The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 12
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-TW1LV1 BLYTHEriLLE (ARK.)' COURIER MEWi Com and Beans Rich in Protein UnUn Still NFA SUH WHtrr *ac Lenten meatless jiieflU firs*. rafce protein di&he$ made •ggs. canned corn or dried lima ' try Corn Pudding- \ Two cup* canned corn, I tftble- •poong table fat, 1 teaspoon wilt, 3 #«*. slightly benten; 3 citp« milk, p*ppw to iMt*. Combine corn, «ggs »nd milk. Add'melt«d fftt And uU. Pour Into oiled btklng dUh- Set dish In pun of hot water Bake 1n » moderate. OTtr <MO degrees y.l until ctutard 1* firm— about 45 minutes. Remove •4 once to avoid overcooking. FV>r •pftefnl color touches. add ,vxnc chopped green pepper, paisley or • few sirjp* <if j»lmiento fc> the TJnia RemiM (Swvw 4-fiJ Two cups lima brans, I onion, diced; "4 to U pound hum Ouch •«a trimming* from bone-. If dr- jlred; 1 teaspoon *saU|, '4 tnhle- apoon brown siipar, 'i lenspoon rfry mustard, U teaspoon , Worrfstpr- ahlre snuce, 1 small can tornnlo nou p. Wash and soak IjNms In cold water overnight 'or !Mo ft lionr.«i In warm water). Drain, cover with fresh water and cook Moxvly until almost done. Arrange sliced onion on bottom of baking dish. Pour hot beans on top. Cut ham in 't- Incli p1ecp.s and press Into lop oT beans Add cookinp water to cover be*tw. Bake In moderate oven (3f>(l defiTM^ F .) for abouj 12 hours. Instead of. ham trimmings In the baked llmas. try bacon, .suit pn*k, porV MU sage or chopped frankfurters- fi? Try Seafood for Tasty Nutrition Johnny Got His Gun But It Seems Country Doesn't Want Him Now Foresight Simplifies Dishwashing I Finishing up the pits and ptuiR Usually Ihe part of iHxhwnrlll th»t U the mosl s rtlsllk«i.,'.\VUh »leek, chlnn-Uke finish which makes tfiepi M »asy to wnsh ns ordinary *.<>!«, porcelain tnameled cooking vlenstis help solve this problem. It Isn't necessary to scour v or rub pore«laln mmtneleid uteiuUs. Sim- pl.r put them to «oak Immediately • ft«r •mpting. After th* dishes »r* finished, WHS'II the poU snd J»M in th« wupy n»t*r »nd they will ooffle out e'.ean and shining with a minimum o< attention. Another Advantage k tlmt. Uiey »»y b« rinsed with hot »aler and allowed to drntn dry, ellniinnting the. iMewAtty for towel drying; By Giynor NKA liUft Wrltor Cnmiert M>a!ood «nd ( mnkn delicious and filling meal.s, jifl< - keri with protein. Try the**. Klirimp Mar^urrml Ixiaf Oi\e 5-niLiice can .shrirnii, '1 c:ii>s c<X)J(^rf'elboiv macaroni, j l-'J cups .WHliled milk. 1-2 cup *m hiend cruniUs, 2 tablespoons Inilter or margarine, 1 l;iblesix>on chopped Fratt Drop "Hell We«fc" At Too Rugged BLOOMINOTON, ln<l (U.P.) — Stiidrntji who plan to enroll at DirJIniia Uiilvirrxlly nnd iilrrtge to a friiloriilty .didn't have to worry »bovit "Hell Week" any longer. University officials siild tirs had aRroed [o drop nil "rough features" from Initiations In the future. AnionK the banned activities were road trips. scavenger hnnts. and trips jo sorority houses or women's dormitories "except for the express purpose of soclnl affairs." The agreement was reached after one Iraternity was suspended by university .officials when nine pledgee were arrested for breaking into local stores to obtain proscribed "Hell Week" materials, ISTANBUL <UP>--Johnny ij| ( < ;l |, 22-year-old ex-OI in fstailbul, claims hp U Ihe most mixed up veteran of the American Army. dor-.s not even speak a Philippine language. He speaks English, Greek Turkish and French. Johnh's father, Eduardo untjlln o lIlLtkrl , C.11IJHI UO llltfa He was born in Turkey but lie Is |. s „ retired veteran