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Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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Pesky Dvil Quietus -p -A S5c package of P. Continued from Page One.) "Bayer" introduced Aspirin to the physicians over 18 years ago. quart, etxru: to bugs, roaches. Seas and th mm time destroy xc. Im possible for ther- ia P.

D. Q. is properly ut -eat spout tn every pacKar peaky deriis la the places and save the Jure MlnereyUte aprufvg aurpris on Cresotia. yesterday by handing them a defeat on Creasona's new ground 7 to 3. ilcAUrney, the MlnersTin pitcher held ths Timers safe when there were men on baaea up to the final in- 4.

Bed ga lay mm- a vera ef seves. errs per day. Under favorable condi-tion they hatch la flv days of which two-thirds are fetnalea They mature adult sise and are capable of laying tn fonr weeks. How tnuy bedbugs would you have In a year if you left trttu fetnaie or erx" unmolested for oe lyearT To rid th pesky bedbug, you caa readily hew necessary tt is to a preparation that win kill th egg a well as the live csea. P.

Q. baa been demonstrated by the deeding Hospital. Hotels and RaQroad Com-paaie that the safest aod most economical way to stop future geoera-: ttoo of bedbugs, roaeOea. fie and laau la to sie 'tU sw iuoonty Kr-forring FJrjf Law lit ScmzvfliSL Federal authorities started Tuw4y to tighten up the prohibition net in the mt)'. aad -whether tbe prohlbltkwi met popular or -popular in thf county, th authorities would enforce it to the Urn it.

CHICAGO Taking Mp tha claim of the contest between delegationa frdm Georg its meeting; today the republican national committee plunged into Some time Sunday night or early Monday morning, thieve, gained to the Shnandcb post rpffice. which was by the clerks who entered tha office about gained by cjimbing.the Or escape at th rear ef the building when thev rained entrance to th fao. To getctuick relief foBow carefully when the Taer got ie nan wr the safe' and proper directions in eacn pecxai Hospital an-i K-ei aku five gallons of drugplst has it or can f''- or sent premid upon rrt by the Owl Chem ca Haute. Ind. Success cf 1 caused imitators; genu; p' never peodied.

tne enst ngnt of real political sigaffl-canc to have a bearing on th strength of presidential candidates at next week's The fight ranged between a regularly reported, delegation, cninstructed, but tory which ia over tho offico, by forc Sold by jCowea and other leading ing a wtnSow. After that they came down th ront gtalrway and went Into Mitar whr thev found burlap which is supposed to favor the candi HeU Party at Kim. -J. A bbeW of the you 115 people of townLgJd an enjoyable Hu-miM latasd. Turn Wing- Ran, on Monday afternoon, the participants enjoy-te a Aellgbtfal lancbeon In tij e-ve-n-inX Among those present were Misses "Viol Ixmhd Helen Rebcr, Celeste Jennie Fishery France Mc- iag which they used in breaking a CLASSIFIED ADVS, m.

couple of run. The twirler for unbroken package of "Bayer Tablets of tho Mlnersrillo aggregation waa at hi Aspirin." This package is plainly beet yesterday and ti Tbrers biff hit- stamped with the safety "Bayer were worried continuously by the The "BayerCross- means the gen-ofTeriags of the Tiaitors iwrler. Mac nine, wcrktfaraoua Aspirin prescribed fanned Tigera batters when tbey man- by physicians for over eighteen years. gd to get men baae and there "Bayer Tablet of Alrta" can be any danger of scoring and he ap- taken safely Lu Jwt pearad to hare perfect controL In acho. Earache.

lbago. SIS to StamenfMac had the ball RJveurnatispv Joint PatosTeurttla and out of th groove and the Tigers were geTierauy. a of in ah 1t TiUo team at bat, their clouting- being glass in a window wrhlch auowea wm to crawl Just wbai they received for the! rtrouble is hard to, es- timat. aa they failed to-open the safe CooL Iabth Curtier and Messrs. 4 in whirh the stamps ana money FEMALE HELP WANTS For SaleReal Estate ooened the Tetters Letter Eretninger, Samuel Hughes, J.

If cDonald. Bernard Convtrie- George Smith. Ralph Leochtner and Horace Tbornbarg. which they thought might contain WANTED. Girl for chambermaid and waitress, Mrs.

