The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1948 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1948
Page 4
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I PAGB TOUH BLTOIKVrLLB COUBH5R W5WS THI BLYTHEVILLK COURIER NEWS OOOIUXK mm oa •. W. KAINKB, Fuhlkhw JAIO* L. VERHOEFr, Editor PADL O. HUMAN, AdTirttdni •alt JUtfeetl AdwUdaf R«t>reient*tir«: Witmet Oo. M*v York, Chk»«o, Ottiott, Publkhrt Bvuy AfUrooon tacepl 8un<Uj Kitcnd u iecond claw matter at the po»t- offie* «t Blyttuvllk, Arkiniu, under act ot Con(rut. Oetobv I, 1117. Served by th§ United PreH SUBSCRIPTION RATES: •j curler in the city ot BlythevUlt or any •uburban town where carrier tervlc* I* maln- Uiced, JOc per week, or Me per month, By mall, within a radiiu of SO mllei, li.OO per year, »2.00 for sis montht, ll.oo lor three month*; by mall outside 50 mile ion*, 110.00 per year payable In advanot. Meditation 'I hire willed for thy ulvatlon, O I/ord.— G«M*fc 49:18. « * • None ihall be saved by Christ but those only »-ho work out their own salvation while Cod Is working in them by His truth and His Holy Spirit. We cannot do without God; and God will not, do without as.—Matthew Henry. Thut ullh the Lord of liosls, the God of Israel, Amend your ways and your dolnfn, and I mill i-auw you la dwell in (his place.—Jeremiah 7:3. • • » Repentance. A slave, a comfort, and a cordial; x He that hith her. the keys o/ heaven hath; This Is the »utde. this is the iwst, the path. —Drayton. Truman Wants Gap Closed Between Ideals, Practices "We believe that all men are created equal and they have tile right to . equal justice under law. "We believe that all men has the right to freedom of thought and expression and the right to worship as v they please. "We believe that all men are entitled to equal opportunities for jobs, for homes, for good health and for education. "We believe that all men should have a voice in their government and that government should protect, not usurp, the rights of -the people." Those words are from President Truman's message to Congress on civil rights. The message, goes on to ask for legislation that would safeguard those rights more fully than they are safeguarded now. It cannot be called a political message, since it only asks « specific application oi rights that are guaranteed implicitly by the Constitution. Yet the message is bound to create political opposition. It will come from persons, in and out of Congress, who pride themselves on their loyal Americanism and their reverence for the Constitution. Bui they will 1«, | lim i put to disprove Mr. Truman's contention that, while "our basic human freedoms are better cared for and more vigilantly defended than ever before" there is st in » a serious gap beiw ^ n our ideals and some of om- practices." That gap has existed since this republic was established. Mr. Truman said nothing ncw when he tcminAcA Congress that "not all group., of our Population are free from the f car O f violence. Not all groups are fr ce to live and work where they please NoL all groups enjoy the full privileges of citizenship alu , participation in the government under which they live." H is not surprising u u ,t tins' ,,„„ exists.. The ideals on which this government is founded are perhaps the S |f ,f an> ' nati0tl €Ve1 ' set f <>'' ' ? roU * hlhe W "me have UP l ° SIKi ' the - , *>rv, -,. born of ignorance and fear. and ft/""? 6 l ° bSnish i8m>rallce *nd fear from a nation of 140,000000 e. But that is no reason whv c iti 16 a beller law in combating bigotrv '' cation . a s ,ow and ' which Russia wi full honeity when, In a limited (sense, wt are guilty ot our own accusation. Tax Proposals Herald Political Show-Off Season A lot of breath and a lot of newsprint have been squandered on discussions of the. income tax cuts, proposed by President Truman and the House of Representatives. Both the breath and the paper miffht have been saved. Mr. Truman knows perfectly well thut tiie Republican Congress would never approve his cut of $40 across the board, with higher coronation taxes to make up the loss in revenue. The House knew equally well that its whopping reduction of $6,500,000,000 not only would be vetoed, but would surely b« trimmed down by the Senate. All of which means that the silly season is again upon u.s. From now until November, both parties will be mixing; serious business with