The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 3
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THUnSDAY, FERTUUKY 12, 19 Red Cross Grants 52 Certificates North Missco Chapter Announces Special Training Awards A total of 34 while and is Necro women In Nortl. Mississippi conty have received lards h<Mtitj-i,, K completion of home musing courses sponsored by (he Chlckasawba bis Irict Chapter of the American Hrd Cross. Mrs. Floyd Ilaral.son. executive secretary, announced veslerdav afternoon. ' * Thirteen women from Den an ,| 13 Jypm Leachville received cards for Completion ot the 24-hour course wliile. 12 Bl.vilieville women were given cards for completing the 12- hour course. Eighteen Negro women of Clear Lake completed the 24-hour course The courses were taushl by Mrs. Florence O. Ellis it inn-am nurse Dell women completing the cours* were Mrs. Edna Kelt nor. Mrs. Mar- Eie BroM-nlre. Mrs. Thclma Crawford, Mrs. Daisy Koehler. Mrs. Elsie Koehler, Mrs. Chnstine Liggett. Mrs. I.e.nnie Potter. Mrs. Rclla Simmons. Mrs. Mar.iortn YOUIIB, -Mrs. Mary C. Kennett. Mrs. MaiRiierite Hiitinlnitt, Mrs. Ethel Gosa and Mrs. Mamie Griffin. The. following l.eachvllle women completed the course: Mrs. Llllie Kennett, Mrs. Mary Kennett Mauls, Miss Prances Smith, Mrs. Ethel Wilson. Mrs. Vonriclln Wilson. Wry. Caryl Hanker. Mrs. Odessa Cutter, Mrs. Snllie Bell, Mrs. C.eraldinc Wells. Mrs. Bertha Thomas, Mrs. Lennic V. Smith and Mrs. Bcrnicc B. Jackson. Completing the 12-hour course, the following women from Ulythe-' ville received cards: Mis. Ine?. Tinker, Mrs. Annie Adams, Mrs. Nola I Portlock. Mrs. Imogene Abbott. Airs '• Pauline Abbott. Mrs. Eva Ratcliff i Mrs. Edna Stafford nnd Mrs. Mclba'' Cobb. Negro women frniu Clear Lnke who completed the course were Rie- ttn Knte Hunter. Albena Hogan ' Geneva Harvey. Tneodoshia Green ! Nancy Veola CSant. Virgic Lee Dixon!' Maggie Dixon. Lne Retta Dixon ! Algeria Dixon. Bessie Cunningham.''' Johnson, Alice Jones Sydney- ^ies, Rosie King. Rnby Neil Knox, I.avorn Mosby, Ida Mae Robinson, and Catherine Smith BLYTHEVIU.R ' (ARK.) COURIER NF,WS •- ..-----.-_ _ _ ^ _ . . , Pf ° n Countries M °V Contribute to uTs" Stockpiled SJsfS*fb-sJ}rfrs*)*t* f --*m*Xfm}*tmtmtmnfi I I I I I I I I | i . i - i .-,-. . , * TUNGSTEN_t,om Poitu 9 ol, J.500,000 pounj, IAUXITt-l ' 50 ' 000 ' 1 - 400 ' 000 '•»'• i 2 5000M oun |0, Nelfierfcndi fml Congo. Morocco and . M«l Belgian Congo, 100,000 165,000 pounds nd Nigeria, , 1,500,000- 2.000,000 I—Irom Nyoiioloni, .„ .„,., INDUSTRIAL OlAMOKOS-Fron, »,l s i a , C.,,., Anaolo, Gold Gx>,l iterra L«on«, 3,000,000 corals. GKAfHITE-lrorr, C«|rlo» ond MrjrfogrjKor. HOC ton!. MICA— tvom Anjolo, Maa'ojgicar one* Soutdcrn Rdorfcsio 22i 000 pounji VANADIUM-l, om North.rr, 240,000 pounds. ^l""" 8t ' s ' on CoI19 °' Nt " ltl "" Khodtiia. Morocco, 35,000 Stern Penalty Asked for Jap Premier To/'o TOKVO. Fob, 12 (Uin-Tlie „(. Hed prosecution branded former premier Hldekl Tnjo aiul ii other win- crimes defendntit-s as mnnler- ers yesterday and ilcmnndrd trie ••stenu'sl penally known u> tlie law." A relay of. ptoseculloll ntlumevs OPKIIII summing up Hie allied case alter Clllef prosecutor Joseph 11 Keennn, of WashliiRiou. I), c . fl v ,ii Did <>|>«>liiR K ini yesterdny moiiilnir Kenan did not .specify the donili pcnnlly, but It wns Implicit In his words. Hrltlsh Pi-oKeeuUu- Arthur Comvns C*rr, who followed Ki>tnnn \\r- clareil ilia 35 de/rndanU were guilty of '•Internalloua! kllltn B , Including of course, orderinu I lie kllllne of human bclngi wlllinnl lc Rn | Jusiifi. eatlun." "All Ihe wni.i rlmrgt-d | n <|,is (ll . dletment. were Ilk'nnl." lie said. The Indictment, dutlng from H)->« covered all acts of Jn,,ji ntu ^ HKKte.vlon slm-e the Miinchmliin In vnslmi up to (he end of the Pacific war. '11 would hnvo been mdinvlnl f,,r II IP nllles to have Ignored the laws of war In [luhllllK the Japanese, nl- tlioiittli Ilielr lenders weic milriled- eds," Carr declared. KBKS will keep IOIIRCI- in sloriigc If I hoy are not washed before be: .nx pnl Htt-ny. PAGE THREE With the Courts Hi merry Kiillu-yn Tranlham V*. Clem O Tranttinni, suit f or divorce. The Ih-st jewing machine so wort J50 "ijirliM per minute; m0 i(crii power-driven iimchliicn sew several Romance Found by Red-Haired Opera Singer in Five Sittings for Portrait NE WYORK. Feb. ]•) (Ul>) - Lmdn Marlow, an American opera singer with flamin i; red bait who Well Equipped JACKSONVILLE. Fla.. Peh. 12 — ! <UP>— FBI ascnus who arrcslcd Lawrence R. Duncan on armed rob-i hery charges sairt today that, pars-' Phernalia found in his automobile included: '• Oxygen-acetylene hose, a "as ma.s, three sticks ofidynamiie. t°wo revolvers and a handful) of cartridges, a hacksaw, a dry cell bat. and wiring, a sledge hammer I wiih spare handle, rivet punches, shears, two tiles and Wo small sacks ot coins. It costs about SlOO a year, or 51.10 per ton. to operate an average mow: hay-ctlrinc system. | the performance. Tiletti went backstage. He nsked Impresario Marcltettl for an introduction to the sinjjcr. He told Miss Marlow ne had ne reciuest— that she pose lor him in costume, she said okay "At the third sitting, he asked me to marry him." she said. "7 told him ! had thought that American boys were fast workers but that he wa s faster. Ho said he had: wanted 10 me at the first sitiing but wns a liltte shy." At the fourth sittine: "He asked me in kiss him. I said Tra'vfot""" pt " yl " K " sccne fro '» At the fifth sitting the picture was completed. The.v slK)llt „ ,,„„,. d( , al 0 , l|(|i(i tllerenfter -tlrivini; aroimd In parks" in Trlctti's sm a!l Fiat. He discovered Miss Marlow nnlnlcc! .Slie discovered he was a K rcat lover of M11IMC,. "I said yes at, the dock when the Viilrania .sailed from Omoa -Ian. 30." JiiKs Mai-Ion. Kn j ( |. -He made me [ironiise to wnlt for htm I ni BohiB tn try to lielp |ii m cnmc to Anieric.T." The singer said Tllelti nude her prniiiisc to write him twice a week. "He told me: 'If I don't get your letters on lime, you may K et a notification ih:U Mario Tilctli i.s no more.' I pucss i, c was tr\ to j:car r me. or something." Miss Marlow said the 32-year- old, darkly handsome painter had learned three English phrases from her: "I luvvn you. i adore you I can't, leeve without von." Read Courier News Want Ads. Helena Finishes Boat Race 15 Days Behind Opponent ST LOUIS. Feb. 12. (UP)— The crew of the diesel-drlven lowlxmt Helena rested licre. yesterday rt f- ter ci-osslnij the finish line 15 davs behind Its opponent. The race between the Helena and the steam-powered Kokoiln bctiau at Neu- Orleans last month, and was heralded as a lest between the speed and etdclcncy of the two lype.s of power. But the Helena was doaiicd by mishaps nil the way up thfl 1.051-infle river route. Wren Hie Kolcoda crassed the finish line here Jan. 27. the Helena was lied up at Cairo, HI. for repairs. 