The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 6, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 6, 1947
Page 6
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Hfah-Hiker — -f - \ -rfc ft -~ - — -r Vj#im'$Cash BOGERS, Arx Sept 6 (UP) — Pohtt'lodaj "are seeking a 20-jeav old faiui »ho is sa'd to ha\e fled tronp'tlie sc«it> of an auto-truck ac- cUWrt last night with an undis~los- ed Amount of inone> stolen fion one bf'the dead. ' The accident occurred oiie. mile south 6f Rogers, Ark, on U s Highway11: TWO persons were killed, and : 'five others injured—two critically. The man who fled was one of the passengers of the automobile, all of whom were injured. Police have identified the man tentatively as Lynn Mayberry, 20. a tall, .blond hitchhiker who was picked iip'by the group in the auto. The Bead arc Mrs. Dorothy Graham Kelley, 19 of Siloam Springs, and- Elmer Eugene Dorsey, 16, of DenVer; Colo. John McKechan, 20, of Siloam Springs, is believed to have a fractured neck and vas sent to Veterans Hospital in Fayetteville. Jerry Faucett 25, of Siloam Springs, whose condition is also serious, and Nancy Woah. 18, of Springtown and 'Bonnie Miller, 19, of Siloam Springs, are nil in a Bentor.- ville hospital. The automobile collided with the truck'when a blow-out sent it careening across the highway. Tlie driver of the' truck was uninjured. According to witnesses. Mayberry fled from the scene, after asking .. „ ^ nearby-residents to call an ambu- I tiesT Religious Education" WeeiT w'i'll lance. ;Sqrne of the injured said ! continue with special activities encli Mrs. Kelley was carrying a "consid- i day through Sunday. O;t. 5, whlc'i "' •"""-• in her is 'worldwide Communion Sunday. This'year's theme is "Faith Is the Victory." County Wildcat Oil Test Turns Producer P1U5SCOTT, Ark.. Sept. «. (UI>) — Oil activity in Nevada County Kot a shot in the arm toilny with ainio',ini'*'nH':H that Standard of Ohio's wihk'al test South ol hci'C .showed between 250 and 5i)D barrels of 33 to y> L'.ravily oil on aj Travis peak drill .stem test at 3 1UU feet. The 11-foot core raised oil to 1,700 left in the hole. The operators . L 'aid today they would coiuiiiue drilling to ft.COO feel in the hope of striking the Siunck- over lime formation at the lower liorlxan. If production is found :tt the lower level. Ihey said, they vvonlil dually-complete the- well for lirodiiciion from both levels. Spiritual Growth Needed in Nation, President Asserts CHICAGO, Sept. 5. — The need "for teaching youth that spiiitnat growth is the goal of all human his- lory" is perhaps greater tlian ever before, President Harry S. Truman declared recently. The chief executive, made tliis statement In n letter endorsing Religious Education Week, which will be observed throughout the United States and Canada Sept. 28 through O: 4 .. 5. "Surely the development of social conscience measures our pro- yioss as a democratic nation," Mr. Truman wrote. "With instruction in tlie great, religious doctrine of Ihe Fatherland of God and tlie brotherhood of man, we shall continue to advance in our moral evolution. Such is the faith we live by, and nothing can break that faith. It is rooted in spiritual realities." The Presidents' letter was addressed to Dr. G. 