of more than lot a Turk. He was drafted into 25 years In the U. S. Navy He the American Army but he I* not came to Turkey with the U S an American, He has been told he If, eligible for benefits of the Ol nlll of rlijht.s but lie has been denied a visa to enter the United Slates. He joined the American Army in Egypt, not In Die Unilerl Slates. Johnny's mother Is a Greek cili- ! was going Mil who lives In Turkey. His father Philippine citizen who lives in Puerto Hlro. Johnny Is therefore Philippine rllt/.en nllhmieh he hns never seen the Philippines. He. fleet in World War I. Here he met and man-led FVjfo Cauls, then * Greek refugee to Turkey and lo this marriage Johnny was born. Later, his parents were divorced. Jatiuny Is Inducted Early In 1945. when the war still Johnny suddenly received his "greetings from the TlTUWTOAT, 12, iX « U , nd ' r < "' aft r *« u - * rMl ' Uu - Utions. He wa. Issued an Amerl- I .tr.nger In the United • SU can pa.«pr .for l,Ls trip ,„ Cairo, j didn't know what *1« 'to « M a SUte" and db he After bulc training i,, Egypt, asked the Army to «nd him bick Johnny wa., sent back to Turkey , U> hi, mother after hi. dliharg. • ^ «<•«. lo act as interpreter and cleric tor ail American Army mission there. Later, he was sent to Oermahy. In 19«, along with nil other draftees who riirt not enter the regular army, Johnny was discharged. He was sent to the United Slaws for his separation. In Ihe United States, Johnny suddenly discovered thai he was no longer a U. s subject because the Philippines had been granted their Independence, He applied for American cltfeetishlp and thought, because of his army service, that he -would be accepted. A letter from . ... tllc U. S. Department of Justice President," through th e American! told him no, because he was "draft embassy, ordering him to .Egyptj e<1 from « neutral country." for Induction. As a Philippine cltl- Can't UndrnUnd MII iw'ivas a U. S. subject and Johnny couldn't understand That the Army did. Now, Johnny doesn't know wh»t lo do. He l t fed up w ith Turkey, which has been him home for moat of his life. He doesn't want lo go to the Philippine*, which i. the only country that will accept him, because I don't know anyone there and couldn't ev>n talk to anyone, f would be a complete »tr»nger." Now, he wishes he could to b»ck to the United States. He it even willing to enlist in the regular army Just to get back. But nobody pays any attention to him. His letter to the adjutant general has gone unanswered. His appeal, lo the American Embassy and to consular officials In Istanbul and An| Kara have been without results. . It He has been told his only ch«nc« i* to 10 on lh« regular Turkish Immigration quota, which 1« filled lor 30 years. S«o Serpent Legend Given Credence BOSTON (UP)—A "sea serpent" reported seen by 200 witnesses off Nahant Aug. i«, 181«, really rnny have been such a monster—perhaps the last of the species—the marine historian Edward Rowe Snow b«- Heve*. Record* show that James Prince, marshal of Massachusetts. who viewed the monster through a spyglass, esttmaied it ( 0 be about 60 feet long. He said Hie serperH traveled with the vertical movement of a caterpillar. Snow says New England coastal history Is filled with sea serpent reports, but that the. Nahant inci-j dent appears to be best supported. nirallesf Lenten tr»t. pimento, 1 tablespoon chopped paisley, 1 tea-spoon .salt, 1-8 teaspoon pepper 3 eggs, beaten. Drain shrimp aju) combine with remaining ingredients in mixing bowl. ButU-r an 8 x S x 3-inch loaf \y.