Frank Pareon. 801 Mahantongo St. ral3-tf money and also went tnrogn Arswrt th cbEtecU balng scat FOR SALE. One e'. -all conveiler.cee.

fu's beautiful tvrru-A rr walk from renr fit. ajj-PottfvIIle Tostofce resnomifbla for the majority of the Min-I tVANTErx-rOlrls for laundry and dish tered over the floor. The local police .1 nrtrnan-JLcClT. ersvir.e teams runs. Kepner.

wno washing. Allsn mil ti fnee. nd the State Poiico are worKing on the case, and it is expected that a WANTED. A girl chambermaid and waitress. Mrs K.

F. Lee. BZo Jtanan- NO REFERENDUM ONMENDMENTS postal inspector will be in tow nvoaay. pitched for Earn HnfTa eam did not, appear to bo in hi usual form and the Minersvllla aggregation touched him to the plnchea. Rarely did the visitors tongo St.

m2o-6t It is thought that tne ruowj FOR SALE Hnu nn 1631 Norweeia FOR SALE. fn r--" Market St Applv Odd Fellowii FOR SALE. Hjse St. Apply 1527. Mara- committed by boys, WANTED.

Half grown girl to assist wh houseworlu Appiy 901 W. Market batters walk away from the Batters MINERSVnJLE box with on or two of their mates on the" path without doing something in Ae iainv IKm and Keener WANTED A girl for general houxe-werk; sleep home. Wages, $6. 24S X. 12th Pottsvllle, m23-tf v.

I wiRHX Th Susrtme Court held Tn Baccaiaureaiw it attended in the FOR. SALE Th'e. flw. sge, 1112. 1114.

mo Apply to Jacob Boltx K-f. Ninth St. High School auditorium. Anaef dacy oc Gov. Lowden, and a contest in delegation which has been instructed for Gen.

Wood. Bofh delegations have figured In the Senate investigation of campaign fund 3 expenditures. They are the regularly reported delegation beaded by Henry Lincoln Johnson, an Atlanta negro, who was shown to have received 19000 from the Lowden fund, and th contesting delegation, or fciekett faction, which was shown to have received at least $10,000 from the Wood fund. The second choice of th regia'ar delegation after Gov. Lowden.

waa said to be Senator Harding, of Ohio. The contesting or plckett delegation opened tha argument. Former Gov. Hooper, of Tennessee, acted aa attorney for them. The Florida hearings were reopened, to hear the regular delegation and that headed by H.

L. Anderson, of Jackson-vill: It appeared to be generally agreed that the contest of the third delegation headed by A. L. Church and W. L.

"Vanduzor, of Jacksonville, would not be permitted to participate in the rehearing. The sub-committee, headed by Chss. B. of Michigan, advising tho further hearing for the. regular and Anderson factions, reported that there appeared to be no legal representation organization in through failure of the regular the group headed by George W.

Bean, of Tampa. Real committeeman andjilso failure of the Anderson faction to elect a state executive committee in 1918f under law. Mr. Warren reported that there was doubt whether the Anderson faction could be recognized as a' da facto organization as the undisputed evidence showed that in the primary only 19 state commit t. i'.

'tlr girls. the o. WANTED. Conpeter.t girl for general housework. Apply Mrs.

R. 1L Koch. 205 West Market, streets il-3t occupiea tne pta.n-.r"A wl 20 in cap and own. copied tha front of hitting of tha tMmersvHle eombinatkm-1 today that federal constitutional amend-The Tiger Were outplayed by the mems cannot be submitted for ratiflca-Mineravfllo boys yesterday and th tion to a referendum vpte in states hav-break wer againet the Cressona boys ins referendum provisions In their con-and they were never dar.geroua to stitutions. the MinersviUe team-until the final in- The court declared Inoperative the ning wha.raUy was the) Ohk, state -nUtuUo erendum room racing v-- FOP.

SALE T-o hcu. with Scharadin. Laurel FOR SALE 431 and S. Centre Geo. M.

an Prat! Ttf E. Miller, a. in. MlUer delivered an address WANTED. A reliable women to help care for two Apply to Mrs.

Heber H. Thompson. 802 Mahantongo Pottsvllle m29-tf a very strong imprew heard him. front the Tigers. McAlarney Louis Bennison.

a new v. iruu, 3i seen at the cation of Federal amendments. WANTED. Gfrls for kitchen work. Coo-gan's Cafe.

m2t-tf A ault wedding was perfirnned in th En Irtish church at 19 o'clock Tuesday mornlE? when Rev. Niehela united tn the hnty bond of matrinxmy Ms June MacCTay. daughter of Mr. nd Mr. Albert MacCJay and George Hartman.

aon cf Peter Hart-man, of Grant St. They wer unattended. Tbe tiride wu gowned in a dark blue coat suitv with hat to match and carried a bouquet of bridal rose. Following th eerem otry they left on a weddin tour thrwogh New Tork state and wfll be home to their many friends after una in their handsomely furnished apart? ments. 375 8.

