The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 6, 1947
Page 7
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, .) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 1 * f " "*' '" «*•**'"*»• '•Minimum Cham ttt lime ft, liu "I jsc times pti line ftt 4n lie Umes p«r line p*r day tw . limes i>» llo« p«r da; 7c 12 limn per line per d»i Jc • Moniii p« line s«< , t'uimt fire avtrate word! (A rta» 1km. Ad ordered for three or tlx tint* and •topped before expiration will b« charg- Jld fur the iiumber of tintts the ad ap- |>i*r«d and *dlu»tmeut of bill made. 1 All Classified Advi-rtlslue copy sub • aitted uy persons residing oiusjcle ol I lie city must be act-ooipunltd by ca&h. Itales may lie easily computed from the liove table. Advertising order for irrefulu lutr- IUDS takes tn* one time rat*. No responsibility wilt >.<« taken for bore than one Incorrect inMrtlon ol ' isifled ad. for Safe for Sol* May-tag v/AKhliiK iiiru'liLne. Good condition. Fh. 27M., , 5-ijk-IO Complete" urlsl mill. Now dolim KOO<! busincsr,. For tale at u sacrifice All Dt-lset powered, act l,:m^!c-y JOO youth Stconil iiirecv. 3 s*i>K.-u New 3 room house ai oil Milt Cirocorr Phone 3943 between '5 AL 7 11,11,. 5-tik-B Inlernnllojml Combine No. 42, uowcr- tf»ke-o(f type. Exec-Hem condition Heo or \ville Clyde Si u:irt Rt, I Hraclfortt, Ark. 'J5-r>l'-l<i Snmll intomntkmrtl oil nlh. 501 Wily St. Bar- ! rjinblnc-s. I - 11A John Ucori 1 \vlih grain l>lti — 1 - 5LMt liui*rmii)omtl. Sft- II. H. KcUllnnion. lU-L-maiKlak'. Missouri, or cull 975. y G-jil;-9 1J new iioitablu rHer. Cull 11757. U-|)k-li) Subitrbim s;roccry ami imrkrt wiili living i|uui li-i-s. «cocl loe;itloti on p;iveit hl^liway. Write Hox 500, Courier News, g u-p]-..g -ay your coal before tlie winter rush. I '.el us rill your bin. Phone 489. Oox ~5<J. lllylhevllte, Arkansas. alte-ck-tt •vhclby 4 wheel farm trftllers. 6 ply llros. all fcl/cs truck nnd trailer beds. Also wugoii rrpnlrs. Henry Wesl- Iirook Simp runnerly Dan Stout liood hay. Phone E03. Ulacide Johnson grass. I'oi- son now available at I'lanters Hardware Co., Inc. Phone 515. 8 18 «k tf lor n-f.sti Irults and VL'KHabU-*. n'.^o h]| kinds of cunnlnn fruits r^a.son- »IJly lirlccd, visit. Bill T!iom[i;,o-rs curb MV:t., llswy. Cl Norm'. 1 8 22-pk-n;22 ililjiailan blacl-.-smUli - welUlnit shop il jsfrum:. Two find one-liair inilus west of Oscraln. lilghwuy 10. lit. 'J. 35. Ohceoki. H. Ji. Mills. Corona portable 1 lyiiewrllor - coocl us IH'\v. Hear. BIIS Clark Str.-.H • 9 5-nk-5'13 ISO English l.eyhorn Pullia.s. 10 mouttis old. Mrs. 1C- M. Avers, Oscrolu Alk Dlioiic Ml. D'Q-pk-li |.ale mink') Cushman. motor scooler, complete with l>iick seat, windshield, etc. In I excellent condition. Reduced for quick sale. Phone 2325. 8 2(i dh tf Attention to l/:ind IHiyors :(34 Acres at Tulhipoo.m. Mo. can l>i- hon|;ht now ailtl linuictlliLic po-SM-.s- Klon glvon. Ilnycj' takes oroi). 220 acres In cotton. A w»;LI lmin-ovi'<l farm In uoo>i locution. Act, Now! Price S160 per acre. 00 acres east of Armorel \vlth 5 i-m. house. !UKl harti. House fiiifi lights rinnilji^ \v»ler. This nluee lust HKI- ed adtl will sell <iu[< kly. Call now [or aintuinunelH. 