Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 19, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1895
Page 1
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3P«|!!|p5gSr£^^ ffihe YOL- XX, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- MONDAY MORNING, MARCH 19. 1895. NO. 67. IF IT WEREN'T FOR US WHAT FANCY PRICES YOU WOULD PAY FOR YOUR - Dry Goods! We are always hunting for a way to reduce the prices of Merchandise; we are always looking for good things for our customers and this time we have found A TEMPTING MORSEL! A SHOUTING BARGAIN! A BOLD OFFER! ITS THIS! We have a fine line of Sheets and Pillow Cases! Made of all the standard'sheetings to be ( found in the market, well made and at our sale ... Monday, and Tuesday, March 18 and 19. We will sell them at less than the cost of the KAW MATERIAL. Here are a few of the prices. Come and see the goods. CHEAPER THAN THE RAW MATERIAL. Pillow Cases. OUTEAGED AGAIN. SPAIN IN American Schooner Reported Sunk by a Spanish Gunboat, Sixteen Not Sailors Said to Be Los:— Corroborated as Yet — Spain's Answer. This licks Urn -I2x This Licks Urn 4 x36.. Lookwood standard 42x30 Pepperoll standard 7 1-2C 9c bleached bleached 45x30 ....................................... 102-3 Fruit of the Loom standard Lock-wood standard bleached 43x40, 3 fancy tucks and one fancy hem 35e Lockwood standard bleached 40x40, 2 fancy tucks and one fancy hem .30c bleached 45x30 Lockwood Standard blenched 15>e Loflkwo'od standard bloacked 43x88, fane7 hem, 13 in deep 25is Lockwood standard bleached •15x40, double hemstitched and one fancy tuck ;J,'Jj Lockwood standard bleached 45x40, two fancy hetus and 1 fane/ tuck .'55c Lockwood standard bleached 45x40, two very fancy heiiu, bountiful stitching mid 1 row of beautiful embroidery very handsome S'3c SHEETS,^ PepperoH standard aubloaohod 81x00 .......................... .'. ........ 421-Sc Fruit of the Loom full bletiohod $1x90 ......................................... ">3o sttvutUird bleached <">3c standard bleached ....... ................. Gi)c Lockwood standard bleached Lockwood SlxUO Lockwood 81x93, with faney 3 inch hem....75c Loakwood standard bleached two a inch fancy hems and oco fancy tuck OSc Lockwood standard bleached 90x91) 1-2, two fancy hems, 3 inches doop with one row of fancy embroidery, very fine, only $i.9S Eacli and every one is a bargain. We invite your inspection. Busy Bee Hive, 409-411 Broadway, 306 .Fourth St. 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel just'y proud ia the success of our untiring forts which enable us to show yxn; this season the atest, Most Stylish, Most Attractive and^ Exclusive Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller; Tailor & Draper. 311 Market St. KKY AV'KST, Fin., March IS.— Passcn- pers oil the steamer which arrived from Havana Saturday ni^'lit bring- news of reports in circulation there o] further depredations by Spanish cruib- crs on A tucrictin vessels along- the Cu- b:m coast. The latest report is to the cll'cct that ;i Spanish gunboat, Arced, fired into and sunk an American Kchoonur oil Puerto Padre. It is reported that the crew of the vessel, numbering- sixteen persons, perished with it. It is nut known whether the schooner had arms or carried an expedition for the Cubans. It was reported in Havana that the schooner had bailed from Key West. Inquiries, however, fail to show that anj r boat is missing or nnrcported, except those engaged in legitimate, trade. Many sailed recently for West India ports with full cargoes. .Not Corroborate^!. WASHINGTON, March IS.—The officers of the naval intelligence office who endeavor to keep truck of all foreign \viir vessels, have been entirely unable to locate any Spanish vessel named the Arcado, or anything like it, and so were unable to throw tiny light on the story telegraphed from Key West that a Spanish gunboat of that name had sunk an American schooner with a loss of sixteen lives. Ha» Jieon Hvurcl .From. W.A.sinN'GTO.v, March 18.