, and even though Mrs. Wells, who is so clever in making, and arrangiag things, helped her, a great deal of it was made by her daughter, Peggy. The house was made from lump sugar and entirely covered with icing.

Almonds, making a walk, lead to the house, and cunning green mints in the shape of trees, decorated the garden. A gum drop was used as the front gate, and a striped candy cane as the chimney. Gumdrops also formed the doorways. It was so cleverly done that one would have thought a confectioner, who had been at the job for years, had fashioned it We understand another lovely inside Christmas decoration was the one in the Clye Wit-man home on Fleet St Several undred lights were used on the tree, and the yard was one to be long remembered. There was a wonderful waterfall, too, soldiers marched in parade.

One saw the stable at Bethlehem, with the animals and three Wise Men. and the star aver the stable. The tree yard took up most of the room, and took many hours of preparation. SECTOR church, the bride will carry a shower of calla lilies and the bridesmaid a white prayer book and following the ceremony, they will exchange. Miss Priscilla Maher, of Tower City, will play the wedding processional and recessional.

Folowing the ceremony, a reception will be held at the home of the bride's mother after which the couple will leave for California. Knowles; pianist, Mrs. Bensinger, Mrs. Clara Bergman, was the installing officer. Mrs.

Kearns, of Mt Carmel, was a visitor, to the Camp at their meeting. S. S. Teachers Assoc. MEETING Temple U.

Alumni. Mrs. Harold Hyer Was Hostess at "Hobo Party Mrs. Harold Dyer of South Jackson St. entertained the members of her card dub and their husbands at a "Hobo Party" at her home Friday evening.

The guests were attired in old tattered clothes. A sauer kraut supper was served. Bingo was played and amusing prizes Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Chas.

Walton, Mr. and Mrs Rudolph Brokhoff, Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Cook-son. Mr.

and Mrs. Karl Burkhart. Mr. and Mrs. Wm.

Yost, Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Albertson and Mr.

and Mrs. Al Stroup and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dyer. Mrs.

Robert Johnson Was Hostess at Cards Upon their return they will make their home in an apartment In Wilkes-Barre. TO SPONSOR SUPP.ER Soc 1 line Mrs. M. Bergstein and Mrs. I.

Lin er will be hostesses at a supper and You, who are the daily readers of the "Evening Republican" and "Schuylkill (New Deal) Reporter' I'm sure, must have enjoyed reading the thrilling serials printed in these papers and gotten much amusement from them. Perhaps you remember reading "Double Weddinir," "Too Many Fiancees," "Divorcee's Daughter," "Office in-derella," "Demons Decoy," "Fugitive Bride," "Million Dollar Bachelor," and many others in the "Schuylkill New Deal) Reporter," and, "The World with a Fence' TW Company," "Escape If You Can," "Wings For Sally' "Mur- evening of games to be held at the Community Centre tomorrow evening, under the auspices of the Senior Hadassah. Mrs. Robert Johnson, of 14th and West Market Street entertained the card club of which she is a mem-bre at her home. The high score prize was won by, Mrs.

Stewart Seltzer, while Mrs. Wm. Speacht was awarded the consolation. Refreshments were served. Her guests were Mrs.

Harold Dyer, Mrs. Burton Stanton, Miss Margaret Schick, Miss Margaret Seltzer, Mrs. J. Allen Kaiser, Mrs. William Speacht, Mrs.

Stewart Seltzer and Mrs. Wilbur J. Messersmith. New York Girl To Wed Shaft Man NEW YORK, Jan. 8 William Volovar, a native of Shaft and the der On The Bluff," "Flame Trail," in the "Evening RcpuMi- Mrs.

G. Nevin Bretz l. Entertains 500 Club Mrs. G. Nevin Bretz, of Second St, entertained the members of her 500 club at her home, and at the close of the games, prizes were awarded to Mrs.

Ed. Pacenta and Mrs. Chas. Brown, Refreshments were served from a table arranged in rainbow colors. The centrepiece was a bowl of mixed cut flowers.

Those present were: Mrs. Chas. Roberts, Mrs. Claude Bachman-, Mrs. Douglas Brown, Mrs.

Ralph Phillips, Miss Cora Witmer, Mrs. Edw. Pacenta. Mrs. Chas.

Brown and Mrs. G. Nevin Bretz. Miss Mary Antonio Entertains Informally Miss Mary Antonio, of N. Eleventh street, entertained at her home.

Guests were Helen Williams, vey Kirk, Mrs. John Miller, Mrs. son of William and Mary Volvar, and Miss Olga Paulik, of 604, East 83rd street, this city, obtained a license to wed here Friday afternoon. The couple said they would be married here January 15 In St. Elizabeth's Church on East 83rd street.