Centra 8t Both the bride and rroom are wen known, the Utter being employed on the P. R. R. railroad, They bve the beet wSebea of their many friends far a happy married carter. 1 lomiojWlcLanrJWin.

I 1 rneddingr' took place at 7 o'cloe kthis raomins In St. Stephen's church, of Ft. Carbon, when. Miss Hub-nah McLaughlin, daughter of Mrs. Th, McLaughlin, and--William Ly-nangh were 'married by the pastor Father Daniel Dailay in th presence of a.

church died by relatlTea and friend. The couple were attended by Mr. and Mra. FredLeibner. of Pott-viTle a bridesmaid and rroommnuu The bride wa attired in dark blue coat with a picture hat and carried vuie picture pn ui.o.

OPeraP House this evening tn the GoWwyn attraction "On, Jonnnj. GOfD GIRL." or middle aged worain for general housework. Two adults in Bpx 12, Republican." I9-tf classes of people. The opening scenes are laid in tho West, and th story is then carried east to New Tork dty. This" show.

WANTED. A girl for general hoise-work. Apply 614: MahantongOL ml8-tf llkt all ether Goldwyn atimciw.i please all who -3l-lt FOR SALE CHEAP--. 4 six rora hous ea.oh 1 fix room -n Lambert T- htt.

Carton. FOR SALE (In vho! door Club proprtr H-----17th -frontaire C-" 1 feet, with two rfnr- f-s- to James Archbald. 4115 -Pottsv'ile. Pa. FOR SALE.

PrpTi.r- Norweeisr. factory: bulldir.g 21 oors. Allen Strre- iz' rian St. Ohio Supreme Court decree dismissing injunction proceeding brought by Georg S. Hawk, of Cincinnati, to prevent submission of the prohibition and woman suffrage amendments to the voters were set aside by the court.

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN The high school auditorium was filled to capacity Friday-evening when the class day exercisea of the class of 1920 were held in quite a novel manner toward previoua years. The hall wu tastefully decorated in the clan colors of white and green. The exercises opened this rally, however, by sending two of the Tiger down without their showtos a sign of hitting the balL PEKSON.U. PARAGRAPHS. reopIa Yw' Know Who Come and Go Here and Tb.ere.

C. A. Berner and family, of "'BOS W. NonreglaJi St- spent the week end with relatives ia Mahanoy City. Charles W.

Barker, of. corner Sixth and Mahantong 8ta. who is seriously ill hi home, trreeted Memorial Day in a spirit of thankfulness that "he was spared to ee another one of them." Mrs. Charles X. MoGlnnl.

ef Wllkes-aBrre. and Mrs. John F. Gressang, of Fort Washington, are visiting relatives tn this city, of which both were former There W'Jll a Big Crowd At tbe euchra and entertainment to WANTED. Girls wanted.

Apply Troy Steam -7-tf WANTED. Girl middle aged lady to do housework. Mr. Evan L. Thomas, 82 St, John Sti Schuyikia Haven.

a22-tf be given in the hall of St. John church. Wednesday nignt, jun It wfll fee under the auspices or tne i. ti, hnri'h. Rev.

F. J. WANTOD VI niv. j- Karl, the spiritual director of the So- WANTED--Waiter. Apply Coogans Cafe tee memprs had been elected from 54 'tiu lira vw I i.

dality, will be airect affair. This is an assurance that it a H'S of welcome by Sterling Bashore. fouowea rcounrs. xca.u wcuon, ar- NICELY FURNISHED Apartment for rent. Good location.

Address ''Republican" Box 2-A. ml8-tf by the presentation of gifts to the stu will not only be succeserui, out very enjoyable. a beautiful bouquet of white rosea. The Rov Horran. wife and daughter Sarah, ren stated, could not be regarded as a de-facto In the District of Columbia contest the committee voted to seat the regularly reported delegates, Frank J.

Ho-gan a4id James A. Cobb, of Washing WANTED. Shoemaker. Apply 109 N. ISth St.

ml9-12t Held On Three Charges, ner Ar.henbaeh.' of this city, was FOR SALE. 513 aM t23 Cc-, 429 Greenwood Ave 512 and 514 Sehuvwn a Small farm at Numerous dwellints In a'i the city. Money to loan. Building lots la resMe-Va! city, especially adapted "f-r h-tJw Three lots for the jirfre pf nre Clinton B. Reed.