—For a few hours Monday matters connected with the -Spanish incident were in a most ambiguous state. Bui just before 1 o'clock Monday afternoon. Secretary Gresham told a reporter that he would neither affirm nor deny the story that Spain had replied', -and he went on to say that he had made no statement that would indicate, thatan answer had been received. It was admitted that the department had heard from Minister Taylor. Spnln'H Jtcputod Answer. NEW Youx, March 18.—The Recorder publishes the following dispatches from Washington: Spain has replied to Secretary Gresham's demand. A dispatch was received Sunday night that, so far as it goes, is entirely satisfactoi'y to the United States. It is a response to the: last part of Secretary Gresham's dispatch in which he insists that ''immediate and positive orders be given to Spanish naval commanders not to interfere with legitimate American co'iimerce passing through that (windward) channel ami prohibiting all acts wantonly imperiling life and propertj* lawfully under the Hag-of the United Stal.es." ' That part of tho dispatch which refers to the liring upon the Allianca is reserved for future reply, after an in- Yi'stigalioi) by Spain into the circum- KLaiiivs that sin-round it. There is no' doubt in tin: r.iimls of the president' ami the secretary of state that this will receive "prompt disavowal as a.u un- authorised act," and Lha.t a, "due expression of regret on the part of Spain" will be forthcoming. Secretary (Jresliam communicated the substance of Spain's response to the president as soon as it had been translated, but he was unwilling- to give it out for publication. It is the belief, based on good authority, thai, in its ansiver the Spanish, government has given assurance to the' United States that there will be no more repetition of such offenses as the. firing upon the mail steamer Allianca. The reply of the Spanish governim-j.it is couched in courteous a.nd temperate phrases, and expressed the determination of Spain to avoid further causa for complaint on ihc part of this government. S-IMLIHJ.U Deputies Discuss Jt. M.UH:H>, March 1#.—Implying- to questions propounded in the chamber of deputies on Saturday Senor Alejandro Cin.iiscarU, minister of state, said the report that Minister Taylor, ncting on behalf of the United States government, had claimed reparation from .Spain _ was due the United States on account of the Allianca incident was true. The United States government, he said, at the same time demanded that American trade with Cuba should not be interfered with. He hoped the Allianca affair would be amicably settled. The United States government, he explained, considered the firing on the Alliance, to be a. violation of the principles' of international law. Minister Groiseard, in conclusion, said the Spanish government had ordered the fullest investigation of the affair to be made. The government, he added, vras willing- to agree to any settlement, provided Ifcc' principles of international law were not infringed upon and that no attempt •was made to prejudice the dignity oi the nation. Her TROUBLE. Keslijned—- C'ublui-t Minister* Have The Ctiuse. MADRID. March LS.—The Spanish ministry has resigned in conseq. .ice Df the trouble in\ the chamber of deputies Saturday, when all the reporters withdrew from the house as a protest against the official defense made by the minister of war of the oflicers who attacked and wrecked the olliee of ElUlobo, the organ of Senor Castelar. It is probable that Field Marshal Martinez Compos will form a new cabinet. The sditors of al the newspapers have iigreed that unless the freedom of the press is guaranteed they will suspend publication. The ministers decided to resign at a council held in the evening. Senor Sagusta subsequently went to tho palace and handed the resignations to the queen regent, who accepted them. It is expected that Marshal Martinez de Campos will form a business cabi net. Senor Sagasta has declared that it is his iuteution not to resume the premiership. WASIII.N-GTOS, March .IS. —Minister llannis Taylor has cabled the state department a confirmation of the news that the government has resigned and that Campos has been appointed captain-general at Madrid, and that the new government will probably be under Canovas. FORCED TO CLOSE. OVEK THE STATE. National Bank of Kansas City, Mo,, Suspends Business, Withdrawal of Deposits Declared the Cause—Claims It Will Pay Dollar for Dollar. KAXSAS CITT, Mo., March IS.