9'4-ck-fli'J Other Kiirmr, All Sixes Cull or see the ^owlnf; Meal Estate flrin In tills Mctl'm. lr>j UK 1 best In furm lands. H. 1C. "Bud" Fisher Uoal Kstate * l.oans 101 East KeiifucUy Street l?iylheville, ArkaiiKas Phone 2. 1 iH<) Any Time il 'I ck n 7 and heavy mash fed hroodcr, fryers. Delivered in city. Major 1-iltle, North Highway (il. i) 2 ck » mill-hint 1 , refrlg Ixits Morcluml, A f T K N T I O N— - Truckers - Ginners W e A r<> In Prod uc t Ion On AH Styles of Custom IlullL Truck Covers lor Kj*y- — - Cottonseed — Soy h cans Carney Awning Co. In S. Kinfit Phone 2972 lllythevlllc. Ark. For Rent Two iip-sidlrs of flee roi>!r.n for rent on Miiln Strcc't. Sue - A. ]•'. Olrirlch Ujiltttl Insiirtuice Agency. 10(3 K 1st St. a^-ck-7 BoUiootns with cook hi i poin iirlvl]i.'(j GS. $5 | H in id Ijoarcl, S'^ ]>*T 3835. nil Lv.rjjo 110»sehc Bedrooms. lOfll|7 E. Main. Pli. 9S2. |iVe have exclusive listings on approximately 20 farms ranging in size from -10 acres to large tracts. If you are irilcr'cst'cd in' Iiiiv- injj .or selling, or iri making a'loan be stire and call us and we will he jrlad lo show or discuss these farms with you. Cecil Karls Noble Gill Agency Osceola Telephone 9IV Ililvlheville Telephone 313J 9 1 ck t'l Do.your own concrete work and. save. Rein ft concrete mixer by day or hour Phoue 489. Box 059. Dlythevllle. Ark. . UlLG-cfc-tr One luYnlshe:! room, ofllclent-y. At Ehicliaumi's tirocery. Noitli Hl^luvay 61- Ii-iik-10 Uedroom. PJi. 3731 after '1 ji ni. 9 5-ni:-l2 Sleep]UK rooms SI 50 per day. $7 v;cek. Antiort-] Hole]. Phone H Annorcl, Ark, a g.p Coof ijettroom with 2lfl East Davis. kitchen privilege;;. for Hire rooin house, front and baclc porch LT,22t Mnrcarct Si. OU-pk-8 ooin suite with springs and mal- s,s. Apt 115. Air Ha^e. or phone allon elec I Phone 3522. 9;i-pk-a •'RACTORS AND FARAt MACHINKRV \ new n John Diicrc. 1 new H. rannall. l used M FiirmjiH. 1 used A Jolin Dfi-rc-. 1 u.sed n John Deere. Equipment for above tractors also. 4 12-A John Dccro combines with motors. I A-C CO P.T_O. Combine, I 12 IJI.C Combine. And rev/ Jenkinsr.' lll^h- %vny Cl, Holland, Mo. £X3-jiX-IO |(t ncres line timber land, out: mile . West from Tomato. Ark., for q;ilfjV: , $15 per acre. W. M iMrns. caltoi. I'hone :i?.fil. 0 3-pk-ll ick and blonde registered codec r puitpJes. Pure bred rollle puppies. Mixed bred puppies. ches\]». ^t^s. N. G. Jerome. Pliotir 3101. 9 2-pk-9 Tractor breaking plow, busters, disc. - Imrrow, planter, -cultivator, cllonei combine. John e. Bright, 300 S. Hc- q>ml St. Phone 379. . BjU-Dk-llM A ferret killed 491 chirkens before be'ng capLurccl. aftnr escaping from its cage at Mansfield, England. Help Wanted /bitn Jntiy to keep house and tend to children. Freeman's Store. Dell. Arkansas. 