'Ross, guiienil secretary of the Interimtionul Council of Religions' Education, which is sponsoring ReJifious Education Week in cooperation with its 40 member denominations and G3t inler-dcnomi- | ,...,„.. ,_.,„ ,",,- — •, ~> ...,., nauonn, or churches „„., | ^V' £?' re^a^'tne act '"n I _BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Toft-Hartley Law Repeal Sought by Murray of CIO PITTSBURGH, Sept. li. (UP) — President Plillip Murray of the CIO emwaered by what he called the "illsnitrous" Taft-Hiiitiev law, • • - - - reli"kJus ediration Deligious Education Week i.s be- ° f pcnccful lll(ills "' lnl which is the traditional day in most i settle Protestant churches for"the be^: ^| vc TariS, nmy of I-all Sunday School activi- | Me n)so |)romlS(K their problems through col- erable .amount" .of money in her IXKlietbook. However..when otficci-s lound 'the' pockctbook, it \vas emply. ... promised a court test of the anti-Communist provisions of the Inbor law. He said most, CIO unions will either refuse, to sign th e nnll-Connminist affidavits, or boycott the Nationnl Labor tions Board entirely. Till* STOItY [ Ir;iv*x, Mkkt fti AfU-r Andrew isfs her muOivr on Ittwl. .\jini-y crV Cao»- — Ilii-ii, »hr'» duiir, rm- i , XVIII '.; [WITH the easy, confident step i ** of: an''animal fiilo'd ' with n jSense of his own" power, Andre.v 'strode back to the Hospital. . '- " '. He"\^eiit directly up'to (he operating' 'theater"where he 'knew .Glenn \vould-:bu woi-Uing. : The benches" were filled; Andrew stepped back into the hall, fsliniipH.' rlritun tltr* cianc>*"- i <m^l li-» f.. the steps' and in :througfi»the scrub-up room door. !He got.'inlb a gown, scrubbed his •arms a$& hands,.pushed through iinlo thir-thealer. ; A nijrs'e looked at him qucs- .lioninglSr then helped him into Igloves'." D'r..Malcolm was lecturing •to his attentive audience. : "It's'iiis fifth major today," the ;nurse murmured 16 Andrew. "He's .worn'oiit^-but has he been good!" : Andrew nodded, his eyes blue 'as sapphire above the gauze mask. The anaesthetist signaled; more .lights went on above the table. Dr. 'Glenn stepped from the lecturer's desk", dropping the towel which ;had enfoldedUiisvarms. ; Aiiarew'wafched Glenn's bands, ;the precise way his lingers sii;- ;naled (or thejnstr'uments, thumb ;to index finger ^for scalpel, the :open, : su«plianl-polm for the hemo- ;stats, Ihe clenched fist for re;tractors^Ell . the : correct, exact 'gestures. But now those glistening, gloved Jfingers] faltered ever so slightly. •Andrew saw Susan's head go up, sawh'er look oyer'her shoulder to ' .where :MartHr'stood against ths wall. Martin jiodded and turned toward.'the basins. But here was Andrew, ready: ,he steopcd toiMalcolm's shoulder, took the scalpel; from his lax fin- IRCVE. Mplcolm'r,:.eyes \videned al this breach of ethics, }-cl il would have been a greater one to refuse one surgeon's aid, and ask for another's. v "Help him, Miss Perry," ho said in a muffled tone, turned and walked out of (he theater. watchful behind him, Andrew completed the section as, of course he was well able to do. When he came out ol that cheerless room, his name was rattling from the bitch box. "Dr. Andrew Woodward.' Dr. Woodward report (o the office, please." Tlie nearest house phone told him that Dr. Malcolm Glenn wished lo see him. His face puckish, Andrew went directly up to the' Acting Chief's suite. Malcolm sat behind his desk, his head back against the chair, his face pale and drawn, his eyes half-closed as if the light hurt them. Susan preceded Andrew into the big room, her pretty face stern. Martin sal upon the blue leather couch, Ins dark eyes slanting toward Woodward, but he said nothing by way of a greeting. Malcolm sighed deeply. "Please sit down, Woodward. I—am not feeling very well. But I wanted to lose, no time in expressing my" —he paused, and passed his tongue across his dry-looking lips—"my appreciation for your assistance this afternoon." Andrew's grave face wns concerned, "i am very glud that 1 was