Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 22, 1951 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1951
Page 12
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: .TWELVE EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, TUESDAY, MAY 22, 1951 Phone 4GOO for a WANT AD Taker 'Assignment: America" c I/iec Irked Over Father's Day •' As "Commercialized* Ballyhoo C. 8. Pit. Off.) B T INEZ BOBB - NEW YORK—(ENS)—The high- octane hucksters who nro currently promoUnK Ki»UWs Dliy luivo Imm- "finted every newspuper man. wommi and copy boy of my acquaintance •With tons of rich, ripe roqucfort iorUfied with limburger. -"The latest rewed-up communique .Jrom the hawkers says, in part. *Hope you have decided to sny something uboul FnUicr's Duy la your feature prior to June 17.." T, As n mutter of fact, I hadn't expected to spout off. With my nsum sweetness and "light. I had expected to Ipnore the whole com- jhcrclnl shcnntmlitnns. » But. (Unou Uic boys Insist. I will bo hnppy to KD on record HK 1o- nounclne JliUicr'K Day. Mother's Day and nil similar cluys us Just so much mercantile malarky. These <jays are wrapped in about, as much tender sentiment ns a fire sale or a bargain basement pre-tnvcntory dcamncc. -Both Mother's Dity and Waller's Dny may liuvc been created originally in u burst of beautiful pathos, but they have lonfr since become merely high - powered promotion schemes to keep the cash registers clinking:. t If all the neckties moved off shelves by Father's Day ballyhoo •were laid end-to end. it would still Be a horrible sight. And I doubt if any bum ever stopped beating his old lady just to celebrate Mother's Day. " These days have become elaborate commercial rackets to sell flowers, candy, neckties, shirts, lingerie, cuff-links, tie-pins, costume jewelry, golf clubs, nylons and a thousand- sud-onc other gadgets dreamed up by the high pressure Kntzcnjam- fflers. /• The hucksters are selling the cuff-links and the golf balls, the ties and "the sox this year with an elaborate campaign backed up by a pious Invention of their own called "A Father's Ten Commandments for Good Citizenship." The commandments are so full of lofty moral sentiments that, for a split second, the clank of the cash register' is scarcely audible. -The winsome letter with which •fiiE hucksters acompanled their ten commandments for Pop. also advises "do a column on father who " should have one day of peace, Father's.Day June 17. Every week day he gets up from sleep, makes and cuts a breakfast ot OrninKC (sic) Juice with suds, burnt tonat and watery coffee, runs to the subway, is pushed on the tfalns, harassed by his boss, etc., etc:" . If these' hucksters promoting Father's Day .believe that this Caspar Milquetoast, this spineless jerk, described above is the typical American father, they rate a. permanent dunce cap and permission to stand in the corner for the rest of their I lives. . In the first place, I do not know what "orrangc juice with suds" is. And In the second, In this modern day and age ol frozen Iruit juices, electric toasters and.automatic coffee -maksrs, even Josephus J. Jukes of 'the celebrated Jukes clan should be able to achieve .a decent break- last all by himself. ; And in the. second place, don't try to tell me that the average American father is a chinless'won- der -who meekly suffers a sloven wife, to loll in bed while he .gets the kids off and mnkcs his own bretikfrtst. If he does, brother, he deserves wVmt he gets. So don't come crying on my shoulder with all this old corn! ! . . •' . There is only one day set aside for special celebration, in 1951 in which I propose to participate. That is. "Taxpayer's Day." 'which the mayor o[ Detroit has proclaimed for next July 4. Tills universal' American, this Mttcrcd nnd' bruised -specimen of fortitude, deserves 1 a day of dedication. Naturally, he will have to pay for it in'! the end. But then, the ! American taxpayer is used to that. ' $20 to $1000 Without Endorsers Borrow from friendly, dependable venient for you. 6, 12. 15 or more, HFC—Household Finance. Gor- . • months to rep^ depending on the poration — for any'-good purpose. . purpose oC your loan. Loans made promptly, on signa 1 turc, car or furniture, without endorsers or guarantors. . • • • .'