antics to impress the voters. With opposite parties controlling the executive and legislative brandies of the government, we can expect the ancient, invariable election-year pattern to be repealed. Each party will try to outdo the other in promises. Aid and comfort will be offered to the farmers,, to organized labor, to the veterans, to big business and little business- Democrats and Republicans will put phantom Christmas trees loaded with higher wages, lower prices, bigger subsidies, lower taxes, more housing, easier credit, and other visionary sugar plums. Both parties will be frantically kidding themselves, and hoping they are kidding the public, too. And probably a segment of the public will be deceived, at (bat. But there is another .segment of the public that can see what would happen if the phantom Christmas trees were real. Their top-heavy load would tumble tliem over immediately, of course. So this other segment is going to be more interested in seeing what the two parties will work out when they buckle down to realities. Foremost among the realities is a budget. There will be a lot of sharp and bitter clashes before it fan be agreed on. Whatever the final agreement, the budget total is going to be a big one. When that total i.s known the logical time 'to consider lax cuts will be 'at hand. Kven then, present conditions will present some special problems. All of us, for obvious personal reasons, would welcome an income lax cut. Millions of Americans are having a truly desperate time to make ends meet. But what would happen to pricey with billions of extra dollars in circulation? What would happen is money given to the consumers were taken from corporations that otherwise might expand operations, increase production, and help bring supply and demand more nearly inlo balance? How much relief, and what kind, will ease the tax burden without increasing inflation? The two parties in Washington must answer those serious questions, once they have stopped standing on their beads to impress the voters. He's New Around Here, Isn't He? Georgia Congressman Learns Sentiment Can Be Expensive Sunday School Lesson plur.: John H:25-2fi; Act* B linii 31 ' Clli>( '» n * S: «'2« By Hllliam E. Oilroy, D. D, I<- Is one thine to have a rni-moi and intellectual ^Unclr'Sn- ftccept its tenel5 |n * «-ay. possibly to attend By Karmin W. Nlcholt United PTM* Staff Correipondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 13. (UP) — Prince Preston of Georgia is » freshman member o! Congress »nii admits he's got, a thing or two to learn. One U to keep sentiment under control. Mr. Preston, a chubby, friendly Kuy with a bald head and black mustache, represents 336,664 citizens of the first district in tht it was printed on—a poor grade of paper, at that. But he said, In writing, that it kicked up a well of sentment inside him, since both his jrandi'athers toted muskets in the Jesus spoke oTa'^pc-cial mHm,, Cofcd<!rale Arm y- So. would the „.,. ., .^. _' ."..special endow- votol , p| ca se accept a crisp new bill of tile same denomination in U. S. Money; Well Mr. Collins was so to the rikciple.vTem^mbrTnc,* P B ' ha lW lhat he hnri to *° a »d blab " ' IRS that H e had said to them I :ibovu '*' hal a "'" Iellow hu Con ~ Then came the experience on the ' &™ sm ™ ,J va5 ' of Penlacost, when a noi'rr I '"t mail man ever since has been '-••••- ' * tl lugging bag after bag loRoom 424 of the House Office Building—M;-. Preston's headquarters. It contains heaps of Confederate dough that people want to cash. One man sent in 55,030 worth of yellowed currency, luzzed at the corners and full of holes In the middle. Mr. Preston and Jiis secretaries innuence that the d,.,, had not known before was manifest, accompanied by remarkable MEIIS and wonders. csppclall v the .speakmg with toneucs " DiUmost notable was the sermon by Peter who had lately denied his Lord but who now. under the power of the I Spirit, spoke v ,-llh such and directness that 3000 were con- I " ave 1]ccrl working night and day "~rte[| I sending it back with apologies. Sent- Paul warned that faith, hope and ! '"lent will go Just so tar-when It, above all. love, were the abiding and essential dements in the Christian, for the absence of which no speaking with tongues, or wonder- workmg plft of miracles, coulrl alone (see I Corinthians 131 Ultimate Fate of House-Approved Public Power Bill Poses Intriguing Problem for Taxpayers By Peter Krtson N'KA IVaUiliiKton Correspondent WASHINGTON. INEA) _ How Eastern Republican congre.ssniL-n by private companies. Three Methods for Booslinjf rubllc Rales This was to be done by three were rallied to change a public pow- ' movts. First, bv making governor and reclamation bill from the ' Bu>em form in which it '.vsis wanted by a nent power projects pay back their „.