The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 8, 1947
Page 3
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MONDAY, SKI'TKJMBKK 8, ISM7 IHATHKVIU.E (AUK.rCOUKIKK NEWS Miss America Honors for 1947 Go to Memphis Girl, the First Southerner to Win Top Award ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., Sopt, 8. (U.P.>— Miss America of 1341, lall, bruncllc Barbara Jo Walker, shrugged a i>rclly slionuicr «t lcn- lallvc stage and screen offers today and planned to return to Memphis, Temi., her last ve:n of college and marriage to her medtcul student sweetheart. As practical as she is beautiful and shapely, tiilcnlert Harbara Jn which as MJSS Memphis was crowned Miss America Saturday .night In the climax of the annual beauty pageant, said any offer "would hnvc to Ire attractive" to make her leave Memphis State College. Harbara Jo, a sinking Sundays --- — — ------ • - . ------ . School teacher wauls to be a I school teacher. And site wants 10 be the bride of John Hummel. » University of Tennessee Medical College student when he hangs out his M. D. shingles. She has her own opinion of the lu\v saJ.ine:* paid .school teachers. Memphis Male Scores Ahead Of The Judges "Johnny and I would have a rough lini c on my teacher'.'3 s:il:u*y ami his low income ns a young I JIvWIMfVUJ rox doctor," she said. "That's why it <u,,H P rt Vrc-ss Staff firresiiondeiil) would have lo be a real oiler to MEM PHIS. Tcnn.. .-c>[ T U > make me quit school now." L-Ooori-looking Join Ve non Hum' Accorcimgly, 21-year-old Baibar:i| nwl 2 a year old " vmion llum Widow Protests Low Rent Ceiling "Fast to the Death" Unwarranted Rental Executive Asserts SAVANNAH. Gn.. Sept. ». <U1'J Mrs. Aiwiii E. Uoyer. n 73-year- old widow who described lu>r.sL'!l~ fts a "CoigoUcn, American," loil.w was in th e fifth day of a " tii the death" against the rent control law. Word was that the elderly woman was growing weak. Mrs. Royer, unable lo obtain PAGE. THREE. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK YAKUS, 111.. Sept. 8. IU1>) (USUA) | — Livestock: Hog receipts 10,500; salable 7.000; barrow* mid Kills $1 to $I.'J5. Hither, sows $1 to $1.60 lilgluiv thusi Friday's average. Hulk 180 to 240 Ibs.. $2'J.75-$30; tO|> $30 very Ircely. this being new top for year and equaling nil-time record peak reached in October last year. ISO to HO Ibs.. J28.50-S29.SO; 130 10 150 llxi., {25-$27.50; 100 to 120 Ibs., $22$24.50; most sales, S21-J35.50; few best light, sows. $25.75-$2C; slugs, $H-$17.50; boars, $12-15. Cattle receipts 1'2,000; salable 9,500; calves, 2,400, all salable. Opening trade active and fully steady on average good and choice steers, well as similar fresh helCeis On o Japanese Honeymoon st do I to to Mexico to lie. guest, ol liono; | A mc nri's "steady" at the celebration of Mexico's in- ."''think ihev oug dependence day. Barbara Jo, who plans to use her first prize S3.0QH .scholarship to get a master's decree in modern languages, deftly parried the qiie-s- tions of her reporier.s in her first interview as Miss America yesterday. It followed the traditional cooking of Sunday breakfast for photographers. Her five feet, seven inches of girlhood carried her 130 pounds, 35-inch bust ;\ml hips ami 25-inch ' wai.sL quite nicely in i\ yray virgin woo] suit embroiderer! with silver, with a long cut- away coat and a mid-calf length shirt. As beauty queen, she said she approved the longer skirt "in its place" — at teas ami dances, but not "for street wear. She admitted she didn't drink or smoke, and that the Marshall plan should aid needy people. Memphis political boss Ed Crump was "very good"— for Memphis, that is. Barbara Jo hud the nicest ;Viiiigs to say about the other 53 contestants, particularly about iV.jiss Minnesota, blonde Elaine Campbell, of Minneapolis, who was runner-up and Miss Canada, Margaret Mar- shah, of Toronto, who was third. Fourth place went Lo Miss Alabama.