The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 13
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^THURSDAY, FKnRUAKY 12, l!).18 Tray Habit Saves Time for Cooks Food Preparation And Serving, Too, Can Be Made Easier nJi'Y* " r sl . c '""'»" iwreclaln enamel aic specially desirable for the kitchen became (hey lonk so a '* i™"™ and are so eas v to °le»n. • Pore-plain rMmolecl (raj's have a surely .strt-l l, llse which prevents their out of sHape.nml the jrlass-likc porcelain linLsh makes tlicm iT.slstaiit (o slain. Assemble Injmlienls en Trajs One of | h e V(1| . v f|| . st lhlngs taught In beginning cn nk/-rv rinses Is (He impoilnnce of asseinb- IIIIR nil the necessary Ingredients before starling to prepare n recipe, if the ingredients are collected on a utility tray, the tray may be carried right from the refrigerator or tlie pantry lo the work table. rncn, as (he Hems are measured out, the containers ar e put back on the tray and when the recipe 'Is completed it !s an eRsy matter to return them to their proper i>la«as. Many homeniakers keep a porcelain eimncled utility tray at the side of the range-top during men) preparation. Cooking spoons and forks arc placed on the tray between stirrings and the tray is easily washed right along with the pots and pans. Use Trays for Storage Often it Is difficult to know Just iio\v to store a large roast or fowl until time to cook It. A convenient T*ay Li to place it on a porcelain enameled utility tray, cover lightly with waxed paper and slide the tray onto a shelf in the coldest part of the refrigerator. When individual cocktails, salads or desserts are prepared In ad• vance, to be stored in the refrigerator until sen-ins time, a grca't Col or lime and eHort will be saved if Jfcthe dishes are lined up on a porce- ^-laln enameled tray. Tra v ami all co right into the refrigerator and come out again for serving «-ith just one trip, if the food is ready . to serve, it can be carried to the dining table right o n the tray. Cherry Whip for Parties SUSHI' unit sift tniD mixmi; bowl. Acid milk und meUi'cl shortening; stir chilly until .smooth. Spivail evenly in Rir.iM-d lo x « x 2-indi bnklni; disli or 8 x 8 x 2-lnrM square imn. Ami'igi' I'licrrU's over t«i|>. Combine climy JIIKT imd wutcr, mi- 1 Hiid butter uiul bring to a boil. 1'onr mixture tivor clierrlhs. Hake .it unco :n mndci'titi: oven W5 ik'Riws 40 mimitp.s nr until done. Serve warm. -ay almost over 1 llnvotfd dej.serls." "'" ""'""'^ Crcslcd Cherry Whip (Serves B) One package cherry-flavored gelatin in hot water. Pom- 1 cup into mold and chill. Chill remaining Realm mixture until slightly thickened. Place in bowl of ice ami water and whip with rotary eg° beater until thirty n, ld thick like whipped cream. Pour over firm gelatin in mold, chill until /irm Un- molcl. Garnish with cherries ami mint leaves. Serve with cuslara sauce. Custard Saitce (Makes 1 1-4 cups sauce) Three tablespoon* sugar 2 ccg yolks. ) cup milk. 1-2 tsu. vanilla. Ada HIE sugar to (lie eg» yolks- Tlicn add milk gradually, sUrinK vigorously. Cook in double boiler unlil mixture coats spoon, stirriii" constantly. Cool. Add vanilla. Cherry PuiJdin K (Serves 6) One cup sifted flour. 1 teaspoon ries, thaweii and drained, or i 1-4 CUDS canned red cherries. 