The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 9
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1!MS Red Group Raps SovietComposers Central Committet Accuses Three of 'Bourgeois' Music By Walter Crnnkile Untied Press Slaff CorrMiiondenl MOSCOW. Feb. 12. (UP) " T, Communist Par,y., Centra] Com' miltee yesterday hold U|) to ^b ,, censure tho m K Tiiree of Ruskm music-prniin Shostakovich, Aram Klmclintumn ami Sergei Prokofiev -charging them with the creation fc „ '^ f." bour S<-°«" music and •Ordered them forthwith to produce cldssits such as those of Tchaikovsky and Rnnsky-Korsakov The three most famous Soviet composers we attacked for vast deviations from ti, e official party hue. They were not penalized in any \vay but were instructed to produce music in accord with the committee's official dictate. This, the uonmiiticc observed,! not he difficult, "because in o;ir country composers are given unlimited creative possibilities and all the necessary conditions have been set up for a real flourishing of musical culture." The Central Committee also cited a. number of lesser Soviet musical artists for failure to observe instructions issued a year and a half ago 1.0 eliminate bourgeois influences aiid create "a realistic Soviet art." The censured musicians, the committee said, had rjcen guilty o( creating anti-demorralic music which is alien to the Soviet people. The censure carried no specific penalties or punishment but was, in effect, a warning that the artists menu their ways and start composing music in conformity with the approved instructions for artists issued in September, 1946. Criticize Others In addition to the world famous Shostakovich, Prokofiev and Khs- chaturian the committee also censured composers named Shebalin, Popov, • Minskovsky and Muradeli. "Their music," the committee said, "smells strongly of the spirit of the t idernisiic bourgeois music of Eure and America which reflects bourgeois culture, a complete denial of musical art, and constitutes a blind alley." The committee attacked Soviet musical conservatories, particularly the Moscow Conservatory. The conservatories were attacked for following a "formnlistic trend" and turning out young composers in "blind imitation" of Shostako- vich, Prokofiev and other standard Soviet artists. In support of its accusations the committee said thai. Soviet composers had not turned out recently a single opera which compared with the classics produced by Tschaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsa.- kov. The committee called for a return to the "best traditions of Russian and Western classical music". Most of the-criticism was . directed^ against Soviet operatic and symphonic music. There was no mention of ballet music for which Prokofiev is particularly known. The Central Committee did not JBpiit its attack to the musicians. It Kiso lambasted Soviet music critics ior praising the music which HIE artists turned out. The critics wer« alleged to have failed to "smash the harmful views and theories" expressed by the composers. Instead, sain the party organ, the critics had become mere "loudspeakers of separate composers" slavishly praising anything they wrote. This f's Our Heavy Navy, Mr. Jones RI.YTHEVII.1L^JARK.) COURIER ' NEW? . In ships, planes and enlisted personnel. Doctor Warns Of Baby's Allergy Salute MEMPHIS. Tcnil.. K«b. 1J (Dpi -Bewori- of baby's "allergic salute." Th«t menus trouble acorrtlng to Dr. Ralph Boweu of Huocton, Tex. Bowen yesterday told the Mid South post graduate nirdlctl us sembly Hint the "alltrclc nslule 1 S|RII is Rlvon when medlcnl babies rub tlielr noses in n fast side manner, or upward stroke. Uoweii said that the "allergic child Is one of the most Important teen In any pediatrician^ office." Bowen (old of a 12-}'»ar old toy from Lttlle Rock, »'ho e«perl«nced .a neuerallMd swelling of all his Jolnla every Friday. H« wa> uniiule to walk for 3« hours. Bowen snkl he was nllerglc to fish. "We changed his diet, but not Ills religion," Uowen said. "fn the home the child may be affected by the pel do« or cut. or furred toy," (he physician said, Model airplane building and slump collecting may expose them to glues. The family medicine cabinet frequently contains many new drugs and cosmetics which activate «u allergy." Bmveii. an sjirjrjy expert said that fingernail lacquer caused the eyes of some women to swell shut He said it i, r «., ly the furniture Incquer. and cal , con . inue ciuisliiK trouble to those n i. lentlc to It, even art*r removed from lingers or toes. Byrnes