The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 7
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^THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12, I'M* Oil Issue Raised In Palestine Row Partitioning Pro 9 ram May Disturb Flow of Petroleum to West Bodies Taken From Arkansas Mine the donilnant 0 ,^^"" 1 ',^^, 1 "of the*™' a -" <l lhat SC '" e cl - 1< '" (5 UfllilllStl RllOII llRrf IlldlCftt- "ct approval Some responsible circles said oil company representatives were making behind-the-scenes efforts to ascertain the possibyity ot altering ,,", , UN ' S Petition election, hut officials of two of the largest oil companies i-nncerned »-llh the Mid- til? Fast would not confirm such reports. It was understood here lhat su»- cestion.s for reopening the entir* Palestine partition issue had cm-' lied up in the current ronMiUatio. 1 between President Truman and, his cabinet. Thev must decide soon ' whether the United Slates will back dispatch of a UN armv to the Holv land to oppose the Arabs if they open their threatened war against Partition Would Avoid Warfare Oil men, involved in the Middle East ferment to the extent of billions of dollars in petroleum Interests, were said to want, a settlement which \vould si'old warfare and at the same time avoid the sending of any UN nrmy—and especially one with American troops —lo the Middle East. Oil companv officials conceded that such a solution probablv would I require modification of the UN partition program. Tt was pointed out bv qualified persons that representatives of American oil comnantes with interests In Arabian oil would be amon? the most effective negotiators with Arab leaders, who are owners of the strategic Middle East oil dems- it.s and also Ihe leaders nr the violent opposition to nartition. Many Cnmnanle* Interested Amonij the American comnanies most deenly in'erested in Middle Eastern oil are the Arabian-American Oil Co.. which is unrlcrtakinij the big pipeline proiect In Snudi Arabia- standard Oil of New Jersey. Socony-Vacuimi anrf Texas- Oalifornla. standard of New Jersey and Soconv are negotiating to buv Into Arabian-American. Jews and other suooorters of partition have scoffed nt the contention that continued American support of partition would provoke the Arabs into shutting off the flow of oil into Britain and the United State* and would send it to Russia. They snv the Arab leaders would never turn to Moscow and would not deliberately '• stop their own income. : Reports from Washington have Indicated, however, 'hat officials in: the State Department and the '. armed services have injected that] contention into the administration debate over American policy. The dean .of Arab tiinlomal-s at Hie UN, Fans el Khouri of Syria, said tbe Arabs had not initiated any j attempt to reopen the partition ' question. i He said, however, he had "heard ' talk" or such efforts and that tbe i Arab states probably would not : oppose such a step. Tait Seeking GOP Support In Minnesota ' ST. PAUL. Minn.. Feb. 12 <up> —Sen. Robert A. Tnft of Ohio to- 'l.i.v invaded Minnesota, the stronghold of his arch-ilval for (he. He- inililicalloii presidential nomination Harold B. Slassen. The co-author of the Tuft-Hartey labor law arrived enrly enousii I" breakfast with a group of il,a stnle s leading neijnbllfniu Includ- li'K Guv. Luther Yoimsdabl. His minerary for the Sl-hoiir ,su v here did not Include any ranlrrriire »itii St.isscn, Minnesota's fminrr it"liTllOf. Tan came here Irons Cliica»j where he spent the nl R ),t nrter making several a|ipn\rauces yesterday in Indiana. At Gary, Itid., he deviated from a prepared speech to say thnt the government may have made "a mls- ii'kp- i" IndicthiR CIO President 1 "Hill Murray on a charge of