The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1947
Page 11
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLK (AUK.) COUIUEK NEWS K1U1MY, SKPTKMJiKH 5/ I'M? Assembly-Line Abortion Mill 'Office' Raided Th(? Old Hitchin' Post YORK, Sept. 5. <UP) Dr. J Leopold Brandenburg, once know as the "physician to {he underworld, "'because of some of his clientele, was charged with criminal abortion today following his ar- r»t. In a raid on an alleged assembly-line abortion mill in the Bronx. Police said the fat, tall, 81-year- old doctor was the brains and chief surgeon of a syndicate that netted 1500,000 in Illegal operations' annually. Four persons arrested wUli Bran- denbuif were held on charges of acting as his accomplices. Police identified them as Mr. and >Mjs. M»x Strauss. Irving Lipton and Mrs. Beatrice Werner. Brandenburg \vas arrested yesterday when police, in a carefully planned raid, ripped the door off a Bronx apartment mid found him, garbed in white, standing next to a kitchen table on which a woman was lying. The woman had jusl had an .abortion, police said. Brandenburg was not a stranger in court. Last December he was sentenced to six years on a narcotics charge. He was free on $15,000 bail when picked up yesterday. His most celebrated brush with the law came in 1942 when he was convicted of changing the fingerprints of Roscoe Pitts, a member Of the notorious Roger Touhy gang of Chicago. His three year sentence was set aside on the grounds that TralHc laws in Norrlslown, Pa., don'l cover parking violations for Old Dobbin, so policeman Jeremiah Deluncy scratches his head, ns he figure!- whnl to do nbonl this horse parked overtime, lie found Uic horse and buggy lelhcrccl lo this parking meter on a main street and (he allotted lime run out. he had not statute. violated any federal Election in Hungary May Be Protested to UN WASHINGTON, Sept. 5. <UI>>U. S. officials arc considering asking the United Nations General Assembly to take up the "fraudulent" Hungarian election in which the Communists emerffd \Cctorlous. n'lir thoritative sources suEd today. A request for UN~acUoh or'u new protest lo the Coinmunlst-dominal- cd Hungarian government, apparently lire the only courses left open to the United States now. A new protest Is unlikely because the Hungarian regime has shrugged off previous American and British protests about its electoral methods. Mother of Four Sues Founder Of Home for Girls MTTIiE ROCK, ScjlL 5. (UP) — A hoiiring will be luild in Pulaskl Circuit Court ttxiny on a complaint filed yeslcrdny by Mrs. Alien May of i Lost Corner, Van Burcn County, seeking to regain custody of her four daughters. In her complaint, Mrs. Mary'eliur- 'd thtil the glils are now being held without legal authority by James Mackrell, radio evangelist and .s]X>nsor of a home for girls eiir AlabeK'ale. Mis. May said that her husband, tie father of the girls, died,"Feb. 1'j, 1016. She explained that Mack- rt'll came to her at the funeral and told her Ihul it was the request of I he "deceased husband and father" thtil he take charge of "everything." rriie " complaint further alleged thai Mackrell assumed custody of the children and seized and con- ^erted to his own use five head of cattle, three head of horses, $350 worth o( household furniture, a saddle and farming equipment valued at S100. The four sills range In age from four lo 11 years. I -Till: STOUYl Anrirciv ilruim In . ; mm the ClrtiiiN oti«. Sundriy tiftcr: noun. Jerry |» timing liU Mud I en ' and AiidriMT nl It-HI fit* (n illsi-mir- 1 a pr him fniin Iti-cumm*; :> <lovti>r, i Afldrriv iil*<» 4r)N Mkkl mil In In ' HrlnH Itrromi: dm mire of her, ! KniK'7 cnlcrs Oil? run in ;iuil An- I 4rnv R reels her ^villi ulivluu* : warmth, ! ... ^j-^,), ! • xvn ' '" "T BROUGHT you something," bccomi ' ~ Dr. Woodward said to Nancy, j children, got up and yc'nt swiftly oul to the hall, coming back nt once with 'the flat package he had placed think that Andrew luid brought her his yifl, as if he fell her to be a mure important person than her lovely young daughter, lie remembered Nancy's tiislcs; he tried seriously lo please her. The way he sal and watched her now scnl little quivers alont! Nancy's