Mr. Volovar resides here at 404 East 51st street Miss Paulik was born here, the daughter of Andrew and Theresa Waschlnazky Paulik. Program Planned For Pt Carbon Woman's Club N. Lentz, Mrs. Edwin Bader and Mrs.

George Mertz. Cassie Seiler, Eleanor Seller, Norma Messrs. Bill Higgins, Louis areola. Thomas Carrol, Jack Boyle, Gene Mrs. Albert Ulmer Was Hostess To Her Club OHara, Frank Tucci, Jack Malar-key, Jack Melusky, Harry Wildes.

Carl Tobin and Elmer Pflueger. SNAPSHOTS Mrs. Albert Ulmer of Minersville entertained her contract bridge club Mrs. Armbruster Was Hostess To 500 Club at her home. Those present were: Tallie Witcoski, Miss Mar Mrs.

Holdsworth Armbruster of E. Norwegian St. entertained her garet Kear, Miss Mary Giant Miss Margaret Jenkins, Mrs. Donald A delightful program has been planned for the meeting of the Port Carbon Women's Club, to be held Tuesday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. Harvey Kirk, of Jackson St, Port Carbon.

Representatives of various clubs throughout the region will be present and the program will include book reviews by Mrs. John Conrad and Mrs. John Minnich. Talking book demonstration will be given by Prof. Ray Seltzer and Miss Grace Cooper, graduate of the Over-brook School for the Blind, will talk on the school.

A musical program will also be given, with Mrs. Harry Wallace giving several vocal selections, and Miss Grace Cooper will play a number of piano selections. The hostesses will be: Mrs. Har- five hundred club at her home. Clark.

Mrs. Melvin Jenkins and Mrs. James Curran. Prizes were awarded for high scores can." You most surely must be enjoying the pictur -que characters of Nelda and Bill in "Dare To Dream" and Murder On Diamond Row" now appearing in the "Evening Republican." You too can get the full value out of your new'iaer by reading it in its entirety for it's complete News, Ad -r-tisements, Serial Stories, Pictures, Thrills and Smile-Compare its enjoyment and educational value with ther phases in your life. READ Pottsville Evening Republican AND and refreshments were served.

Those present Mrs Decatur BILL ROTH, night fire truck driver, roused from his slumbers by blowing Bull whistle, and donning full equipment to find 'twas only welcome to new year. MERLIN FISHER coming out of Centre St store carrying suspicious-looking package. ROY SMITH viewing, with satisfaction, reduction of mountain-high-piled express trucks of holiday season. CHARLIE BER-GER bidding city friends goodbye as he leaves to assume position at Vandergrift MRS. WM.

SMITH, of Mt Carmel, expressing regret Centre St decorations came down so soon. MRS. JOHN HARTSTETN enjoying prestige because of ability shown as hostess to guests. Moore, Miss Catherine Moore. Mrs.

Write Or Come In 5 For A FREE Booklet On A EMPIRE BEAUTY CULTURE COURSE At The State Licensed BEAUTY COLLEGE Herwood Hobbs, Mrs. Fred Dinstel, Miss Ann Conway, Mrs. Wm. Min nichbach and Miss Ann Murtha Billy Landy of Mahantoog St, is ill at his home. MHMMMinmnm Card Bunco Party Mrs.

Oliver B. Ksdttle. Mrs. 3. H.

Zerbey. this city; Mrs. Mel-vin Bamford. Sch. Haven; Mrs.

Frank HilL Orwigsburg. will leave Prepare For GREATER EARNINGS Monday Night, January 10th ST. JOSEPH'S HALL, GIRARD VILLE DOOR AWARD SSC.M NORM. DR0PKIN Admission 20c Sunday for New York, N. where State Licensed Teachers they will spend several days, and while there will attend a meeting of Federated Garden Clubs.

Players' Prises Breakfast Set, Pore Schuyldll (New Deal) Reporter uin xop Taoie ana fow caatrs. sptaet Desk. 3 Occasional Chain, Boudoir Chair. Kitchen Utility Cabinet, Kitchen Ctfllty Chairs. End Tables.

Occa Mr. and Mrs. Victor Money and their children, Betty and Victor, MONDAY DAN GREGORY Admission 40c Jr, Mahantongo St, witnessed the sional Tables. Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Boudoir Lamps. 3 32-piece seta of dishes, patch qnllt, blankets.

Spreads and many other beanUfol Mummer's Parade in Phila-, Satur and consider them as some of the essentials of your ime. 29 N. CENTRE STREET POTTS VILLE awards. GAMES START day, and will spend the remainder of the week end in Atlantic City. N.

J. I I I I 1 I I I I I I II II I I I I I II I.

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