The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 5, 1947
Page 3
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FRIDAY, Sm'TlCJIRKH 5, 1017 RLYTHRVILLE <AKK.) COURIER'NEWS Erosion Control Laws Approved Soil Conservation Group Ends State Meeting in Corn/ay CC.MWAY. A;'k.. Kepi. 5. i Up) 'I he as<ii:'iat''jn ot sj roi»ervnlio» supervisors lias i-oii oil record us uclhvly opposed to an the soil conservation iiist'-hi program :is it it nuw opc-ratir.^. This was the i'ss< i iu:<' of ihu'i 1 Imiotis adopir-cl by I]HJ a-:--<X'ialr>n HI ihe clcsm^ .si'.ssimis <>t its Mule nit-elm^ ycstt'i-clu.v 'M C'tmway. Hf'Iorc tilt uvo-ilay nicoliii!: c'lui- ( L cl the i^roup t-lrc''i\l ^JLitor.'i lor tile coming year. They an-: Hoccu Caudle ol Rus^ellviUe. presulr:u ; Karl Weils ol Helena, lirat vice pri'sklri'.t; '!', If Ui',:S!.s of Poughkccprii'. Kocom! viiv |)i c.sklcnt; KveiTit Rogfr.s of Para- Btuld. Ihird vice president; and J. P. Sloan of Biack Hock, Mxvct.iry treasurer. 1'iuliet 1 in the day ilcle^nies ami vi.sii.ors to tile mceiilu; lu-ard Cl»v. Ken LsiMey ;iml Fu: t Sinitli Wew.s- pnpt'r Editor C. -P. Burns .stress I!IB immediacy of tile problem of soil conservation. Tin- governor nr^eil Ark;iua:is t.i srt> lo it (hat national conservation progrjttns were !>v public IlllKi.S. H? said "sucn a program rpq'iiirfs money and Hip anpropriiiUoii of . money requires a clear expression of iniblk- sesuiment. The cmei'seticy ul soil conservation is here.' ' Burns ndik-cl "niankiiHl will not fi!ui a way lo overcome the trotis results that will lollo'.v i! sail conservation and flood control -should be allowed >.<i fail, it is :•,;>- ing to lake Hie support oi everyoiu: to make them succeed." Meanwhile, at Stuttgart, the u. S. Disihci Engineers held a meeting yesterday to discuss with l.inclown- ers the Grand Prairie's need for Hood control. Sen. J. William Fulfovisjlit spoke on behalf of a flcod control program for the area, which, it was sale', has •Hii.cro acres of potential lertilc .soil. Shares Circus Spotlight Clyde Ucotly Circus arrives in lilytlievillc tomorrow lor fwo performance's, circus-goers will find the famous anunal tramn-'.s wife shariu.; tlu- spotlight with him. In the photograph above she is •:hown with U'.'o uf her pets from the 'nursery department' of circus. One of pl'e:,erl!ed will IK- the WE WHO RECEIVES TORN .SHOtK-D REMEMBER IT; WE WWO Does A GOOD SHOULD tOZG-cT IT/ I he : the acts which will be . Bealty Circus is said to )>.> almost under [hi; big-top here as thrilling as tliat. oj her iiiimm* awseurancc in the rin;t ati'.e lime uf both lions and tiaers, natural enemies in the jungle and with them in the ring will oe Harriett Heiuty, wile of the circ-ns owner who became famous because features embracin of abi.ity to handle the beasts. 3o long as the tiger doesn't, make a pass at the elephant, .or vice versa, all is well." says Hie lovely Mrs. Beatty. Mrs. Boatty's net with the Clyde . husbiiittl in which ihe noted train:-!' battles single-hiiiideil Imly s.ivac.e. blood-thirsty. juiiMle-brrd lions and tigers in the same aiena. . With a hcst ol other sensational ihe mum oj Jie world's choicest circus talent, the Clyde Beatly show wil; i;r.e t'.v:) perforinance.s daily at a:SO anil a p.m.. with doors in the incuaKi'ric and horse fair o))enmi; at 1:;KI and 1 o'clock. ' U. of A. President to Meet \ With Truman Commission | PAYI'TrTF.VIU.1':. Ark.. Fept. 5. 'Ui'>- Dr. 1,. w. Jones, president |>rali:il)!y would not have been pos- siiile, DJ-. Cow'dry I'mphnsi/ed. Wurld Ajjrnt'.v (Vinsiilei'i-il 'Ha' qiirsllon of a world-wide coordinallnp asi'ney is buinu eon- sideri-il l>y an executive committee aiiilicTiml 10 make finul recom- mcndalions. Delcsjateii favor closer c.;i')>i ration but differ on whclhcr a new ai'.eiH'y should be Uu'ined or vvheihi-r the present Union inter- nalir.nalo Contre le canrei'. a co- Mnavur of the Congress, should be .slMiU'.llu-m-d. The committee is lo :vp»"l before the Congress ends HIM ula.