..;. '. Select Your Own Repayment Plan Repay in monthly instalments/At HFC you select from a variety of. repayment plans the one most con- Onh For Any Good P«rpe«t> Do : you need extra cash to pay for car repairs, medical biils.-or to finance a well earned vacation? Bor:.row.-the quick, convenient way! Borrow from HFC. Pboneotcdnie in,today! : : ..'..- • : NO INSURANCE >Otp Oft REOUIKEO Loans atone $300 made under foe Industrial Finance Lav. HOUSEHOLD FINANCE 12 South G»nfr« Sfc; S:t Cot: 2nd Floor-PHONE: 5200-Cumbartand •Loans Made to Residtnls of Nearby Tomu '"•• Colorful Here is the . pays and pays and pays, and always through the nose.- . . ' And may I respectfully suggest that no. one remember the taxpayer with a necktie,on this-occasion.' He might take '--the "-hint and-'hang himself as. the' easiest way.- : Union And Council To Di»cn»8 Wages A meeting will bo-held noxt Monday night by the.Mayor and City Council with members of Local 812,-. Municipal Workers Union, APL, to discuss the• union's request for'a cost of living increase. . . Action on .the union's' rcauwt was .suggested lit' last 'night's' council meeting, by Mrs.- Lucllc •noetlcr, commissioner of strcpts and public property. , . Stunt Man Plans Reckless Jump 'DUBLIN—(INS)—Famous stunt expert Reg Kavailagh of Dublin, is planning to perform .the most reckless 'feat of'his thrill-packed ilife. • He is 1 to attempt to make a world- record parachute jump of 40,000 feet—ovor seven miles—before pull- lust the rlpcord and KlldlilK down to snfuty.' , , • • But this proposed delayed parachute drop is no stunt to Kavanagh.. He 'will .make the attempt because he is angry with the Russians. Kavanagh, .who has become known 'as "The Man Who Can't Die,'..' claims he set the world'n do- litycU-dro]) parachute Jump In 1031) with a. full of 32,400 .reel. ' . But -now "the Soviet authorities claim to have beaten Kiwftntigh's record: They say that a Russian airman dropped 35,000-feet without parachute help'during World'War H "under conditions of secrecy." Tills.has upset Kavanagh who, Is now determined to top the Russian feat.. . "There will be no secrecy about my record Jump." 'said. Kavanagh/ "It will take place at Nice, 'southern France,. later this year, and I am starting to train right now. More Drinking, Smoking Reported In Singapore SINGAPORE — (/P) — They're drinking more' and smoking more in Singapore. Imports of liquor into this British-crown colony Jiv 11)80 to- lulled i),000,000 galloon, 2.000,000 more thnii In 1040. Tobacco imports in 1050 were 11.- OB0.314 pounds compared with 10,the preceding ycnr. If a living body were taken above tion, the water vapor in it -would 55,000 feet altitude, without pro tec-' boil. • 3 ways to Get Cash Now tlirnn fmt way* to g.i\: iinuli from Jlmimutt. Onu. ' I"|IOIM»-—IW J.vlnit limn. ^'iw». 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Easy, to install. . - • . . Special Price on New Lifetime Aluminum Awnings 28-in. Wide .......... $16.50 34-in.Wide $19.50 Add real beauty to your home with these new aluminum awnings . . . They're built to last a lifetime. See them now-at these new low prices. ' . . Easy To Initall . Full Line Canvas Porch Drop Curtains (to Match Window Awnings) E.V. COYLE'S 45 Baltimore St. CHARGED WITH FAST RIDING At noon today Alfred Mayo, stage manager of the Mazeppa company^ and Harry Baer, assistant, were exercising the Arabian horse, "Lightning," on Baltimore street and in doing so allowed the horse to gallop at a pace beyond the legal limit. Police Officer Richard Growley knowing the fierce and fiery nature of the horse and fearirur that he coiild not be held under control, placed Messrs. Mayo and Baer under arrest and instantly hauled them before Magistrate Humbird, who held them for trial at four o'clock t* is afternoon. notwithstanding. Manager Leavitt's protest to the effect that the young men had no intention -of doing, wrong." • Prom The Evening Times ol October 28, 1901' The Beer of the Year! A Product of THE QUEEN CITY BREWING CO. Cumb«rland, Md. Brewed First in 1901-Brewed in 1951

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