The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 15
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1948 BI.YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUU1KR NRWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms OurBoording House with Mqj. Hoople FACE FIFTEEN OH, HE 1K1 WITH DIRTY FEET AM' I'M PULLIM' HIM OUT FROM UNDER TM J BED.' WELL. MV ADVICE is THAT YOU'D BETTER TURN LOOSE OF HIM WHEM HE GETS TO TH' HEAD OF TH 1 STAIRS/ THE OLD SUCKER PUNCH, BH.,-»a,T» (We PlTCHlTHE OLD CHUM ?-"-VJeLL,TOO BAD YOUR W POP!' — •§ (JOY'S AS LEGS'OOsn \\KTCv4Yc3UR. MtA DBOPTHtl "TtflCKV FRO6-MOOTH SOVOO ^^^M BOOWOrt^A&A ' COOLD 30MP/-~-FiR-oT WHH TUfXV BIRO/ 6A.R OP I'LL STRftlSme^TrtKT JF«*aA AND SET* SOAP OfO •DETOUR i»^ YOUR. t-*>8?n 1$\ HIM ooTjIaMe BATH ROCM FLOOR ^-,%X. ^.MTOCOOL!) ;;- THE TRAILER By Adelaide Humphries k, MCA StIWIC!, INC FKKCKLES A HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL08SEB Hi|{h Hup«H v ,. OFAHOOPL6 .... . . . . wi_ WUEfi AROUSED", TO ._.. -.-fy.,, .i. W,'.-; 7,,... QUOTE THE- " — Columbia Gels M,317,3«4 NEW YORK (UP) — Columbia University received 13.317.384 In donations during the 1946-41 fiscal year, the largest amount of contributions since 1M6. The largest gift was »1,WO,3S8.12 from the est*l« of the 1st* Fredrick Ban croft 11 bar Jan. lecturer nnd author, for studies In Amman history. Radio Service At Its Best! We wrrice all make* radloi and back our repairs with a guarantee. Ours Is the most complete radl« tervlce to be found anywhere. We specialize In Frequency Modulation (KM!. • Complete Line of Nome Appliances Felix Carney -at- BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY 138 East Main St. Phone 3616 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS Action! No ox lUylnf at home when there'a real fan to be had! Ti7 your h»nd at Bljtherllle'i newest sport. Bow) Tonlfhtl Chitwood's Bowling Alley* East Main Street Phone 4929 TIIK aTORYl J>ate« Hllarj, P'rtlv, •fllelcai puaafi nur*r (« • uimlftr jinri aandaoiar fcm-irl^ tlor- tt\r Rric llnlhrook. ruita htm «im<e for kin. Eric nnd Jiinli-r have fallrn !• IOTC—nllknujck Krlr al- rrody kn« M witr Orhn !• »*>'ny) • lid Jllnlcr hnB « bnT-frlcad <llfn Arfkfi-}. l-'.ir N t\l.lli- .linllfr !• run [en I Jti»i 10 kium Krli- lavr> • cr—IheH Ihr »lruln ut Ihr «r<-r«( rrJal[i>niki|> br^In* t« IrIL Hhr rr>olve« Ibnf nhr aMd Erlr will • •re (« comr In • 4«>iihe acrlaloB. flbr dncft nix fcnui* Ihnl Frlr %•• •iMde up bin Mind t« MNk bl» wife for a dtv*rc-«. »a<7 i*ae I* r»cr XXII JAN'S eyes would always give her away] Hen did not like all lhal he saw in them but he would not let her know that, if he could iclp himself. He could pretend this did not strike as deeply as it did. "I won*t say, Jan, that 1 don't think he's a heel. A married man. A man so much older than you." Someone had to say these things to Jan; Ben wished it did not have to be his role. Her defense was not, perhaps, as quick AE it might have been. 'lie had been through a strain. "He's not too old," she said. "In (act he's not old at all. And he's never denied being married. 1 kn-.-w Eric had a wife; I knew she was aw.iT. Yet I walked with mj eyes open, into something neither f us expected." "Would you mind," Ben asked sternly, "telling me what you are going to do about it? Since, as you sry, it does concern "someone else besides yourself and the doctor." "I—we—don't know." Her Raze dropped before his direct look Not from any sense of shame or suiH, although this was almost the first time Janice had faced the act that a third person would be •nt:erned. She could no longer ' Ren for (ear he would se< he unhappincss, he confusion and conflict, in her eyes. "I see." Ben's Xone did not sound as though he did. Again he thought how he would like to much that guy. \Vhnl kind of girl did he think Jim was? If his in- entions were honorable, as the rite ."Hying went, why didn't he .ell Jan? He was a heel. • • • "I MADE up my mind just last nighl," .Jan -aid, as though Ben had the right to take the sland he had, "that we couldn't go on as we have. I made up my mind to tell Eric that." There was no reason not to talk ;his over with Ben. He was like a Brother lo her, even if he did not look upon her at a sister. And Ben was being very kind, although it was obvious that he did not like this mix-up—or Eric, either. "Good." His voice was still stern. "Slick to thai, Jan, please. Don't go on. indefinitely—and svich thing? can go on you know, without either party meaning that they should. You've heard about such cases, a