vlo- I'Hiiig tlic •raft-Hartley law. _BIATHKVn.LR (AKK.) COUKUOn NKW3 World Day of Prayer Service is Planned for Blytheville Children nay (1 f Pi nve , (or ,,1,,, be observed tomorrow nt (he Klrsl Methodist lls '" ""• "« l "»« ">« l ot churcli Wo,,i m * ("'OBI-BUI for dill- A World iron will •Mi li.m u ! r HV lls United Counci ,(,"*, spo " s<Hccl Theme for Die iironrnni Is, "Tlie ifli-rts Prayer". Mr*. William wynll will be In churn* wldi M ls . j« H Mont ami Mrs. J»i,| Jobe nsislMli, s . (nouns ot children Ira mm her , )o . »<»"li'«lioiw will Dnrllclimlf , m (lu . •Hie offering will br used bom "bronrt and home. Christian llleni- lm-e r or children and (nmllv use will be sent In India, China. Afrlcu KRJ'IH and Latin Amciicu. Also t n Union Cliilstli.ii ColloKM tot Woin- e» In India Aijw,, »,id ciilim. it Is to help nvcr n.000 f.irelKii sin. ' 1 " C0 '"° '° "' C Uultctt S(<lt( ' s Four Killed \ Baptists Report • 1 m m _ F\ *» 1 • B * When Plane Falls in River Progress With Building Plans A. N. AfcAiminch, 01 Little Rock ™° R ^NS. Feb. 1, W,\*f^*Z^A^ —Mississippi state police grappled dnwiiins iln(i perspective f > [II (tie yellow waters of Pearl River ; Proposed new Sanctunrv niul just beyond Lake Bowie today for "' " a.incium } and me bodies of two persons killed yesterday in a plane crash that took a total of four lives. Two bodies were 'recovered by a railway section foreman a lew hours after Ihe crash. One was the body of Roy E. Martin. Sr IP or Columbus, On., operator of' ICO theaters in Alabama. Mississippi Florida and Georgia: The other body recovered was tentatively identified as Dorothy Lou Williamsoi New Security Loan To fie Offered Soon As Curb for Inflation WASHINGTON. Feb. 13 <UI>1 — "espltc the drop In commodity prices the Rovenmmit Is still concerned about inflation and pinns Another bis savings bond drive this Sp Secretary O f the Treasury ". Snyder told newsmen ('he new ••security | oan wln ,,,. „„,.„ |() ^™ N<: Mlbscrlptlon April 15 t hr(n , Bh Negro Deaths Funeral services for Sallie Burns i «/ I,'"?,™' wll ° dieri T »csdav .it 1 Jj 1 ; 1 * "ospllal after a short Illness ! "HI be conducted Sunday "oon 2 o-chK* at the Cnsioi, - ernl Home by Re v. w. J. John.™ • Bi-nai will be in ML Zion cemetery | She is survived by three sons, thre'- dauglitcrs and two brothers. three hnme lh« [>f- — _ Aberdeen Angus Breeders Elect Two Missco Men Two Hoiiih Mississippi County >m-ii. A, M. RodKPi* ni Victoria and Hudson Wren ol Mnrie, wore Heeled to ..dices in Ihc K..SUIJI Ai'kntis'n Alierdri'ii Angus Association. Kl n, ni-BniilintKMial me<-lh, K In Jouesboro Iwsdny nli-lii. Mr. HailRiM-s, wliu oimiitcs the Vii-ioriB 1-iiniis, w,i.s elcclort nresl- (lent ol I ho new C.-.IU,. brcedm us- sonalion »mt Mr. WITH wn s eleci- «l MX K Olive-yenr incmlier | o Uu> bonrd ol'dhecloifi. Bn.lorn Aiknnsns brreders |ircx- ent nt I lie. oi-KiLinziilloiinl mcollnx voled lo rnnriiicl nn aiumtil Held diiv umi sale lo lx> held Jnllnvtliifi i|,'c rnll fuirs. ferhiR will be used" for Is to liehi Ihe three and .mi- half mini,,,, nilKranls. the shiirerrop|ind s and the American Indium, iwillnilnily (lie Navajo. ' modeling of the present education I ; builrims and the construction m the three-story educational build- in B on the site of the present | church auditorium. ; The plans have been carefully considered by lli e Building Com'- mittec composed of Alvin Huffman, Jr.. Chairman, Rosco Craf: ton, C. R. Newcomb. C. S. Lemons, : Chris Thompkins. and Kendall Ber..