„,„..„ , ., ... - -•• , cost °' construction In a shorter majoitly of the Western Congress- [period of time. Second by rcquir- rnon in both panics, makes one of i ing that a greater share of the rev- tne more intriguing political who- ' cnues rcceiicd from sale of tor- duiuts of thc 80lh Congress. | cnimc-nt power be returned to°tha H concerns the so-called Rock- i Treasury, well bill, recently passed by the J House. 232 lo 120. According to the Bureau of Reclamation, thc agency in charge of federal power projects. | can hardly be a great experience ; or religion without deep emotion. aovoi-aies of the bill were able to : But emotion, and ecstatic e*nerl- mow down all -- - ' • ..wi.ii has»to be bucked with Ircsh money! A character in Louisiana, with no votes to cast in the Democratic primary in Georgia, said he was holding a basement full of Confcd- - „.. But ! erale money !or ihe highest bid- there has been a great tendency In i der. His asking price was face religions circles to associate the) value—in gold—plus 100 per ceiit presence and working of the Holy interest since 1864. spirit with unusual manlfestailons ! A constituent horn the Congress- anci experiences of ecstacy, often mail's home town of Scatesboro said amounting to hysteria. | he a large bill stamped with However much those ot a stoical i serial No. 29tH8, issue of 18C4, "And disposition may conceal It. there you all can look up the he said. "Will send soon as I get your check." One number, ' certificate sui A California Democrat, Alfred J. i which, he u i-i, •, • • AI1 "'cse matters have long been i offered an amendment calling for j similar sum in addition given by ^,-11 '?! 1>a , J ; House, will the subjects of a major power fight I changing the period of amortiM- ! P«er. another authority on the ncicase inc rates charged lor clcc- Jin and oul of Congress, and before I lion on government power projects I Spirit-filled life, in II Peter 1-5-7. H,,,C J . 8C , nDrl1 ";", M sovcrnmenl House appropriation committees ! from 18 to so years. The effect is And Peter sums it all up: '-For if T, n vf,i ^ u 49 lwr Cent ' ! Wlil "'"S lo «»•>> 'federal spending. I that projects will hereafter have to th "e """E5 be In you. and abound, As soon as the Rockwell bill was [ pay out in this shorter period of the .v mak e >'ou that ye shall nei'"" ' Rep. William Lemke, I time. They will therefore have lo their be barren nor unfruitful In introduced The bill may be burled or changed in the Senate, where Western n^shVlT'* T C ,'i? '"''""If 6 ' Or- !f iNorth Dakota Republican;"pu^'in''^ charge"mo're "for th'eir"'p^wer'"sorne ! "« !™w] it should get through the Senate | bil; (o do just the opposite, liberal- j projects may even be found uneco- ! Christ." '"--'?J"V.. . ™" ld j' rob - i lz -iiB Hie conditions of public power ! iionnc to build or operate on this knowledge of our .Lord Jesus in its abiy face a presidential veto. So the whole issue may be r al veto. So the linr.ncing. nothing to get ! Both bills went bsfore th, basis . „ ., , 5hmvcti out - He ca sl>ed the ace of . [hearts, discarding a club from dum- o: "[„?._ I my, then proceeded to r'ltf out w two months' hearings, they worked ago by Rep. Robert P. Rockwell, Colorado Republican, as an atncnd- ment to the Reclamation law of ._ voted. per cent Lemke bill and 20 per ceut , against the amendment 105 to 43. «« r. , Keclilmiu '°" la * "f Rwkwell bill. It increased to 78 i It wns the overwhelming force of 1939. One main purpose was to give years the period in which a pro- i Ihe Eastern Republicans, following Cong, ess more control over dc-:-id- i ject might pay out. It cut the in-i the anti-public power line that did | ™ , lle " ad r "T' ing what projects should be M;,n- Merest rate. These provisions were! the trick. | Castro scornfully and trumped with his good queen of diamonds. So East just discarded a club and went down only one. He was explaining what a nice he had made said , Wild „ _ Since 1M2. : acceptable the Secretary of Interior has had lion Ihu authorily. , No action The reasons for believin? this bill | <m ~s. ,•„ A.. = .