4-)>k-8 Mini to manage chain store. CSive com plate references. Write box J. A. '; (J Courier. Nev/s. 9^4-pk-S Lruly to-stay with convalescent rmtlfmt, Nnrsiiijj experience not essniTtinl. Duties very liyht. Plmnc 4303 cvcnlmjs. !)'4-pk-S |\rmy surplus — Tcnls —! Shoes — K;ihki Pants — — Shirts — Woolens — liools — Comforters, etc. 112 Lilly St., '/ 2 Block Soutlionst Alain St. 0 5 ck K) 5 Vexing man Tnr salea position with K0<xl fultire. With Dlythevllle firm Write box J F, % Courier NRWS 8!7-ck-tf Experienced salesman who can produce results. No high pressure. In loca' stiire of good reputation _(«ood salary, good working conditions. Reply in own handwriting stating pasl employment record. Hox 2 2—c; i re Co'ur i er N ew ;• Company. 1) <1 ck f) 1 [ .Southbond haby carriage. In wood condition. Ph. 3393. D.&-pk-9 Af: combine, quick speed, l tiiTllcr with Ti«l. Ktl Manila. Dell. Ark. PR-A 4 room building and flxtuir.? j-ood short order and .IrKifc bu.sltiesA on Cl. Kcrt Top Q:tf lot S500 month rent. $1500.00 cash large \vartlrohc trunk, $20.00 foot oJectrlc display meat S^ODOO korne real grocery bnsint.>.s.s with Hv•• tut; rooms. 1'hono Field 239-1, 9.5-p' f ;-9 Attention "Makers Planters W«* Rre Eigfiln mfiklrij quality Cotton Pick Sacks for those who wfint the best Carney Awning Co. 11.1 S. First Kt. Blyt-ricvllfc Ark 8:23-1^-9.23 rousnfioltt items Inchidlni; o K~ e icc iric refrigerator, 723 Mlty St. Ifrlck store on Main Street. Non-rest' ctentlal says sell. Store stock n.ncl fix tn res. Wei 1 !oca t eu. \vel i cqultn'cct. rents reasonable, priced nt Invoice wnlkout. 01 acres well improved form land Good crops. See tills farm on travel' _ T-rlcc i8400. • flfi acre-s welt-Improved, well to rated Price $140 per acre. Close to town These farms arc located In tiioddard County. Mo. No overflow. Luther Gray, residence phone 513 llort koss. Salesmftti phone 3S1G Office phone 2751 ^-pk-8 I'rActlcally new Colenmn oil healer tank. Jacket. Ph. 2095. . • Spaniel Puppies. Hollls Burdcltc. Phone 100. . l-p>:-8 Nice white ice crenm w.isjon atid whltn horse with decorated harness. If interest etl rail Hnmbv Hotnl. W. A. Ozinent, Phone 1-H. Dyersburp, Tenn 0,2-uk -9 ELBERTA PEACHES $2.50 and $3.00 I'er Hushel We Sell: • By the Pound • By the Bushel • Triickloiid BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET !30 E. Main. Phone 973 Allen Pidcord's SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus Army GoocXs • Supplies • Shoes See u.i for the very best in Army surplus shoes. Nearly new—Rebuilt—To Be Rebuilt. Hundreds for sale. Quantity Prices Available. EAST END 112 Lilly Street l /y Blk South Kast Main p'RECi si ON-BUILT For Your Car Exclusively Ford omiersl Wu Imve sufficient Genuine Ford Purta to keep your cnr rolling. It's plain common sense to use G<'mmio For*/ I'urta. They're niotlc exclusively for your cnr. They fit i-ght and are mode oflnboratgry cent rollul materials vvliich insure maximum JiFe. And they cost Icssl empany at Walnut Phone Services ALIiKN PICK A KIVS Kust Kiiil Shoo Kopair Service, m Lilly SI., >/; ItliK-k Kasl of Alain. WorltniHii- l etl d. it l> dt l!) (ij Pain (It tic und \Y^\U^ Jnuu-ini/ if Krcoimm. I'hom- ^K:IS H ' S!!"-'. 1 .'". 1 ! 1 ! 