The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1948
Page 3
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TRITUT, 1S, 1M8 Discrimination Cripples South .Georgian Asserts Freight Rates Still A Stumbling Block WASHINGTON, ffb 13 ,(;,,, Rep. Stephen Pace. D. c.a sild yesterday the South "is Reitinc'its throat cut" In i,uy||, s ,.„.„, ^j plants 00 ' ( ° r " S ° W " " llmufllclu ''»ig Pace hinted (hat | le would,,! like. It but some form of government control might be desirable .. I ' a f, c f. M Northern manufacturers' distribution patterns based on prewar yprs coupled „.(„, dlscrlmiim- l lory bmuhei-n freight rates mikes *ll hard lor the South to get U* share of manufactured good's and rius"rlA ca|ls lhe re B'°»'s own ln- Pace marie lhe observations during hearuiBs by ihc House Agriculture Commit,ee i,,to the gray market in farm machinery He said the need for tractors and other farm machines is creator in the South than in other regions, let manufacturers allot Iheir South. em dealers less equipment than i nose elsewhere, he said. Ma n ufa, .1,1 rers Ti-sl i f> Several farm machinery manufacturers testified that tliey based their distribution largely on .sales- said the South was slow in getting starled OH its mechanization p.o- fiium and the records should not be used now as a i Southern manufacturers, he said I also are handicapped hi ilicir at-i templ.s to buy steel. He said high Southern freight rates encou«°e Northern steel mills to sell ti.elr output elsewhere. Pace urged Staccy L. Angle, treasurer of the Minneapolis-MoMne. lower iniplinieiit Co., a witness to consider opening a mnnufaclurlnc plant in Georgia. Angle said he would be "elellsht «l" to consider Pace's invitaiion ^". 0tK l" 1 » l _? n ?» f A'W'c-scom- Japanese Encouraged Use ot Narcotics in China for Dual Purpose TOKYO, Feb. 13. fUPI-Japan sponsored the us* of narcotics In China In an effort lo weaken Chinese resistance and lo help f(. nance her plot for world domina- firm, co-partnership or corporation, (d) the word "operator" shall moan and include every Individual who shall operate a vehicle as the SkLI-llni. *lv _..__» •01IH m.YTHEVILLB(ARK.y OOURTflR NEWS thereor, ni parking *pace beyond the parking \ jecl ,<> me lim|i s fixed lor .such parking ,nn I, cd MJJICO. f ho iiniL'fno ...„*_.. _i._i ,. I . . " tl> i- evi-jy iniuvKiuni space, lln> paikius meter «hni iin i / 'iwniinii 01 UK- pro- ! l<>, mid sui.pleiiienlni- in ,, , ' a vehicle as lhe dlciite by iiJ- dial anil point "isuch I g "l ot _ 1 }^ Ordinance. ; I,, conflict with ".or repeal "il irTr L," 5 A".''" 1 ' ""' '"' Tnl n!u ' ki "K- >">d In that. cvi-m 1 ! ol'i'S Tii.nioh'.Vi' /-"' ! Uly llonll "« i" 1 ' exWlng ordinances o/'tii'L cut' (« of the owner, such vehicle shall be considered „ v llo A ,k > S ,, °'"" "' Ul - v ""'- : '"" shl111 1)C »'• i»t<l»lo',,,1 pro • -' meter space .shall imrked overtime and the parking nV. £?.»,. " .""' "' "' ' Ml)n ""' lla ' remilnllon o[ tralllc ie purpose of this "« a vehicle overtime or bm,nd 1 («HI L. ii, . * ,","! vehicle, i and paikhtR In areas ami zones !,-,,„ j.. -. i i_ _ Mm 1- .i - • . •*•'•'" It Million V I fill I a i'fit t (,< In I. A.. .,1 _ I i i . i . . »»Jill fAIUVfi a- par n lion, the allied prosecution charg? J space 21 reel. - .. ,.-... njn K muu'i xjiace .snail be defined, lor lhe purpose of this ordinance, as a space for the purpose of parallel parking, as lem more or less. The prosecution continued Its.' the curb" in-<i'ked <>1 bv O 'i summation ol nearly two years of! »»es In lhe street anri w'ii ^^r^-nnnS/t^i^rr" "' " ** «"*** I when chief prosecutor Joseph''n, i Section Two. 