- j ._ iwm. will die in the Senate are jood. In ern moola. And if not, could he have the same amount in Confederate monev. "Just for grandpa's sake?" The Georgia Congressman, incidentally, has tound himself the middleman in what apparently iR a thriving business, although he himself isn'i thriving on it. A few of the fans writing to him happen lo be dealers in old currency. To let, ant to buy Confederate money, he sometimes offers them the address of the money dealers. 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — IN HOLLYWOOD BY EKSKIXE JOHXSON NEA Staff Correspondent McKENNEY "nut more European films kids were real and they talked like : HtlshfiHtJ njtrl Wif*> year and fewer Hollywood real people. In Hie jrollyn-oocl pic- ! «"*'•""'« M«« Wife because the former are adult, lure thc actors and actresses and i Differ ill Ol)PlliV>M« VIEWS OF OTHERS Curious Reasoning Bishop a. Bromley Oxman. of New York City, rises to the defense of President Truman's "civil liberties" Drofr.un. He says Die rrrMclenfs purpose in the sweeping legislation he asked tor, 16 "to implement thr sermon on the Momit." That is curious, if true. In fact. It Is curious, • nyway. For the laws Mr. Truman wants would v enforce equality by injuctions. Imcs or imrmson- ment. And Hie whole spirit of the Sermon on the Mount counsels against force; tiv e es that love replace the severity of thc old moral code. "Blessed are thc peacemakers'—and the legislation the President asks [ or would create distension »iid division. --Agree with thine advesaiy quickly"-and his program, would foster disagreement and division. "Judge not that ye be not judged'-ftnd he would bring the enure delicate tangle of social relationship to jud e - iicnt under aii arbitrary -civil hberlit-s" rode. No political power can "implicate" the Sermon on the Mount. For us sublime trtcMs of gentleness, tolerance and brotherhood cannol be clubbed Into men with injunction* and fines. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. HOLLYWOOD, (NEA1—The Peo- tors. The pie Talk Back, to Hollywood, to product. B v comparison. Hollywood , on c another and to me: didn't come out very well.' The' "I want more European films kids were real and they talked llki this v^— —' '--- -- -- - - ones, bi decent and Interest-compelling. ! whil c the ' latter are mor p often than not childish, silly, long-wind-, cd and borcs-boves-borcs fin tired ' nl adolescent jnusicaf.s and I'm lired o! phony epics. "—Indianapolis, ind. "Do most proptc have to srr what the legion of Decency .-.ay.-,? I don't carp what thry say, Vll see what i please and make up my own mind. I'm free, white and a bit over 21," — San nornardino Calif. "Why don't you and the others who rlon't like two pictures at, each show get up and leave when ' ficrt ' ' you've scm thc picture you like and let the rest of use li.ivr nur other was a HoUywood .....9.^..?.?]?.?,?.... However, his wife had an ] for that. "I was not going to open a diamond—I Intended to open a trump." And so on far into the night. For my own comments, I would The first, of the new Ford V8 cylinder. 112 Inch wheel base motor cars will be displayed here at Phillips Motor Company Saturday, It was announced today. Mrs. R. D. Hughes was hostess to mer-bers of Thursday Luncheon Club yesterday with Mrs. W. J. Wunderlich at guest. A smock was awarded Mrs, A. G. Little in the bridge games lor the high score prize. Jack Robinson and Max Logan I not recommend the six spade bid,! have returned from Oxford. Miss, because if North held the »ce or I where they visited Miss Frances clubs, they ought to be able to j Holmes of Hernando. Miss., and Miw [make seven. Also, if North held J ttie ace of hearts and ace of dia- two. j ukr- [o got my money's worth at these hich prices. I also like to eat popcorn in the then!.".-. So stop hecfinp: "- Hava.ird. Calif. No More Antry "Had to sit through Onie Aiitrjr to see an adult picture. Never agalri, unless they throw in a 10-room wacon."— the little simpering girl star were like a bunch of sticks."-New York. "I'm 13 years old ami live on a farm. I'll be ghrt when Hoy Ros- rrs gels back on Ihr radio I'm sure glad Dalr Tvaiis and Roy Kol married. 1 thlnU she's the best artrrss In Holl.