The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on July 20, 1954 · 28
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 28

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1954
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Tllli DAILY OK LA H OMAN Tt KSIA V, ,U i,Y Arroyo Whiffs 15 as Buffs Tip Dallas, 5 to 2 Former Cityan Minor League Threatening Homer Mark Capitol Hill, Guthrie Legion Snare Openers law It i --ij3BSai:- '.. , A - J-i 1 " " " i- i ' ' ' , ' " " '''' ' ' ' ' ' '' ' .iii "' "' i II,' l ' I, i- h ii ii' , ' ! ' ' t'' 'I,' i ' iv oil a hi;; in,. iM momvm Tnt, turn 1.111 MM .., omi,ii,,r7 rfrMT1&KlllfflJJP,,lIBWWBt Ho ,.., n With , li 5m,' , ''.?" "' " V . ."", , V""' v,.s. , JU" im- !..:v,:i,irT;".i..,.,,';,'";'1;,,v'l '"' M carrrM p. .. I u,ill, il,., k ehancM ! Iioiiuht' .i tillia- n.'.ii.,.. walks and ', , '" , ' ! , "' ' """ 1 ' " 1,11 " prohatilv pnv 11,'e rest of ,i, !Im"r';"s,..i;V;Uil'lN',""'"li?,i;''' 'J l'" P'W H ,wt Tm hnvini: my host year. Rut riphl hpra." ' Here is the 1hr. fJarcup in Cardinals, Stan, league prcsidcii Stanky Suspended Pending Probe of St. Louis Rhubarb Cats 6, Missions 4 SAN ANTONIO. .Inly 1!) - -UP- t the homers Mond; President Giles Due on Scene Todays- Deal, Yvars, Torgeson Also Set Down Junior Golfers Qualify Today field of 2 battling for (led Oklahoma Sooner Coach Completes TV Sports Series Hawks Outslug Rockets, 11-8 glc. Before reliefer Hill Harrison cmiltl eel the third out the Skins had pushed across Only three hits were needed in ! "rt-run double 'by shortstop" non-all Dunn. For the entire route Capitol Mill collected hut eight hits and no one. got more than one. The lone gnoso-ogg went to first baseman .lorry Davis who did nothing in six hies. V. tiklll ach and athletir dirorior three lias contracted for and finished in, 1ho.!,hn this summer a national fall nnf! ncat Shawnee Hawks got start Monday night McAlestor Pockets Sooner State League! baseball game. The Hawks counted threi the first, inning and marched ; more runs across in the second r Andrews Outclasses Chiocca in 10-Rounder eppcr from Su-5 a u v e it r Chi chi and v,. n in the feature 10-round bout at St. Nicholas Andrews weighed 153 pounds, Chi- Monday Ada b, Lawton 5 Chiocca-s refusal to ADA. Okla.. July J9MvKen Probably did in the lop of the ton Monday night. than any other factor. The welterweight seemed con- tand back and fight ; c fight rather than lake the dve. On the few occasions he did take the offensive his weapon was a looping right Two Eagles Sign PHILADELPHIA, .luly 19 'P Princeton star Bob Uncer and former Chicago Cardinals de- back Roy Bruno Barm have Gainesvill 5 Pauls Valley 4 rc,,lirnc(1 signed contracts for the. C.AINESVILLE, Texas, .lulv 19-, " S" vlh,e. ndcVLh V! H0 I c r H! - - s Uea, IVarS. I OrqeSOn AISO jet UOWn !un" ' . Rnlu'r tcrs ofr n Tuesday hall coach and s,,hlolic director, lcafiuo-lcadini 1 ' : Pet Worth 210 020 100-6 5 1 I morning, battling for the three has contracted for and finished in, off to a fast -rr(flr! CT. LOUIS, July Eddie SUnKy of St. Louis was ! "Zr, U TT !" 'iS WlKl ' ESAnTo'n'i- .J $1 rj Mispt-nrted Monday pending a hearing here Tuesday on a free- j and Yclen; Wilson. Herrera (1), ,V,',oni'1 ,u,""r ""nnament next ,7-ii " 1 v ! 