The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1947
Page 4
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PACE FOUR' BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Steel Production Suffers a Setback Four Large Plants Idle Because of Rail Union Walkout •PITTSBURGH, Sept. 5. <UP> — U. S. Steel Corporation's four bis HonongahHa Valley steel plants began closing today'its the result or a walkout of 1,830 operating em- ployes of its subsidiary union railroad. lAs-a result of the rail tieup, 33.- COD steelworkcrs ftced layoffs. All but two of the company's 19 district pig-iron producing blast Jur- nacvs were being banked and remaining in production were "fanning at half rate. . One hundred -and one of the plants' 103 steel-producing open hcnrliis were being lapped out and three electric furnaces wore shut down. ' U. S, Sled reported that Its steel Ingot production has been cut by .C,. 0, tons a day. A company spokesman said that intch of the lest tonnage had b^cn earmarked for railroad ear construction to ease the current drastic shortage of stock. The railroad employes quit work when negotiations over demands broke down after u four-hour conference yesterday. The strikers arc members of I he brotherhood. 4 ; of tngineeis and trainmen. U. S. steel was unable to estimate immediately the full effect of the strike, nut the scheduled cutbacks will mean virtual closing of four big plants--Homestead, -Bradrtock. Clairton and Duqucsne. Tlie struck "captive" railroad hauls iron ore lo the furnaces and performs important switching operations in tin dbctwccn the plants. U S. Steel said the brotherhoods called the strike within a few hours after mtikitiR their demands, which Oh Boy i fted's Coming Back to Town Marksman's Skill Often Brings Grief for Users Of 'l elcphonc Network With 2X0 telephone wires shot out. 01 L-uininissiuii last year, the f-oulmvcstern Bjll 'telephone Cajn- pai.y urged numeri lo use care in snooting at or near its ):ole lines, in the connn;; hunting season. About one third 01 all cases of trouble on open win; long distance telephone lines las', year was traced lo ifimsliot damage, 1>. J. I'oc, lete- phonc company manager here, s.iid. "Even good shots miss occasionally," 1'oe said, "uncl a shot, at a bird on a telephone line, or flying in Iront of it. may cut a v.'ire unit inlet rupl telepnone service between towns until we can get men out there to repair it. Some imporlan!. messages could by delayed." Adnntting thai it. might, lake a pel 01 will power to puss up a "fat" sncv. Poe s:ud "care and llii,i],;hllul- ne. c s on Hie pail oi hunters now wih go a long way toward protecting tlie community's vital le>2- phonc .service." Textile mills of Nnrlh Carolina consume one-fourth of tlic total cotion production ol (he United fctiilcs. x reportedly include;! proposals for some 40 rule chnn-irs. The company . said II had no opportunity to an- I swer 'lie demands or make counterproposals. motherhood officials issued no public slaicmfnls. In addition to the .steelworkcrs, members of the CIO Steel Union iion-cperalini; employes of the railroad were; loiccd into idleness. 