The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, SKl'TKMHKK 5, 11)47 m.YTlll'JVUJ.K (AHK.) C.OUIUKll MOWS Truman Doctrine Criticized by GOP Democratic Appeal For Votes Brings Blast from Ohioan By I)EAV w. (I'nited 1'ress Stuff Cm respondent) WASHINGTON. Sept. 5. (UP) — Rep. George H. Bender. R.. o charged today that president Truman's foreign policy Is designed to 1 move "from one international crisis to another in order to establish himself as a leader who -should nc' be abandoned in the midst of a virtual state of \yar.T Calling on chairman John Tnbcr, H. N. Y.. of tiic House Appropriations Committee for a full-scale: In- vcstiBallon of the "Truman Doctrine," Bender said in a letter that: "Mr. Truman is trying to create a situation in which his coliart> will argue that we should no!. change the democratic mule in mid- •slrcnin." Bender's charge came less than 24 hours after Rep. Clarence .J JJrovi-n, n,, i.. a power within the CiOl*. charged that tile Dcinricnitb did a "serious disservice" by dragging foreign policy "into the arena of partisan politics" in their radio rally Tuesday night. He referred specifically to the assertion of Sen. Prances J. Myers. D-. Pa., that GOP chieftains were trying to "drag this nation Ixick ... to the isolationism of the Hartl- iiiK-Coolidijrj-Hoovcr em." But Brown attributed the authorship of Myers' remark to Gael Sullivan, executive director of the Democratic National Coinmittc" who earlier this year was rcpi/- manned by Mr. Truman for momentarily threatening the bi-partisan foreign policy approach. Bender charged specifically that when the first $400,000.000 aid fund was proposed by 0*'V. Truman for Grcec c and Turkey, those countries had made no request for the money. 'Cut It Out, Wise Guy!' PAGE N1NK Creek Indian, 70, Soys Inflation Interferes With His Hobo Life Convention-happy legionnaire scores a bull's-eye on a shapely calf with Ins water pistol and draws sharp lebuke from his pretty victim. Its oil pan o r the [un at American Legion's national get- together in New York. Infant is Electrocuted; Puts Lamp Cord in Mouth KNOXVILbE, Tel)!)., Sept. 5. .(UP) —Year-old Steven Darrel Mikcls, - New-spies?. ..-ivjiew -heels? . . . new laces? . .". We'll do everything that's needed to have your children's shoes ready for FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. HALFORD'S SHOE SHOP 106 So. Second St. Affectionate Husband Wins New Friends WARRIOR. Ala.. Sept. 5. lUP) — Affectionate husbands rose in pio- est today against the mayor of :llis .small town who reportedly fined n man $27.50 lor kissing his c twice in I rout of a local dine store. Irate citizens, including two nl- i dermen. paid the man's fine and | others said they were "disgusted" with the mayor's action. Ttie man was identified only a. s being from Gad.sclen. Al:i. "We foil he wn.s being mislreal- e<!," Alderman Hubert Gillespie, who helped pay the fine. said, "it's never been against the law that I know of to kiss a woman on Ihe downtown strecis liere." Mayor u A. Bowers refused to scuss the case and his clerk declined .to identify tiic victim. Giltespie saiil 'the man testified in the mayors court that he kissed his wife onx-c in the parked automobile and again when they got out of it.. The Alderman said the specific charge was disorderly conduct. One citizen threatened, "there are going to ue some changes made in, the'.admitiislratioji, here at the next election. It makes any decent citizen sick lo have n man arrested .simply for kissing his wife." was elcclrocntcd as he played with an electric lamp cord last night while his parent* chatted with Iricnds in the same room. The parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. C]yde fC. Mikcls. heard the lamp crash to Ihe floor and saw Steven willi the cord in his mouth. They believer! he bit the coid while standing on the metal Moor heat register. Trains Get Telephones NKW YORK I UP) _ The New York Central announced that toll phones will he installed on tho Twentieth Century Limited in October. The two-way radios carried by the train will lie linked with any Bell System telephone. It will NKW OHl.l-rAN-j. tfept. •!. llll'l —* Willie Wood, a TO-yeitr-nld CroeK ndian blamed it nil tin iniliitioti. "Hasn't stew jumped. I'rmii 13 lo IS mils" he s'.iid. "1 haven't saved i nickel since." 'iwice In three months Wi lie was lucked up (is n v.i;;i-anl. The first time he unloosened his money Ijoli to show a bankroll ot neatly folded bills iimouiitlni; lo $'2.70J. 'I'he other day Willie was picked olf a doorstep, it's a "U'inporary ail- dress" lie said. This, time Willie's money bvtl contained only 51,1347. "I'd si 111 have my inoiiey except for .this Inflation." Wd;i<< "said. "I make a dollar now and then sweeping up." Willie .--'aid he hud always saved his money. l);il tlm'< was before lu- flufion. ' List yc?nr I ctnild uny a pair of pants for W cents." Willie reminisced, "llnl I'm lucky lo find u I'uir for SI.