11 '8- in ; S iiouTtn" " v -i ii S : lol'-a" between lus ( animals and the Philadelphia Phils Sunday I IV) and Masterson. ,mJn at i.os Angeles. llowird v,.., ,.,,, nkhhnm, baseball game. Fr. worth -;i :!;;i mghl tin a game which svas lorfeited to the Phils. I --.on I The youths, all under 18. will play :Ci,v :.dvertisin mVn who annoi The Hawks counted three runs in Pr'V' , i -sSndl-llnre hearing ordered by C,,cs. were SV ' " "MS v ! a o-run w " tVi?,;,'V.'..'4i'AT'"e'- i V:'! rhv' Pitcher sa Oilers a S to 4 win over the' ' ,c firsl losome tees off at ,he seri(.s - homer in the first inning for the 0Cta. (."il,""?",';','1 ";""h' "' "" 11 KIlis Cot Deal ol the (.animals The brawl started after Torge- :Tes,-,s League lending ShroveporttSMO a.m. . Hawks. ,on AA' r,r.""-.J;':',, , , . and first baseman Car Torgeson ..Ki(,,..i ,., .. ;,.... 1... :slinru Included in the field are slate . 1 nc c "s Inc. week of., moil: 'a'r-.. s, An-! f Phils- Deal and then became involved !' Norn, Camp of the Oilers sent iunior champion Art Hall of Tulsa ,TJlH -10 television sta-ijwnc, , 3jn ,!?,. SS: i? ! tnhrL"ru''tr" j Presumably Iho circumstances in an exchange of blows with the game into extra innings with a l.-e -laycee titlist Bob , " ' , r ! ' 'S.'"4 "w hM" Tr.m w fiinw: ! ""! game of the floubleheader Moore and'' a'mnnbc'r of players j Tulsa "o)7oOU002 000 1-5 "l" 2" icfd,,y , tIm,,ion' J'crry PiU ma"' ."a'te '""''' btrrC ,hC S,artm k'CY. 1 i:1it ..v.Uf.r s" :1 i 'nday as well as the fight, will fIom boll, clubs poured onto the ! Shrevpt 000 001 120 000 0-4 13 0 aLso of luls;'- , ' . PciVnti 37 ti'SsB m I'S ia--, ,-t .... . . . " Held. iloore grabbed vats and 1 McNeilance, B o k e I m a n ( 8 ), Five City Entries i 11r.111s.u1 d asKen ov a spun- Aycock : i"tr,uit sitixi.. ": i, ,,i. i ti ", '' "owned liy htatiKy. , Fisher (9) and Kinaman, Jadwin i 1,10 scheduled to he here.;"" " , "" '"L sl ' '.-s ,l0l the.. -score w.m,n """'MVvolam 3-7. j ,ho '.K,'lon, '" tclcKiam aftei Thc fpoe-for-all came in the i (V); Andre, Piercey (9), F. Mar- i nr from Tulsa. Oklahoma City j1.01 scouting the Sooner coach s ninth for Lav iioMnn";.!. ' iV.-,itinVnr.- o'.i. I n, " " ' v " 1 . l ' nninu of the second game ; tin (12), Lade (13) and J. Martin. iu nve and ouiers win y ' "" oui na s ern Smathers hit a nst ki'ni (Wf"Mi ; S a$kc'' (,,,cs u co,".c and delayed play for eight mm- j ;Come from Broken Arroxv, Duncan .ox-f. K-1. V. bases-loaded single to win the "fen .w 3,;. n.i.v j he e for an on-the-scene. invest,- u.s. Shortly thereafter umpire C",' -J. 'L'.r.J." :'biekasha, Wewoka and Okmul-! . 'Vinson emphasised, h e f o r e Sooner State baseball Sa me 6-.V Ihat S&TW !,,V,,,i,1?" 3- R-'w' asked for ,be ho-.rin """c Pinelli declared the game j tlTSt L. tl n Sl I O H iee 'f "'f " b .Wendell Doss recorded his 15,1, "est ar2r. B,-!i,Vl,,,;,'l- "t..v ! .We asked for the hea ing and rorfejlo(, to ,,, Phils hecallsc f i Also in the field are .lames Card- ""shed well before the 19o4 foot- victory against 10 losses. .John De- hand only . M-bcliilrd. ; we i e happy to have it, a Car- ,i, ..,.;., , : ,u 1 i A r . ner ih. iiv iir inner and. ball season began so thev wouldn't Snnsa -hn lil, hi. ... Vff ?f f, ,r r ! "eUm SS,cd dies ' (f .' J O D VV IH X toil in , , ", . i ' i i n , , , Jl 1 ' ' ! , , I, , h ., I , f , .am. I ' n"' IeSou" N,v..rK so jo .557 ... jPhti;., .555 i-i'-, 1 ,,, "..r ' . .. ,.u time that Stankv "is temnera-! Th Elks ,.nh r,.,l ."''V' cnmpeien in quaiiiying 'TV'11"" "l l. 1 t ljiHfellai in Monday