'I he non-opcraling men, who also are members of the steel union, have voted to strike, b,u U3W officials emphasized that they were not involved in the current wa.kout. tIEANING BILLS! „. , Dial , 2433 PEERLESS CLEANS FOR LESS... and Suits Plain Dresses ? Ready Clothes for Fall Now! T. -• PEERLESS DRY CLtANERS r i -' S. Franklin Phone 2433 7ire$ton* STORES 207 W. Main V A Prepares to Close • Seven Arkansas Offices LITTLE HOCK, Sert,'5. (UP) — A total of seven Veterans Administration offices in Arkansas Will be clcscd the last of this month by a reduction in personnel, Regional Manager James A. Wlnn Mid here lodny. A survey Is underway this week to determine which of the 25 outlying offices will bf. closed. Wlnn said the amount of business handled and the location of the offices will be taken inlo consideration in selecting Uiose to be discontinued. The reduction In personnel totals 07 employes, Wlnn said, nil of whom will be discharged according to Civil Service regulations. Transport Due at 9 a.m. To Pick Up Air Reserves For Flight to Memphis The Army G-47 transport plane scheduled i.o Innd at Blylhcvllic Municipal Airport Saturday to ferry former Army pilots to Memphis to participate in reserve flight training will arrive between 9 rind 9:15 a.m.. airport officials said yesterday. An rnrlicr announcement, by Army officials had set the time of arrival at 9:30 a.m. FRIDAY, SKl'TKiMHKR 5, 19-17 American Citizenship Has Real Meaning for Man jWrio fled Prison Textile Workers to Meet, Discuss Pay Difference ATLANTA. Oil., Sept. 5. (UP) — Wage demands to eliminate Hie North-South differential will be formulated at n huge meeting of Textile Workers Union representatives here Sept. 21. Kenneth DoiiRli- ty. CicorglH director of the Textile! Workers Union of America .said i today. ' Doughty said that the amount of wage increase to l>e asked by Southern tcxtll c unions will be tie'- Icrinlncii ut Ihc meeting. "We find that now the N'orth- Eoulh dlfferenllal has been re-established," Doughty said. -'Sonlh- etn workers are carnlni; 11:1 average of 90 cenl.s an hour against $1.011 in Ihc North. Thai's it t'2 conn difference for exactly the baru;- work. There Is also, no doubt that the industry can bay stittidarrl wages." II'ITLK ROCK, Ark., Sept. 5. lUf'i — Arknnsus Ei-crelary of: S'.atc c. Ci. I-all was expected to sl«n today the papers which will rfHr:liilly r'cstorc to a 54-year-old native of Yugoslavia Ihc rijrlits o' a Irec man. Mall's signature was needed to mnke official the pardon signed yesterday by Gov. Hen Laney for Mick Mandrlck, who returned voluntarily to Arkansas' state penitep.- tlary ln;;t year after 20 years living as a law abiding member ol the ciiiiimunity of Ely, Nov. Mandrlck escaped from the Arkansas prison In l'J2(i. Munderlck returned to flnlrh his iin.'onir.lete setitcncc because of his desire to become an American citl- XHI. In .signing the pardon, Goy- ii nor Laney commented thai Man(trick's action and purpose were "liijiWy commendable." | 'J1ie governor said "iiK action i is cvidt-nce enough of his good i faith. It is nothing but rii;l)t that I he should be given Uic privilege j of becoming an American." ' Britain, China Approve I Conference 'on Korea | WASHINGTON. Sr|lt. •>. IUP' — l Ilri'.ain and China have notified the united .Slates they me willing U> attend a four-power conference hrri 1 lor a new attempt lo srl tip a provisional Korean government, wa- learned today. With the talks scheduled to bc- t;iii Monday. Russia alone has not yri replied to the American i. tation u'lilch was dispatciied lo 1 Tndon. Nanking, and Moscow on Alii;. 