Says Film Industry Fighting With Back to Wall WASHINGTON. *yt>. ia. (UP)_ KB'" 8 * cr ' tir > r of 8l «K» J«mei Anierlc«n movi, industry IB flBht! Ill w r »* W " h ""* btck to HI* statement wai mad* to th« I Supreme Court which U hearin» «rftume»t£ In the (Ovcrnmtnt'i rase a t alr»t ,|» h t bt» movie, oom- Pinles. The government chirfei tnei« have • monopoly over th» |P»bir* °' ' h0 """ g " lm§ to the Byrnei, attorney for one of tin I companies, told the Supreme Court that the lovernmenti want* "t« destroy" the Industry with 1U pro- ixual that the bl» rnovl* Interest* tio required to Mil their theater! .wittered aboul the country. | Byrnei, ( lormer uaoclate |ui-' lice, ufd that the profit* of "lu»h ' war yeir«." ar e gone. But the In- ;lii«try'« life li wor th fl|hUrtf for, lie •*!<!. •'9 Nam* Bandi Boott Baiketfatl Crowds _ »«k«tbaii piping hot with a ilde-dish of Wg name band mualc h»* caught Ihe fancy til Detroit fain. Lawrence Te<h moved In bands Hie Tommy Doraey. and dene Krup»» for poet-game 'dances. Couplea liked the idea to well they put up »4 for the package evening and booaled attendance to an all- time high. Although Ltwrence Tech I* one of the imaltar ichoot* in the Hale, 37,JM fan* poured through the gat«« for the flrit eight gamea this leason, more than treble the flgura for laat year. Thai Shut Him Up FORT WAYNE, Ind. (17P>-«.M Goodwin wa> apeechlees when his fellow club memberj walked out on , him as he lUrted a speech. It was only » gag engln*ered to te»t how much Ooodwtn bellved In what he was going to apeak about. His topii' was. "We Take Ourselvea Too Seriously," DELICIOUS WAFFLES Are Alwa )§ In Scicont TRY THEM AT THE .Nickel Stand Mr*. Jack Stllba 1M WM( Main Street 'licre are about 30 towns with post flccA in the United Slates named I after Uenjninln Prnnklln Pa]ia Blushes MILWAUKEE, (UP)—Lee Halstead was annoyed when his daugh ter. Dawn, 12 produced an Englisn paper marked with a B minus Instead of the usual A. Dawn then re. mined her father the lower grade was received on a poem he had helped her to writ. Gnesedieck Bros. Beer Wealthy Pen Maker Plans Air Expedition MIAMI BEACH. Pla., Feb. 12.— (UP)—Milton Reynolds, 54-year- old millionaire pen manufacturer and aviation enthusiast, said yesterday he plans an' air expedition late this month to 'earch unexplored regions of Tibet lor mountains reported unofficially by American fliers to be higher than Ml. Everest. Reynolds said he would make the flight In a specially-fitted C-8T cargo plane, accompanied by William Odom, holder of a speed record for round-the-world flyln^ three Chinese scientists nnd sevc"- ral American observers. Reynolds, recuperating here from pneumonia, said Odom would do most of the flying nnd that he would b c relief pilot. The expedition, he added, will be rinnnced by him, although it jvns planned In operation with the Boston Museum I of Science. | In addition lo observing Tilictinn : mountains, Reynolds, who Inst j Spring [lew around tho world In I a converted A-20 bomber, said the I expedition would also search for, the source of the Yellow River '(idi observe geographical characteristics of what he believes is the largest uncxploycd region left In the world. "We hope lo find things people! never dreamed existed," he snid. North Little Rock Man Appointed Circuit Judge LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 12 (UP) —Gov. Ben Laney has announced I the appointment of Jackson A Weas, North Little Hock attorney and former municipal judge, as circuit judge of the Sixth Judicial District, Second Division. Weas was nameo 10 complete the uncxplrecl term of the late Judge Lawrence Auten. An elected successor, who will be chosen in this year's general election, will take office next January. One man, Hubert Miiyes. already has announced as a candidate for the Judgeshlp. Four others have been mentioned as prospective candidates. They are deputy prosecutor Tom- Downlc, Guy Amslcr, former member of the State Game and Fish CommlMon. Municipal Judge Milton McLces, North Little Rock; and John E. Coates, Jr., of Little Rock. It Took N'rarlr 30 Ytar» SPENCER, Wis. (DPI—When Mr-Ed Meacham accidentally brushed her ring from « table In 1918, It rolled Into a crack in the floor'anri she was unable to find It. She recently felt an obstruction across tho crack of lier foot. She looked down and s.