-HI IIOLV. Ami it's a crime the way :itcw has gone lip." Hack in June, Willie- (|iiit work for KoiHl. He went mil lu Lake I'on- tchartraiti to relax. It was here thut police picked him up the liisf lime for sleeping on a st;.iw»ll. Din when he flashed Use dough police Id him "I'm nol a drinking niiui," Willie .siild. "I don'I. siucke and I don't Ihrow ii\\-ay money t-n women." i'tir his-home address i Willie :;aid he had "six or seven ol-lhem." "Yon want, my iji-rninni'iit, my temporaly. or where 1 am going ad- c^'c's.s?" he asked police. Police said that ihe.v didn't want him to sleep in doorways, and to bank his money. Willie agreed. He .said he'd visit his sister a;, -Mobile, Ala. Karachi, Pakistan Capital Placed Under Curfew KAI1ACHI. Scpl. 0. (Ill')—A cm- few from U p.m. to is u.m. was imposed tndny on the i upllal of I'akl- slim because a Muslein nnivdcicd a Sikti. u will bo in force three nlKhLs. lAulhoiitics ordered muvlo-s. sn- loons and other places of eniei- talnnicnt closed. Police patrolled the Streets, nnd (he Army was alerted a possible outbreak o[ com- inunnl violence. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Kifcrt K*pun 114 But SUta M. Felix A. Carney be limited to Ihe New York^Uuf- lalo mil ill first. ORAWMf! TRV.FOB A Free Copy this gitl flnj send us your drawing — peitiaps ycu'll win d COMPLETE ART COURSE FREE. FIVE^PRIZES — five complete arl courses FREE includins Dr«wmj Ouifils (Value of each course, $240.00). c '' C0 " l2s '* n l '.ubmilling » drawing of lufficicnl mciil will ,jc| d inj and our opinion ai lo whether his 01 hci talcnl \: vvoilh dcvclopinj, Vocalional Tiaining for talented drlistic persons is of tremendous impoi- tdiice. / .Iniosl everything , iu , s t be designed before it can be manufac- lined. Only Idlcnlcd pcisons can be trained as designers and illusliato:s. Splendid oppoilunilics arc available (or Irained Cominctcial Arlists, llluslralors and Cartoonists. Many of our former jtudcnls are earning cxcellcnl incomes in the profession. Here's an opportunity to lesl youi lalenl rREE, RUl.tS: ConlCblanlr. mnsl he iniatcnrs. Our slurfrnls nnl rlij;iHf. I. Make to!>f „, cir i l^l^TKJ^^^^^. ^-,n^:^- f^™* nu'ThfT. county, sfaloi. age. pho^c mjmhrt *nA prc^rnl occur.tlinn r>n l>*ck of iltnwiTi-' If you hvc in an soATrmcnt, r;ivc aparlinCTil mimhof. S. All'i imisl he received l>» ticrtcmbcc oOlh, W47. r.«c wianing drawjags will be selected by our r«uliy ART INSTRUCTION'IMC FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING BRIVA^E ROADS v," : ".-. OB':;A|siy\ •;•• EXQ^/VTION S.aCOfflSN Contractor LYNCH-BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. DIRT FOR SALE Pride & Usrey Phone 517 AKERY SPECIALS to Give the Family a Treat Old Fashioned - ^ Applesauce bVC Spice Cake ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY/ Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 HART'S BAKERY t * Depl. 0000, 500 So. 4th Street, Minneapolis 15, Minn. COTTON PRODUCERS GINNERS Cotton Trade Association Cotton Exchange tytheville Board of Trade Have Adopted, Effective Immediately, the Following Rules Regarding Penalties on Lightweight Bales ••I!;iks wci«liuiK finni fhrce liiiiulrcd (u three liuii(lrc<l and fin ly-iiinc pounds .shall lit itrcivcd at a pcnaUy of $2.00 per bale; lialcs weigliinjj rnini flircu li n nil ml anil fifly lo (luce hundred and nincly.-iiinc (minuls .shall lie -iTi'uivi-d al a iicnally of $1.00 per bale." "Kin IT- Hiall l;a\c (he right In reject all hales below thrtc huudicil I'DinuIs, Iml if (lit lijjhl. ljulc.s- he received an allowance of ?:) per hale .shall he made (<i Hit IJII.MT.'' BLYTHEVILLE BOARD OF TRADE Are You Planning to Move? Wi> offer you this piece of ciiuipmciil designed for wilV truiisporlnlion in nil types of weather. Ample I''iu'mtiu'o |)a<ls nnd other equipment to insure «ife liatKllillj;. 24-Hour Service on Notice BOTTOMS UPt It's (Inn, rolte nut fur the fill tiriiiK diet lu'els. clna i:rt that Full vuril- id prepaic yuursclf re. riH'ck ytmr slices; In far nrw soles ur IIIR or iljclnj;. HALTER'S Quality Shoe Shop For Electric Work Colt 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop • Farm Wiring • House Wiring • Motor Repairs • Appliance Installation 500 N. Fifth St. I51yth«vi!Ie, Ark. : Plumbing For Sale Kulli luhs. Closets, ],;ivu(oncs, ij(|" j, u -h all-metal'Adrl- llesistiiiK Cn'Miicl Kinks willi dniihlc drain board. " Aulomalit Oil nnd Klcclric Water Hoalct.s. Also Septic , Tanks. All Pipe & fit lint's necessary l<> i.islall your complete ''atlnooni. Osburn's Plumbing & Heating 1920 West Main St. Phone 875 ATTENTION GINNERS Let us supply you with all your gin needs! Wo Feature B. F. Goodrich Belting 213 WEST MAIN ST. '•PHONE 2015 FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Painf 72-48inchCONCRETF. CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Hione G91 If blue Monday plagues you on Sunday, call -M74-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS fOKK£AL MtRCURy StRVICt ALWAYS SttVOVX Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3-17!) Klythcvillc Ark. 112 Walnut S». KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 •The Old Rcliabte" G. O. POETZ T.«r «»». « PETROLEUM o, Dependable HcrrlM PRODUCTS BB •*

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