there, mid ready, sir." "Yes. Time is always important, ami I appreciate the speed with which you came to my—cr—res- cue, as much as I am gratefully aware of the skill with which yoii operated." He sighed deeply again, closed life eyes. Andrew's concern cncd. derslanding of .Staff work that on« helps another. Just among us of the profession, we can face the 'net that any of us may fumble, that our hands will slow. When that day comes for me, it will be a relief to know that disaster may he averted by someone ready to fill in, I'm just glad, sir. that 1 iv;is ready to help you today." * * t jyTALCOl.M opened blood-shot eyes to stare at the redheaded man in white. Slowly he lifted his hands and looked :it theni, ns if to make'new accinain- tance with those servants which Inid served him so well." Martin wns on his feet, his hand upon Woodward's arm. "Let's get out of here." he said, so firmly that Andrew followed him without question. Out in the hall, Martin turned furiously upon Woodward. "What in hell arc you trying to do?" he cried. "Malcolm is all of seven years older than yon. Do you expect to climb into a wheel chair at forty-five?" Andrew shrugged. "He was badly cracked up an hour ago." "Yes, but not because he is old. His hand never fumbled in his lite. He was blind with migraine —though I've no doubt lie could have operated blind. If yon would look at today's surgery record, and Church Dispute Leads to Blows, Charges in Court PHESCOTT. Ark.. Sepl, C. (Ul>).Two Bapiisi ministers and a prominent church layman were free on bond today nfter a list light ove • church liiiHiiL' ill fairs. The trio were clmrgnl witli disturbing the JH'HCP. Theodore Elgin, businessman and leading jneinher of the Prcscotl B:i))list Clmrcli was under u, c care of a private physician. The Rev Pnd A. White of the Prescott i3ap- tlst Church and the Rev. s A Whitelow ol the Uaptlst Churcii at nearby Hope were unmarked. The brawl stemmed from a street argument whether $11,250 earmarked fo > :»n iex lo the church should be used for improvements on the present properly or for purcliasi' ol new land. Whitelow and Kli;m cxchaived words. Then the Hope militate.- landed a solid blow to iiic layman's stomach. Bystanders restored order Explosion, Fire Damage Memphis Plant MEMPHIS. Tenn., Sept. 0 (U!>j —Fire department officials were investigating to determine cause ol an enrly morning explosion and fire which destroyed a meat packiiu- plant here. Tlie explosion, believed (o hnvr been bursting ammonia tanks blew a large section of the roof in til.' air and jarred loose the bullcliiu'\ walls. The fire followed. Extent of d-.'inase to the plant owned by Abraham Brothers MeV Packing Co.. had hot, been estimated" Read Courier New-, Want Ads. ^SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 1947 "The theme is about education, mother—I say the movies outshine the radio because the movies teach us about love', and the radio deals mostly with soap and things to cat!" FRECKLES fe HIS FRIENDS By MERRII, Treaty Interrupted , BLOS3ER Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20JS 10-11 Chickasawba discover the , Malcolm has done, you'd not dare speak o( age and fumbling hands!" Andrew leaned against the wall, his hands in his pockets, a quizzical smile upon his lips, listeping lo what Martin hud to say. His shoulders 1 if led in a rueful shrug. "I don't blame yen for talking as you do, Glenn," he said 'reasonably. "Anyone would admire you for your loyalty to your brother. Bui don't lose sight of the fact that I am a doctor; T know about migraine, and its associated illnesses. saw Ihe condition your brother was in this afternoon-Max wrists. Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople if Ir's INSURANCE For dial 2311 Complete Protection Accident & Health Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary "Plate Glass Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation MO KIDDIMG, HILDA LAEO'S CEAZY TO BE YCXJB. BILL- AMD-COO MAM _ AGAIN.' BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- -NQRTH TENTH Phone 315! OkW.' SUPPOSE IT IS DON'T BE SO YOU'RE BREAKING Tl-IE POOR WILL You SUBMIT YOUR A'lTA T SIRL,. HILDA// GOSH. L. FORGOT/ COMINS, W/R.TLE / IF I CARE.YOU SODA - FOUNTAIN CASANOVA • WA3R TUBBH GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch 7 Crown Calvert Schenley Three Feathers Hili & Hill Old Taylor Four Roses 5% Beer GAS, reg « Ft. 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.35 1.40 Ft. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 tth ^.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 per Case $2,88 17 - 5c -' Erhyl 79.5: All Brands Cigarets, ctn. $1.35 * ....... * ....... • STUDEBAKERS u CHAMBLIN SALES CO. 5 D E 5 A K E R Sales—St udebaker—Service Headquarters for Guaranteed New and Used Cars and Trucks 1347 New Inl. i;i ton Short Wheel Base 1917 New Ford 1)4 Ion Long Wheel Base 1M7 New International 1 </. ton 'l.onff Wheel Hasc 134C Dodge \i. ton Pickup !3IB Chevrolet >/. Ion Pickup I31B C.S1C \i. ton Pickup 1041 Chevrolet % ton 1941 Chevrolet !i Ion Pickup 1910 International 1 (on 1947 New Ford "S" Coupe 194^ Nash 2-l)nor 1!)11 Plymouth 2-Door 1941 Stuilebakcr 4-I)oor 1039 DeSnlo 4-Door Sedan D E B A K E R STUD EBAKE RS YOU HAVE COMPETENT MEN TO RUKI McKEE INPUSTRIES.J.R.. WHV NOT ROUND OUT youR CAREER BV SERVING Y311K COUNTRY IW SOME EXACTLY: OUR\ you'es ALVJAVS \ FRANKLY <30VERMMEWT \5AVIWGTHAT ) I. HAVE NEEDS PRACTICAL lyoUSSEll; PACPX/ THOUGHT A MEN OFVISIOM K—, —r-' BIT ABOUT NOW—NOT /J IT...-IHOI POLITICIANS! / ' \ HAVEN'T BEEN APPROACHES BUT YOU'VE BEEW MSMTICHED pE'c|JTl.y 1H THE CAPITAL FOR SEVERAL I APPOIMTMEMT5 ! CIRCUMSTAMCE HAS PREVENTED ITHER OF THEM GOIM3 THOU; brain—" Martin's hands clenched his sides, liis mouth stretched into Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Clmrlcs O. Dlllncr-W. M. (ISIIli Wilson He glanced at Susan's com- a hard-bitten line. "You're a doctor," Jie said lightly, "but afraid you're a man out lo not to cure." alert, watchful one. "Thanh yoi very much for your pniise, sir,' he said to Malcolm. "H L my mi Bv FRED ITARMAN /" 1 HEARD YOU tA SUNSIor/ ArtD VOL) CAvS BUFF RutJeirts ow YOUR ROLL THAI'S f\E, TEACHER.' IKKSOM YOU DIP, BUT ALOTCr THESE (Ti/ I5c Continued) ARE SORRT fORiT THAT'5 WHY 1'N 6O1KJG TO HAVE By J. R. Williams GOTClA V 60)T L>V CWftWPlOM AS FAR AS TriM S1LI>/ SCHOITZ 16 COMCERNSED/ He SPlbiA LIFE-Size OP A STORE - X'LL FOLD HIM, L5P LIKE A FRESrt- 1RON3GD HALF.' THE CASSROLL \G- } TCO HOT PER ~\ THIS THIM RAG--1 HELP.' GIT ME I \MOTHER ' RA&. ! CAM'T FIMD AMY RAG-- WILL THIS DO' *l 6ONI£ LOOT MAMED."8lG SLAMT THAT'S IWAWTfoUToBE AS ES.VNPLE Bv V. T. HAMLIN ru.vrioM T£R SCPi\AlBLE AKOUND ORGANIZED BEFORE A1KET 110 WITH 'JO,VI£;OPM</ COLIN I'LL BCOKW/ SOON AS I FIMD Oi-' O'MALLEY and TH«f XJU ARE, MR. FllNT I S»MM6 Wt IOCK SO VOU CAN ' BOOTS AN.n H_K ; -i BUDDIES VOU'RE A FOOL, FlINT. YOU'RE GONG TC> 'SIT IN THERE WITH YOUR KNEES UP TO YOUR CHIN TILt THE COWS START OUT RfMEMBER, 6ROWI. Off VOUR 5QUAO MRS A COWL£ Of BlOCXS.tEt HE'S GOT AWAY. *V WON'T WANT TO IRV SECOND T CHOOL. PlMD t VOfiMT TO <5ET SOUR. UHE Of BUSINESS, «OWl.lMGOIN6 WRUNANADJ'PRt- VATE DETECTIVE. CAMBEFACKEO AND SHIPPED BY TRUN^K.

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