26 S. Cer-- S- ittf FOR SALE. f.V Ga-f -l 4 s21 Arch St: vr' a- Sf. Brisk stable and Resengarten. 1243 W.

N-r-a sa held on three charges by AMerman Eckert, bail being fixed at JoOO. the ton; D. Committeeman Howell, ROOMERS WANTED All conveniences In home. 419 S. Coal St.

jl--3t WANTED. Clerk with- knowledge of coet -accounting. Apply tee Cream; m31-St charges being assault ana oattery. surety and noa support preferred by Nebraska, characterizing the whole contest a "disgraceful affair' sought to have all three delegations thrown but but bis motion wax lost. laborers.

Apply to J. F. Speacht, 126 Arch St. 29-3t his wife. Mrs.

Achenbach ajiegeauiat her husband beat her for coming in late although he came in. after she di-and that she was in constant fear of BURLVL OF PROF. WILUER. WANTED. Three.

good mules for mine work. Bring mules to Lucy Tt. coliicry, Port. immediately, m27-6t vm sh claimed she hid the shells dent ef the class by Albert Kaucn. who won much applaust and laughter from the large audience for his witty and remarks as he presented each classmate with a token of the class of 1920.

The playlet entitled wajr' presented In an able manner, adding laurels to the dramatic ability of the caste. The cast of characters: Result, Isabella Berger; Truth, Edna Barr Everystudent, CHft Berger Athletics and Mathematics. Sterling Bashbr Classmat and Emanuel Hertzell Bluff, Albert Rauch Good Times, SamL Becker; Study, Heien Confehr; Latin. Charles Geechwlndt Wisdom. Edna Gerber; Ambition, Marguerite'- HefTner; Good Sense, Sara Moyer; Edna Raudenbush; Alma Mater, Mary Boyer.

The auditorium was again filled Sunday evening when the graduates were preached tbe baccalaureate sermon by Rev. M. A. Kieffer. Revs.

Leinbach and Smoll assisted In the exercises. The address given by Pev. Kieffer was eloquent and very Instructive to the graduates who leave their school day behind to enter the world to battle for success. Forty hours devotion opened In the 8t. FOR SALE CHEAP.

J1.40O. near Centre St. Real Estate. out of his guh on one occasion when he went upstairs to get it and that fie went down stairs to get his razor: and WANTED. Five first "class houae painters.

Apply 620 Schuylkill Ave. m2-i maid wore a dark blue eoat uit witn Following tha ceremony a wedding Kat to match and carried pink roees breakfast was served at the bride's home after which the happy couple let on an extended honejmoon Providence. I. Oa. their return they will reside in PL Carbon.

They were the recipient of many costly gifts. The groom ia employed aa a cutter at the pt. Carbon factory. SAINT CLAIR Was are pleased to announce that the permanent U. H.

Liberty Bends for which temporary bonde; were given ua for exchange previous to April 1. 1920. are now reedy for delivery upon surrender of receipt, except thoee of The First Liberty Loan Converted, which will not be ready before June 15th. and thoee turned into oa after April let, 1920. which hare net a yet been returned by The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.

Pa-m20-tf Cltisen Bank. SL Pa. For Sale. Cut- flowers at St. Clair Fruit Market.

Thura. FrL and fat. of this week. Dr. J.

T. Ryan announce that hU durtn his absence from town FOR SALE House 4 2H V- M. L. CummlEEJ. l-'j-e I- t'j N.

3rd St. pu it undretis pillow after threaten ing her on anothe. Well Known School Teacher Who ue- cumbed To Stroke. Prof. Henry W.

wSllier, principal of the onaldson public schools, who died from a stroke of while engaged in hia -truck garden on May 27, was born a Pillow. 18S7, and at the time of bis death was IS yeanLpf age Prof. Willier devoted hia entire life to teaching; in the Walter McBride was also held by the alderman under J200 bail on charge of FOR SALE. 2 choice Jcr, tongo between 13 j- i, one 55x300, one 77xX. i-dress Hotel A 11 in Barber Shop.

i- WANTED Good barber. 5 and 1-2 days -a-week. Wage 26 per week and Com. Apply to John Ditzler, Ham-burg. Pa.

jl-3t WANTED. A man who understands re-. pairing of: sewing machines. Apfly at once to FrackviUe Overall Co-'Frack-vllle. Pa.

ji-at of Summit, cam down to spend the day with relatives on Norwegian St. J. Walton' Calve. returned to Ms home In Monday evening, after wpendinr the week as tne srueet of Mies Berate Bonaall. this city.