— The National, bank of Kansas City failed to open its doors Monday morning". The dirocteauseof the failure was the nn favorable statement of the bank's affairs ffiveu Out March 5. Jn the panic of 1SH3 the bank suspended, but through an arrangement between depositors and the stockholders it was permitted to resume its business. t'siiMuil by Withdrawals. The steady withdrawal of deposits since that time has placed the bank in 3.11 embarrassing' position aud necessitated another suspension. The state- News Briefly Told from Various Toix-iis in Indiana. A BAD FIRE. The A. >. Kollo^i: >'c\vsp:,poi* Company's Plant at Cltiveln^.l JJcMrnyud. CLEVELAND, 0., March IS.—The newspaper building On Ontario .street occu- jied by the World, the A. N. Kellogg Newspaper companj" and the United Press was completely destroyed by fire Sunday evening, the lire starting; at about (3 o'clock. The total loss was about §150,000. It is thought that the fire started through the carelessness of the World porter, who was said to have been smoking" in the building shortly before the blaze was discovered. The 'World loss is about 575,000, the property being- partly insured. The A. fif. Kellog-g- company's loss is about S2.),000 aud the building' was valued at about f'.O.OOu. The World is a daily afternoon publication. R. 1\ Paine, the editor of the Press, the rival of the World in the afternoon field,, tendered the use of the Press plant to the World company. Mr. Bower said at S o'clockithat the World would be pu blished a,s usual to-day. THREE MEN KILLED. Flro ID Hurled Undt-r Jfrtliltt£ "\VuUs at ToU'ilo—Ollicr.s Hurt. TOLEDO, 0., March IS.—One of the most disastrous 'ires in the way of loss of human life that, this city has experienced broke out shortly after JO o'clock Sunday morning in the roundhouse of the Wa,ba.sh Kailway company. The damage to property was comparatively small, but three men lost their lives, two being 1 killed instantly and nine others more or less injured by the collapsing of a wall, j One of'.hem, John O'Leary, a machinist, will Jlikely die from his injuries. All of tin: dead except .lohu lioweu were employes of the: \Vabush. They constituted the company's lini department for the protection of the shops and were ongagcil in lighting: the flames \\hra the accident occurred that resulted so e'lis.'istrously to them. FOUR MINERS KILLED. Hived DO Years to Suicide. CHICAGO, March IS.—Mrs. Levi, 00 years old, of 1023 Noble avenue. Lake View, committed suicide by hanging- Moaday morning. iMTitU: Explosion <«' <3>«nt 1'owiier Takes l*l:u:u iit Mcrtiro. l-.'jGAr.Ks, Ariz., .March IS.—Xcw comes here from Mi mis J'ricUis, Souora Ifexico, that an explosion o£ gian powder had occurred in the Verde mini there which killed four ininer and fntally wounded one. Th men were blown with (crriJic force against the sides of the mine anc crushed out of all semblance l-o humanity. The killed: John Masse, John Eoa, Jiartula' Senig and Angul Capa- lini. DfSperulo Fi£ht -ivith Trnaips. BATTLE CHEEK, M'itli., March 35.— Fifty shots were exchanged Monday between oflicers and citizens and a couple of tramps. An attempt had been made to arrest the tramps, but they got away. The officers fired at them. The hoboes returned the fire, and then ran for the woods, swimming 1 the river in order to escape. A hundred men joined in. the pursuit. The tramps were captured after a -1-mile chase and after they had emptied their revolvers repeatedly at their pursuers. Xo one was hurt. mont given out is not complete. It shows assets of §1.800,000 and liabilities of S1.0S4.000. The following figures show tin gradual falling' oil in the bank's busi ness since the panic of 1S03. On .hih 12, 1S!)8. the total deposits were Si,090, 000: February 29, IS'.H, §1,777.000; .March 5, 1S94. ?'JOO,000. The total deposits ag gregate $-100,000; cash onhaud Sunday, 8200,00(1. -llercly n Liquidation. President J. S. Chicks says that the suspension is merely a liquidation and that not a depositor will lose a cent. The oflieial statement was published March 5. since then depositors