spine. She was a woman to Andrew, not just Mom as she had la Malcolm, and lo the had upon tlio loblb. lie stripped its ^wrappings away, laid upon licr lap a flat, green album. * - : She looked up wilh starry gray eyes. "It's Debussy! OTi, you ilnr- :]ing! You remembered—" She iheld the album vtp for Nikki and ^erry lo see. "The Preludes, children. And the wonderful thing is ithat Andrew doesn't like De- Ibiissy." ' ' 1 I "I got lliem when I went to DCS IMoines last week," Andrew lold :her, his eyes alight'at her reception of liis gift. "The record place !hcre didn't have them." ! "All that thoughl," Nancy mur- jmurcd, slipping Ihe records out ;ol their envelopes, pulling them ; jnpon the turn-table of Ihe player, ^coming back to sil beside Andrew, !hcr face flushed wilh pleasure, her ;fingcr to her lips. "Hush, cvcry- ibody. Listen." ! "Jerry opened one of his books; iNikki lit a cigarel and lurncd out jlhc lamp beside her. In the jshartow, her eyes watched Nancy's •face. Andrew, loo, lit a cigarc ! ;and settled back, also walching SNancy. She sat, completely bappj 'and relaxed, her eyes half closed {listening to the piano recording^ [thinking how skillful Andrew was lih pleasing her. His gift was the ipcrfect one for Nancy, selcclcd land saved, and brongbl to her ii 'just the right manner. ! Besides, it was wonderful ti come alive, her perceptions sharpen, her feelings deepen. An- irew made her feel important, :mcl attractive, and she did love lo feel so. Any woman did! The music finished, Andrew left, liiielly explaining that he was due at the Hospital for rounds. Jerry went wilh him to the <Toor, and they heard him, later, sUimp- ng down the steps to his room. Nancy sat on, dreamy-eyed, before the fire, continuing lo examine luxuriously her feeling for Andrew. A thread of the music lingered like perfume in her brain. the first, his interest in Nancy had been exciting. He was, she knew, a man of many affairs, of a cultivated taste in wotn- And now she was his tasle, his j [fair, and that knowledge was xciling. It wasn't that he had er sought lo make love lo # her;- c was much more subtle than :ial. Bui .each time he saw her —not often—the time seemed un- lortant; as if he mode a gay and lelicious rendezvous with her. To!ay, fitting beside him on the h;ntz-covcred love-seat, wilh erry and Nikki in Ihe same room, he felt the gay importance of this i cp as ion. They were two sophisticates in i regrettably humdrum, world. iVith Andrew, Nancy was not old, lot even middle-aged—she was 'utticr a mature woman who was n (cresting to a mature man. Neither look their companionship oo seriously. Either would move .o halt their emotions before (hey reached ;t dangerous—or embar- rassing—slage. She felt her checks go hot. Embarrassment would be the worst. Embarrassment would ruin everything, spoil the dclicratc balance of their friendship. Nancy did so enjoy her occasional meetings with Andrew, their infrequent walks together, a cup of codec at (he Huddle—lilllc things lo loom so large upon her horizon. But she cherished each meeting, and the way he scctncd lo make uncurled her legs, came over to the hearth, scl Ibc screen aside to place a frcyh log across the irons. '1'hc'firelight il- Imninalcd her face and Nancy's; still kneeling upon the rug, she turned a little to look at her mother. "Dr. Woodward was as perky today as bis red-spoiled brown bow tie," she said lightly. For Complete Protection , Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLIARD AGENCY Glencofl Hotel Bl<fa. 124 W. Ash Sf. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NQRTH TE^TH Phone 3151 ». 1H7 BY *E> SEftVICC. INC. T. M. UFC. U. S, PA1. OFF. "If you've earned all that money during vacation, 1 can't declare you a dependent on my income tax return—and, •xcept for that half dollar, what have you done with it?" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER Too Many Ideas I Nancy looked up. She was wearing a blovtsc of very soft while stuff, luce-set ;md cin- bioidcrcd cxquisilely. It was becoming to her delicate coloring, her pale, shining hair brushed upward from her neck. "Do you sec much of him, Nanny?" Nikki asked curiously. "I know you jelly with him occasionally." Nancy smiled at the term. "I like Dr. Woodward very much," she said softly. Nikki's brown eyes hardened. "If you were 18, I'd say you had x crush on-the yuy." Nancy's face went dead-while, ler eyes hardened to the brightness of cold steel, her hand drew back, and for the first time in their _, she slapped her daughter. Slapped her hard, (lie sound ringing through Ihe (iiiict room, the marks of her lingers showing red against Nikki's cheek. Horrified, the two women faced each oilier lor a iniiuilc that seemed mutt like an hour. Then Nancy moaned a lilllc, reached loward Nikki, and the girl was in her arms, both of them terrified, sobbing wildly, clinging to each other. I3ul in that long minute, a trap door bad opened between them, yawning, dangerous— ITo Be Continued) Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hone 2013 1044 Chickasawba MERer COKAES LAEO. HILDA; NOW THAT SCHOOL'S STAHTffD. YOU TWO SHOULD BURY THIE HATCHEr/ DE A RIGHT GUY, LAHD-PATCH IT Up, WITH HILDA/ I'LL FCBGIVE HER. IF Si-ie . ASKS ME TO / GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch ' M Ft 7 Crown 1,35 Culvert . i 35 _. . i.ja Schenley 1.35 Three Feathers 1 35 Hill & Hill 1 40 Old TayJor ..';'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Four Roses . . . 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Ufa *.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% Beer per Case $2.88 GAS ' re 9 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5: All Brands Cigarets,ctn. $1.35 / | . IF YOU v TMIMK I'M GlVWG- YOU A CHAMCETO SNOOT ME, ^ YOU'RET If It's INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Charles O Blttmr-W. M. (Bill) WI1KJO ST UDEBAKERS u CHAMBLIN SALES CO. 5 D E B A K E R S;iles—Slmlcbiilvcr—Service Hcudqtmrfens for (Juitninfccd New and Used Cars and Trucks 1>!7 New Int. Hi ton Shiirt Wheel l!;isc 1!H7 New Ford I't. <im I, im(r Wlincl BUSK 11)47 New Intcrnnlimiiil \'A (on Loan Wheel Ila 191R Dodge y. Ion IMukup 1!)IG Chevrolet >,i ton 1'iekup 1!H6 CMC V- ton 1'iekup 1911 Chevrolet : >i ton 1341 Chevrolet ',{. ton I'iekup 1940 International 1 (<>n 1917 New Ford "8" Coupe lflI2 Nash :;-l)oor 1!)41 Plymouth 2-l)our 1911 Stuilebaker 4-l)o»r 1939 DcSoto 4-I)our Sediin D E B A K E R S T U D E B A K E R S RV LfiSUK OH, NO! MeRELY THAT YOU PUT Y WHAT YOUR VAST EXPERIENCE-ye'..'.'-' I ABE YOU KWACK ASA LEADER OF i/iF>;-l DIJIVIM& TO WORK IN ANOTHER Ft*? p.' V AT? A NEW WORLD JOCOU'Tf 0 -^' Our Boarding House with Ma). Hoople Out Our Woy By J. R. Williams THtS ISKS'T THE PICS VOU V \J& TAKEKi SIX. IW A SA.MD TRPxP.'-^^. BUT : NOT A PRESSED ROSE- [hi /\Si OLD MOVEL VET -^- GET THERE AMD OH, I SHUT IT OFF IN TIME j TO SAVE HIS LIFE.' OH-1--OH- HE WEARS A FAMCY BI6 TIE CUZ 1H P GIKL& IN TH'OFFICE SE-E HIM-HE JU-5T GOT TH'IIE CAUGHT 1WTHE HE MAY AS WELL LET TH OAL6 KNOW TtV TRUTH-THAT WAY HE LOOKS LIKE HE SAW A MOUi-E AM' JUMPED UP OUT OF- TH' WAY; Oi^LY A "DROSS DR/MWED M VMHATS LEFT ETCIA WH -X'M. TOO AMNERA.L STA!v\INfK/ OUT/ FLAtJ^EL POM'T OLD TO SHOULD ,-,:^';i',i,KS;i,'^ TH= LADIES' NVVM __..,._ _ _ _Cribh in Control Jc struck up a conversation with itio man who t<n the apartment garage. BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY anrt RALPH LAMB YEAH, I M IH- T [ THOUGH! SO. MY BROtHER'SOII GTOWl. I THE BOKCt. TOTROiy.Wl K02ELSKV, our in rue SICOND OIMRICI. WHAT CM I DO IOR YA, INSPtCTOS ? HEADACHE, 51&1ER? HERE. HAVE fl 5AROINE. MOWS THAT FOR BUTUR SERVICE ? FRIENDLY WrtK A GUV WHO TIPS WE ADIME-FOR WA5HIU6 I!IS CAR ? DOtfT MAKE ME CHUCKLE.' SAY, A&EN'T YOU A COP > MR. 8REVITT UP IKI2-C? STUPE WHY DONT YOU WASH TUBBS ."*>."„' NOW WAT r voiJ'i(Ef y CAN'T "you ^ IUILTA<3k3AMTIC INPUSTRIAL K PERSUADE EMPIRE, WHAT AEWUT YOUR FUTUBE?,) HIM TO TAKE IT EASIER NOW, UNCLE ^..J^C^^TITUSf AS ABUSI(OES5 MAN YOU CAW 60 NO FUBTHER. ANP S'OU'VE AMASSED THAT I RETIRE IN THE VERV School Days Auain? FRED I1ARMAN HOMO YOU LIKE: >l TO GC TO Who Wauls lo I'lav? By V. T. HAMLIN OADFREATIOMf THIS BOOTS ANT> HF^ BUDDIES Important DOM'T IfOR&tT, t WfVi KID OMCt lAV&tVT'. SOU BOO16 '. MOVS THfvr 1(A IviOT OO HftNOS , SLftP 'IW OSi THE BftCVC.OR VWftT "?

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