Miss Anna lundy and little nieces. Mary anjj Arms Gaughan. of St. Clair, spent Sundar afternoon with the MJsses Bonaall, N. Sixth St, this city.

Mrs. Emma Drew underwent an operation on Saturday at the University Hespltal. Phila. Mlsg Rosin Morgans, who is employed at Kresges, will leave June 1st for the Women's Homeopathic Hospital, where she will train to be a nurse. Mr.

and Clarence Sinton, of Reading spent the week end with Mrs. Slr.ton" parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Petrle, tbia city.

Tjanlel Bartsch. who is employed at Meyers town, spent the few days with his family in this city. Mrs. Wm. Shafer, of Bsthlehera, is spending some time as the guest of Mr and Mrs.

Llewellyn Griffiths, this city. Miaa AbbSeCTouser, this city spent the week end as the guest of Elenore McCale at Mt. Carmel. Mrs Ma (tie Van Horn, of Wllkes-Barre, and Mr. and Mrs.

Chaa. Ferbe, of Cressona. were entertained at the homo of Mrj and Mrs. Reuben Moyer, this city. surety.

public Bchool of Penna-, with, the ex ception of the four years ho spent at FARM FOR SALE OR F.KNT burg. riar -IeMh Va: acres, sfdhill j-xinr." brick dwelling, chicken Pirr lars, William Neuberg, 5 ChfT VT York. WANTED. Boy over 18 efface. Apply B74 N.

2nd St. jl-tf Ursinu Colleg from which institution i MOTHERll "California Syrup of Child's Best Laxative. he was graduated in 1101. He taught at Phoenixville, Mt. Jewet Punxsu WANTED.

25 laborers. Good wages. Philip Brenner Talo Alto Sf-rap Tards. m21-tf tawney. Hunt4ngdon, Hsrndon and will be taken ear -of by In Sehult.

ef FOR SALE. A three story (o--j brick lined substantial rams p-e House, 204 N. Sd St Call E. K. Wre 112 1-2 -Market St.

rr 1 Donaldson, the latter place the past 7 years. Port Carbon. mz- WANTED. -Man f(r HgHt. clean indoor Hours from 11.30 noon to 11:30 midnirrt.

Salary $0.00 per month. Apply Pottsvilie Club, 314. Mahantonbo St. jl-3t He was a staunch, worker in the Re formed church of superin FOR SALE. and dwlfling.

74 W. Mi-kt house, 13 W. tendent of its Sunday school, leader of Store Bargain Brick Doubl its church orchestra which he organiz SALESLADIES WANTED For Saturday afternoon and- evenings. also regular work. Must be over 16 years of see.

Apply F. W. Woolworth. Co 26 S. dwelling.

Port Carbon Eight ed and rtained. waa a member of several lodges and well beloved by all with whom he came in contact. He Sm 10 room houses. Poet only, Weston, Agent, 11CU 'r ntre H. survive by three brothers, five Bisters BOY WANTED- Call at Lewins Shoe Store, 208 S.

Centre St. n.2S-tf DIED 1 MeATCT At Msiseville. on May 23th. 1930. Mary McAte.

aged AO years. The funeral will take place from her late resldanoe on Wednesday morning. June 2nd, at nine o'clock High mnxe tff requiem at Holy Rosary church. Maha-rov Plana, at 0:30. Internvsnt In the SU Joseph's cemetery.

FrackviUe. cortege going bv trolley. RelatlTes and friends are respectfully Invited to attend. Ji-lt LEONARIX At Xnsford. Pa, May 1920.

Godfrey, son of the late John and Mary Leonard. Funeral on Wednesday, June Snd. from his late rtaidenca. Interment st Summit Hill. Pa.

Jl-lt nVinsON' At Mlddteoort. on Monday. SHENANDOAH and mother, in addition to hia imme Ambrose church at the, 19 o'cllck-massi Sunday morning. Father a Redemptorist fathtr of Phlla opened th devotion with a powerful sermon with Instructions on how to serve the devotions. Prior to the mass a- procession of the school crildren took place, he girls were dressed.