\»' Ihe ring. Folks We Are Pleased to Announce That We Now Hacc a Complete NEW MACHINE SHOP In Addition (o Our COMPLETE BLACKSMITH, WELDING AND WOODWORKING SHOP We Have Also Added a NEW PORTABLE WELDING MACHINE We Weld Anything Anywhere of our employees have 15 year, or more «xp«r- •e In their line of work! DICK HALL, Machinist SAM PATTON, Blacksmith HAROLD GOODMAN, Welder TROY MAYO, Woodwork HENRY WESTBROOK SHOP All lent Day Phone 4161 225 North First St. Nite Phont 4132 . '• ••" " Everyone knows wheie this one's going N o, it hasn't always been easy, here o( late, to bc absolutely sure just \\hic!) way automobile design was hciuling. So it's a refreshing tiling, people tell us, to sec one car that quite clearly knows where it's going — and shows it inside and out. lou can't mislake tin's poised No gears ever shift in DYNAfLOW CKIVC* In Buick'i n?w Dynattow Drive, iTiding gear Irantmi&iions ond complex gear-cbongcri an na<J« unnecessary. Yau limply icl a selector Fever and sTcp on Ihe gai. Th« power plan! does Ine /ejl, adjusling iliclf to varying driving condilrons wilh utlcr jmoolhncsi. Ycu s!arl up — accelerate — climb hills — cruiie — stop — start up agafn — afl without touching the selector lever. and ready fashion plale for anything but a Buick — you're sure from a glance that you'll find it steady as a battle cruiser and full of ginger as one of Grandma's cookies. A broad bonnet promises plenty-power—and you get it with such velvety new smoothness that you need lo check (he battery- charge needle lo make sure the engine's running. Vou si-/,e it up as comfortable. « The road's verdict is that it's the most tireless car on the market, what with four coi! springs, pillowy low-pressure tires and a wholly new attack on car vibration keeping you fresh through the longest day. lou find quiet here — quiet (hat encourages conversation — quiet from Souiid-.Sorhcr (op lining that invites conversation in normal tones. And if il's a Dynnflow Roati- maslcr you're handling, here you can sttmtilc driving case thai is near inngic in Us timftlicily. You set a lever, press the fns treadle — and simply steer. The power plant does, all the rest — swoops you up from standstill to full pace, accelerates, climbs, slows to a slop, starts up again — all without oxj'gcarshiftin maininl or automatic! Tune m HCHtt J. TAHO*. Mutual rViffttt, So it'« pretty plain where thit one's heading - it's g o i,,g even higher in the regard of the motoring public. Why not see your Buick dealer now and get your order in? BUICK S the one and only * YIUA.SHlllDCD XltH * IttrrY-f.lDt *Ita * Hi-eoiifo fimAu fowfR * QUtOSUrifX COIL SWINGING * FltX-UT OH RINGS * KOAD.KITCSAUNCC *«I«J0rOHOUf-rt/lf * SOUNO-SCWIfH TOP IININO * DUOM4TIC SM»X AOVANCf * TIN iMAir MODUS * loor »r i Loc«l & ho nK ])|,Unce Hauling; Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any 1'Iace Buck Meharq 401 E. Main St. i'hnnes: nay 4677 Night 2086 City Drug Co. 1«1 Ka»t Main St. Name Brands • LIQUORS nnd • WINES • Surplus Army Shots • Combat Boots • Ov«rtho*« • Rubber Boots Anderson Shoe Shop a Clolhlnc SUre 316 E. Main St., Blytheville Steel Ofl Barrel Racks An; T. L MABRY «3 MISSOURI ST. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Waf«r Proofing Faint 12-48 Inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or r«inforc«d OsceolaTile ond CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phon* Ml Guaranteed ' RADIO REPAIR by Expert Call 811 Brooks Music Store 107 E. Main Concrete Tile Sewtr Tilt Slit, «, | »nd | lath Culvert Til* », 12, ]», n, ,1, ^ M and M Inch A. H. WEBB "wj.-.«i at State Lin* Thont BlTtherlll* 714 RADIO REPAIR » AND 3 DAT SERVICE OH A1TY MAKE OR MODEL RB- UABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Had]* Oak* and Scnrk* [M South FlrnC «t. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 10-14 Chickasawbn . Take a Rood look. !]„ , mmt family', ihnc.i need mtndlnf, new htcb, wles? lei oar expert* do the Job! o QUHUTY SHOe SHOP v , 3,, w M fl i IM ST^ I Have On Hand At All Times 8«v«r«l tr«clors and equipment . . . both new and used onei JOHN DEERE. PARMALL and other makes- Also. I have for sale at nil times 70 to 80 h«d of mules Terms can b« arranged. Will trade T for moit anything you hnvc. New Ford Tractors Ready for Delivery F. C. CROWE 1 Mile S. of Brasgado>l« First National Insurance Agency FOR COMF1ETE PROTECTION Phono 2311 108 North 2nd St. BILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNER WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBIUS ARE BUILT BUICK WIU BUILD THEM CKIESEDIECK BROS. BKtWERY CO. Si. tftuil 4, Mo. .JANG5TOH-WROTEH CO. Telephone 555 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 "

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