1 1-3 cups clieriy juice and hot water buuer. ! ' 2 ''"" fi " 8ai '' l """"B""" Sid flour once, measure, add uaKir.g jiowdtr, .sail and 1-3 cup. CHILI An Economical Main DIjK V/inlcr-time ii Chili-time, and nothing tailcs bettor Ihnn flavor-rich Evor-Good Chili for lunch—(or dinner. It's easy to fix And economical fool Asfc your Evor-Good dealer for nutritious, satisfying Evor-Good Chili in tno /bright red cellophane wrapper WEEK Stokely's Fruit COCKTAIL Special Occasion Atmosphere Makes Good Food Taste Better Mealtime Is more fun for the entire Jamily if there is just a bit or spccpi r occasion atmosphere added. Every hoi Id ay on the calendar noi to count birthdays nnd anniversaries, offers an excuse for miniature celebrations around the Jum- ily dinner table. Often holidays suggest their own color schemes and ideas for mak- itlff_everyday foods glamorous. February, tor example, is a short month* but Is crammed with parly-suggest- ing occasions. I Valentine's Day. is always glariior. Eous—what with hearts and cupids ">>'! Rll sorts of sentiment. Make It a remembered day by pinning red paper hearts on the tablecloth and using a .small bowl of red flowers for the centerpiece. For a Valentine dessert, bake a plain cake In R rectangular porce- lian enameled baking pan. When the cake Is cool, cut it into squares and frost with white icing. Make a heart design by cutting a- small heart from a square of paper. Lay the paper square over each cake and sprinkle with red sugar lo leave a heart on each cake. Washington's Birthday is another February holiday which lends itself to fun with foods. Garnish fruit cocktails with red cherries and sprigs of mint. Chill red gelatin salad In a shallow porcelain enameled pan and cut into individual servings with a hatchet cookie cutler Decorate puddings with a -raffle of whipped cream around a cluster of red cherries. Strange to saj', adding holiday touches to everyday meals requires very little time. It's just a matter of toning up plain foods with color and-imagination to make them BHV and party-like. Merry-Go-Rmmil W ntcd •SPOKANE. WASH. (UPl—Warner L- Keehn, who has just, invented a gasoline-powered horse, is looking for an old merry-go-round. Keehn's S! a -horsepower horses are part mcrry-go-rbmid and part motor scooter. He'd like to build a whole stable of the high-octane nngs ,md go into the carnival business, but. he says .old merry-go-rounds arc scarce. Read Courier News Want Ads Thrifty Way to Get Glistenirig ALUMINUM 1 ONE UTENSU IN EVERY PACKAGE OF MOTHER'S OATS WITH ALUMINUM WARH l-Pi. Scoop-Funnel-Slraincr Combination . . . Measuring Cup . . ; Table Size Salt, Pepper Set . . ; Cookie Cutter . . . Unbreakablo Tumbler... Mixer and Measure Individual Turban and Star Molds ... Funnel — Kitchen Shaker Household Scoop . . . Ring Mold. Collect a whole set of these rustproof, seamless, extra-hard aluminum pieces . . . and rnnke kitchen work easier! Just ask for Mother's Oats with aluminum! Let your whole family enjoy this famous cereal's wonderful flavor . . . benefit from its great amounts of growth and vitality elements: Mother's Oats/ (WITH ALUMINUM WAKI1 ^se* vdtt! flavor for WHEN YOJ USE rose BRAND VEAL ROLL 1/ttl KM&? from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN MAYKOSE VEAL ROLL ihe veal roll on 3 rack in a slullon-, open