The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1948 BLYTlilOVIU.E (AUK.) COUR1KR — — ——-—— -.. *'u i * L*ii v iijitri ( OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PACK ELEVEN . LIKES YOU AND POM'T LIKE ME, SO VOL) TALK TO HSR "THAT'S OUR ATMOSPHERE THEY'RE USIN' AM' THEY EOM'T NEED FLOWER BOXES IN WINTER/ WE'RE WEARIN' THIS SIDE OF OUR HOUSE OUT GETT1N' IN HERF.' WELL, IT'S C>O!NS TO TAKE EvMKA ULTRA, DIPLOMACY, WITH US OWKJIWO AM AUTOMOBILE AMP THEM NX3T.' • IfA T T 1X1. KIM' TO BE6R.' MERE'S A HAWDFUL OP FORGETMOTS: '/' x'\^x:^r'P-^>?f tnN / FHKCKI.KS * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSBB That'll tlie Idea NATCH.' tor H? DOESNT KMOWTTW WE'LL MAKF The 1945 u. s. pubhc debt Wiis 172 per cent of the nalionrvl Income, as compared with 81 per cent in UHO. NOTICE The defendant. Joe L. Bridges. Is hereby warned to appear In the Chancery Court for the Chlckasaw- ba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty (30) days and aiLSK'er the complaint of the OFFICE mrse By Adelaide Humphries . Humpk.i.,, D UntuKd k, NU SElvlCf, INC I Radio Service At Its Best! We service all makes radios and back our repairs wllh a guarantee. Ours is the most complete radio service to be found anywhere. We specialize In Frequency Modulation <FM). • Complete Line of Name Appliances Felix Carney -at BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY 138 East Main St. Phone 3616 THK RTOIlVi . popular and hiuid»iu (or Krlv lluffirnok. ' niul Jmilc*- Ijiik & I, f Art-lit-,). VOT n « ; ciin Em i fum ro tn ; JIIT—ihen Ihr aii-iil IIMLll PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug StoreS N'« TO tUriat at horn* when Ihere'i real fan to b« h«d! Try your hand at Blrthevllle's newest sport. Bowl Tonight! ChitwoocTs Bowling Alleys Kast Main Street Phone 4929 ir lo a drtlnllr d«cl»lo». i,. n d [.:j i,,,« duK U p * r whrrc.-ilMiulB uf >lr«. Mi-llnr'.,,, K .,i hnOinnd «nil Ihr <hll,l h r kldM,i|,,,rJ. Utm <.„!!. fur ,fanli-r mid the two of ibeM irnrk Ihr mnn do»,i,. kidnap lac rhlld |. ,„.,, , urn .„„ r j |llni • rr I* the dUtracted mother. Tala k<-rr>» Janler nw» 7 r r ..m Ihr ofn^r for M dnv. shr In K lnd lo »»r nlilr 10 roTKel her o»»n lrouljli-3 In • i»tn<- t »nr (-JNC'H. >l«-nii\Thllr, Krlr htik. ni.iilf u t > hU mind to aak kf« wife for a divorce, XXI "J)O you ^ave to report at your olTicc?" Ben asked alter they had taken their leave of Mrs. McRae and the little girl, who Ilad fallen asleep in her mother's arms. "Surely"—his grin was mocking— "if the doctor has managed this long without you he can struggle along the rest of the day. 1 think we both deserve a day off. I thought we might even celebrate. We .eserve that, too. And 1 haven't seen much of your 'royal highness' lately." There was reproach, as well as persuasion, in his blue eyes. "1 think we deserve a celebration, (oo," Janice agreed. "You name it, Bengy, and we'll do it." "Well," he considered, "first we'll ent. I could do with a good thick steak. Then we'll gel some nice clean fresh air. I could do with that, too, whei. I think of that guy pulling such a dirty low trick on a fine girl like Eileen McRae. We could take us s hansom cab and drive through the Park—" "The steak sounds fine." Janice interrupted, "but I don't know plalntirf. Mildred Inez Bridges. Witness m v hand and seal as Clerk of (he said Chancery Court for tlie Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, thLs 30 day of January, 1948. I HARVEY MORRIS. Cleric , By Dorothy Conlcy, D. C. ' l[21-28-2;4-H CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second aboul Ihc drive. 1 mean, 1 would enjoy the top ol a Filth Avenue bus just as much. I'd love lo ride on top of a bus. clear up lo the end of Riverside and Ihen clear down to Washington Square." Not Ihe Park: she had ridden through it in a hansom cab with Eric. She hoped her quick inter- ruptior would no! make Ben wonder. She hoped he would not mind too much the substitution of a bus ride. • • • J1IE did not seem to. He was in high good humor, especially after he had done away with the thick steak. He had insisted that Janice order one, loo, saying she looked "anemic" and a good slcak would be what the doctor would order. Janice had wondered, for'a moment, if he had meant Dr Hoi- brook. Uul Ben did not know that there was anything personal between tier and Eric. It was iusl that supersensitive streak she had developed lately. She told him, with a show p( indignation, that the reason she looked anemic w»s that she was still minus lipstick. She put some on and wanted to know if she did not look much better. Ben shook his head. "You still look all washed out," he said. She wondered if Ben, too. could rend the unhappiness that no amount of lipstick could conceal. But again she decided that that was her sensitive streak; besides, she did not feel quite so miserable sitting here with Bengy. She knew that this came partly from sharing the joy they had given Eileen. But part of it was due to Ben, too. It was 50 restful to be with him. She was not key.ed-up as when she was with Eric. As an example, she really did not mind liow she looked when she was with Ben. or what he said about her appearance. She pretended that she cared. "You're a chivalrous- gent. 1 " she said. "You miuht try being a bit i more nattering." • • « "[S thai the line your doclor friend hands you?" Ben's tone was baiileriiw. but Ills slenrty blue eyes, meeting her ylnnce. wei e not. Janice said she lid not know what he meant "Oh. yes. you do." "If you mean Ur llnlbrook—• .