The Courier News from ,  on February 12, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from , · Page 2

Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 2
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PAG« TWO BLTTHEV11.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEW« Turks Down Two Bulgarian Planes OIM Pilot Is Killed, AnoHiar Wounded in Flight Over Frontier SOFIA. Bulgaria, Feb. U (DP) — The official Bulgarian Telegraph Agency said today that two Turk- tsh spitfire fighters flew across the Bulgarian frontier Inst Monday and were shot down after being warned twice. The Bulgarian account said one pilot, Sgt. Kema! Mendetes, was drowned when his plane crashed Into the Black Sea 200 yards offshore near the Bulgarian port of Sozopol. The second pilot, sub-U. Tslnt Hulki Yed, was slightly bruised and captured when >iis plane made a forced landing five miles Horth near the village of Salt Nicola. The report said both pilots wer<! members of the Turkish Alrforce »nd were In military uniform when they were shot dou-n. They flew their planes across the frontier at »n altitude of 300 yards and circled Sozopol, according to the Bulgarians. • Sozopol Is about 30 miles North of the Turkish Border. Bulgarian froii- , tier guards opened fire after sending two warning signals, the announcement said. The announcement added that frontier violation was an "cajice/1- ly brutal incident" claiming that "visibility was excellent" and that there was no possibility for mistake by the pilots. "The Bulgarian and Turkish coast, lines have sharply differed outlines," The announcement said. "Any possibility of error or deception of the pilots is out of the question." •The announcement charged that this was not the first time that Turkish planes have "violated Bulgarian air." Elks Aid Polio Drive Contributions rriail« by Negroes here to the March of Dimes infantile paralysis lund drive totaled W8 and were collected by members o{ the W. H. Shivers Negro Elks lodge No. 1166, Ernest Cnston, who directed this' division of the drive, Mid todiy. Caston was assisted in directing the Negro drive by Vclmiv Keith. T!i» sen levels of both the Al- Untic and Pacific oceans are rising, In the last 20 years. th e average sea level has'risen about three and one-half Inches 250 Miles on a Gallon, He Says James Monroe, of Ucllflower, Calif., checks the gadget he tnvenied to make Ills rar run 250 miles on a gallon ol gai and a gallon of water. Soon he soys ho'll lie able lo do wilhoul Ihc gasoline and just use water I'rinr-iple of Monroe's Invention is Ihe conversion of water inlo lit hydrogen and oxygen ramponend. These mixed vvilh gasoline vapor, become a highly explosive produrt whirl) li fed into the carburetor. Monroe hopes to perfert the device befor* It blows him and his car skv-hiirh Famed Plunger Stakes $4,000,000 On Gulf Of Mexico Oil Adventure ^•^•mm'- ; ' : ,"V: : .*V&#Mft-.-'.v .. > v.>S(?4£^wSw'v'*^/ .; -j Combining her 1948 hair-do with f a skyscraping lopper, Mary Lou Gaylor acquires a definite New Look in Detroit, Mich., where she was elected "Miss Dclroit" at the North American Beauty and Fashion Show. The fancy lid was designed from Detroit's Penobscot Building PITTSBURGH (U.P.I — Mike , Bendedum. famous wildcatter, is ! making the biggest gamble of his ' colorful 57-ycnr-cnrcer in the oil business at the age of 18. j Thc fabulous Benedum, who amassed a $70,000.000 fortune by prospecting for oil on three continents, is betting $4,000.000 on the oil fields beneath the Gulf of Mexico. Culminating a $1,000,000 undercover Investigation, In which alr- plnnes nnd radio were used to scout competitors, Benedum has announced ills newest plunge. He has leased 120.480 acres o( sea-bottom lunci beneath (lie Gulf, three to 15 miles off the const ol Texas, between Galvcston and Freeviort Slecl Island Planned Tlie lease cast $1.383,467 In addition to the million spent, on the super-secret Investigation. The project's cost will be well over $3.