The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on September 24, 1953 · 2
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 2

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 24, 1953
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THE DAELY OKLAHOMAN THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 24. 1953. which the Amtrleani Mng in loUterou-. eborui are "Arise, ye sorters of starvation, ariie ye rvellngs of want." e line is "tomorrow the In-naUonal Soviet unltei the hu- he Americans talked in loud ices and seemed to enjoy the entlon they were getting from! Ulied newsmen and Communist tervers watched the men set ivn from the truck and file ough the barbed wire lane to s Indian processing xaoio. Ali C AHantlert The Communists appeared to ike more fuss over caring for s transfer of tne American pns-crs than they had over the Ko- The Americans were unable to rry all the belongings they had oard the trucks and the Chinese d North Koreans helped them. .;. was in shorn contrast to the laller bundles which the South! reans carnea. One American prisoner remarked standing OU Regents Say pat fn Six Men Flee Thev Will Obev I TZ3ii&jr Muskogee Jail Grid TV Limit ie, "this coNTiNur.n rnosi tack onk mislng attitude of the NCAA which Tho 0nvirnor said he left the final decision to the regents who knew the over-all situation better than anyone else ana mat nc wouiu abide in their final decision. Anticipating the regents' action,; tne governor earuci ncu. riav hsri instructed the state adju tant general to opCn all national guard armories within range of WKY-TV for Saturday television T.noal acoliance dealers thP nrocessinc Pccted to furnish TV sets, with na-tne processing nttcna in the various air sure feels good. I""""1 ?u r " i t a breenzebCat ranwrnent..' h Another American POW trying! In Oklahoma City. Plans have ,n u:. Kincim nn his been made to accommodate several . ...:n t tVinneanrl fans who io not hav ing such a big pack." game tickets, or television sets for Two truckloads of South Korean ipuoiic viewing ui uie isoners brought along big plac-; Municipal auditorium, ds on which were painted the! Every Effort Mide icasso communist peace aoye ana; in b sidiunrai, ords in Korean: "Peace, for theithey had made every possible ef-j 0ple." 'fort to secure permission to tele-. Prisoners Tell Why jvise the game over other state sta- Burchette also gave allied nevs-;tions. :j en copies of a statement he said j They said the "home" station e American prisoners wrote, tell-jruie was made by the full mem-: g why they refused to return, jbership of the NCAA, including all The Red newsman said this was; colleges and universities, and could 1 the prisoners wanted to say atjnot be changed by the television lis time. I committee. The statement which Burchette c;ne it has accented member- laimed was written by the Ameri- :shjp regents said, the university ans was signed in pen with 23,ch -nmniv with NCAA rcgula- 'nmnlv with jeeulations could bring suspension or expulsion. statement said, the Texas-OUj game would be removed from the; "game of the week" and the Notre Dame-SMU game might also be removea. George Cross, OU president, said that while most regents considered advertising for the school, financial; considerations aiso weie iuvu... t vr TV rights for the OU- Notre Dame telecast in South Bend brought $103,000, split equally between the two schools. Cross said he did not Know vnai uie ouuuci sDlit will be at Dallas. Regents also feared the Sooners ,,1H ho hanned from all NCAA- sronsored tournaments next) spring, excluded from all national rzn irii i . Aggies Set Truce Saturday, Hope Sooners Scuttle Irish stii.i.watER. Sent. 23 If thls!tem In a same that has drawn won't boat the Irish, then noth- national microti, ano wo ing will. When Aggies join up with Sooner I anyininn can nappen. City Woman Hurt As Autos Collide rnvTiNi'rn rnOM .... .. - j ..j nkiahnma A B s 1 e oiiiciais ana or MusKoger, men arparwu --" tu(,cnt len(lers Wednesday locked before officers arrived. ! y ,he ,ncient A&MOU rivalry lie told his wife he hart mane .ntt offered the Sooners everything . j.j... .4 Iam " Svnnl Sut h Inan of in extra football H. was eone when we got i team toward beating Notrt Dame there, but we think he will stay, n mide u plaln o( COHe) around close. armi.tice is for one day only. Other escapees were: The Aggies prepared messages to Barney Hunicutt. 19. and hls'ou ieadcrs which in effect de-brother, J. E. Hunicutt, 20, both ..(he game" to be of enough weDDers rails, cnargeu wmi i national importance io warrcoi iur-theft. getting there's a bounty on oon. 12 Stay In Jail lers in this part ot ine prairie coun- .TmM Francis Everett. 