\'. ^ 'Ihe muency of (he cities!ion wns puinied ii|> in a report to ihe delet: : ilfs by (>!(• AtnrrU-sm (taiicpr Society uliicli esllmaled I hat 18-l,j<)tl Amcnciins were i,, ( || e (> f niullKiinnt, diseases this year The «jc!eiy said I.MO children. 880UU men anil <i:>.UUO women would bo Uuli-d by, ll;e diseases, ll warned thai eancer was spread- mn rapidly and lhat ilu- death toil •'.ut increased :>fl prr cent In tile lias: 10 JCIM-S. In i»3(j. lor exninplc. alwnt I<l2,t!i:i Americans died. Lust vciir Ihe disease .struck down 181 CUC. 'Ihe esllinute for this ' ye lr "•us based on an expected .similar increase. The Society warned tile sclenllsls I hat unless Iheir el foils to stem ihe disease were successful the (li.-ease would continue | O increase Uirmiuhoiit. Hi,, world, unless n I ' llr '- is ' "i. out- victim will be siriclLniUii every second home in America, it said. 13r. Oowdry said the report Indt- caled tl, ;u i7,oi)u,tioo Ainei leans now Unnn mil [:,ll victim eventually to <'.nu'er. He held out'sonie hope, however >y sayinu i lie onilook for siiccess- MII resenrch wiis "optimistic" al- t-"ii!i:h no sure erne was in sight. PAGE THRiiE: Admit Torturing 14-Yeor-OldLod MOUNTAIN HOMM. lilu., Sept 0. till 1 1 .~. Kimore County million'»'s chained two leon-assed bovs "I'll mnhiMii Induy nfter they con- le.ssed Ihe torture of » H-venr-ol<l b"V Kii la dilys. Mien! i Alt Stevens snlil l)ou Uldei's. 17, ami i.eroy M. lenders. Jl '.. 10. DoUi fioin Smiths I'rnlrle. a sjuall rut-mint; coniiuiuilly. had conli.vH'd lurturlni! Joseph Cannon lor li> days. "1'i'c lead ubout sueh thini:s. Hnl you've never scni iiiiythlnn like '"Is." lie iaicl. "<.':t!in<m w:is mimed with n hoi wile. He hurt (jreat lumps on liis body. 'I'lu're were knife cuts. And »'• bail bums wlwro they had I'uiiicd |:;isoline mi him iiml sot l( alii i, " 'I lie yoiuii; buy was linprovlhK "nii'i'ly lodny 111 iii.s (nthpf'.s home. IJiu bis body wns covered with scveiv burns, knlre cnUs inul bruises iveelvecl dm liu; his "siny In hell." of tin' Unlversllv of Arkiinsiis left yc'itiMj-iy ;o r Wnshiiutlon to nt- Icnd ii mectinn oV President Ti'ii- man's co'niiussion on higher edn(!n- lion. He iilaiuu-d to stop off In Knnsim City and yi. LOULs lo confer on re- t:enre!i work underway ul Ihe University, lie planned lo cenfei 1 in Kansas city with officials of the MidWest Research fnsttuite. and Ilu lollowhiii day with offii'lals of the Ordnance Department of the Uiiltcii States Army coilcernlnj; work beini; <lm,e al the University in cooperation with the Army. AiiprovimiUcly 4(1 per rent of all hunting accidents nre eniisi'd by hunters shod Inn themselves, their food. Susceptibility to Cancer May Be inherited, Scientist Says "Say. if you're ont on a shopping sjiree And appreciate value and economy . , . If. for your money, you want to get most ..." The answer, ray friend- is THE TRADING POST! " By ItOKKItT <:, FIELDER ((.'llitt'd Tress Shift .C»rr<!.si>nn<lenl) I ST. LOUIS. Sept. 5. (UH) _ A Swiss scientist reported here yesterday that he has found evidence that susceptibility to cancer may he inherited. Dr. Hans R. Schinz. professor of radiology at the University of Zurich, presented his finding's iit the opening scientific session of the Fourth International Cancer Research Congress, attended by delegates Irom 4-1 nations. He said he had surveyed the famines of 102 cancer patients as far back as five generations. He examined physically, interviewed i) studied Ihe medical records of 14.000 persons, he reported. '"I found a slightly greater increase or cancer in families with a history of the disease than in families with non-cancerous di- sensss." Ur. Schinn said. "This has proved to he valid when parents, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts had cancer, hut not for the more distant relatives, such as cousins." Another paper was presented by Dr. E. V. Con'dry, St. Louis, research director at the Barnard Free Skin and Cancer Hospital and president of the Congress. Kcscarch Cmiiiliiialioii Urged In it he