- j i 000,000 before crews are ready to start drilling the first well. . A great steel Island, .100 by 120 I feet and costing more than $500,- ^ 000. will be towed by .barge into wntcr 15 to 50 feet. Therlfcl will be anchored to great piles drWcn Into the Gulf bottom through ' large steel tubes. Thc drilling crews will live on the Island while: making four Initial wells. At ^he bottom, the wells will cover a radius of two-nnd-a- hnli mile^. • ' . Such a speculation Is nothing ' •w to Bencdiim. Known us the "father of oil production." lie hiw i risen from the son of a |xx>r cabinet maker to one ol the richest men of the nation. ' Goes Into Field He mntntniiis show-place homes Pittsburgh nnd Houston, Tex. But he folows his drilling crews avidly. During his .career, he lias been known n .s a man with a "nose for oil." and when it was found, he was in the field with "mud on his boots." A-native of Bridgeport, conn., he got Into thc oil business through a chance meeting on a train while en route to Pittsburgh to seek r. Job. The chance friend was Walm W. Wortliington. then heart of South Penn Oil Co. Worthlngton gave his a job seeking oil leases. By the start of the 20th Century. Benedum was a millionaire through nil strikes In West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. He developed a way of operation, which he calls "crcckoloBy." it i s a coril- blnatlon a! superstition, hunch, and sound knowledge of geographical formations. In 1907, he opened the great Southern Illinois Field. In 1903. it was Gnddo' Field of Louisiana. His "nose for oil" then took him to Mexico .where he discovered the Tuxpam field, which he sold for $0.000.000. Meets QIIPCH Marie During the first World War. he brought in the Mg Tropical fielrt in Columbia, Souih America. , Vacationing In Paris, he met Queen Marie ol Romania. She asked him to Inspect some "war ravaged land." The land turned out to be the rich Ploesti oil field. Benecitim again had ir.ud on his boots and title to 3.000 ncres of thc field in his pocket. Bcnecliun went broke ouce, during th c depression of (he '30s. He look to the oil fields to wildcat again with his old partner, Joe Trees, Taking a hunch from the tale of an old blind man, they drilled a well at a place near Proctor Creek. W. Va., where, according to Indian legend, nn arrow pointed to great wealth. -The well wjis a gusher. A dozen more wells went down and "oil rose above the trees." One well alone brought In S1.200 a ilay. Bt-nedum wn* on his wny back to the top. FBI Agents Nab ManWantedon RobberyCharge JACKSONVILLE. Flo., Peb. 12. (UP)—Lawrence R. Duncan, 33, wanted for armed robbery In Blr- mlnifham, Ala., wu held under »5o,- 000 bond here today pending a hearing next Monday. FT3! agenta arrested Duncan and his 20-year-old wife Ossle here yesterday when they walked Into a trap laid for them at the Post Office Building. Duncan and his wife were arraigned before Ihe U. 8. Commissioner yesterday and entered no plea. Mrs. Duncan was held under $10.000 bond, charged with harbor- Ing Duncan In Chattanooga, Tenn., when authorities searched for him last December. Duncan was Implicated In a $87,000 jewel robbery In Birmingham, through the testimony there yesterday of another man charged with the robbery. John B. Baker told how he, Duncan and two others robbed the Perry Jewelry Store last Oct. 30. after binding the Jeweler and his family at their home. FBI agents captured Duncan and his wife when she came to the general delivery window at the Post Office here to pick up a tet- ter. They also arrested two other men Avolanch* of Snow Sweeps Train front Tracks in Colorado ALAMOSA, Colo., Feb. II. (UP) — Fourteen persona aald tod»v they were "little the .wor*e" for their harrowing experience, of riding a nairow gauge (rain sideways down a mountain when It was awept from Its tracks by an avalanche of snow None of thf 11 j»«enj*r» and three crewmen WM Injured seriously when the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad train waa hit by the slide ^THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1Z, walling In a car outside with Duncan. They were listed at Charley Thomas Spencer, «, W h 0 police «ay escaped last Wednesday from the Georgia St»t« Tuberculosis Hospital at Rome, and Edward Calvin wheeler, charged with harboring and concealing Duncan Wheeler and Spencer are scheduled for arraignment today. PILES TROUBLE? For Quick Relief DON'T r>El_tY ANT LONGER! Now a doctor 1 * formula you can us* at horns' t« r.ll.v. <lf»tr«iln« dlaconifort of DaU>— toh-.lrrll.tlon dua 10 ,«.,. T '. n ° d ', f™~_ l«o ami .hrlnk aw.llln,. Ua. Ihla pro'Va iloclora formula, rou'll bo unuxl .1 It. v »p««rty acllon r«Her. Aak your drucrlnl i tnilay for Thornton & Ulnor'a rtectal C'-! ,ncu™ ts "?-r 1 --°- r -"-- F °-"°" """" at new tnow. A rescue train puslnd 1U way through deep drifts and brought Ihem back here today. The passengers said Hit avalanche hit the train late yesterday u It was moving through the narrow Toltec Gorge between AlamoM and Durango. Two coaches and the observation i car were swept 300 feet down the ] mountainside. Th« engineer hiked through deep : mow and i«ro weather to aummon aid from a ranch house. The rescue train reached tnt' stranded cars at midnight. It returned here at 4 a.m. today. Stea/s Wreaths sale of wreath* h« had stolen from a cemetery lut month. Hubert Brown, of Magnolia Crowing, was sentenced to p*y MO or serve 30 days. Read Courier New W«m Adi. Want* J»k* Fir* Willeslty Colege graduates ,..