The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1947
Page 10
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FRIDAY., SEPTEMBER 5, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK-.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»I>J '»<« ptt l)u f«i Mliimuin Chart* 1 I me per Jlne 2 t me, per nn« pw 4*7 J times i)<T line per d»j 6 llnu-s j»r line p«r d»r 1^ (Iran per ling p«r day Month oec line lie sc 7c 5c Me Count five averse wordt to th* line. AU ordered for three or iU tlmtt and • topped before expiration will be charged lor the number of tlmtt th* id ajj- l>Ored and adtustment Of bill nude. All Classified Advertfslnff copy submitted by person3 residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Kates in ay be easily computed from the aliove table. AdvmlslnE order for irregular Insertions Takes the one time rate. No responsibility will *e taken, for more thau one incorrect inn? r I Ion of *ny classified ad. L For Sole • for Sol* Attention I'ickcrs Planters Via am ikKftln making iinullty Cotton Pick Sacks ror those who want tho best Carney Awning Co. 113 S. First St. Blyshovllle. Ark May-ing wasliltiK marhltip. flood ran- <IUIOll. I'll. 27W. 5-t>k-10 30 Complete wrist mill. Nov/ (tohu- rood business. For sale at :\ .sa, jirioo All nois.-l powert-tl. Hoe Mmt'k'y -*|)0 Koxiih .Second Street. " i» 5-pk-n Mew 3 room house at Oil Mill Croiviv Phone Mil! between 5 ,v ", Din Intel ntUlonal Com bun- No -r» noiu-r ifikfon (ypt>. K\i*-lU-!U romminn Sec or write (;iyd«- sucni HI i Bradford. Ark. its-nh-iij Second linml ftinine.- wIth 1 ron Fir*? man stoker. Skiftlciem iMn-jriiv i<jr 10 room hou:;e. C, !•', Ulnlu'r, Hiecl.- F-.'.y your coal before the winter rush. I "" ~ ~ ; .'.et ns till your bin. Phone -189. Uox *>'"<» U imeruaUoual Oji n,>au>r. Uar- S59. Hlythevme, Arkansas. K^"- 5tH_LUly iit, !if,-i,k-:i 8!lG-ck-tf Eh( Iby 4 wheel /arm trfiUe.HJ, 0 ply tires, nil jsl'/.us truck and trailer beds. Also wagon repairs, lletiry West- iirook shop, formerly Dan Stout piiop. &Li2-nk-o;i2 Ciootl hay. Phone BCD. »;2!)-pk-9 29 Atluciile Jolinson grass. Poison nnw arailable a t Planters Hardware Co., Inc. Phone 015. 8 18 ck tfj For frr-sh fruits niul vegoluljlos, ftifo ! ull kinds of canning fruits ivastm- j iiljly priced. visit H1U ThomiViO Cm li MKt., Ilwy. 01 North. Combination blaeksrnUli ~ welding filiop ami yariiKf. Two itiul onc-hiiH miles v.'e.-ii of bsccolu. highway 41), Hi. a. !V>x :i5. 03 ceo hi. H, I). Mills. ule model Cushnimi motor scooter, complete with !>ack seal, windshield, etc. In excellent condition. ttc- duced for quick sule. Phone 2:i2r». 8 2<> dh tf AUention lo I,and Buyers :.34 ACIT.S nt Tnllanoor-a. Mo r;m hi> bought now uncl lmmcdi;iU' uii-»si-i- sloji K'VfJl. nuyer lutH'-j crop '''"u uervs In cotton. A v,vll Jitiprm-i-d runn In Kooil lociiiiriji. ACL Now! Price $ttO |)ur HCIV. [iO iicres t-iist of Artuorel with Sriti holism and liarn. House 1ms U"hta" niniiLi.K water. This |,| !l( -,. jnsi"«si- t;tl und will sell ([uicWy. call now lor n|>P°' ]llt iH'[H. i) ^.ct'-y 7 Other Farms All Sixes" Call or see I he las i CM };rou-liu' Jloal Kslulo firm In tills si-c-ilon. for llu' best in furrn liutds 11. K. "Hucl" Fislior Heal Kslalf t V: [.nans 101 East Ktiil in-Icy Slfccl lilylhcville, ArUansas Phiine 2:i:il) Any Tinif H '-I i-k 9 7 For Rent ifjht and heavy mash fed brooder, fryers. Delivered in city. Major Little, North Highway <>i. !) 2 ck 9 Land For Sale 120 acres. Vj mile or smp line and liasl ol highway Cl. 40 acres. Vi itille ol Air Base on rock io:ul. very deslrnhte for someone* warillni; a honip. 2-3 U a cres. very bets L Imp roved peat hind. Just East, of Advance. Mo. Corn will avenge 75 bushels to the acre. Wfj have several 40 antl SO tnicts within a .short distance of Holland. Mo. :!, r )() acres, all tilled, all In row crop. beans. Th^s land Is known as peal h»ml. Just East ot Advance. Mo. Thert is very liitlc ol this typo soil. Average corn crop 85 bushels per acre. We will be filaU to .show this farm by appointment only. Non- re&ldentlal owner. We have any size tract on concrete, K ravel ro:id. Mibool bus. mail route, that. \vcnM he -sultublc for a home. We'll be; ylad to have you come hi the office to talk about these farms. They can be bought over n period of years -lit jx low rate or Interest. We are in the land business and nue (if ihr,> oldest In Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri, males Land Company Office! upstairs hi Hale lild™. across from City Hall Phone "3i2'Z Russell E, IUalL-5 — R, M. Beck 3-pk-G Tv.-o un-slalrs olflce rooms tor rent oil Main Street. Si'e - A r DlelrU'h United llisurauee A;|<>tiry, llu; K 1st st 0 'l-ck-7 Iledrooms with cooking an<l llvln^ room privileges, si ]ier v.-ei-k Kooiii and Ijoard. $15 per ween. Phone :)B35. , !l'4-i)k-ll Larye housekeeping room, i'hont' 2W>0 0 2-]ik- Bedrooms. 106 1|J E. Mnln. Ph. 952. Do your own concrete work and save Rent a concrete mixer by day or hour Phone -189. Box 659. blythevllle Ark. BllO-trk-tf One furnished room, etflrteiicv At liucllftnan's Grocery. Norlh Ml^ii\vav For Hire :isliiiiff machine, refrigerator. an<l raiif-c. Lois Morcliitul. * rear M^ Chlckasuwha. see nftc-r .'i p tn A T T E N T I O N— Furmer.s - Truckers - Ginners Wo Arc In Production On All Styles of Custom Built Truck ("overs j For Hay — Cottonseed — Soybeans Carney Awning Co. tn R. First Phone 21)72 Blythevllle. Ark. ! We have exclusive on approximately 20 farms ranging in size from -10 acres lo large Iracts. If you are interested in Tiuv- in£ or selling, or in making a loan be sure and call us and we will be glad to show or discuss these farms with you. Cecil Earls Noble Gill Agency Osceola Telephone"^ TilytheviUe Telephone 3\?,\ 9 1 ck U Tractor breaking plow, bxistors. disc harrow, planter, cultivator, cllinier combine. John C. Bright. 300 S Second St. Phone 879. 8iH-pl;-H14 A ferret killed 40"? chickens Vje- forc being: captured, after escaping from its cage at Mansfield, England. Help Wanted White Luly to kecf) IIOUKO nml tc-nd to children. Freeni.tu's Store Dc-U Arkansas. 4-iik-8 Mail [tj mnnnsre ctinlti conijilntc^ refei-tnces. \\'ri % Courier News. itore. Give (• tjox .1. A. ,;uly lo stay with convalescent p;'.tJeiit N'urslnjj experience not essential Duties very light. Phone -1303 evenings 94-pk-B It you have sales ataltltv or the ambition to learn how to sell. Rexiilr Inc., offers you n Rreat Iiitvire ur- our dealers nt the present tljiu- are inuklii s from 3250 to S750 oer jmmtli Kxperlencc Is not absolutely ncncs<wiry hut hoipfnl as those necepterl wlli bfi given f.vo or three days sncclixl tmlnin" without coht. If liitcrested write Box HI. r .', t Courier News. Bly- tlievtlle. Ark., or contar.t In oeni-oii your local Hexair dealer. Waite H. Janita. Apt. 1-19. Air Base. :to-pk-!>:fi Young man for sates position with Kood future. With Blythevlllc firm Write box J F. % Courier News 2__ ; 8iT-ck-U (Experienced salesman who can produce results. No high pressure. In local store of good reputation. Hood salary, jjood working conditions. Reply in own hand wrM ing staling past employment record. ]jox 22—care Courier News Company. <) -1 ck !l 7 4 room house, front and back uorch 2221 Margaret St. !) l-pk-3 Hcdroom suite with springs and mat- trcss. Apt H5. Air Hasp, or phone _^ 80 ^ l-nk-8 30 ffnlloni electric hot water bcat"e7. Phono 352J. Q:i-pk-8 John Deere comblnca ""with"" motor? I A-C 60 P.T.O. combine. 1 42 I Hr' Combine. Andrew Jenkins Hj-tV way Cl. Holland. Mo. 'iVS-pi-io 21) acres fine llmtier laud, one -nSTe West from Tomato. Ark., for ' riiilck sale S15 per acre. W. M ]i ,",,5 Kealtor. 1'houe 3361 ^ 3 lik 11 llliick and blonde roistered cocker I>ui>i>lrs Pure bred collie puppies Mlscd bred puppies, cheap. Mrs N r;. Jerome. I'honc 3101. 9 2-pk-9 Rod fishing worms, one cent each, .'ins F.illy SI. _ 0 '1 pk G Household Items lnc]xi[llnc; o F trie rcrrh;CT;i!or. 723 Mlly St. O-l-ck-7 k Brick store on Main Street Non r<"i( ' (tontl^l snvs snll. store stock and fixtures. Well located well njulppeil, rents reasonable, nrlcctl '\t invoice w.-alkout. 101 acrrs well Improved farm Hntl Good crops. See this farm on EM.VM" T-rJcc S3400. ^u^pi. I0(i acres well-Improved, well located Price SI 10 per a.crr. Close to towti These farms nre lorntrtl in stodciarcl County. Mo. No overflow I,nlhcr Oray. resklciice nhonc 513 nrrl no-w. SitlriiJTian nhone 33IC Office phone 27S1 _^^__ __ _ __ 4-pk-8 Prflctlcally new Colemati oil hcntrr \vilh tank. Jacket. Ph. 2095. CocXer Spaniel Puppies. Hollls UiirtleUe. Phone 706. > l-pk"-8 Nice whltn Ice cream watjon and white liorse with (fecoratetl harness. If in- terr.stett rail Hambv Hotel. W A O?!incnt, Phonn 144, Dycrsbuor Tcnn' 0,2-nk-O ELBERTA PEACHES $2.50 and $3.00 Per Kushel We Sell: • By Hie Pound • By the Bushel • Trnckloacl BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET 130 E. .Alain. Phone 073 Allen Pickard's SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus Army Goods • Supplies • Shoes Sec us for tile very best In Army surplus shoes. Npurly new—Ke- built—To He Rebuilt. Hundred!! for sale. Quantity Prices Available. EAST END 112 Lilly Street 1/2 Blk South East Main PRECISION.BUILT For Your Car Exclusively Ford owners! We have sufficient CJoriu/jic I'aul Parts lo keep your car roilmu. It's pl.iin common sense In use Gcmmio l-'onl i'tlrta. They'll; made exclusively for your c:ir. They lit riRlit ami nre inicleorinhorntory conlrnlUtl inaicrialswliieli insure maximum Me. And Ihcy cost lessl 5(h iit Walnut Phone 4'JSU Services Wo e]'''-ni[y your old irradte n< I'lrinii'' ' !:l ° u tiiodei n olooiriS Urnki*. -i'i!i K. Ash. • «'i-i-pk-o;i4 MONKY -IX) LOAN Do you nwd « loar, tt\ re*»<r or remodel? No driirn p»y- mtnt.nomoHg^gt, no red tnp«. FHA *pproYcd rate 5^. AHV; for detail*. Mai Lo«»n p Uojiitor. phone-2034. _J_ ^ fl-28-<!k-tt House immnff, 1,'l ycar-s ox- IJorionc'o. rk'iily of oquip- nirnt. Ucferonros, ],<?vol- 8 8 ]ik il 8 Ht IhlblOMII.',^^" ""'K.K Wonted fo Buy Notice Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Aulo Salvage, North Hiway (il. plionc :!7R5- S 5 ek If Itlilu-st value for usco, surplus Items in trade nt F.lbcrt Huffman'!; Swun Shop. 401 E. Main, pi;. «st* Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Six? T. L. MABRY 123 MISSOURI ST. PH. 3027 Concrete Sizes 10" to 36" (Rclnforccil or Non-Reinforced) Clicapcr anil LonRtr I.nsllne Ihnii any other ISridge Material. Concrule units for Sanitary Privy— Concrete Septic Tanks. A. H. Webb Hwy. Cl N. at State Line. Fhonc Illylhcvillc 714 Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second SI. lilylheville, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work You Tell Us... When yon drive in. loll us what you \v:ml ;nul \vo'll fr«L H ! Nn lirsiljitintf )HTO—we j^ivo I lie prompt service you've \vuitlcd clsewliero. Complete snrvico for all makes automobiles. Hrinjf ii.s your car problems for quick, dependable solution. Kxperl. engine work, body work and spray painting. LANGSTON-WROTEK CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 lOxpcvl nutiiilor ropnii- for loss. \Vc hiivo (ho best in rmllnlor ropjiir t'riiiipniciif. l.fl inir (rained in;ui doil , oul and Yopaii- your radial or Tor you. Quick Kei'Y- ictv Pidmp ;„„! delivery. Hiissrll Phillips Trm-lor Co. !)OIIK!;IS l,iiwson, iMijr. Phono ^171. H i) If ''"I! Hill Davis for l-Yei' ~Ks- (iniiifc m\ Piiporliaii.Ltinu and ilrcoralinir. Pfiono 'l-l(ii) !) -1 ck 10 .1 SEWIHCI M/1C1I1NK3 sixil ti.ri'ln- on nil n,,,k<'». O. K nmliC. <0a u. Aatl. U]]2-,ik-!ll2 it i.M.! ironlni;. willlo iiriii. n. ni' s ijiko. n;i(i-i>k-<riY Iiirtulns luiimliwtl mid Klrett'lu'il. JM South t'liinl:!!!!. St. »;25-nk-ll n Position Wanted Cniplos-rnoiit dc-h-ed liy pt-ir.nn 10tfiriiliu: film Cultrornlii U'ho )•; i'\. pcrlciu'cil In wlinli>mli- nml icmll K«JC(My tjusliH'.'.ii. Also li:ivo i-vi>-rl- encn hi rin woik mnJ wjiti (.nvi-vn- luiTLil ;>;. \v.ui Lcnui.- suiu'i vl.'.dr Would t-onsltlor l;inn i-inijlov-ni in c:oi\- tni't W. it. MOIBIIM, I'll. .r>:|. IV1I. Ark. i-„,;.„ Wonted Cuinblnnlloii (irc-niiin nml nlulil walrli- innn ill I,In I'liinir (1711. ]-i:k-15 Personal Ol.n AT W. SO. CO?" MAN! You're i:ni/y! Tliuu: :ui<l:i prpps 1 iit 70, Os- lrr-\ Toulr Tublot.s yt-p U[j bndlrji lar-Ulni^ hun. !•'«»• nimlowii r<'i'llii« Iriiiuy men. wcnnfii < u!l "olil". Cicl S1.50 /=h-l' lodiiy ONLY flf»{- nl till ilriii!i:IM<. -In lllytlit'vlllr. nt KlrUv ' "I'm comliiK lji\<-k lo lown. 11 IlEU 8'M-rk-ttlll SCREEN DOORS Most sixes now in slock. R. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MOI1M.. RELIABLE WORKMAM3IIIP. PHONE 2642 We call for mid Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Aothorizcd'Motorola lUdlo Sales and Service lOli Sonlh First St. PAjGB';] Ut CHEVROLEf Super Service INSPECT YOUR BRAKES '•' •'• "• '' • ' ' .• Brakes arc jusf as much a working mechanism as the motor in •your Chevrolet. Numerous pieces ^ are subject to every day, normal wear — plus the grit and abrasives which they pick up that accent this wear, Have them chocked, inspected and adjusted regularly. Our expert Chevrolet mechanics have the "know •fiow." And prontol you'll be back on the street, ready for traffic signals and the sure, swift \' stops that eliminate unnecessary J hazards. Take Advantage of Our Special Major Brake Adjustment LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Rend Courier News Want Ads. NOTICE TO PUBLIC The law offices of Gene B. Bradley have ten moved lo 411 W. Main. (Across street from Monl- Koinery Wnrd.) Clean Reconditioned USED CARS Await Your Selection at SH ELTON Motor Company 11!) W. Ash Dial .H3R PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gnarantced liest Prices Kirby Drug Stores I DON EDWARDS "Tti« Typewriter MMt" HOYAL, BMITII, CORONA KB* KtMINUTON POET. IIP N. SECOND ST. PHONB "* (Everj Tr»ns«!tlon MDBT BK HATU5FAOTORT) CAN \vA r n-:n A in IN KIDNEY—BLADDER Disorders? Yes—If it's Mountain Valley Mineral Wnlor. tlio famous health water from Hot .Springs, Arkansas. Muunliiin Valley lielps stiunilntc kidney nctlon, soothe. lji;i<J(ler irritatitni. cfjnibaL uric-acidily. Why not j;ivn Mciiinlain Valley n (rial? It lui.s helped liuiiiy Ihou sands ftjr more Ihan SO years. UHlKlilfn] to drink . . . delivered jus! as It flows nt Hot Springs. Order n supply tridsiy. Gall or write, for twoklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP RECAPPING Watermelon Red Ripe—Delicious Whole or Sliced Blytheville CURB MARKET 130 E. Main Plione 973 PRlOILLA'S POP Gy AL VER1JEKI / can hard/y be/ieye it/ You—with a brazen b/cnde on your hair! V,-v--r- i-r-om now on, frisciffa, no more piggy-back from the station! \ J /on<?, Alfiil i b/ontjf? hxj.-/']' lA\v "01' Doc Ulies off on his calls now since his car was-' iTcondilioned by T. I. SKAY MOTOR COMPANY 1 ."' ICE COLD! ', We Guarant •• j HawknuoB Trra* | Let Your Next Tiiw B* j GENERALS [Cost More _ Worth MM* MODINGER TIRE CO; ^3

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