-.-lie (i, cn wished she had not. She [ell her checks growing hoi. "There can't l;c two. ran there?" "Two what?" "Two doctors who are special friends of yours." "1 don't know llml anyone Is." What had sinned this? Ben did think there was something between her and Eric. His steady regard lold her tliat he did. "There can't be two," Hen said, "who make you coior up like a girl younger than Albie. And incidentally. Albie told me that night—the m^nl you stood me up for your doctor friend—thai you were in love with someone." "How swcel ol Albie!" Hut .Tanice was angrier with herself be- KHISC she could feel her cheeks Browing holler. There was no use, however. i:i being ,int;ry with anyone. "Did she tell you with whom?" Then her Imppiticsj that night had given her away. There was no use being untruthful with Den. "1 don't think Albie knew." he said. He had not meant to bring up this subject now. tt would hav« been better, if it had to be brought up, to have wailed mrlij they were on top of Ihe bus. But since it hadn't waited, there seemed no use in pushing it aside. "But 1 rto." "You're a better sleuth than your friend, Ed." She Iried to make her tone mocking lo match the one Ben sometimes used. He seemed to be taking well enough (o the idea that she was in love with someone. "It didn't take much sleuthing.*" Ben had held out against all his doubts and suspicions, hoping he might be .vrong. But .Ian Had made no denial. Her whole lace gave her away. (To ft* Continued) "Oh, we didn't really want a new car, but it was ii uccos sity—all our friends were ravine about theirs'." I'HISCll.A'S I'6 Al, VEUMEER llv MICHAI01, O'MAI.UOY' and ItAU'H LANE MY TIME IS BETTER SPENT WITH CHILDREN/ TRY DOUBLE SERVICE • LAUNDRY • DRY CLEANING ALL IN ONE CALL! - Devote more hours to Junior and Sis during their formative years. Send both your ^ laundry and dry-cleaning to Nu-Wn where you get swift, efficient service! Dial 4474-4475 The Right Place To Buy Your Car. . . .^ EAST END AUTO SALES 503 Eait Main Street Clean Used Cars— All Makes! Phone 4197 .1- W. Lovelady A) Larniiin Grover Frazicr RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types fiiccpt Cancer) DRS. NIES&NIES Clinic !iH Main. Blvlhfrillp. Art:.. Phone mi 10 Ford Tractors Complete With Equipment MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY? See or Call ])on K | as l.awson at Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway fil ___ Phone 2 , 7 , FLOWERS BODY SHOP New Location 118 So. Lilly St. • ALL NEW EQUIPMENT • GUARANTEED WORK • ANY MODEL CAR or TRUCK All .lobs Restored lo Faclory-I.ike. Condition No Wreck a Tola) Loss I Our Work Must Satisfy Our Customers! FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN Wf WILL PICK UP AND DfLIV£R YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specialty Wf INSTALL AUTO ACCKSORIK MINE ISS A GOING CONCERN ITS WEAKEST POINT WAS LATE WILLIE, IDT YOU, MY DEAR, WOUIP WAKE IT STRONG, TO TAKE mi\tt OlD JOB OF MAU1IHG IN THE SUCKERS. WJWT'S/ PIEN1Y FORME? /Ml, RANSACK AW ROOMS, AND WHAT MAfF WO? AT BEST A FEW TRINKE75 WHKH VOV CANNOT Mil, AMD MUCK TBOU61E WITH e POLICE WASH TURUS By f.KSLIK TURNEH - -.. . CtRTMNLN I DENS IT, MV DEWZ> "\ 3 NOU MEAN \BUT t KNOW gf NOW THM WORDS I STAM& THERE | mi H«/E NO EFF6CT ON MOU! KISTEUCE W1S5 SRUSER., "y I 5HOJLD HWt I'VE TRIED TO FIND/ TOLD YOU (VBOUT SOU FOR DWS ! THf.0 WHEH I < KS.l PRISONER. IM / »KVBE W GENTLEMEN CAN CoR THE OLD BREWERS NEXT/ VINCB IRIS THW HER CLAWS AR POOKTOTWs HOUSE. V U1TERLS FAMThSTlC... I CMT BEfORE, 8UT I HM>H'T RtftVIZED THW HE'D PIEA5E TELL US MONCe . OF COURSE ILL IhKt WU TO ".TLIBBS NOW! By FRED HARM AN AW SOS SMOKE SISrtAL, RETJ ? IPOSl'T 6£7 IT/ JUST OWE OF OLD TirtE.R'5 TALL STORifS- ABOUT SE.HDIHS AM 5 O S ON A 5HIP1S 5f\OK£5TACK THE WIRELESS DEAD-' LITTLE BEAMER HEARD THE stoRY' Avio HE'S 50 frt/VT IKSDIAW KIO tHWKS HE CA« HOLD OUT OW PONMA RIKSGO ' PROBABLY A PRtfortEf? AT ' HE'LL TELL ME WHERE FJnom Goes (,'ol<l (,';i-(,'n Fiy \'. T. HAMLIN T *«E f^NOBED. CM RAJAH VELL"vPO0 THIS V»AV, YOU* WO«T COWWOl

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