night's game in any unsuifed for the job n-n,w win nipping 'Hnker ."i.hoSphS. tSS QrZ ZuonZ thfg a"""CCi oncinnM. il'SSJJ'vo", u ,nninRs,. ' T,c Phils'won the first game nnin-'hnmc. l,v iVos Keff S'X',h"l'l:hc."0 ris, n new hh eclipsing : shows. ; Monday night enabled Gainesville I IMM WtWa V ! qORGESON is also ineligible 3 1-10 i, 10 "n gs and the In a not her dose lil Central 1 "' 713 0fo,ni:, -voir- rtlJ , len, of v"! f'-o score the winning run for a .Viife-.' ' i Vr MTiny nifih,'S SUHtiiil Avenue'Bapl'istkecl o 'a 7- ' w n ! Ro, -J brilliant hw''iliV oS Tc C,CCisin WCr Pc"ls'WSFg? YorAXVc.,!.".'' rm,:inal,! d R . lossa id I t;,a,;;,ncT,,1,;s; out Stp.nStanv was call- over .1011, StreHBaptisL AmarUlo. Texan xvon the b"j I and I. hnsljS. Singles by Rick Marrs and n;,niR j BT MS fcV, and Rrat,hrtillnr MC,e U,,,,nnS ' Writers Name Mays 1- iJltifysSSi n , ' i r '" ' t ' "T !"r ' f" I' .'H;Ni5'r:V?S ! Month's Top Athlete $Z ZrrAz lfoST. . . V'tVivV,. BdSebd S TOD Ten I Southwest Loop u? ' , ' - , - Nru ,ori , K 1(,uu soo- s,a,P ,e,sc game Monday!Motoro!a cr Radios S fiBjgaSSeas."- S r:.:. I 1 l! i ForCage Tourney iSSfeC ,n bi!cLA radioshop? Tm S ,,,1 rf,lllVrFi ' .UM ig i :! HOUSTON- lo Iv ,n i "ns " I--'"-' ChiiV. nn',;!,vy,;.;,,,JUc'-- the year-end award. f , s, ., , K8 SS? 3" S ? if 1 2 1 6 Linwood Phono CE 2-6 1 47 t w n P N k ' ' ' 1 " 1 'r r s " 0 m a QAi rCQIICIl 1 Trave! yur rv ;rpu, - Jockey Hosp,tnlMdi Is W,,r ( T, ac. lo Opeii drtLtdlVltN I i COol, COol COmfort! WlSfisii TEh",n 7' 1 " m " vciipfeis8i; L w W H 1 : R1CE ;SBJL2; "f'r "lrf',CT """i r Suspended Texas Aggie ost, I I T.,0fs nght8 Foa urpn,.ngiy c, $CKQ49 aMeorher'.ondi,ioner ,ho' ou,prform J 'V ; Hrl, Gridders Receive Clean Bill i --tosss i pworcd 1954 "Rockc" EnTno o,dsmi,c; ; JiJ3 Drive wilh YOUr wmdow, ciosew. "socTHEtK aSSqo,atkTn ; 1 SntM- dC" ' .-today! INSTALIEO IN ONE DAY Keep out withering blos.s of hot air; WT, W '""" COLLKCH STATION. Texas, societies is forbidden ,o A&M s,. -pT- ; , , i a ,b Any Th'" Co" ovoid wmdburn and fatiguing wind .' . ; ' 'II ' I - four fnotball plav- dents. BBiSffljBESB : Yov.r price depends upon of model and noises; keep out bugs, dust and &,nnVecnn " 4"SiI-'"i?v!irrk tAH 1 ,' 'S " "(i 1 3 01 'K'r Tcx a s A& M -sl ' Mnfin said the suspended st NEW, IMPROVED 1 954 MODEL body style, optional equipment and accessories. Ro,w Plvmou,h pollen. ..-t . , .'l,'.Mwil 4"-n, dents suspended this summer be- dents were' declared elieihl" ' .iSJL' I ' Prices mov very sliqhdy in odioinina communities ?erbiU Z?v , rp3E?,?3!V0'J '" e e'soejoly' MonVay'vere' d'eclarc.l'ele o'"Vm,iieV':-', ? p.even, InVmr' N :, " ' J"""'" ' hipp tChrclrd'eTe'ms" tor'; dl'more! Vooll 'c'oy' sellinqein , NTw.M-aS'S.yio-K.'i'ga'."- ,C.Ilc for mmesha,,. roadnnssion. .due t,, differences in arm a, air dm,C ;., ,v i j chooge w.thout Check cur budget terms. H. the summer as you never did before! wkstkhn i.KAr.i.K 1 ' he a n nouncc m enl by A& M pros-1 forcp ,UV1V ., ,'. ',';'' yours rmhl It, yonr 1 rom Iran. Ray Barrett, guar d "T ' '" " - n'.n- l.- rCWWWWr -Sm7mri-irs3 ,r, ,,... :cnririiriii -'?to,co- t Winnipeg Gives OK Slampederc the rich- to r.egc::.-,te with end Ed Henke of "the San jorganization. Membership in secret undisclosed player. charges of membership REFRIGERATED AUTOMOTIVE AIR CONDITIONER COME IN, CALL OR WRITE

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