The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 10
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r PAGE TEN BLYnrevrr,LE (Aim.) 1 COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION fcJlr r«:* per tln« for consecutive inrtloa: nlmum Cbar?t time p«r line ........ . limej per line iw?r dar times per line per day Umcs per Line per tiny times per Hn.e per day Month p«r line ................ POc Count five average words to tku< line Ad ordered for three or sli times nnd •topped brlore expltatLou will bo charged for the number of tiiiirs the nd np* »f*red And Adjustment of bill rnadp sub- iSc iVe ' Oc 1c ic POc line • bove table. Advertising ordr,r (or Irrcqulnr Imcr- Itcms takes the one time r»tr. S'o responsibility will be ink a foi •aor« than one incorrect Insertion ol any ctR&slMefl Ad. All ads are restricted to thrir proper classification. ityJe snd t*'pe. Thr Courier reserves the tight 10 edit or reject any ad. Notice We wish to rvprrs.s our ihnnk.s tr> •ur Irlrnds and ticlKhbors lor (tip runny nice things iiiry have »Jont* jor us In (he- loss of our home, T. H. 1-ons •nd Family. 2;lt-pk-a.l'i Apartments Wonted Three or four rqom imfuniishrd house or npRrtinrut Rflirthtp roupki Mid clillri Ex CU here pfrmnnrutly Phone 31?^. 2 fi-|iv.-i;! Business Service Directory Adding Machines New R. C. Alton inuilny inftctilnnK •cirt en ,«ii ilrnwrr rrirlstrrs lor hnuir- flUte delivery, also rrlnillt machines— • nr mnfce. DEI.L SCOTT rhon* 32fiO 1211 W Main li2?-rk-2 22 /uto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN HEnvrCF. STATION ain A*, Division Phono SAW Bo n't- rndnnprr ynur (n lly with aulty tit PS—BUY |,EE TIRF-S Wanted: Wrecked :£ or Burned r Automobiles Wade Auto Salvage ft. HJKJlWBT 61 PJi(jr:r .17W Jeep parts now available »l POOLR MOTOR CO. We Cfln rill all your nreil5 Ciet genuine parta rroin our complete line. »LLIS FOOI.E. OWNER .V OPKHATOI1 South HlRhwor «1 nl Slcelp. Mo Phone Stolle 4D 11112-rk-tt ,Wc guaraiiluo RECAPPING WITH HANVKINSON TREADS Lnt your next I ires be GENERALS COST MORE—WORTH MOKR Modmger Tire Co. «« M MAIN PHONE 3301 Expert Radiator Repair for Less equipment. L,t our Wnri'iholI out ana repair ronr rncllMot lor you Quick Service Pickup uiul Delivery Russell Phillips Tniclor Co DOUGLAS LAW50N. Mm Plicinr 117] 83 clc U Brushes Coal and Wood COAL "If it is coal you want" WE HAVE rr. Also liny—Across from K\yihevi\le Compress We Deliver 1'holio -MSS 'Plenty of Illinois Coal'-' At HESTER'S COAL YARD PJIONK :?1«(! KOK Quick Delivery .-. Courteous S. JI IK!) way Gl Foods • Battery Fryers • Fresh Eggs Blnylock Hatchery i N. Ulifliwn.v CI, phone .'1172 1.22-clf-272 i Hcacli for Hart's Broad. Cniprrie and cat J"ish. 2-1 j hour service. Simpson Oil Co.,! Sliilcliiio. lllM-ck-lt j Muni's I'amnus Tamalcs •; Now ;i\-,'iilaiile at. SOO f.ake i Street. 2-5 pk 20 ' