The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on June 3, 1948 · 20
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 20

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1948
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THE DAILY OKLAHOMAN THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 1943 Crest Is Past, But Dikes Still Are in Danger PORTL.VKD. June 2 MV-Dike workers struitgled Wednesday to hold back tl-.e flood-strong Columbia river, ils pressure slamming ns heavily as tbouich the crest hud not passed. The Mjr;inx. dsbris-niled water was dcvi:; fractionally perhaps as much as s:x inches at Cancouver. Wash. bu: ;. .'till was rippin? at dikes weakened bv the Ion? pounding they had withstood. A ivr-.ik spot developed opoosite the dale. en of Portland. Two thousand o:;mte"rs and troops filled and threw jandoats into place. S. B. Hall, preside": of two drainage districts, said he thought the dike would hold. Th.-oueliout the Kelso Wash., area 50 rn;l"s downriver from Portland, hur.cirec.s of men worked to hold the barriers. Across the river in Oregon at Clats-kanle the situation was called "critical" bv the armv engineers. It was only or.e of six points in a 70-mile downriver stretch from Portland to whim trse encineers gave that label. The flood's crest was on its way to the ea Wednesday. It will get there Thursday. Relief Days Away But tehind it follows the tremendous volume of water that still threatens. I" will bedaysb'-forereliefisfei en?. It will be days before relief is While Portland was carina for 20.000 made homeless in Sunday's Varipor: disaster from which there still ha-e been no bodies recovered and others in the North Portland area south Kelso residents tried to go hrme. A mounted horse patrol kept them back from the lands and houses which still mik'h: go under. Several hundred men. working in V.r.e from sand truck to dike like an old-f.tsr.ioned bucket brigade, reinforced the earthen walls. Woodland was at the bottom of a Throughout the long sweep of waterfront there are only workers. Everyone has been evacuated. If the dikes let so. property damage already in the uncounted millions will be high, but life is not threatened. Repair Funds Available The flood eased its grip Wednesday in eastern Washington and northern Idaho, but stood eieht feet deep in some pans of Cusick. Wash. In Portland, relief and rebuilding teams were formed while there was still no estimate of the dead and little knowledge of the damage. The citv itself aDDarently escaped with nothing more serious than flooded waterfront areas. About 40 blocks were flooded but much of the inundated area was open ground around warehouses, mills and shops. Thousands, however, were temporarily out LT."Gen. Raymond A. Wheeler, chief of the corns of engineers, arrived Wednesday and said adequate funds would b? "avpllable to repair damage cf all Ifvees in the Columbia basin. Co".. O. E. Walsh, district engineer, said the work would be completed be- sprine's flood season. What the cost would be in repair . thP broken dikes was unestimated. The department of agriculture's report at Seattle said farm losses in Washington were "stag-germ?" It added that the amount of fer:;: topsoil washed away was almost beyond comprehension. Truman Asks Funds For Disaster Relief WASHINGTON. June 2 JP) President Truman, calling attention to the Columbia river flood. Wednesday asked congress for $600,000 for disaster relief." He asked that the money be made available at one? and that he have authority to spend it. as needed, until June 3Ch 1949. Mrar.v.hile, legislation to appropriate J"5 millions for Immediate flood relief in the Pacific northwest was put before congress by Rep. Angell R., Ore. i in the house. Senators Gordon (R.. Ore. t and Cain (R., Wash.) announced a similar bill will be in- rocuccci in thi Rp. Hora R.. Wash.) ,ed to introduce Thurs oli;;ion making immediately available for fiood relief in the Pacific northwest $15 millions unexpended money lef in the flood control appropriation of 1943. Rep. Norblad R.. Ore.i introduced a bill authorizing a $15 millions cmer-Kerry fund to meet reconstruction West Coast Shippers Seek Relief Cargoes WASHINGTON. June 2--(7P) i committee representing the Pacific coast transportation inausiry cor f err Ml Wednesday with several go emmcnt agencies in an effort l stimulate greater use of Pacific coast ports in moving military and relief Maitland S. Pennington, vlce-presi- ceni oi me acuic transport line San Francisco ?nd a spokesman for the committee, said only 37 percent of all cargo from the United States to the orient is moving through west coast ports, compared with 70 percent WHAT CAN BRAN DO FOR YOU? Constipated due to insufficient rliet-bulk? Then bran will help relieve it. Bu' be sure you serve only finer-f.aiorcd Nalnsco 100 Bran... for even folks who say they never liked bran before admit this bran is just ulling p: niHei much n (See a doctor if cc e gentle ingl the founder and organizer of the in ternational organization as guests of honor when they meet in twenty-fifth annual session at Municipal auditorium. They are Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Season, McAlester. He is shown here with Mrs. Paul K. Leonhard, 6915 S Walker, general chairman of the convention. Vonda Copeland, 711 NW 14, grand worthy advisor! will preside at the sessions which open at 7:15 p. m. Thursday wtih a pageant. A banquet will be served in Silver Glade room, Skirvin Tower hotel at 7 p. m. Friday. Pawnee Student Chosen een ? president of the own- noma A&M college collegiate chapter PAWNEE. June 2 (Special) W. J. of the Future Farmers of America, one Sallee, graduate of Pawnee schools of the largest campus organizations in and outstanding FFA member, has I the school of agriculture. BLOMDIES ANNIVERSARY "ROSE OF RIO GRANDE" PRINCE OF THIEVES Permit Granted For Television . Commercial television broadcasts within the next year were viewed as possible Wednesday as the federal communications commission granted a construction permit to WKY Radiophone Co. P. A. Sugg, manager of WKY, said that within the next year the station may' be televising or basis. Sugg plans to leave for eastern markets soon to purchase studio and transmitting equipment for the' tele-Erection of the television facilities, to be located in the present WKY studios for the time being, will begin as equipment is received. Application for a 5.000 watt station on channel four, one of the major television channels, was submitted to the federal commission April 17. WKY has tentative plans to televise football, baseball, other sports shows and major news events. Presbyterians Oppose UMT as Regimentation SEATTLE, June 2 (VP, The 160th general assembly or the Presbyterian church went on record against universal military training Wednesday just before the close of a week-long Lifeguard Learns Safety Warnings Are Made for All Repeated water safety warnings ;ame home with a iab to Scott Brain- ard, country club lifeguard, late Wednesday afternoon. Brnlnard fell while walking along the country club pool, receiving a painful dislocation of a shoulder and bruises. He was taken to McBride's ! Buying Stepped Up 1 NEW YORK, 'June -2 ) Ford Motor Co. will buy more than $27 millions of materials on the west coast this year compared with an annual rate of less than $15 millions early in 1947, Victor G. Lottmsin, of the company's purchasing research department, said Wednesday. U. S. Command Shifted FRANKFURT. Germany, June 2 (fP) Headquarters of the United States army's European command Frankfurt to Heidelberg, 50 miles j Hungary Greets Israel LONDON, June 2 fP) The Russian news agency Tass reported Wednesday night the Hungarian government had recognized the new stata of Israel. ERROLFM! 11 I Glidden's PAINT FOR YOUR DOLLAR . beauty in every room lasting satisfaction REVOLUTIONARY PAINT DISCOVERIES! 