29. A Soviet embassy spokesman said no information on the K •"••u ronf-iencr has been received from Moscow. Britons Agree to Postpone Steel Nationalization SOUTHPORT, Eng., Sept. 5. (UP) —-'Die British Trades Union Congress yielded today u> the laborite government's plea not to press for nationalization of the iron and teel Industry in the- next session f parliament. The Congress, main financial "op of the labor parly and repre- cnling more than 85 per cent of Britain's organized workers, rcject- d a resolution demanding "na- onalixe steel now." " At Its annual convention here Trial of Fritz Kuhn Asked MUNICH. Sept.. 5. (UP) — Dc- na/lflcation officials reported today that they bad asked military ovcrnment permission lo put. Fritz uhn on Iviat. probably late Ibis icnln. on charges of leading" the cnnan-Anienean Bund and ov- ani/.ing the American Nazi i'arty. Operation Successful FCRT LOGAN, Colo.. Sept. iIJPi —.Surgecns yesterday removed lo two-inch nail from Virgil Go- mci".' brain, where it was imbedded by a Japanese guard while he was a pri.'ioner of war. Removal of such an object is sine of Uie most delicate of al operations. '1 he tedious surgery required almost three hours. The nail hat hern imbedded since. 1313. ________ Too Late to Classify for Safe \vniy surplus — Tenth.,-r^ Shoos — Kahki. .Piin(i> :— — Shirts — Woolens * — Boots —. C'omforl'ers. elc?. 112 Lilly St., '/> Southeast Main SI. t) 5 ck 10 Used .Soutlilieiul baby cnriiiiyr, In ^ood. concmicm, 1'Li. 38 f JJ. 9.5-pfc--.), A(J combine, quick fapoccl. l u:iller -with Uc<l. Ed HIUTJLH. Dell, Ark. /\FK - A 4 room bullUitu; i»ul rui-iie/; ]ms u uoou stiort orcicr ami .IrLifc business on Cl, Rcil Tup GLn lot SiUu month rcni." *I5(K>.(JO rush large wnrctrobe uuntt. i2J.OQ. fool electric display nicai cusn $:tOD or; •01 no real grocery business vvllh Uv- nif* rooms. 'liono l-'inld 230-1. 9 5-p'r;-9 the Congress accepted Supply Minister John Wihnot's assurances that the government would stand by its pledge lo produce steel nationa'li/a- lion bill within the ytc of the present pai-nan.en;, but not necessarily in tlie 1947-48 session. The Parliament is in office until 1950. cording to a local labor recruiter. The recruiter said that a> Negro mother and her seven children have been picking about 1,500 pounds of cotton a day. Georgia Pickers Earning $3 Per Hundred Pounds MCULTRTE, Ga.. Sept. 5. (UP) — Cotton Pickers are earning S3 a 101) pounds, am', one Negro I'uinily has been earning $45 a dav, ac- Better Aid to Housekeeping Kent Our New FLOOR POLISHER Mississippi Co. Lumber Co. Phone 4445 , for Rene Jcdrootn. Ph. aV31 allcr lodcrii 3 room fumL;hr<l nt)t. Ccniitlo only. Cult yiU2. i'fi-cK-;f Notice D. S. [[AY AND SONS ANNOllNC'fi T1IK OPEN1NC! OK THEIR ICV.V OIUJCEKY AND MAHKET ON SOUTH HKmWAV SI. 'i MIL 1*3 ITIOM THE CITY LIMITS A MODERN BUU.D1NO. COMPLETE WITH UP-TO-DATE niSI'LAY CTOJ1NTKIIS AND MEAT CASE3. HOUSES T11K1II JiTOe-'K. Ml. HAY AND .SONS. WHO FOIU1FII- I.Y OPERATED THE llt.V'rilKVtl,! f COIUl MARKET. Wlt.I. (JPHlA'rK THIS H US I NESS THEMSKI.VKS WIIICTII WILL ENADI.K TittM TO MAKE YOU THE I1KST OK 1'Kil'FS • A FREHH MNK OV MEATS Htl.ll r'V AND ClROCHRTEd ItAfi JUS'l' [H'FV RI'U:KIVI!D. TllKV ALSO HV:[>['h' A COMPLETE LINK OK PINK I mill' AND DIXIE FF.ED.S OK AM, KINDs" THEY HAVE I.O'l'S OK ltM(])-Tl- FINO I'l'EMS .HIST A KK\V MIX UTES DR1VK OU'I 1 FROM 'ro\vr;' 3I'EN ^ DAYS A WEKK |KX('I.'"T -SUNDAY MORNINUHI FI:OM CAM UNTIL 10 F.M. WEEK-DAYS ANlV UNTIL 13 P.M. SATURDAY Upholstering Add new colors In your home and prcloni; 'ho life of your fttrnilurp. 1. Expert Craftsmen 2. Finest Materials 3. Custom Styling E. V. 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