„ ; ry. It also has been presented by that of ! the architect and Mr. Huffman to Robert- ; th e chure' in two congregational , ivMidinKs, an ,, fuiu , rn |,. b'"lt on l]le rjrst f , 00 ,. educational building. The edl t.on»l facilities will be buTlt To s °n-! fi - one of Martin's employes. : meetings and to various "groups Officials said the bodies the po- I and Individuals b'oups hce were looking for were those of ! The proposed' new sanct-.ary as : George R. Doles. Jr.. 22, of Coluro- presented in the preliminarv .lint i Mirth T" 1 '"" 0 !? 1 p ' tot hlrcd ^ WUI SML aPProxirnateiy'Tooo 1 ^! Ma. tin lo lly the plane, and of ! will provide office and educational Mus uruce Elmore, another Mar- i space in the tv.ft-story section in tin employe. ; ,, le rcni - of , h( , buflt|fn > %?™ r ™_ i ne party flew 10 New Orleans , etit educational biiildinc'will be rc- tor Ward, eras in a Beechcrafl .' modeled and a thrcc-norv cdiif.i- aonanza plane and were returning , tional building will be erected on lo Columbus when it crashed about ! HK.IUI on 30 mites Northeast of New Orleans. An eyewitness or the crash, Hen- I ry Saucier, a Louisville and Nash- I l-ille bririge tender, said he saw the plane circling over the Pear! River bridge. "All of a .sudden it crashed into ihe water." he said. T!H' Building Committee rccom- anc'c of t'hc lh , e ChUrCh thc a ""i''- certain stilted changes, and thu recommendation was church in business th - T '!! s - Clr ,' e ^ the " rst p " ase of he wo K ,,f uie Building commlt- ec in Us planning for the con. lion of new church facilities, ''i will now give themselves to a thorough study of ihe time when " church should authorize the arcn- Hcct to prepare working drawin K s so that contracts may be let for consl-uclion. Tt is Imped that this bo done In not too distant f u . Natives can buy enough food for one good substantial meal for one penny in Haiti. He 1V»5 H'ronjr SPRINGFIELD; Mass. IUP» — Several days after reporLiug to police that his automobile hart been stolen from n downtown parking space, a Springfield man discovered the car—in his own garage, EXPERIENCE IS THE GREATEST TEACHER . IFPICIINT tITI ANTtNNA COIL • IAWT DIAL irx TUM»» n<iorr INOICATO* room for BATTERY RADIO $50.45 WITH LONG-LIFE BATTERY PACK Pfwiiion-cngintercdiind huiltfor perfect per- form^c. heyond , he h, 8 h-Iine s . Hx.r, ,eie c . "«. 3 en ,,,,vc t ».r/« /, ali , r jil C1>c ,, it hri m news and cmcminmcnl even under arivcrse cor,d,(,c, ns . Bi* e» 5 y., 0 .r«d di,l. C,,,,rd,, n Kcmmdcr and on/off huir s .« r e help, ,, v < ">««"«. Handsome walnut cjhlr.el with LEE WILSON HARDWARE & IMPLEMENT CO. Armorel n , .»--„" Phone 2088 Orleans DELTA PRODUCT OF ANHgU8FR for St. Valentine's Day TERMS ARRANGED PAT O'BRYANT phone 3261 Jeweler M«in a » Soy Beans Cleaned Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. High , ay 61 South Old American Legion Airport Hioiur 28110 r CALL 4627 For Lower Cost Insuranc* • HOME • AUTO ^ BUSINESS , Arkansas Mutual Agency \, ' W. I,. 7'amhe, Mjfr ' > IKHHC.S .Bklg.,, Blytheville, Ark f** *f*t M&tcv*y $ twice *LWM Still & Young Motor Co. ni. ,.„ Linct >l"-M*rcury I hone ,1479 BiylheviMe Ark. lf2 Walnut St. DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality •'','" Itinler Work ;in<f Kcmndclinj; a SjWfiRily .HO'/! E. Davit St. , Phone 4641 Better Cleaning IN 8 Hours :.':'. AND WE SUGGEST YOU LET AN EXPERIENCED TAILOR HANDLE YOUR ALTERATIONS HUDSON CLEANER Blytheville, Ark. TAILOR CLOTHIER Steele, Mo. "My Joints Feel Kiisty" ake a chnnce with your health Doctor* ittiritls and say that It may be aggravated r improper kidney elimination. Manv physiclam recommend this natural mineral water hat I" elimlnntc Ihe syslt-mic wastes. Order a ca^ TODAY— Call ur write (inlay f,, r MIKK IxinkleL CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division lil.vthcvillc, Ark. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCrt BLDG. Bl¥THEVIllE ARK • Wwte 364^0x42515

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