\ wtiod." — Hernarrl, In. "It seems something rould be. done about the killing and hatred shown In western nictures. They arr made for kids. The little boys can take It. The clrls are horrl- Portlanri. Ore. Asks Kcalily "Yon said once that Grecr Gar- By William E. MrKcnnry America's Card Authority Written for NF.A Service Today's hand presents a problem and a little humor. I re- i monds, and South opened with six. North probably would go to Katherine Herbert of Jackson, Miss., who atten^ Ole Miss. These girls were included in the group selected for beauty and popularity honors at the schools annual conleet. Child Conductor son wanted to do a story on the screen about a school teacher. Let's hope that If she does, "It will be a true picture of a teacher's lite which, believe- mo. i.s no glamorous holirlnv. I know. I'm a teacher."— Ncw York. "Some woman wrote yon the other day saying to keep gangsters orr the screen. Her reason was to protect children Maybe she dofs- n't know that a child's future depends on the -home training, not on what the youngster sees at the movies."—Spokane. Wash. house and a station San Dii-eo. Calif "Korry lo hoar that Agnes Moorheart »l!| not br starred in tbt film verstol of 'Sorry. Wrong Number.'"—t.os Angeles." "How about voting down ihe many wnrncn who take pr'.tir in crtthiB another woman's husband away from her In (he movies. The i per pound, rent is $75 a month and ' butter 1» » dollar, you can't pay » K J B 6 5 4 3 « Q32 *« Mrs. D« CuU* * AKQJ 10742 » Nont »None *KQJ88 Rubber—Neither vul South Wot North rut 6 A Double Pass Pass Redouble Pass Pass 7 » Double Pass Pass Pass Opening—A K i: HORIZONTAL 57 Form of 1.8 Pictured annuity child orchestra 59 Cloyed BARBS Science has done about evcrylhtnn for lh» modem ho.« « Mp i m ^ t „ h . ppv hom( ^ f( lh»l'« np in the occupanti. woods »r p full of Ihrvsr crcaturrs Biicl they are always praised by Hollywood, it spoms."—Hollywood. "Can't you do anythlnR about the movies building up the glamor girl who always Mrals Ihe nice girl's , boy mend? n's havd rnmigh for I l me to hang onlo my boy friends , and Mill bo a nice- girl"—Denver, Colo. I "It Hollywood want.-. R good Idea of ho« far they miss the boat sometimes, they should have seen cents per for a family of four to RO to the movies."—Bellflowrr. Calif. Ihe double bill I saw last night. One picture was 'Shoe Slilnr-; (he Italian film, featuring cnlld »c- celved il from Ralph E, De CMtro New- York advertising man. He held thhe East hand, his wife West "After a good deal of pondering wife In Ihc West position doubled. De Castro started lo figure that If the opponents matte ihtlr contract, they would get 720 for tricks. 500 for A small slam, 50 for making thc contract, 300 for game, and they probably would have 150 honors—1720 points! He decided to make a slab In the dark. Why did he bid seven diamonds Instead of seven hearts? He says he car.uot remember. He trumpcrt the opening spad-! lead and then ted a small diamond over to dummy's ace. South showing oul. Next hf led dummy's hfArt, Road Courier New* Waal Adi finessed, the queen, nnd again South Sharlnjr Ihr Wealth . Okla. <UP>— Girls at * local office were glad their boss forgot which one of them worked overtime to take a letter. He promised the girl » box of candy, but since he couldn's remember to whom he had promised it. he bought a box for each girl In the office. conductor 13 Caino in 14 Keep 15 On 16Painfu7 18 Otherwise 10 Operated 2nLoii£ slcp 22 Lamprey 23 Lower case (ab.) 24 Sun god 25 Note of scale 27 Cerium (.symbol) 28 Horse 30 Mine entrances 32 He is 9 years 33 Mountain peak .5-1 Waterway 3fi Remove 39 Pi-cjiofiliim <C Biblical pronoun 41 Anenl 42 EnKlish version (ab.^ •13 FT a -55 Moves 50 Musical syllable 51 His country's capital 53 He also is a movie . 54 Angered 55 Carries 60 Bent VERTICAL 1 Gems 2 Whole 3 English school 20 Horsemen's 4 Corded fabric seals 5 Not (prefix) 6 Bird's home 7 Scent 8 Kartll Eoddcss S Consumed 10 Man 11 Cut in two 12 Anoints 14 Color 17 Hhoctc Island 3R Kinder! llPntir 21 Click hectics 21 Pass on 2fi Worship M Ktcrnilv 31 Wa,- Uol1 34 Abbots 35 Kind of goat 37 C.i I in 46 Fellow of Historical Society (ab.J 47 Pronoun 4ROils 4!) Horse's Rait SO Stumble 52 Couipai:^ poinf 54 Jewish Ten i« tocial Ois.ini* 56 Good (ab.)

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