1 2 3 CODER - Z, A faff 1 """r toP quality wall enamel oi its kind; unexcelled hard, smooth, lustrous finish; goes on in half the time; sensationally odor-free; quick drying; washes like a china plate. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, halls. Glidden's . special process lets you mix with water save money! ' You get an extra quart of genuine oil-resin enamel from every Loomtdtrg rooms, bedrooms. One coat covers most surfaces, including wallpaper. No painty odor; dries in 30 minutes; easily cleaned. Buy this highest quality oil-resin paint and save! Mixes with water; one gallon gives you 6 quarts. repeated washing but where you want a soft, suede-like finish use Glidden's newest painting sensation! Just mix 1 quart of SPRED-Luster with 2 quarts of SPRED -Flat. SPRED-Luster $4.98 a gal. (mixed, yes get 25 mere) SPRED-Flat $1.15 a (mixed, ye get 50 more) Tkvie, us & SPRED deafoi newi, (xo VfP-HARD WEARING FINISH for PORCHES . EXTERIOR INTERIOR FLORENAMEH. WI ..... m nt rtim 1 1 WHEN You are planning . I tGc' J If ! : raasr : L is nr. 11 ANN sHFRIIMN i bone and joint clinic for treatment. DANCES ' , " -. mm i m -. "Wo arc always stressing water! REUNIONS H f WflBnHKM I W 1 1 A ft V hk : "y safety and care around the pool." . DINNER DANCES MB a g 111 Ifm I I V H H SlLL " remarked E. L. Cherry, manager of; MIT frileWMMHi aaLAJa.wAaW ";": gi 3 f IB the club. "This looks like a perfect1 the sw 2sth and Hudion 2-JB0S ' ;' ' W SHrifi 'a . :- place to point that out once more." a0m Yvonne De Corlo Dan Doryea t f B 1 A J I I 1- Brainard's condition was satisfac- 9 A SLgwl mur "BLACK BART" ' jirtnffP i " W wm K " ' lory Wednesday night, the attending AtfffV- ' Geo. Raft cinire Trevor ;'J.' physician said. ifdP "I STOLE A MILLION" ; r :V: V. ' , Sy 30fh Floor 8 f Run on ccpitol Hill I ; ' ' . amm u First Nat'l Bldg. - " WTBTSSSfi 'A 'driVe-TTHEATRe' ' For Information .,... ...., Sll1 HIWWwBiei VKXCH FOR DATE DIAL 3-2558 RONALD C0LMAN IN HHEjUBI a i'EniRN OHMONTe" CRISTO" VJ? )A7)r cn OeCI'RodLeron l H 1 After a lengthy debate the assem- J "FOOL'S COLD" W&faWWm AA r kl Ar f 7T, 1 X. 19 ... IV J bly condemned UMT as an "attempt Jjoimny Muck Drown Riivinond Hationt? i Wkmm& MENACE I Alt 35c 'til 6 then 50c j r.feC - -i to regiment free men." It favored a ?- f I ' Teen-A9er 35c - 4 - i system of voluntary recruitment. J I i ibttiSSi vJ3U J :-lmm '' f Lovely.. ' i - ? - " " WJTWESBmm ' 1 n!z fglrl I'-liS jif" I I .Si,Vter"J I-SONC OT mammae ' .'r ?' ' "genheman's agreement ; SPOILERS" H fffrijjj III i I go I mm?m VeVghP SgSfl "AN 1 22 H'T" J V "10UISIANA" J$Il Jo"prhince" ofmm? "ARTHURisot er 4 jVhowing'Vach" j HBPTHHO I STARTS TODAY fwR- ?N.f I I ANDY PANDY COIOR CARTOON NEWS H Clark Gable Vivieri' Leigh AmWL WZtfJlZlzMkWkXX I - ' W C E l f'SS yqh SjftiiOiM 1 AT E TW0 refricerated eatres j 1 Coming Friday A,so yu wi" see "The SBBtsammmm i BR ii mlMmWmWmaaumm6uBau 'I "The Bride Goes Wild" s,gn of JR" PS D"'' '"ipH&Zt" 2 Comfortably Cool! 'v' ' ' ' C & R THEATRES I TODAY . ,05 I jB I -XALCARY j 1 ""-'--"I SUSAN taflk S..T- .inr ii . llNj fm f rassm- 0LrEC0vE" 'kJ VivecaUNDF0RS W IM ' SS' gjp jBrnm TO THE C: gP I "'41' SUSAN PETERS VICTOR P, LonChaney 1 if TOM D'ANDREA I latest news I j Brenda Joyce B CO-STARRINC I (I :! "Pillow of Death"!- I ALEXANDER PHYLLIS I I rvriTiKir cmtcdtaiwucmt I &JM ' ,0 wom I I I KNOX THAXTERI J FROM START TO FINISH hi R""! I whitty r 1 n i miMTnmritiH 1 US i Coming Soon! r today 1045 I cSy ..rE f, IES rai and Kiaster QBkmSRmmB sinSuton ' tiBi I I " ' I T0DAV ONXT SjjJl jfm ""' anqg 'K "'0d " I ' 1 ' ' ' 1 MSSm 1 Complete! Uncut! S l6:lT ' I W& J! ftTVTSi HP?FTT7T,,SB cZZcZTo HH 1 'r., P,t I THE WOtF FOR MYSTERY. I IffW 111 HI II iMi I1H I I f 1 that played at advanced 'MStmi GERAlD MOHR I j "0r "if c j j "lomThw Bo-xn j I 1 admissions! I 'fa '-the lone "woif I I "the macom'ber" affair" I I .the twTmS. crrolls I I f CRITERION J g grj M I I l Porches Decks Floors-Stairs Old Linoleum FLOOR FINISHES Concrete

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