The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, KEBRUAUY 12, - - __ Mov/e Magnate Slashes Costs By Trimming Fat Paychecks Of Executives in Hollywood <r,,u , ; l HOM YWOon ' » i n ' M ll lined omcer^iu^OoUil.n from Onldwvji on < own- 1 n ' " K dive ot IkkM Cripps Stresses Britain's Need For U. S. Money s studio today, with • •*>(' per cent .slash ii lie collapse of Hie British mar 'inc. hit the land of mink and in UIJ 10 HO-.V, Ihe bi»- K -j,, s i,, .....A from, offices have neon chonniii" off Ihe biKUct by fnii,,, mosseiWr Kirls and assisum, .^-relarie.?. " Hcncelorth. GoltHvyii. said ill In'n'wilMii'u"" 11 ' 1 " W0 " ti " l! rOT just, half us mi,,.), tw lnr rome next payday. And ,| u , includes his H " '™ s PH'tins lecili inio his recent bias, Ihat movies will have to ue twice as <, (mti :mrt L . ml h . M xx much or ihe. industry will collapse. fll.innerf GoM-.vyn. '"' '" '' P '° The wate-cut applies only lo salaries. Movie executives won't hav- ,,--r-- ...... .,.. .Cumins poo!.-. H nicy make movies Hie customers will pay lo see. because they will Keep on dl'iiU'tilK dividends frnin tlic Coldwyn corixiialion. And Itie ie.'us they take out on payday, plus ijie. more lickets llir-y sell. Die bigger the corporation's proJit.s will he—and tlic falter those dividend coupons. Goldivyn assured hi.s employes below the coupon-clipping ihnt. the wage-slasbing isn't the beginning of a cloxvn-the-linc economy wave. Their checks, he said, will be as big a.; they ever wore. "My high-salaricti employes have aereed to join men in an effort to cm down picture costs lo a reasonable level." be said on his return yesterday from a long vacation hi Honolulu. "1 still intend lo make tlic highest quality pictures possible." He said his corporate officials hart InltjMi the Mow to their pockel- boora with gond grace because they ••know loeir future depends upo nHfnt) slun " > "" «>« a " d tne "°«""i limousines. '. Peb. 12. ( [jp) _ g^ r Stafford Cripps. chancellor of the exchequer, said yesterday that the drain on Britain'., ,, o ] d Ja , ld ,,„„," resources had reached "menacing proportions." Supplies of food and ,.„„, male . rials which the nation nerds lo survive are threatened. Cripps said. l?™™*? ll^r'iwim^V W'*l -L^rt* X,™^™^ press conference went into further details on the coumrvVi economic Plight. Cripps said tiiat Britain, with Marshall plan aid. coulrt close the Kap between spending and earning by our own efforts." He reported that last year the country spent S2.iOO,COO.OOO niort than it earned. "It we fail." he added, "the RHP will close itself through the drying up of our essential supplies, for v.hich we have no means of paving." Jt,YTHKViU.B (ARK.) COURIKR NEWI "The star.s mid aitisiic creators - oolriivyn added, -who have the fore J'Siglu to cooperate in making fin pictures on a sound, economic bas will fine! their careers in this in duslry more secure. Their profcs sonal fuiurc depends on good pic tines more than big moi'ej." Oolciwyn's news rocked Hollv ivoocl. where oilier studios ha'v been making feeble stabs at savin (heir stockholders' money. One ma jor film company economiwd b Iinng its assistant pastry cook. Read Courier News Want, Ads Fur Goshsakes! You've heard of the fur-lined bathtub. Well, here's a matching ermine bathing suit and inn- brelt.-!, modeled recently at a Miami Beach. F; a ., fur fashion show. Since ermine costs what l does, (he suit is strictly for tiow. jusr what Palsy Simmons of Washington, D. c., is doing TAKES REAL BLOOD Worried Feel Nervous Dread Duties Feel Tired Ageing Pepless Resisfartce Low Two Suspects Surrender Asserting They Are Broke After 12-Stofe Crime Tour MARSHALL, Mo., Feb. 12 (UPl —Two men who reportedly admitted a IS.dOO-milc crime tour through a dozen stales today awaited the arrival of Nebraska authorities today. Slierirf Leon Jacobs said Walter H. Barleli. 24. mid Lavcrnn G. Fees, 23. surrendered voluntarily yesterday because thej- were broke. One of ihe men said they robbed between 25 and 75 filling "stations. Their career In crime started at Jennings, Neb., when Ihey stole a coupe. Olher theJis of automobiles and merchandise took the mlliroiiRli Iowa. Missouri. Oklahoma, Arkansas. Kansas. Arizona, New Mexico. Alabama, Mississippi and Kentucky. Laney Appoints Clerk l.n-l'l.K HOCK, Ark , Keb. 12 ,U!>> --C.ov. Ren l.aney yesterday nn- nouiiced tlic appointment of ballas 'etc Runey O f i.