— Peggy June Elder, of Gads- rten. "Ala., and Miss California, Laura Emery, of Salinas, was fifth. Barbara Jo was the first southern girl to win the Miss America titl c .since the pageant began, in 1921, and beauties from the southern states covered her with congratulations and. best wishes. Another Southern girl, Miss Rebecca Jane McCnll of Bhnhcvillc, Ark., Viowevev, \vns rurmer-uv* in the 1946 contest. Miss McCall , was here for the 1947 event. judges used to date the 1947 maid of cotton before he became Miss boyfriend, ghl to make me a judge at Atlantic City next year." Hummel said, "l can pick 'em faster than they can." Hummel wns jubilant over Har- bara Jo Walker's selection as Miss America at Atlantic; city." N, J. "It's okay by me that she's Miss America," he said. "We've tooth thrilled, of course. Elut I don't think it will make much difference in our plans." By plans, Hummel meant announcement of their engagement to be married about Sept. 24, or two days after he is graduated from the University of Tennessee's School of Medicine. They planned ! Lo wait a year before yetting mar, riecl. Hummel lunched with Barbara's parents yesterday. Then he talked to Barbara via loue-distnucc telephone. "Yes, if'you want lo call it that." Humme! said, "<\c did .some cooing over the phone." Hummel, who stands one inch over six Ieet and weighs 160 pounds tossed away his address book when he met Barbara. He dated Hilma Seay before she was selected "Maid of Cotton" from a host of beauties in the cotton-producing slates. Hummel plans to take his internship at Methodist Hospital here while Barbara completes her master's t!egrc c in foreign languages at Memphis State College. Hummel got a look at Barbara for the first time while stationed at, MiUinston Naval Air Station here. Hummel was in thft audience; Barbara was entertaining Navy men with songs. "She stood out Lo me then ns the most beautiful girl I had ever charge only apartments. "Me and Chandi." Mrs. said. "I hope I die before my stick out." [\fr.s. Boyer lives in on^ room on lac second Iloor ol her two-story home purchased ill I-Ylmrary, laifi. "I'm uoiny to bed and stay there until J get some relief," Mrs! Uoyer sold when she cjnit eating, according to neighbors. Mrs. Boycr said that she had "no desire to die or lo KO hunury," but was fasting to focus attention on "unfair rents," She explained that .she paid out more than $-00 for repairs not long ago but that she was unable to obtain rent hikes to permit her even to break even. Statements Contradictory Robert J. Travis, rent control officer here, licensed Mrs. Uoyer of "seeking notoriety in ihe newspapers" and said that in spit c of her statement of receiving low rents, registration papers on file permit her to obtain rents amounting lo $83.50. "She hasn't appealed lo anybody but the press," Travis -said. "The first I heard of the case- was in the newspapers." "It's too bad if it's true \\\'Ai Mrs. Boycr is going lo starve herself, but I don't see why," lit: said. "Registration papers in my office show that she is cntlllecl to charge $8*3 .bD a month for all her rooms." Travis .said that the last lime he heard of Mrs Boyer, a tenant. ! had complained that she was being | overcharged. "We asked Mrs. Boyer to come to ' the office," Travis saki, "She did- ! n't tell its that she was starving. Too Lot* to Classify Help Wanted Sixla l < 'ouiitiiin licli> wanted Kxpork'iic'o preferred. Ap' ply Wood's Drug Store—N( phone calls. II 8 ck it 11 rihorl Order and Dinner Cook \vilh experience. iMusl !M. V nlilc (o turn out K<HM| work. Health curd and n'ic-i cnccs e.ssciitial. Apply Al Sullivan's Restaurant. 9 8 d< 9 11 curiosity Is not always healthy. '• I killed. Yesterday ho parked lib car on Ills car stalled. : u railroad track to examine wreck-} A nortlibound' Missouri Paclfla UKC of n truck struck ciu-ller In 'ho train deincllshea the 'vehicle as ilny and In which two children werclTompkins scurried to salety. "~. ".' Iloncynionufiii! in 1 ip m «\fu i thin much-public*) AM nuirruiRo me Pin Kurusu,d;ui|hlci of Ihe I>i nl H uhor envoy lo Washington, niul M. While, AiiK'ncun civilian employe*of Ihe Army there. Fowlston School of Music ClUviillar. with nil men ol two square miles aiui a population of 19.278. Is the sma::rsi ui Great. Britain's ciown colonies. Farmer's Curiosity Costly PKKHC.'OTI', Ark., Hepl. U. IUI'1 — Flojd 'lompkms. u I'resi-otL hnincr, was roiu-mml today that a morbid Piano -- Organ ~ Voice Theory Harmony Kytlim Clnsses for Pru-Sdiool Children All Rt'KJ.stiiitions Must ifc lit lie fore Sept. 10th Teachers Accredited by Arkansas State Teachers Association HO!) Chlckiisiiwlw I'honc 2049 Back to School On Time For Rent 'urnlshcil upstulrs aiiiiiliiiciil. I'rlvulo hiuh C'ouplu only. 1601, A;ih. Phone 29I!