have been drawing out us they considered the statement very unfavorable. Depositors on Saturday drew out over §00,000, and the officers saw that if the run continued they would not be able to continue payment Jlon- . day. The Star Monday afternoon said, editorially, that not one of the other banks of the city will be in any way allectcd, all being in splendid condition. Will Jlotlr» from Htisliiens. The officers of the bank are closeted with several of the heavy depositors at this. time. It is understood that it is the intention to wind up the affairs of the institution aud retire from business. Kecolvor Placed In Charjje. WASHINGTON, March IS. — The comptroller of the currency Monday received a telegram announcing the suspension of the National bank of Kansas City. .Bank Examiner G. W. Galbreath was immediately appointed temporary receiver. The capital stock of this ba.nk is 51,000,000, with assets at their face value amounting 1 to nearly $2.000,000, of which Si70.000 is in cash on hand or due from other banks. The liabilities are estimated at Sl.- OS-1,000. This bank suspended in ISO. 1 ! and subsequently reopened, but it is ; said that owinjj- to the continued haiyl times it has never been'able to recover ' from the looses incident to the panic. BATTLE ON THE PLAINS. Two Outlaws Killc-il hy Cowboyh In Oltla- hoiii:t Territory. AYoomvAKj), 0. T,, March IS.— In a fig-lit between cowboys and cattle thieves, Chip Baxter and Jid IJurreU were killed by outlaws, and James JJyron, a eattleman, was badly wounded. Fourteen men participated in the ' Wants :i liounty for Bubies. Kan., March IS.—Gov. Morrill has received a letter from Mrs. Louisa Kershner, who vrrites from Kong-, Coffey county, Kan. The letter is as follows: ••To the Governor of tho United States: I hereby inform you that Tarn entitled 10 $1.000 for the raUlu£ or tair'-een children. lam a lone woman, ily husband has consumption »nd I Save to rcake a living by ivashiaij. We want you to send it to us I am In need ol something for my family." dull Undccmen. WASHINGTON, March IS.—The case of the state of California against the 'Southern Pacific Railroad company, originally begnn in the supreme court of the United States by the attorney general of that state, was disposed of Monday without deciding- the question :at issue—the control and possession of the water front of Oakland on the Bay of San Francisco. Wants Urujfiuiy to Apolosriz<!. Yor.K, March 13.— The Herald's special cable dispatch from liuenos Ayres sa3 - s: Dispatches from Montevideo state that Spanish Minister Calv-0 has been cabled to from Madrid to retire on board the warship Temrario unless an apology is made for the objectionable articles which have appeared in an ofiicial newspaper in Urug-uay. It is considered probable that the Uruguayan government will satisfy ?>J.JDJStcr Calvo's demand. TTVO Score Suloonlsls AircHtcd. CINCINNATI, 0.. March IS.—The Law and Order league closed up the city Sunday. Gambling places have been closed wherever it was possible to shadow them for some time, and during last week the midnight closing law has been strictly enforced. Sunday night the records showed over forty saloonists arrested for keeping open in violation of the Sunday law. AUcmpC to Wreck a Train. LBMAIW. la.. March IS.—The Illinois Central fast mail eastbound Sunday niqfht ran into a pile of tics placed on the track near Marcus with the evident intent of wrecking the train, which was going at a high rate of speed on .a down grade. Most of the ties were knocked off the track and no injury resulted except a damaged pilot. The offenders were not caught. KniTlnrpr S:ITOS Jits Train. Er.KUAUT. Jml, March IS.—Tho Lake' Shore it Michigan Southern vestibxiled limited passenger train. No. 15, had a close c;ill from a wreck ivhile coming into this city. The train was running a mile a. m.inuiu along n high em bank- men t when the engine, struck n broken rail and pimped the track. ' : ''•'• >':-gi- ncer grasped the situation :;iui slowed down gradually, ami at last brought his train to a standstill without the • passengers or other trainmen knowing that anything had happened. Had tho brakes been put on full force at first, railroad men say. the whole train . would have left the track and a wreck would have resulted. Hunters. Wrrok it S:iloon. VALPARAISO. Ind.', March IS.