'me Citv Keenan demanded (he "sternesi ; '- 'punishment known lo law "' Vnltie of lhe Uni(e<j S(1 , (e , c Itol building anil grounds Is estimated at $25.400000 for fm i »* fctl "' u to is labor »„„ a l ow y Council Is hereby authorized to establish certain zones, to be known as parking meter zones, within tln> fire limits as set forth In Ordinance No. 475. The parking meters to operate as follows: All weekday., except Saturdays -from g.-oo a.m. unlit fi: oo p.' of a vehicle overtime the period of legal pa.kli.R time I" such part of a street or avenue where sui-1. meler l s locwted. shall be a violation ot II,!., Ordinance and punished as hereinafter M .( forth. Stvilon Seven, it shall lie \lnlaw- l»l and a violation ol the provisions of (his Ordinance lor anv person to cause, allow, permit or suffer any vehicle registered In (he name of. or operated by such person lo be parked overtime or beyond the period of lc«al parklni; time established [or m. v pa.kii.i! meler zone us herein described Section KlRlu. Jt shnll be unlawful and « violation of this Ordinance for any person (o permit n vehicle lo remain or be placed in found lb'o'r* provided herein. i j Second sixteen. If „ section, part records of ihe ic B l.stn,r of ,,,,>t»r said iT-e'™' "" y Sl "''' Slmv " 11U lllCKillly parked, was so parked |n-imitted or sll|>|icx<.ed lo be parked by the defendant. A i-ertilied copy showing .such tact Ironi the rcBlstrar. or deputy r.-glslrar, .shall b r prooi of ownership. Section Thhlcrii. ' Any person who shall violate any of the provisions ol this Ordinance and »nv viilld, (he remaining provisions hereof. ^uiH nevertheless remain In lull lim-a and elfecl. Illct herewill. are hc'l el)y' > 'r,.i'ii-i'i'l'i'!l The ballot title .should lie- IMTIATKI> OltDINAXCK Nu, I TO^Ill.' 1 ^'' 1 '^' 1 ^ 1 ' 0'«>1NANCK NANCB KHLATINC1 TO THAI-Tir A^'l) HKoin.A'i'iNci 'riiK U«K or I'UDLIC STHEKTS AND HIGH- 1>li|i: - »K1.- A i?,? AH ' A ' ONS Initiated ordinance No. Tlii- above Initialed Ordinance Jin* be™ duly riled In ,,iy ofn cc ?""'1C. «>e 5th day of February, liUrl Frank Wlillworth, C | ty olcr)t FARM (|| LOANS Hon>« Office, Newark, N. J. LOM« TUM r»OHPT CLOMNO L»W kATI <:AU.. HKIn on *» RAY WORTHINGTON IIS S. Third SI.. Bl r lh«llle, Art. Srrilni Tl.U Hrrllnn 3S Tpura ytlifdor/.,,! Mori*,,,, !.,„ X^IMror /«• THR rKUDKNTIM. INSIiKANCK COMPANY OF AMERICA TO DP .. 0flDI NANCE " AN OHDI- TO Darkinjr in such zones, and [ ""' "seftilness ol niVy"p«vktn" me- nie no.irs durms lhe day or nialu | u>1 ' installed under 'lh P provisions .wncn the parking meter or meters i of 'his Ordinance. i and .Ten. It shall be- unlawful j '!„'.-, violations of the prov'iions - ,]... Onlinancp |o dej>o.s"il or ' be deposited In any pa lh<> •*""" °» lh park- | sul'stuulc. «„ n five ceil! '' 01 " ° rC ° tm °' l " f i i ' -- 1 "" '"I*""', ai»l .lien.,,..,. n ,, d Vdso" (ii'e -rosl'of Mipi'i-vl.slon and rei;nlatln K ihe parkln R of vehicles In the pinking •miles denied hereby, and lo lie cost ol ih,, rental, pur- supervlslon. pioteclloii, in- six-ction. liuiallatlon, operailon inalnienancc. conlrol and ILSC u( .... TlfK INSTAI.I,- BIIAT10N. MAINTK- KIIVISION, H|.'(IU- OONT1101. OK TUK I'AHKINO MK1-K11S, UK- -'HOVIUINCi TOli IS II M KN'l' Ol-' KTKH /.ONUS UI'ON rn , or one U " lt "" ! '° "•" kl " l! »"->».s ,le.scrlbe<l here- HIGHWAYS; PHOVIHINO TIIK I'AYMKN'I' 'I'HKKKOP I-'OU TIIK SUI'I'I,V OP I T!!l it: i?,"cMM C P^' vl(: '' v |i ' KOM I Hh K lu C I 1 . 