„.;, to marry, but want a Job first. That's the conclusion of Mrs. Jo«n P. Bishop, director ol the coltege'a placement offle», hi • report on th« ,, claw of 1947 to the college's m«a- i] demlc council. . " "' *" OHARLJ5STON, 8. O., »eb. 11. (UP)—An 18-year-old youth In M»gl«trat*« Court h«re admitted lie realized a profit ol aa.jQ from Don't Ntgltct Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, ellp or wab- ble when you talk, eat, lauih or wiceze Don't be annoyed and embarrassed by such handicaps FAS- TEETH, an alkaline (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your plates keeps fabe teeth more Hrmly set Gives confident feeling of security and added contort. No gummy gooey, pasty taste or feeling Get FASTEETH frxJsy «t any druo store. LET THE GCPC MAN CLEAN UP YOUR BILLS U* Ui rttm*. General Contract Purchase Corp. 122 Wwt Ash Street BlytheviUe. Ark. PIANOS New and Used Music Instruments Repairs & Supplies Sheet Music Records Radio Repairs BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Phno« 811 Tired, All-in- Listless Feeling Brought To Hall As Vibrant Energy is Released To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell "°jou set up In the mornings still tlrM reel rtown-nnd-out nil day? H»T" you chcckcd-up on your Wocd Hicncth lately? Overwork, unauo worry, cow. nS ti?*"r T Hl,V'T. eT ' r ? hour— millions ol tiny rcd-blood-rella must pour forlh i!£ VJ, m "f™ w of I°"r bones to rc- J ace those that nro worn-ovit. A low blood count may oRect you in soverM »ais. no appetite, undenPHaht. no tnciCT, » run-doa-n condition, laci OJ resistance lo Infection and dls«Me To gat real rcllcl you must keep up yo-ur bipod stronjth.Medlcal authorities by analyib of tho blood, hive by positive proof ihown thut SSS Tonic 1« amazingly effectlva In building Us \m blood ttrength In non-orjanlc riuui- VSS?. J n "»la- This Is duo to the SSS Tonlo Jormula. which contains .p«cm "*?, ""^Sl "=" t »<"'a msrwienu. Also, SSS Tonic helps you enloy the S^u° U f '? by i""'" 1 ^ the^strlc digestive Juice when It Is non-or«»nl- callytooHtll»orsc»nty_ihu,theitorri 5.^ will hMo IHH. caus. to ' Sod tlft'e * nd S "* ° a The English counterpart ol thc United States Medal of Honor Is the Victoria Cross. . When In Need Of Shoe Repairing Call 43-17 Free Pickup and Delivery! H A L F O R D SHOE SHOP ' ; . 106 North 2nd St. Cet more out of Life! Nursing is highly satisfying— a well-paid and honored profession • A nursing • ducation will train you to liv« j, wo |l „ la «arn. Opportunities in nursing ar. practically un- llmited, and ycu hav. <h. iilUfaclory expcrisnc. of serving huraaiiily and your counlry. Com* lo Memphis «nd «Iudy nursing at th« Soulh'a largest priral* hoapilal. You should bo » high achool grtduilt bolwoon Ih. « y ,, ol 17 and 32. «ing]«. and in •xcsllont h.allh. You must pa«« • thorough physical •xaminalion. «H aplitud* lesl, and hay« * p« T ,orul in- torviow with th« Director. You ar. required to liar. . recommendation Irom your paslor. N.xt clan begina March 15. BAPTIST MEMORIAL , HOSPITAL ! MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE j SCHOOL OF NUR5IMO »M n. ,v.. i M , Jfif j,|| y „;..,. cur...- sin..... J«nd In (hit coupon-^ l» may open up « what* n»w way of /If, lor Y9U , GET SET FOR SPRING! .+ ~& GCT SIT FOR SPRING I A Oft WITH A GAY TOPPER |*| The indispensable coal tliat you']] wear for a hundred occasions! Perky and joung with a Bared hack. Duller-smooth •ucde in spring sharks. Sizes 10 lo 18. SPRINGTIME SUITS IN PASTEL TWEED 24 75 The newest w»y to make entrance into Spring! The longer jacket suit that nips your waist — gently rounds your hips. Typical of the exciting dollar T»lue« now at Wards! All-wool tweeid in grey, tan, brown, or blue. In size* from 10 to 18. I0' 8 tPftINO DRIS3IS tOU TMI WOMAN A collection thai says Spring in every line—beautifully cm, slimming rayon crepes in pastel.' or tinccrie-lrimmcti hl»ck or navj. In sues trom 38 M 44. NIW, HINOMtZiNA WOMEN'S DRESSH Rayon crepe curves a long graceful lin» —give« new height, in our sm»tl Spring collection for thc shorter woman! Pas- .W, black, navy, c^ea from 18H lo 24J4. 2 98 ! YOU'RI A MIT IN A GIBSON ami noun Witk IM wirlt round collar . , . ill pert | little bow «l the neck, here't t blous* ' reminisi-ent of the gay '90Y In wash«W« rayon—whit* or paslelt. 32 to 38, 2981* W4t VMIUON Of A METTTOIISON OlRL Dainty, demur* Knl« blousct « a big rariety of Cay '90s Myles! IB washable rayon fabric*. In sises from 32 to 38. Rayon Ballerina Skirt 22 to 28..J.M

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