—Tho saloon of Charles Kowman, at Crisman, was visited by Charles Johnson and. IV'lerXelson, hn nters, who after getting drunk began using the furniture as targets. Shotguns, revolvers, chairs . and elnbs were used and the stove, mirrors and furniture were literally ' torn to pieces by the discharge of tho guns. Three persons were badly injured und it was thought Bowman would die. Johnson is in jail. Frotii J'ovorry to Afllucmcr. CROWN POINT, Ind.. Marcli IS.—Mrs. Sarah Lambert, a widow, living ia West Creek township, who (or many years Jias followed the plow and ctouo , all the other farm work, received no- t.iee from Cleveland, O., that she had fallen heir to an estate in Cleveland and elsewhere that was worth Sl,075,000. she and her five children being tho only existing heirs, with the exception of an adopted son, who will receive 875,000. Captured Flrat PrlMK. W ABASH, Ind., March 18.—Royal ' Smith and Musa Moore captured the first prizes at the oratorical contest of the Wabash high school in which thet« were ten participants. Mr. Smith delivered an oration a.nd Miss Moore read ' nn essay. The prizes were S20 each. The second prizes of S10 were won by Misses Ethel Hntchens and Jennetto for an oration and essay respectively. MAHION, Ind., March 18.—The om- ." nibus barn of Holman it Reeves and the livery stable of Middleton & Simeon were destroyed by fire Sunday morning, involving a loss of $">,000, partially insured. Five horses wera burned. Four sacks of second-class '. mail which had been taken by a 'buj from the early morning tr.iins were destroyed. __ JjC;iv<rmv<irUi In to Apprnl. ESGUSH, Ind., March ]?. — The Leaven worth side of the Leaven worth- English contestants in tile county seat lontest ease has asked for :i rehearing in the circnitjcourt :nid .ludge Tlu-o li. Davis lias denied tin; request. Their next move will be 10 the supreme court. This will delay the removal of the countv records a few mouths. ' • Fatally Injiiml. INDIANATOI.IS, Ind., March IS.—Jacob Iluber, proprietor of one of tin: largest tailoring oHlablislimcnls in the city, died from the eiu-eis <>f injuries received while attempting to board ao electric car. He..sl:;ipi;;! and fell under the car, and his left log was severed from the body. UlzainNl AiiUnrHOjt Sentence*;. VALPARAISO, Ind., March 18.—The case of Oscar Anderson, tin; bigamist, which has been on trial for two days in the circuit court here, came to an end when the jury returned a vordicl of guilty and fixed the penally at five/ years in the penitentiary. I->r*>p;»'d Uc;ir!. FORT \YAT^K, bid.. March IS.—J.-imea • S. Fields dropped u.,':!'l ::s lie was rising from the supper table, caused by apo- , plexy. lie was for many years manager of the HrieklaverV association, lie leaves a widow and one son in com.- forlable of, Ind-, March IS.—Marshal Crandel and a. Wabash railway detective arrested Jesse Jacobson, Daniel West and Melyille Farrel on a charge of shooting through a Wabash passenger coach. Jacobson pleaded guilty. Dog« to Be Added to the Force. TDERSOS, Ind., March 38.— Chief ol Police Ike Coburn, of this city, will purchase two trained bloodhonnds, having written to Alabama for them, They will be held in this city to aid the police officers. Ind.. March 13.— Paul Joni.-s (colored) of this city, in. destitute circumM:::;e(\s, has been noti- 1 ficd by a lawyer of Fort .Scott,. Ivan., that he Iws been U'lt an estate of S10,- 0<K) by a brother-in-law. Alexander liichev, wiio recentlv died there. 1 food Tiit.il to Colt.i, Ind., March IS. —.Six fine co!ts, the property of James Emison, have died within tlie last two. days of cerebro-spinal meningitis. Veterinary surgeons say the death* were caused by feeding the auimali. fermented food. od by Xatoriil Cas. TxDi.urAPor.is, lud., March JS.—Jacob Goldberg aad wife were found asphyxiated by natural gas, which had escaped from the kitchen stove. Mrs. Goldberg was dead and Goldberg- cannot recover. Goldberg is a marketmaa. March 19.—G&/

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