1 P I's OHTAINI-'I) FI10M TIIK 01>131?AT|ON Ol-' I'AHKING MLTEK8; I'ltOVIIJlNCI I'Oll THU ENI'OIICKMKNT HKHK- Of ,\NO I'"" HHOVIDINO ATION. NAN'CE. AND HIGHWAYS- TUB PA " KIN salrl meter or meters In snld 7.0111-5 I Set-lion Klevi-n. Section Tlirec. Parking inelcrs in- 'hily of lhe l>c-». stalled in the parking meter zones AUTO UPHOLSTERING 307 East Main Phone 519 -» - '"' nlUl llcnul ' lo ' )y 1 "" PAN - r auto ,,,«,ol»tcr- METERS. DE- POR 3 N T OF $80,000 Gem *Theft Reported In Jewish City JERUSALEM. Feb. 13 cup,_ Twenty masked and armed men he'.rt up the biggest dinmonri shop in the center of Tel Aviv yesterday and " . Anthorilics said the robbers were members of the Irgun Zvai underground, which frequently re- plcmshes ik coffers in such a man- Thc robbers swarmed into the shop on busy Allcnby Road, forced the em- ployes and customers fo f ace ,,„. Jewish police rushing to th» scene saw the robbers speed awav n a taxi which had been reported stolen a few hours earlier Insurance companies had just cir- cii amed all diamond factories and retail shops with an announceemnt that henceforth they would not ac- THE PRO\T , OBTAINED PERATION OP , - shmv ° r [iis """' »>' "" l">'-klnu space lt lo »" ch ""=ler I-' <"' is not in use. Each parkins meter , ri S """ "«""<« »V R , op,r lejjcml the local pnrkh.R tlm P es- tabllshed by the'citv; and When TOR a Slenal " lal , PARTS lega r( shall be the . ..,. M . officers of lhe City of Hlylhc-ville, net Ing In accordance with the Instructions Issued by (he Mayor, to report: 'at The number of each parfclnj: meler which tndlcules thai the vehicle occupying the parking space adjacent In such parking meler. Is or has been parkhif. In violation ol any of the provisions of Ihls Ordl- Slate license: of such curb Immediately adjacent lo the individual parking spaces hercln- PARKING MF^rV™™, 1 ,^. 1 : \'^,.^\".^ Bath ^' kl "S <"C- THE PUBL HIGHWAYS THE PAYMEN''l - - ' ._, _ " ....... --J- --. Jl.t.l JJItttl i,-, HI IS IllJf . '" <bi The vehicle. <c' (he lime of rti,v or nlcht Ihp : PARKING'MBr^"?^ 1 ?™^ 1 oner^H 1 f y ,, U , lR H. C ' ty: """ W " C " i ° fr ' tCr ltelrel « l """' ™" lcl " P"*- i FOR THE ENFOncEMFNi-w operated shall indicate on and by ! ed in violation lo the provisions of OF ANn T>Dr.\/f.-,VJ,7^. "ERE- its dial and pointer, (he ifuration J this Ordinance. TIES" FOR THP IN " PENAL - of th , e p<>riorl of l(; 8Hl parking, and ! 'd( Any other facts. iir^ run THE VIOLATION "n tlv expiration of such period shall indicate illegal parking. Section Four. The City Council shall have lines or markings NCJ TAII.OHH.) To KIT AND INSTAU.KI) A I 1 NO KX'I'IIA COST So Economize and Patronize THOS. J. LILLY & SON '"'"' '" """'' r ""• sl «» "A-'l- ''"I' Shop" ,,,,rt hl,,w f«r „,»!«. cc [«, Bh'ihevill traffic " bee 1, of traffic h«. d r u because 1 h " Ve ' movement » and , ,'" K alld has I mctcr (or thc " lo " g linlc: » lld lng lhK l»'kinc "« u '' te " the - or street adjacent to each parkin,. P"-'"' of d'.,i, na space for which is a u WHEREAS, because of the hab- numerous operators of motor Pace Points Out Contradictions in Unions' Demands the aforesaid successful W: it of . . "i'^.niuin u. moior ^eh cles of parking lor IOI.R periods of lime in close proximity to another motor vehicle so parked on the mo ., t congested parts of the cilys busiest streets lends to tur- tner mpede traffic and in ndrii- Lolif r ^ constitut<>s * rtanser Jo life, limb and property of mo- ami P eo ^trian., anel others; WHEREAS s "' d . °d by which the above mentioned cond tioas may be remedied is b<- the designating of individual parking spaces in the said area by prov.diiiB for the use of meclmn- icn! parking time indicators in conjunction therewith, by rcslrtct- parking in said area intervals ol tim e to rea- and by e an v compelling th e operators of vehf- i clcs who enjoy the of the park- WASHINGTON. Feb 12 aipi Her.