>. OjU-pk-IL Apartment, -JOt K. Ash ,V MLly, CI A1IJ s. tiui>i>Ucu »n»l scrvScc. Free istrallofi. Cull lor n[>im1ntiiH>nt. i; W. ikirhiiin. 1308 llpurii at. a:imj. o.s-ch-aiii For Sal* for Tangles With Speedboat PINE BLUFF, Ark., Sept. U. (UP> Sewing & Atterations Phone 3G69 Lois Marr Danforth 'Ml !>OUS;MI seen." Hummel said. Later they met at a USO show. Last November Hummel gave Barbara his Sigrua Chi pin and they Hummel haiis from Charleston. I\fo. Under the navy's wartime school iTrogram Hum me! attended Washington University at St. Louis, Central College at Fayette, Mb.. and the University of Tennessee Medical School. FOR PIN-WORMS Rcad Courier News Want Ads. She quickly rushed to the press! _ for publicity." Asked if he could account Mrs. Beyer's statement that \w total rent, intake amounts to s:i, r i.f)0 from the three apartments, Travis said: "I know nothing! about her .^tatr 1 - ment being true. What she sios is one thing, and what we Inivc file in our oifice is another." hrs'iolrl two ion truck, cn^hip. nullo. licnlcr. 12 ii siiddlc iftiiks. T, a XIO tl. Ix :: tnriiimlhi Well < -(|Ul|)|ii-d. n ncv^. If huorc^tcil .SCL- Ki htcr. youth end 21st -Street. i pillion Viking A wat«r healer USCN months. Call 3JJ7. Fryers lor side, SonLI 61. U. Abraham. o:n-i>c-tr •j ion truck, low nilltrr looks imvc. Vert. C'oiul. or M»plv 220A Chick. on j .S ronins ntl f ill biifi I'rlc:c line r«m- $itwo. Doctor is Honored POULARD, Ark., Sept. 8. <UPi — Dr. John P. Hiller, a practicing physician here since 1903. looked hack today on one of the more pleasant days of his life. More than 500 persons honored the elderly doctor on his 7lsl birthday yesterday- More than 125 persons brought into the world by Dr. Hiller were present for the reunion. The physician estimated that he has delivered more than 3,000 babies in this area. —Don Howard, 17. remained In a critical condition in a Pine Bluff hospital today after tangling with a s)>eetiboal while swimming in Adkins Lake yesterday. The son of Mrs. Edward Howard ol Pine Bluff, the youth was struck by a boat operated by Don Lusby. Lusby failed to see the swimmer until after the impact but circled back, and pulled him from the water. Grove/ Cars Derailed PINE BI,UFF, Ark.. Sept. U lUI'i —A burned-out journal was blamed today lor the derailing oi VI loaded Cotton Belt gravel cars in the South Pine Bluff yards early yrs- terrtay. No one was injured, but traffic was delaped several hours 3 lirclrooni IIOUM; locnlctl oti Vine SI In Kiocl cotiiLliloii, n^ntiotiiihly priced 4 roonm u;i<l lint 11 cl»Bf to buslnea? tllst rlct.- Can move hi today. ljtrf«? G room house on Missouri tit Can be used us n duplex. Quick )K>s si'Ffijrm. Cnti l«* finnncert. Sewrnl K1IA npprovcid lots. I cnn fl ntiiire 00% of the cost of n new \\o\tsf. U'e will lie glac! to sho\v you »ny nf thrse lionses or lots totlay. Hcc or rnll Max LAwm. Kcaltor K. T. Ilubhartl. £}uLc.siu»n Phono iiOH, Lynch DnllcJIn;:. D.ti-ck-15 Instruction, Female n-strucHon. Trained Pmctlcnl . Nursos iiro In dcmnnrt-full or spare time ( Kfisy to lci»rn nl hoinn with Wnytir nlan. No hlL;h HO! tool or prcvloits c*xi)crlcncc nncessniry. GnL frrc liifor- niiitlon. W«vtic Scliool of Pritctlcfil Nursing. WiTtc box S. W. t: ; r . Courier News. tra-pV-10 Instruction, Male Men v/antrd In Irnln for Dlrsrl Klrr- trlc Bin I heavy duty c(]ulE>rnnJiL work HI- I'av. Write tJrccr Shon Tralnlni: H"R lien tin nu Uuililln^. Knn.stnn 2 Tcxa.s. OIR-pk-15 t ,, still shining! m£ SHM£ THAT STAYS because it has a hard-wax finish! GRIFFIN The harder (he wax, (he longer-lasting the shtnct c.nTlTi.v AM: \VA\ siror. POLISH con(ains more (me, hard \vaxcs i\i;n pivc you ciisier, brighter, longer-lasting sllincs. Use GRIITIN ADC WAX MIOE POLISH for tlic shine thai ittiys! ELACK, BROWN, TAN, OXEUOOO ir> Ihe cavy opening can And for quick and easy shines use self-polishing GRIFFIN LIQUID WAX IS YOUR WATCH IN NEED OF REPAIRS? DREIFUS invites you to bring your watch to a factory-trained expert Mr. Harry C, Scatterday \vluj has just joined our staff Who. in Ms 38 years of watch repairing, has been associated with Ihc largest and most prominent jewelers of Memphis anrt New Orleans, and in Ihe shops of Hampdcn Watch Co., Canton. Ohio. Lot Mr. Scatterday rcpnir your watch as only an expert can . . . and note the difference! KEASONAIJI.K PRICKS PROMPT SERVICE AM. 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