\m c rtock as a member i,f die War Memorial Sta- dnmi Commision' Raney succeeds state Sen Guv Jones of Conway. whose term expired Jan. i. under the commision law. Jones was not eligible for re- appointnient. I Laney also announced the apoint-' ment of Mrs. Jessie McOillc of Pine Bluff as county and probate clerk of Jefferson County. A hundred pounds of raw potatoes are equal in feediiiB value lo '20 lo 25 jxnnids of grain. TAKE Arkantat County Judgtt' Attociation Incorporates _ i.n-n.K IICK;K. Feb. u, aii>>-- 'I'he Arkiinsiis A.wociniloii of county .Indues was chartered yesterday by! circuit Conn ,,s x |, c no- voli'nl noii-pioflt association. Illcorporalois are Judm's i, A Mushlmrn at l.illle Kock c ll' Ki'inl of Mailon, Arch Cooper of nniiloii, VI.KI1 c, Kohi of cinrk.,. vll'-. Ton, H. i.n,, L ,n ,,f Wiilniii "due. II. c;. Free™ of Jonesboro, AllM'ft Cl. Sexton of l.imnkr e;arl Adams of IVrryvllle. i^,,,.,, . lr( . [<•!•>• of llalesville. A. II. |',,i k ,-r of U-«-lx.-lll c and I X . W(B K , -,. uv] , 1-Vrdycc. How To Relieve Bronchitis Oreormilsloji rell»vo» promptly bo- «*!»« , H ««• rlBMl lo u'« so,, of ftr trouble To )H.;,> loown and exp r K i™if de " K h \ cgm - *'"' »'<! "ntiirc « ko °J J '" ""'I hc ^ nw. tender. In,Sn ., l ? r <;'":>'l<>l iiuicou* mem. ^SSin' 1 f I i yo " r d"'HKl»» to sell yot. » bo tleof Creomulslon will> the 1111- nfdekf " d n K T °" " U1Sl " kl! lhu »•»"'• .W&SMn'^a" 1 ™ 1 '" 1 CREOMULSION for Couzhs.Cliest Colds, BronchiHs Joint Merit Council l-irn.K HOCK, Keb. 12. - HUKO Norvi-ii of Mllle llock as- UNDERBILL, Vt. (IWJ- Oasnon has been driving ,uto noblles /or 50 y««- ev * Mr. Penney, I have a problem... '''Minion«.,« member or i;;;;;,, h , m ., - .e Mivlc Merit system Council i „ Jl „ if h °™ le * "'lay toll<,»iii K |,|, appointment! ,,.; H< h »" " ev « b««n In>V Oov. no,, ,„.,„,,. , „' ; 1( ££™ voived in an accident or been „Hen IsttrlK who resign,.,!. leslcd tor violating (raffle ]. WI . FARM @ LOANS My Inland i., „ ;„,„•„,,„ „,„„, flw<| If you've been hunting for a bargain — set your sights on this special ... (wo big values at one amazingly low price! ^ ^ ^ ^^ in n,y Har<lrnl>< ,. ,;, „„,„„,•„,„ gt , t U „<„,„,„ , /)em/ . ioo Vary Your Wardrobe For Home Entertaining with 10-90 So inexpensive ymi ran nffnrit rtr- ' cral -choose one or two-piece »t) lc» wilii .^iniy .caJIop,,,) p C p], lm , t jkirls, attractive inner!, of -to-malcli I.-K-C— Irapmiio Irim- ininj;. Ray,,,, gahartline nalnrais, 9-15. /i^'. 1 ' J iy^'- r '^ n r •^ lrnlCl ''- 5ix ! " <mi '' rl '"* a ''"'' 70^ ^YEAfT'oLD MAN SAYS vJ 7 CUT OF 10 ""•* SUFFER Regular $7.80 Valu» HEAVY DUTY GARAGE VIS! You'll lind this one of Hie handiest tools you ever had lo help gel jobs dona around Ihe house or in (he garage. Strong cast iron with sleo! jaw inserts, cut-off lool and anvil. Pipe jaws are 3'A" wide; »wivel base !ocic« in position. Colorful mill Femininn YOU SAVE $3.80 R«gulor $4.93 Valu» HAND TOOL GRINDER K«ep Y°ut tools in Irim wilK this high xpeed grinder. The • ii inch viltiiied wheel has a 11 lo 1 goor ralio drivo- !•:-! r-sl Ii adji,s! a bl» vertically and horizontally nnd th« Housing is dip c<1 ,| a tlvirdy bench clomp. TERMS at low at $1.25 a w«ek on our EASY PAY PLAN /I/I i/ i . ,, . „ i m^^RTOff-swsasw : / /I Valentin, Gifts for That Special Someone! Spring HANDBAGS 2 no • J/ Oj'liis ln\ Yoti'i} he (iclighlcil with (licsc hriglil, ne of filnslic. micilr, jialcnl or calf! Newest stylos in lovnl) Spring colors. Hlark or brown r.iyon faille, loo. ttfHiili/iilly Tailored! RAYON SLIPS 1.98 She Jikc« ilie whisper of rayon 'neatli her gay ninetim" go\vns! Ail. jllMalilr Hr*p.« 4 ftmcd for iierfecl fit. Traro.«r, n»vy, wliitc, bine, black. 31-14. Hom« Offlrs, N.n.ik, N. j. TEAM ,»„„„ CIOWH< , «*!.!.. WBITK (!» mi RAY WORTHINGTON 1" ' H. Third 81., Blj«h.,]7l,. Vrk i * . I ael<H . „ THK PXllltW IUI. INSDHANCF. TOVfANr », A MM 1C* AUTO UPHOLSTERING 307 Eost Mam p hone 5,, !s, M i"i'.fx!ii' MATs'Lti'^u'';";^ ," KA1 / '• ININ «s. 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Owners Collnn ,M(HU-C, TractoF Mechanic Affenlion, Soybean Grower r , onc clcanlne process, we have Iwo cleaners In oper»tion. i>o appninlmrnt needed, prompt service, no waltinit. Blythevilie Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Blyrh.yill,

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