- Stephen Pace. b.. Ga ^ iostcrday union leaders shon d •a'T'h'"''''!*'' 8 - at the same me foort B " ld " s ' rial w »8= »nd cheap '•The union leaders should stop nrmnnaiiifr x hieh industrial iva:-e and cheap food, for that ! mg space K o designated, to pay a 1 portion of the cost of establishing . and mnintaining the same BE IT ORDAINED BY PEOPLE OF THE CITY i BLYTHEVILLE.' ARKANSAS' Section one. For th c purpose ol . this Ordinance, m> The word "vehicle" shall mean any device In. upon or by which any person or property Is on may be. transported upon a hlcli- ; way. except a device which Ls on' crated upon rails or tracks. 'd> The word "operator" shall boulevard" 0 .,- "l 1 " 0 "' nVC "" e ' "^ I lfir in ««™«on. th. boulcvaid. highway or other public f mav be lawfullv 1- ace located in the city or Blyi.i.e- vllle. Arkansas, and established lor the use of vehicles. cin „„;„ ' C) nic worci "Person" shall can on, y mpi)n Rnrt inc , udc , any i|uljvi(|l] . (| j .'chicle parked adjacent or next to U. thc lines or markincs so established, it .shall be unlawful and a violation ol Ihe Ordinance to park any vehicle across any such lines or markings .so established or to park said vehicle in such a position that the same shall not he entirely within the area so designated by Mich lines or markings. space in any parking metrr zone i operator to make such navmenl In Is parallel with the adjacent curb "--"'-' - •- ' or sldeivallc, any vehicle paiked In of j such place shall be parked so that .Thai) b e nearest to [he parking meter; when a parting space in any parking meter zone is diagonal to lhe curb or sidewalk any vehicle parked In an v such space shall hr parked with, the foremost part of such vehicle nearest to such meter Section Six. When any vehicle shall be parked in any space adjn . cent to which a parking meter Is located In accordance with thc pro- i knowledge ol which Is necessary lo a thorough understanding of the circumstances attending such violation. Each such police Officer shall also attach to such vehicle a notice to the owner or opernlor thereof thai .such vehicle has been parked in violation ol lhe provision of this Ordinance, and Instrncllnc such owner or operator to report at the. office o( lhe Clerk of thc Municipal court In Dlvthcvllle. Arkansas. In regard lo such vio't lion. Each such owner or opernlor may. within twenty-lour hours of I the time when such notice was attached to such vehicle, pay to the | Clerk ol lhe Municipal Court, as a penalty for and it. [.ill satisfaction of such violation, the sum of fifty cents. The fnilure of such owner or to make such payment the,Clerk of |h r Municipal Court within twenty-four hours shall render siren owner or nperalor sub- TELEPHONE DIRECTORY IS GOING TO PRESS To change your directory lifting...To get an additional listing...Pleas* call the telephone buiin*si offic*. e vision.? of this ordinance (he em tor of said vehicle .shall upon cntermr such parking space, im, mediately deposit or cnl ,se to he THE i deposited, a five ccl .t coin or one- OF i cent coin, of the United States in such parking m et-,r. as directed m the instructions on said meter and immediately put meter in operation and failure shall constitute a breach of this Ordinance, and shall subject such operator in the - •-•- •-• ,,.... vlill uutj] U( I coins, and immediately putting me- , ,,„.- .._ , M rkltiR space ' -. - .- wv^upicd by such vehicle during the period of park- ins time In accordance with the time limitations as designated on i said parking meter. 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