In -white and. carried baskets of flowers, while the boys wore dsrk blue suits with white tie. The altars of the church were beautifully decorated in cut flowers and roses and bright with the blase of candies. Devotions- throughout the three-days have been largely attended. They wlll be brought to a close at the evening's service.

Tha following people from town attended the Consistory meeting and banquet held Jby th Masons In Reading. Friday. They were: Carl Eves and wife, George Berger and wife, Frank Schumaker, wife and daughter Naomi. Fred. Horning, Atty.

George Paxaon and wife. Atty. Xoecker. Harry Feger, John Berger, EI-wood Eller, Samuel Delbert. Elmer Nelman and wife.

Harry Loy and wife. Charies Rickeon, Mada Ziegenfua and Prof. Breseler. During the time were In session the ladies were treated to sn auto rid round the city of Reading, after which they were given an hour's entertainment in the D. P.

S. store and following this had their pictures taken on the roof of the Dive building. They diate family constating of his widow, For Sale Miscellaneous New ADVERTISEMENTS two girls and one son th latter serving in the lae war. VTONET to Joan on first mortgage. J.

W. Omens, Schuylkill Trust BIdg. nll-tf FOR SALE. nn cabs. farmirg implements, ford, St.

Clair. v.JHV Floral offerings were many "anS beau Rev. Heurtt had charge of the MONET TO LOAN on First Mortgage The rres which were pulled off iln town Monday afternoon on the public streets of town, under th management of Samuel Kehl Post No. 370, American Legion, 'resulted as followsr The first event to take place was tjh boys' bicycle race, which- was started at 1:30 o'clock. The race was for Are miles and had Ave to start.

This race was won by John Pelcamp, 10: William NevesMs, FOR SALE. One elegant d-irl-e v-f saddle horse. 7 ver if mr.t -Apply Jaa. J. aiats- 323-tx services.

Interment too place at Hoffmanls church in the beautiful Ly-kens Valley on May 31. Undertaker grocery horse. Apply 620 Schuyiki'l TT-i-" May 1st. 120, Robert Davidson, aged HOUSEHOLD GOODS bought and sold. S.

S. Seaman, r.04 Centre St. Wri'e or phone Unld I Otto had charge. FOP. SALE.

National Bark St.v. shares. Clir.lon 13., St- seeond prize. J5 Robert Bollch.

third Mrs. James Gatetly. of Greenwood Hill, returned 'from a visit to her' daughter. Funeral jerrtees will tako place lay at 18 "dock st thhouse. Interment DrivaU la Odd Fellows' cemetery, Tama-jtia.

STIUUB At MinersviUe. on Sunday, u.v aa ift50. tr. K- 1 Straub. CONCRETE.

CEMENT and planter work of all klndsr Price" reasonable, good work; Frank. Trabpsh, 06 Arch -St. prise, bathing sniu too yard dash for school-'boys was won by Joseph Alex, umbrella; Burt WinsMnski, second, a racing; ehoesr Mrs. William Prifer. -of FOR Roadster, gond new tires; bargain to quick buyer- Ao-Ply 1735 W.

Market St Va. She was accompanied home by her daughter Anna, of who cam up Accept "California" Syrup of Figs only jock for the name California on the nark axe. then you are sure your Tiflw and friends, are respectfully to spend Memorial Day. LIBERTT BONDS bought for cash i real estate sold; rents coliectefi. Let me list vaur property.

Allen S. Paul, 11 N. Centre St. m22-tf FOR SALE. Roll Top rfVn dr-t iKvitsi fo attend the 'funeral servlc? au 4 p.

nr, 513 Edwards Avp. nS-C rxYr his lata restdencej 28 Sunbury child is having the best and most harm LIFT OFF CORNS! Mtnersvllle. on Wedneeday afternoon at twe o'clock. Interment private An "has. FOR SALE.

W. Knd v. less physic for the httle stomach, liver and bowels. Children love its fruity Marker Prices tvt vacant. Wm.

XL Knoll. REPAIRS. Otto. W. iBorchers is ready for business at his new stand20'5 X.

Second St- Gun and lock repairs, etc. Umbrella -covers a m7-tf taste. Full directions on each bottle. Baber emetery. mai-zi WARREX, Suddenly, at Palo Alto, on indv.

May 31st. 1920. Margufst, You mm say "Calif or nia FOR SALE Ford lirht rtoliverv reasonable. Edward Zirr.m' Haven daughter of Patrick and Margaret Hoar Doesn't hurt at all and costs only a few cents Gradualon Nnght At The Brann School Misses Anna BaH pianiste, Irene Roth, pianiste and Laura Heebner. reader, will be graduated from The Braun School of Music this evening.