underscored his suggestion that a world organization i to coordinate all cancer research be considered at this Congress by reporting on research carried out here under his direction for the I past 10 years by a score of scientists Irom many nations. They limited their study to one tjreeti of animal, to layers of skin lufif as thick as a piece of paper i and to the use of niethylcholan- threnc, a coal tar derivative, as a means of causing cnncer. Their concentration on a limiii-d problem in cooperative research em- ablcd the group to show what happened between th eiime the cancer agent was applied to the skin and the tim e Ihe malignancy developed. Dr. Co.vilry said. They found, for instance, that in the early stage the skin .showed a precancerous thickening, a decrease in its fat and metallic cont.nt and an increase in the rate of cell growth. In the resulting cancer, he reported, they found a further decrease in metallic content, smaller cells but a more rapid growth by I division, increased sensitivity tr | the cancer-causing agent and a greater gentlency of the tumor to J sprea el. Without the aid of .spcci.ihsls in their field from this counuy and abroad, this stcp-by-step picture of the development of a cancer Read Courier Dews Wnnt Ads. BINGO Wednesday, Sept. TO 8 p.m. LEGION HUT Special. IVi/.es This is lino Hin^o I'arly lhat will open your i-ycs DONT MISS r 50c All protends tro lo stt|>i)(irl Anicricnn I.c^inn Junior!i;il| 1'roscculoi- l>erc u Hull s«UI. "Neilhor of ihe Iwys Xnow why lliey did It," fjli'vcns .snld. "I usk- eil Ihein why Ihey did It." siev- cns snld. "i nskecl Ihein why but they .H,st snld Ilicy don't know. Whnli'vor Iho renson. It wns horrible. " linll salt! !!»• (wo Ijoys Imcl .sinned n funfesslon lelllnij of the tortiu'e.s lie said U wns "briitnl." At one lime, Ihey poured>- v o^ w fc^Y wdrj ^J ; iff 'S^f/ Ay-l KITCHEN IhrSln. IVmrt , H.M. r.l The TOT SHOP 104 So. Second line into the boys shoe and set It nflie. Later they ponied gasoline on Ills cbesl und lijtilled It. Hall snld they also cut his Iwdy with a knife wh)le he «cr«ain«d In Ur- ror, mid bekt; him with a chain from a liamrss/i whip and » wooden clothes hanger. Due to the Change of: Telephone Numbers Our Phone Number Is Now COBB FUNERAL HOME 603 West Ma in St. IS YOOR WATCH IN NEED OF REPAIRS? DREIFUS invites you fo bring your watch to a factory-trained expert Mr. Harry C, Scatterday who has just joined our staff Who. in his 38 years of watch repairing, has Wen associated with tlic largest and most prominent jewelers of Memphis and New Orleans, and in (lie shops of Hamprtcn Watch Co.. Canton, Ohio. Let Mr. Sontlrrrtay repair your watch as only an expert can . . . and note the difference! KF,ASO\AW,K I'HICKS PROMPT SKUVICK AM. WORK GUAKANTKK!) DHETFES Mnnl llrnihis . . . \\Vnr Ilhnmnik 3IR \\ESTM4I\ST It $ grand to know lhat once more yoj con again purchase the scarce gorgeous jewelry you've been wailing for at prices you can afford to pay. Beller yet, you have Ihe assurance of convenient credil terms Iliat makes purchasing your [ewelry easier and al no extra cost Truly floppy days are here again. ondi i,-. i!t* engagement 5 in (he weefJing band. * YEAR TO PAY Da*nt;iy onyx jel v/l!h o sparfciing diamond. OPEN AN ACCOUNT HEY KIDS! Here's Your Chance to World's Greatest Trained Wild Animal Show SEE THE CIRCUS At Nearly HALF PRICE! The OWENS DRUG STORE has made arrangements with the Clyde Beatty Circus for you to buy regular Children's tickets for only 35° BLYTHEVILLE SAT. SEPT. 6 Walker Park Inel. Tax These Tickets Good For Afternoon Performance Only Buy Your Tickets From the Clowns Tomorrow Two slap-happy funsters will be in front of Owens Drug Store from 10:30 to 12:30 tomorrow (Saturday) Horning to sell these half price tickets. ADULTS: You may buy these reduced priced tickets for your children from the clowns. These Half Price Tickets Cannot Be Bought on Circus Grounds at Any Time Circus Day! OWENS DRUG STORE

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