11 " 1 - l "" 1 ' 1 -'lolUoa in 101 W. MnDiln. Kli/uljeih Hnilley. «HWINtl MAC1I1NB Wo olwti-lfy yuur oUI treuillo wwlinc llKlollllln lino „ moilern eleclllc K"[* i'nu'" '••> ljl »''t nioild. (!. H. Umke. -108 K, Ash. u'M-iik-OlM MONKY TO LOAM to you need a lou L to reyatr or remodelT No down j»y- Btflt, no mortgage, no red! Up*. KHA •pproved rat* 5*. Auk for deUlla. Max Locan, Realtor, phone 20S*. Ljrneh Wanted (o Bur Notice ,'ash for wrecked or junk j automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hixvay (il.: phone 3785- 8 5 ck If j value for used. sitrjiUis Item "i',.^. »,^ $."!»"'* »-" Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any SIM'' T. L MABRY uj anssouRi ST. •• PH. sez7 Concrete Culvert-tile Biics 10" to 3K- (Kelnforced or Non-Rtlnforced) Cheaper and I.onstf Lastlnc than any Brjdce Material. Concrete units for Sanitary I'rivy—Concrete Septic Tsnks. A.H.Webb -• Hwy.tCt N. at State Line I'bone Blylheville 714 House moving, l.'i ywirs cx- lieriencv. Plenty "of t(|ul|)- ment. Ui'Tervnros. l.ovel- iti}?, finiriiljiliou vt>p;tirinjr Virgil Knlcy, plume 2105. H S ]ik i) 8 •\ic n lli-i'iisivl ulujiilji !• or tor ivvi,,. sjoi'jj ,.|.:i!,> w,,k ,•:,!! llany Mrv.- Kxpcrl niiliiilor rt-pair !'or less. \\'u liavo (he ln-sl in riulinlnr repair vtiitipmtMit. Let our (r:iinecl man lioil out anil repair vimr r:uli- a(or fcir you. <} u ick Service. I'icluip unil (loliverv. ltiisst-11 I'liillips Truflor Co. DiiiiKlas l,n\vsnit, M^r. I'hone 2171. s <) '(f Call Bill Davis for l-Vt-c ~fis- firiialo <:n raperliiiMKiiiu; anil (Icrataliiij.. I'liono .Mil!) !) 'I cl< 10 'I Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second S(. Hlyth.eville, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work You Tell Us... When you drive in, tell us what you want and we'll get it! No hcsilatmjr here—wo j;ive the prompt service you've wanted elsewhere. Complete service for all makes automobiles. Bring us your car proliloms for quick, dependable solution. Kxpert engine work, body work and spray painting. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Comer Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 SEWlKCi MACHINKM HEl'AIHKD ri:crl R.'rvki- UH 1,11 Miukr.t. o, K Ilrukc. ,40S K. Aah. 11'1'J-nK-Ull' 1 WushlllK aitil Ironltii;. \VUI!»! lli'll- _OTMU._I MSJ 5 . IIIIU-Kk-lillV Curtnltm InutuK-rrd mid .stlrtchol 214 Kmitli Krnnkll.i. Ki. lias.i.k.l)'! Position Wonted Lmplovniulit <li>slrcil Ijy iiiMi.oii M- vurnniK Iinm Cnlirorrnu u-ho Is i-\- ]ii;rlvniT(l In whok^iiU- iuul iciull I'l-occry ImMiii'r.s. Also luivo r-xi«;M- i-iK'Ciln rln work ami u'Lili i-DYtirn* iiit'iit As u:ir«-]inusr .siiiti-rvlhor. Would ronsltli-r l;iria rninlovilu'iu (,'on- lael W. II, Mnriian. I'll, 'i'2.1. I>,J1 Ark. l-ii/.-i) Let CHEVROLET INSPECT YOUR BRAKES Brakes are just as much a working mechanism as the motor in your Chevrolet. Numerous pieces aro subject to every day, normal v/ear—pfus the grit and abrasives which they pick up that ac- cnnt this v/ear. Have them checked, inspected and adjusted regularly. Our expert Chevrolet mechanics have the "know how." And prontol you'll bo back on the street, ready for ., v , traffic signals and the sure, swift \»*| stops that eliminate unnecessary hazards. NMpVm ^ ., Take Advantage'of Our Special Major Brake Adjustment LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. FOR SERVICE' ''-^ TO CHEVROLET! '"PARTS '« ACCESSORIES Wonted Comt>lnnLli)i) Wanted to Rent nrxitillJihL'd tiouse or 2103 ix'tort' u Personal "I'm LOHllIlK iKICk 10 UI:D Couple \vjnus Lo (jo Co CiilHnriiln wllli jiniy. Will ]H>|II piiy c-X[»(li!.