An attractive program will be given by these artist who will be assisted by Miss Mabel Toole, eoprano, and Miss Carrie Lou Betz. pianist, both members of the faculty. In th Fall the graduates will automatically berom teachers in their res. pectlve departmenta at th Braun School of Mueie. Everyone invited to attend the evening" redtaL agd 13 year, monuis ana -a FOR SALE 1 horws.

2 bia--k. Tl 2 sorrel. t.v, The funeral will take on Satar- Hipp Address 619 pine New JHr-- oay. June 5th. 182o.

a mmt a- irwn lh of her Barents. 718 Seneca NOTICE IS'HEREBY GIVEN that Bonds Nos i0, 161. 162, 202. 224, 240. 234, R5.

20 122. 210. 235, 15ti, 135, 232, 170, 155. 78.315. 223.

ISO. 210, I. 77. S3, have been caUed for redemption snel that interest on the same ceases after Jurie 1920. Tha holders of said Tond3 will present them to Philip McGoVetn.

Treasurer, Branchdale. Pa, L. R- WITH ELDER. Clerk Re iUy- School Board. -Zerbe." Pa.

m31-jl-3-4-5-7-8-D-ll-12 Ft, at St. Patrick's rhmrh at Id o'clock. Interment tff No. 3 FOR SALE. Flower snd eab pianrs.

loraatotB. lO- dorn rlmflnrt, cemetery -Relative and frieads are t- Sjxwtrolly Invited, to attend. Hbeaandoah. paiMrs pleas copy. Jl-t after four o'clock.

m2--f FOR SALEFord delivery trucK. Art1' TONIGHT WfflXESDAV Delightful Holiday Show Including'- Molly and her Pals In Frolics In a Cnse Dormitory Morgan and Anger Songs, Chatter and Patter aieat Market i-'f v. FOR DodS- touring ear r1 Apply Krlner'B Bicrf. Norwegian St rei-tf AtESMEN WANTED. Correspondence Is, invited from progressive men under 4ft who-desire-- to work, into attractive salaried Positions securities In small amounts.

To earners nay while training without Interfering with present occupation. -K. W. Sherman, Room 411, 71 Broadway. New 'York, 31-St FOR RENT McBride, Shelly FOR RENT Store room and wa-ey.

Q.t loine ineatre later The funeral of Milton Womer. one of this town's respected citizens, was held from his late home at 10 o'clock Monday morning. Services were conducted at the house by Rev. Fassnacht. of the Grace Evangelical church, ort which the deceased was an active member.

Interment was made in Union cemetery. Services at the house and cemetery were strictly The funeral of Miss EJat Mengle. one ef the town's most beloved young women tooTfc-pjaco at 12:30 o'clock on Saturday afternoon from th home of her father. Services were conducted at th house by Vr- Balsbauirh. pastor of the United f-nited Brethren church.

Of which the deceased was an active member. Th cor-tege left on the two o'clock train for Auburn, where Interment was- made Undertaker Blttls had charge. Miss Helen Bltzec Is enjoying a week's visit very pleasantly In Phila. and New Tork. v- George F.

Schumaker. the popular- R. conductor, with hi two daughters! Misses Naomi and Dorothea, spent the week end visiting his son Edward and ramily. of Reading. nd his daughter.

Miss Jennie, a student nurse In the ChiN dren's Homeopathic Hospital. Philada. Mrs. Edward Schumaker and son Edward, of Reading, accompanied them to Phila, Mr and Mrs. Malcolm- Donken enjoyed a several days' visit with reUUves in Phila.

Paul Strauus and Miss Edith Kramer enjoyed Decoration Day with friends in Quakak. i John and Thomas Kemple. of Phila formerly of town, are visiting the Carr fxmlly of Cadwell St Mr. and Mrs. George Hartnett and two children.

Amanda and Jo. -h. of Auburn, spent Sunday and Memorial Day with the former mother on Hiirh Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wade and two eons.

Vincent and, of Passaiic, K. arrtvexVJiere Saturday to spend their summer vacation, with th Hsrtnett family. Contractor Naffln and his men hsv commenced work on building tho foundations walls pf the Hoffman building, which will be "moved across the street from the old business. wiurei st. Apply n.

Pth St mll-lmo THE -UNDERSIGNED will not be responsible or any bill Unless contracted by myself. Grover J. Achenbach. Potte-vtlle. m31-3t FOR PPvt i-w i bath, nnrrh nH Centre St.