pan in a slow °<en, <3Z5> p.) ,„ .,„ j ntcrnl] icmpcr.iturc of ISO' r. if a meat thcrmomclcr is used. Or, since the lime varies according In the wCLjtht of the roast, prepare the veal roll in accordance with ihc following tahlc: «'•'«''' •"» 6 pountd , "o • round! , 31,1; hourt 5 h ou ,, (Viclrf: a troquelln) 2 cnps ground cooked veal roll - ihs. liuticr ,>r mar K .irinc • f ""• "?" r 1 c,.p milk ^ tr<. rnineed onion; Jitfictl cncki-r crumbs 1 isp. sali Mayrose l.nrd M.ikc .1 « l,i, c sauce of butler. Hour .,nd milk. Add the veal ?,Ht and ,,ni,,n. Cool. Sh,ipc mio » cniquciici. Holl in sifted cracker crumlw. llcJl Urd in ., deep heavy p. 1n . p r> . cr , K1 , ICIICS in hot lard until well brownc.l. P"' n on soft paper. Serve will, liol spicy hccts and other lart « A,V |f i 2 £.' 43* PEACHES Standard Brand 2 Cans WHITE CORN 2 ? J 35 WUole Kernel GR'FRUIT JUICE ( L,° 15 Sluiuhml lirand TOMATO JUICE [^ 22 C Kroirvr—Hit-li Kert / P'NUT BUTTER Krnjjcr Magic Mi* PRESERVES Kroger I'cnch SPAGHETTI u Friiitcfi-AmcHcnn Fin* For Salads w 2 •& AA C Stokely't Hon» r Pad Sweet and Tender No. 303 TOMATO SOUP 3,>,,, 29 MACKEREL Uinipljcll s T,m «'nv« Wave APPLE SAUCE 2 N ^; m2H 29 c Kroner. I'tnm Clwicc Apples SALMON Chum. Tall Oin ICittmore MARGARINE - Ib. 37c Kino, li'rcsh (Junlilv The Dainty Cooking Fnt HUMKO-4-lb. crt 1.35 It's Woiulcrfull Wiiulsor Clnl) Spread Cheese - 2 ib. loaf 95 c Klne Wisconsin Qunlily 1'lrm While Pur* Lard 4 Ib. ert. 1.15 A Value nt KriiRer 15 Stokety's t drtttffb 23 CATSUP Sniocih and Spicy lit Chuck Roasl ib. 52c Salad Dressing - pt. 29c EnihiiKsy. FLOUR - 25 Ib. bog 2.13 Avnndal. 50-lhs ' 5.1.15 Pancake Flour 29c Krnser. 2 fkgs. Hot Roll Mix - pkg. 29c Pillsbury's or Duff's. Gelatin - - 3 pkgs. 20c Kroger Assorted. Jollies - 10-oz. glass 19c Moil's Assorted. U.S. Gtedtd fMd or Sirlotn Steak - Ib. II. S. Grided ,ood or ch.l«. Be.f Bri,k.t - - Ib. 35c V. •• 0««M i*** or ch.l«. Sllctd Bacon - - Ib. 65c C-.H* W..HQ,. _, * Armour * B «° '"' "•• < 69e Ollt.OT ik *' 6; BREAD - 2 Ige. Ivi. 27e KriRcr white twisted. ROLLS pkg. 19c ('limiunnit flllerl. ('limiunnit filled. -**^ ^^ LAYER CAKE - ta. 59c ijfcHTEN (;hcrr>- tmlKts K«Mcn. *^ ^^ Coffee Coke - pkg. 27e Lemon, RITZ - - 1-lb. pkg. 31c Nuhlsco Cr.ickcrs, Crockers-2-lb. box 39c Kroscr Sallt'il Sodni. Kroner Hol-l)iilcd SPOTLIGHT COFFEE 3 Hi. |15 Ha • JAc . Tf" Kor InBianl Coffee Use NESCAFE :U" 43-- Kroner Vacuum Pack QQ FF £ E , , J (JQc No Kincr Coffee at Thin Price EVAP MILK Kroger Vitamin D Added 3 Tail CVjns Cod Fillets lb.39t Sw<«r, tender , Riv.r Carp - - - - Ib. 19c Salmon St«aks - Ib. S3e Kh Kith" more dclieiU fl««r. HOUSEHOLD SAVINGS Save over 40% on Household Institute Waterless Cookware Frying Pan Here's Kxnmplc nf How You Save: 10-Inch Only SIM Will. The HenJth Sonp Life Buoy Soap fc *- 59c Bars Ivory Snow Small Pkjr. 2 for Jl.'ic f-ge Oflc 1'ktf. Wa DUZ GRAPEFRUIT T- —Fi OMMtt Ajax Cleaner s wee t j u r ey t^tu* 2 „„„, 23 C APPLES Win ™ ps or S "• M ** *" • ™r*™ Delicious W Washingion Sl»IH Lux Soap TOMATOES 2 AA C Red—Ripe StiHng Quality Darn *0 RADISHES J CLOSEOUT Fancy Fr*sh Red 2ibBox POTATOES 50 ASSOrfed U. S. Washed SM*cted Red Chocolates ^^ Reds Tub* Bunches Lb Mesh Bag If 2" Lb. Calif. Fjnest Pascal JARMTS

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