180 miles down the Mississippi. Because of tlu> low river stage, the Helena crept up to II., dock here without any of the four bar- ires it staiied with nt New Orleans. Two were lelt at Mairo. and the other two were dropped off at Jefferson Barracks Bridge. 20 miles South of here. Federal Barge Lines officials said the ice-tilled river was at such R low stage it practically wns "shoring iu barge.s through the mud." IMS fl innchinp for lesiiiiB anchor chains I bat will exert a pull of 2.300.000 pounds. Throat of colds. Rub Vnimituti on thro«t...clir«t. Mr-It lonie In mouth, tool NERVOUS, RESTLESS iRinuLE,mGi-snDNG ( • to this functional middle-age' cause? "irlKoiiiK thniuj;!! UtKt [ivlnJ'llM llonnl •iiiLildir-iuTe' ti.-i Lm'l pocxill I" Irom iitit'nnsliM '"«' '"»,'„" muy"'°a'' l"!""' lc - " 1<1 " k7 '''!' MMiy «.| >P •- »ke Pluklin,,,-, Comjraii y to hri,, ,„,„„ ', 11,1, ,i|»i 1'iiiklinm'., c:om i liftp* nature ( JO ii Jtjiow whst nr - niciml). -rills gr.-r.l innllrlnr nH.i ^.".*' 1 - 1 :* I 10 ""'" C " M " "lomm-hk J'JiXKiinnr.i (•'otnpoiuirl cojitAl ^"n-v, Lydia E. Pinkham's VEGETABLE COMPOIIND ' The U. S. Buicau ot Standards ^H f *9*o Our MOJUD stockings Hit the mark Glamour Tou icor* * iure hit for ieit 1*91 in town wh«n you wear our gUmoroui nylon ttockingi by Mojud. They're 10 iK«er, 10 10 imoo^h-fiUEng. In all ih thadei. Feinber THE GREATEST FEATURES! CHEVROLET %*t«i chorgo , for TRUCKS ONIY ADVANCE-DESIGN TRUCKS FOR 1948 HAVE ALL THESE NEW AND F.'NER FEATURES: Here are th« nation's newest trucks with the ,• greatest features and biggest values! Here is advance engineer- ing—in 107 different models en eight different wheelbases. HERE IS TRANSPORTATION UNLIMITED' N«w Ch*vroUt 4-Speed Synchro-M«»h Truck Tranfmiifioni ~lhat aiiurei truck uie/jof neweaie anrf *fficieocy in operahont New Ch«vrol«t Advance-Design G«arihif1 Control GeanhiM Js mounted on [ho slaering column lo provid* new efficiency on every hauling job (on 3- ipcerf tronimis- iion modelj)! N»w Foot-Opem»ecJ Parking Brake Th» new Chevrotel foof-operofed park- tng brak» provides new, cfeor, fioor area (on3-ipeed transmts- lion modehll N«w Improved Chevrolet Volve-in-Head Engtn* Here's tlia wortd'i glne for Ttj size—with new feolure* Jhot ouure greater aper- oling efficiency! New Multipl«~F«atur« Developmenti New jplfned rear- axle shaft attachment to \vheel hubs heavy-duty moduli i : . . Heavier, mar* durobfn jpringt P/UJ » C h h "h " + MovnJed cab * JvHy cdjusfabf* seof • All-round visibility with rear corner windows* • Specially designed hydraulic truck brakes • Standard cab- to-axle-length dlmensioni ; i ; and MANVotJier fine featyrej. , - ,t h Free—Pay Easy Weekly or Monthly Terms LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Wdlnut Phon, 578 1

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