FOR RENT. Furnished aparrt Porch. Address -Republcan" Box 3- TIRES 500 inner tubes. In use here-'FuIl line. Durable and guaranteed for city and country roada Ask our tire usera We rely on their satisfaction.

No better tire. See or write F. J. Carrigan." Mauch Chunk Potts-vllle. Pai 51-8 Gazette Minstrel First Part Bollinger and Reynolds Bounding Up and Down Strobelms Wonder Play- Blind Husbands Tbe Most Absorbing Drama You Ever Took Part In XICELT rvRViRHffn a -a In- rent.

Good location. Address "ReruK-lican" Bmr S-A FOR TfP-vr 11 uv i wi Second' St. Magic! Just droo a Httla Free zone on that touchy corn. Instantly It stop aKGtORaAALATUXrrriXr Scrupulously -clean, electric lighted throughout. White service.

Hot and cold water baths. $2.50 up daily; lis--- up weekly. Established 40 -years aching, than you lift the corn off with the finger. Truly! No humbug! a-o jeauoijr ja t.iiinrr. -i 1 anion aro St Every Afternoon.

Twice Atlsigbt. EMERSON CROUTHAMEL Mrr. Try Freexon! Tour druggist sells a tiny bottle for a few cents, sufficient to rid your feet of every hard corn, oft corn, or-corn between th toes, and tonro St, Call at Braun School calluses, without one particl of pain. I Grand Atlantic i etui nave suit 'e space left for furniture. P.s-'le Storage and Transfer 75.

'ar St, Bell phone 5S0-M. n--l- soreness or Irritation. Freexone Is th discovery of a noted Cincinnati genius! LEGAL NOTICES FOR RENT. One or two unfurnished rooms. Private ply 203 N.

George. r-c-' NOTICE OF BANKRUPTCY SALE. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jilll left during the past week for an extended tour LOST Atlantic City, N.

J. VJrgtnia Ave near the Beach, and -aTl attracoona The largest -hotel not director en-the Boardwalk. Capacity. 600, Presents a modern hotel, with every convenience and torn fort, reasonable- rate Large rooms; private running water in. room: elevator, etc The table Is an especial feature.

Illustrated booklet. Auto meets train. O. rtler. Harold Lawdea through the Western" States.

EXCESSIVE-ACIDITY is at the bottom of most digestive ills. LOST meo pin. Return to -Cl-3- The Rlckson home on Union St. 1 extensively Improved, carpenters now Barber Shop, Reward. being at work on the remodeling, and when completed will be occupied by the ur.

wallet on St. Clafr car or u-- vllle car. or Centre St. Hea Ziegenfus family of Falrmount. Oliver Meek and family, ef Dock will re returned to "Republican" Box Hi move Into the house vacated by the Zie genfus THE UNDERSIGNED RECEIVER In Bankruptcy of Simon Zwlck will, on Wednesday, June" 0, 1920, at two o'clock p.

3L, at the late store room of said bankrupt. 318 N. Centre Street, in the City of Pottsvilie. sell at public auction the stock of said bankrupt, consisting of shoe, rubber and fixtures, subject to confirmation of the District Court of the United States, tbeieport ot-said sale to be "presented fo the District Court. Post Office Building, Ninth; and Chestnuf Btreets.

Philadelphia on Jun 11th, 120, at 10 o'clock-in the forenoon. For further particulars' apply to MICHAEL SJICGAR. Receiver. Or Carl Wagner, .,113 N. Centre Bt.

Ft yitvi'ile. Fa. Schuylkill Valley House LOST. Two tires and one rim. S2ii Edward Cummlngs and Bister, Mrs.

Pottsvilie. information a nl-l Michael Golden the Tatter's two pu oucan office for indigestion affori pleaj Ariz and prompt relief from the distress of add-dyspepsia, MACE BY SCOTT at BOWKB S) MAKZatS OP SCOTTS EMULS20K AUanti CHy, ST. t. .122 S- near beach. Ameriean "and European plan.

Bathing from hPtet. 18.00 day up. 129 up -weekly. Home jomf erta, Modern' la every respect. eons all of Chicago Attended, the xun era! of tho late James Cummlngs, Mi Use Tile everywhere.

Hazleten Tile A Mantel Ca. Hajletea, Pa. Carbon. Mr. Cummlngs and Mr.

Got den axe brother and sister of the dece-.

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