17. and! try. T.U- c,.r on hrnthiri "in viow of the nrestiae a vie- whose home is listed as KiKion, tory aluaay win mum Md. Both are charged wun secona ma as a siaie, me degree burglary. dent. Dr. Oliver Willham, said, "we Twelve other prisoners in trie,?"" " """v"s ,..- t..t i jail did not take advantage of the enmng our w.... - opportunity to escape. the I A collision Wednesday night at AttM athletic department wish the intersection of Ntt w ami mo-you every success, jridian hospitalised city w(Omn, Similar words or gooa cneer w,nu the "Big Red, underdogs by Juch. othr person, down, came from Tom Fuller of Mrs. Wl ,m N"R; h:3 Vslllant. nresident of the Aggio was admitted to M"cyhnP'l "ioofc, Dad! J 1ound all this steak in the refrigerator!" Cost of Living Soars Skyward WASHINGTON. Sept. 23 W Liv- stiirfnnt aisnclatlon. and from Peggy Taylor, Stillwater, president ( of tne Association oi women oiu- dents. A AM students wish you best oi; luck on Saturday against Notre Dame, and througn me season with one exceptio n-your last; game," ruuer acciareu. w. nf th Association Women Students, knowing that the Universtty or OKianoma represent the state in this game, wish you hick and may victory be yours," Miss Taylor saia. ...uh . hark iniurv and scalp ln crations. She was a passenger in a car driven oy ncr niisunmi, oi.-vb Nagy. when it collided with an auto driven by June Elbridg Dawkins, SO, of 839 NW 47, coach at Choctaw school. DnwKins rcccivcu "'"""""" nnih he and his thror- year-old son were thrown from th Death Claims Minister CHICAGO. Sept. 23 Dr. William Clyde Howard, e4, minister oi me Culvert Accident Kills Tulsa Man Ratley said he and a guard. Bud Smith, were in the 50 by 125 foot jail building when the break occurred, but did not hear the men! sawing their way iree. "I don't know where they got the saw, but somebody must have passed it in to tnem," ne saia. Bum-partner was in a cell by himself, but it was not known whether he obtained the saw and cut himself. free first or the others rescued; "We always liKe to i u well in all their games, except one," he added. The Aggie neaaman m w.... it isn't the usual practice to send messages concerning football rr,.. in thi pas he is prepar ing one to be sent OU president George Cross. , ine Aggie auiicuc """ man. Dean Emeritus C. H. McEl- roy pledged: Brothers Believed Leaders Sheriff Sypert said he did not iknow who were tne ringleaders in the break, but added "those Huni- The statement said "our staying ehind does not change the fact lat we are Americans. We love ur country and our people." But, the statement said, "unfor-matAlv nnrfpr -nresent conditions i America, the voice of those who peak out for peace and freedom re rapidly being silenced. We do ot intend to give the American overnment the chance of silencing ur voices too. Burchette said the highest rank-ig American in the group is a ergeant. Juries Go Along On Tough Policy CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE on about his being under the in- a a mattpr nf fact, strone drink revented him getting very far! ritv, his mprchandise. He was aptured in the alley back of the partment nouse souna asieep op of the sewing machine. H.e len Mashburn. would not be able compete for national recognitio that the national wrestling tourn ment scheduled for Norman March might be cancelled. well defined trail for Vote Is Unanimous he police to follow. Vote of the seven regents at the H Luvts Tra meetings was unanimous vji uic In climbing out the window, he j resolution adopted, and a press last February, moved up in August to a record high, 13 per cent above 1950 pre-Korea level, the gov ernment announced today. The increase of three-tenths per cent, to 115 per cent of the average 1947-1949 base oeriod. means an automatic three cent an hour wage increase for 1.300,000 rail workers next month. Their wage fates are tied to the, cost of living index with adjustments being made k-ery three . months. The three cent hourly increase, coming on top of a 10 cent rise the rail workers alreadv had Igained- because of higher living i costs, will add an estimated 100 I million dollars a year to railroad pay rous. The largest increase in beef and veal prices in any single month since June, 1948 was one of the factors contributing to ' the high index announced today, which measured the change, in the cost ot living oerween Juiy is ana Aug. 15. Other rising costs which helped push the index up included a o and one-tenth per cent increase rents, slightly less than a one per cent increase in transportation the price of medical care, mo itheatre admissions and the "other goods and services category hers Falls have been in several WWSl!!lgft kTlg Hunicuft vas anvinj, strut i .Unprf from the Muskoeee countv ert at 'J.1 ana iynn iane roaa ui'7-f , j Tulsa. - Jfi' 'r , Ji r rTit .f tn Trooper Fred Henry said Sidney."""1 ",v- Rice was dead on arrival at St. The sheriff said he believed live John's hospital of head injuries.; of the fugitives would stay m the He said the Tulsan's car ran otr; vicinity ana snouia not ue .u u.i-.u r t, nH : firult to recaDture. but feared Bum- traveled 135 yards before it struck partner might steal a car and flee the culvert. Kice was tne siaie siiium mc 359th fatality and the 32nd this city and county officers in Okla- month. . ihoma. eastern ArKansas ana soutn- Frank Bogart Maddox, 73, route -eastern Missouri were alerted to be 11, Oklahoma City, also died!on the lookout for the men, Sypert Wednesday night in .Benedictine ;sai,i. Heights hospital, uutnne, irom in- juries he received in an accident ; Tuesday five miles north of Guth-i rie on U. S. 77. j Maddox was a passenger in a HrivPn hv Willard Bennett. 54. Guthrie, when it struck the rear of! a pickup truck driven by Mrs.; Betty Lee Bridal, 32, of Seward, j An accident eany vveanesaay ?ar Hooker, caused by a pheas-it which flew against the wind shield of a car. cost the life of a 27-year-old Guymon man and injured three other persons. Can lidwara aioore aiea ai a.m. Wednesday in the Hooker Municipal hospital, some six hours after the accident on U. S. 54 a quarter mile northeast of the DdToWfs There you are.' Soonors. You got, Second Pbyl.crjnr.Sh"rS..h to take it from there. I for 26 years, oica mii. HART SCHAFFNER & MARX ' iropped a spool of thread, but the hread caught on his clothing and vound off the spool. Police fol-owed the thread to the suspect ind woke him up. The jury apparently didn't be-ieve an overdose of strong drink vas a legitimate excuse for com-nitting burglary. 1. They quickly returned a verdict n W. A. Carlile. district iudee. This means that the judge must issess at least a 10-year prison; erm. A third test case also was under tvay Wednesday and is expected to reach a jury mursoay. Foroerv Charoe Clemmie Williams, Wellston, was charged with forgery after former conviction. He was accused of forging a $94 check. The charge also states he was convicted of manslaughter Aug. 21, 1943 in Okmulgee county and convicted of forgery in March, 1950, in Lincoln countv. iEarlier Wednesday, a confessed hi-jacker pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 13 years in tne peni tentiary on recommendation of the Carter was charged with robbing I Jack Kauplain, service station employe, of $180, at 4621 NE 23. Judge Carlile sentenced him to 15 years, years. The county attorney's office has adopted a policy of accepting no guilty pleas on armed robbery charges for less than a 15-year sentence. Nance Suggests OU Professor As a Candidate OWhnmn-Tie Normnn Biirrmi NORMAN. Sept. 23 Dr. V. H.I mormon, university of uwanoma government professor, was suggested as a likely gubernatorial candidate Wednesday by legislator-editor James C. Nance. In an editorial appearing in this week's issue of his Purcell Register, Nance suggests that "obviously Vern Thornton would make a good candidate for the governorship and his friends are urging him Dr. Thornton could not be reached! Wednesday night at his home for com menu statement was issued by Tom Benedum, Norman, Doara presi-; dent. , I But during the meeting, yuintin; Little, Ada, made it clear he agreed with Miskovsky the game should be televised statewide. Does the university Deiong 10 ; the NCAA or the citizens of Okla-; homa?" Little asked. believe we should be aoie to do anything we please continued. "Everytime something we have to asK ot proiessors. ' Little bunch fire some- we have to pay them a year's salary." cross said tne reeents wouia iiKe 1 spp the same carried over KOTV, as well as WKY-TV, but they had done all they could. 'By the time Notre Dame comes haolr in 195G or 1957 we will have this all worked out. This rule won't stand up much longer, but it has to be changed Dy tne entire! membership, we can 1 00 anytning about it now." Lewis Stone Leaves Everything to Widow T.OS ANGELES. Sent. 23 UH I The will of actor Lewis Stone, filed for probate Wednesday Stone. 73. died September 12. He collapsed with a heart attack while chasing three teen-age prowlers outside nis nome. Sous Claris and lose Beltone's new t Model brinss Rl6ric to thea'ar.d.'. Why : jtAJ mazing Transistor new hearing r d-?.f' Writ p. 2001 Liberty National Bank NDTEjgICOMFANY OF OKLAHOMA CITY .jl is the reason! Helene Curtis brings you two shampoos containing far, far more lanolin. Shampoo lanolin into your hair and scalp with creamy billows of lanolin-rich lather. Leaves hair aglow with twice the twinkle and so manageable. creme shampoo 2 ox. 49' 4 or. 89 Sex. 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