\i\. Turn mixture into lonf pan. j •Set in pftii o( hot wnter and liake i hi a moderrtK oven 1350 decrees I F.) 1 hour. Serve trom loaf pan, i or utimold and slice. Mukes six .serrhig&. I Otamcd KUh Oas.swole [ (Serve. 6-8) i Four lables|>oons shortening, 1-4 cup diced yreen |>epper. 6 table- i spoons flour, 1 1-4 tea.sixxms salt. 1-4 leasptxin pi.'piter, 'i 1-2 cups milk, 2 cups (hiked, cooked or canned fish, 1-4 cup difi'd pimento, 1 1-3 cuix= ei-u.shcd crispy cracker crumbs, butter. Melt shortening over Jow heat; add green pepper and saute five mkmite.s. Blend in flour, salt, and pepper. Remove from heal and gradually .stir in milk. Return to heat and cook, slirrinis' consjantly, \ until thick and smooth. Add fish, pimento and t eup of the cracker crumbs; mix well. 'Him into a greased casserole and top with remaining 1-3 cup cracker crumbs. Dot with butter. Bnke in a :t&0- ciegree P. oven 30-35 minutes. Hart's Special Sweetheart VALENTINE CAKE - - • SI. 00 Resort Hurt ty Lmtk of Cold MBOKVB, I-rnnce (UP)—While BlOflt of France complains of •uHlolent heat, this winter resort t> depressed over the lack of cold and snow. Because o* mild temperatures and steady rains, skt resort towns ll«e Megeve are having a bad-sen. •on. The French government had count**! on millions of francs in foreign exchange from winter sport. 1 ; enthusiasts coming to the Alps from abroad. They have failed to material! ui. Meg«ve has cancelled il* famous skiing grand prix after days of heavy rain. Over (he holidays hotels expected about 3,000 foreign guesu—Americans. Canadians. Chileans and Egyptians. About 50 visitors arri*d, mostly Belgians and Swiss. The shop windows here are fu] of good things which recall prewa day». There are > few buyers. Russian caviar, pnte de foie gras am luxurious furs remain In tile shoi windows day afler day. Even the llKiia! wealthy Freud ara attuui this year. With the cos of living newly 83 , per cent hlghe than thte time }«t Me .ion, they an •taying av;ai In rtr»T*«. Sailor Man, No. 2, All Green ASPARAGUS each 8-oz. Box WHEATIES 20-oz. Box Red Sour Pitted PIE CHERRIES 12-ox. Can NIBIET CORN Lge Can Thet e's only one GRAPETTE Lush, ripe FLAVOR Soft CARBONAIION Quid-Chill BOTTLE Unmatched QUALITY Full 6oz. QUANTITY Vour nickel PAYS lor Gropelle—be sure you g»t it. Aik for il by dome! S o t "A G f a p • I 1 «, " FOR DELICIOUS LOW COST MEALS! Mayfield CORN EASY TO COOK! Tender! Fluffy. CRISCO Simple, <iviick, easy to cook! Tender, fluffy, delicious! Kich in natural nourishment. THE BIST QUALM RICE IS LABELED... $1.20 RlCELAND - - each|5c THREE MINUTE OATS Fcxas 46 O/. Can GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 15 Florida (iold. Sweetened ORANGE JUICE 11 0*. Package PLUMP RAISINS ,,,10 ,,,,25' -)lrf Black Joe' BLACKEYE PEAS All Popular liramls CIGARETTES Hordcn's Kagle Itrand CONDENSED MILK No. 2 Can HOMINY frinoe Albert SMOKING TOBACCO 25 1,1). Hag While—§1.75 CORN MEAL Gold Medal FLOUR Pure Cane—10 R!)c DOMINO SUGAR Pure While — 8 I.lis. $2.2!) HOG LARD Marsh Seedless 64 Size GRAPEFRUIT Full Flavored SWEET POTATOES IB O/,. Can i\o. 2 Can. 2 Cln. Or. Can for Cln. 25 27 I 1 HI Ihs. 73 SKr: Hi Hi. 5 Ihs. I,bs. 45 CABBAGE Jumbo Slalks CELEBY Fine for Salads WHITE GRAPES Golden Rip* BANANAS 8 Lb. Mesh Bag ORANGES 10 l.b. Mesh LK. 5^ ,, 15" 39 39 ; GRAPEFRUIT Crispy Salad Worthy LETTUCE ,,,J2 U. S. No. 1 Red Triumph POTATOES Canadian Crown RUTABAGAS 1(1 59 6 FRESH SLICED BACON Durkcc's Superior OLEO - - - Dcliciously Tender MINUTE STEAKS Ib. Ib. 69* Armour's Star ROLL SAUSAGE Ib. 67* - lb.52< Smoked SALT PLATES Liberty Cash Grocery Low Prices Everyday

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