<-.s I'lione Notice I). K HAY AMI KOHH /VNNOIIIICI-: •I'HH OI'KNINll OK TIIKIIl HI'.\V (IIIOUKHY AND MAUlili'l' (IN MOU'I'II I1KIIIWAY 01. 'i FIIOM TIIU CITY IJM1TH. A MO- IIKKN nuii.niNn, roMi'ua'nwi'ni UI'-IO-DATE D1SJM.AY f.'OUNTKKfi AND MHAT CASKS. IICHISKS •I'llHllt H'I'OtMC. Mil. HAY AN1> SONd. WHO TOHMKIl- I.Y ClI'KltATKl) TItK lll.Y'rilKVILliK fJUllll MAUKKT, Wil,I, OrKllA'I'K •nil!) 11 U S 1 N E-: H » TIlEMHHl.VI'a. WIIKJir wn.l, KIIAIII.IO THKM •!•() J1AKK YOU Till? I1HST OP I'HICKH A l-'IfKHll LINK DP MEATS. PHUITH ANII rii(oiM-:i;ii:« n,\<i .TU.ST IIKPK ItKCKIVKIV -1'IIICY AI.HO J[AH]i[,H A C:OMI'],KTB I.IHK Ol' I-'INK I'l.OIIII AND 11IXIK KEUDK OP ALL KIMDb 1-HKY MAVi; 1.0I-!) OP HAIID.TO- 1'IND ITHM.t — JUST A PKW MIN- UTKH DHIVK OUT E-'liOM P L'(1WN OPEN 1 V HAYS A WKKK IKXCHI'T HUNDAY MO11NINOH1 I'ltOM 0AM UNTtl, 10 ]'M Wn-'K-DAYS ANI> UHTII, 12 P.M. .SATURDAY .i-llk-l! RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRtD CALLIHAN Kloctrical Appliance Co. Authorized MolornU Kaillo ^^Irs and Bnrvlcr )0fi South I'lrst SI. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407" For E i pert Kcpalrt J?A K..I r.Inln Hi. Felix A. Carney I DON EDWARDS "Tli» Tjpcwrllcf M»n" «OVAI., HMITII, COKONA ind KEM1NOTON rOBTABU 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores CAN WATKK All) IN KI D N EY—BLADDER Disorders? tfcs—Tf It's Mnnntiiiii Vullcy Mineral Wntor. Iho fn- liioiis hrallli wator from IIoL Hjirillf;.';, Arhnnsns. Moiinlriin Vsillcy helps Ht!inii]:U<< kidney nclinn. mutlie bladder irrilatioti, ciinibiit nric-ncidlty. Wliy nut jjivc Mountiiin Valley '.\ trinl? It has linlpcd many them sands for more tlmn r>0 years. DcllijIHfnl (o drink . . . delivered jnst as it flows at Hot Springs. Orrlcr a supply (oduy. Call or wi'ite for iMwkle.t. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and IMvIilon lle. Ark. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY Alt TypCT Kiecpt Canwr) DRS. NIES & NIES Cllnle 514 Main, Blythrvllle, Ark., riMnc T. I. Heay iMnlor Company! . "Calling T. I. i-.wiy i\I(i((ir Cdnipiiny!. . "Calling T. I. Stay iMoliir (.'onipany! . ICE COLD! Watermelon Red Ripe—Delicious Whole or Sliced Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 1C. Main I'hone 973 We Guarantee RECAPPING with v H.wkinwn Tr«it Let Your Next Tim B*f GENERALS \ I ;Cost More — Worth' MODINGER TIRE CO. ! U( K. M»to Fh«a»mii 'RTCILLA'S POP Yes, sir! In d country \"> Hf<e this 3 boy csn go I just as far 35 he ' ' wants! Wise f If you apply yourse/f^\ and study rea/ /;ard- • •tiy, you can get io be Guv Gy AL YERMEEI / Arc you a big executive, Pop? You can't talk sense to that hid without 1") getting a smart-afeckt^. answer!

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