girl carrying a torch (or a married man all her life, and maybe the man really thinking some day he'll make things right. But that wouldn't be right for you, Jan." He leaned toward her now, resting his elbows on the table, forcing her to look at him. "Promise me you won't let things slide, running on until tomorrow become;? a lot of other tomorrows and months become years, and life, and all that it could have been, is wasted. Promise me, Jan." She had let her glance meet his She knew that what Ben said was trup. nnd thai he said it because he loved her. He wai trying to make it easy for her by prctendinf it was not hard for him. "I promise, Bengy," she said. Suddenly she thought of what Albie had said: that happiness could not be bought at the price of unhappiness for. someone else And not only lien would be lln- ' owr this happiness of .lance's—if thai were what It was to be—but there wns also Eric's wife. And there were still others—her nolhcr and her fnther. Ben placed one of hi.1 big [lands nil her arm A noment. "Will you muke mo one nore promise, Jan? Then we'll akc thai bus-ride and 1 won't say inytliing more about this." Jan thought, It's always good to je \vjt.i lien. 1 do love him. as r ve always told him, but I'm slill lot In love with him. Aloud, she said she would make the other iromise. "Atler you set things settled." 3en scticl with an attempt at cas- wlness, "1 want you to tell me wluil you are going to do. You will, won't you, Jan?" "Of course " She knew he asked because lip had to know—just as she had lo know about herself and Kric. lien could lint go on, any nore Unit] she could, not knowing iny longer. And since Janice cncw how miserable this could >e, she added, "I'm sorry. Benfly, ruly I am." "It's too late to bf sorry," he ••Rid. "Just don't let it gel too late for you to be happy, Jan. And if vou ever nnd you can't be—well, I'm not putting it very well, but ] ?uess you know I'll be waiting to ry lo do what 1 can about your :iappiness." lie could nut have said anything that would ha.-c touched her more deeply. There was no possible way to thank a person tor loving you so unselfishly. Oh, why couldn't she have fallen in love with Btn? Then no one else need have been hurt. That was a question that only the tomorrows could answer. The tomorrow just ahead, for Janice had made up her mind that that was when she inusl have (hat talk and make thil final decision with Kric. She had made up her iniiui wot only for hoi own sake now. but for the sake of everyone else concerned—her family, Eric's wife, and Ben. {To Be Continued) Chicago Look* Ahead CHICAGO (UP)- Dr. Andrew O. Ivy, president of the University of Illinois professional colleges, says lhat in the next 12 years S20D.OOO,- 000 will be spent to build the West Side Medical Center into a quarter-billion dollar project. CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313jSoulh Second The Right Place To Buy Your Car . , . EAST END AUTO SALES 503 Edit Main Street Clean Used Cars _ AII i. t. i All Makes! Phone 4191 - T W. Lovelady •*' Larntan Graver Frazier RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AH Types Exctpl Cancer) DRS. 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Yes. you predicted (lie 1929 degression, btit you should have quit then—you're still predicting crashes and history proves you can't mi»s if von keeo it uu Inuu PHJSCIi.l.A'S I'OP ami Delightful By AI/VERMEER f'\'e Md you a hundred times lot to tell )our sister those •es! AOc/ g fastened around ?r throat. ktoni IM» t> M» M>«KC uj Tliis Deal Is Bad By MICHAEL O'MALI.EY and RALPH LAWS IW\ GE-HING INTERESTED IN WX OFFER, VAN OtR FLANK TAKf THE BISHOP AMD THE KNIGHT. ALONE EACH US VUl Nf RflBtE. TOGEJHEFC UPOWIRfUl TMM THEV AND WHICH Of VOU TWO BANDI1S WILL REPRESENT 8SII4IOM «NO WHICH CHIV«L(TY? NO MORE WISE "~ REMARK* HtOM YOU, MR.BETECriVE.'WHAt ARt WE COWS TO DO ABOUT HIM. VAN? BECOMS MY PARTNER. 50NVA. AND YOU ARE PART OF A GOING CONCERN. AND A PROFITABLE ONE. UOOK, IT 155 LIKe/WCKES! GAME MY DEAR HE KHOW5TOO WE MUST WASH TUBBS By LESLIE TUHNEK attic*... «T WM CABINET OUT OF 1HE HM. T«M> UtfS TO «ST INTO THE BREWEM I* »EHW!> THM BUT THIS I5 X VOU POOR MRLING-...IKNOW IMPOSSIBLE! I... \ HOW FOOLISH ONE FKVSTO 1 FOLLOWED 1H\D 1 HWE AN ILLUSION SCATTERED THRU THE OPENING /^—i BV COLD REM.ITV MKE, IRIS STARES WITH UHBtUEl'INS EVES M 1HE RUNK HJM.L HED RYDER 7" ME HOPE-SJN~RED SEE £>M2iCC By FRED HARM AN Hy V. T. HAMLIN BOOTS AND HKR HUDIMKS Now II Comes By EDGAR MARTIN

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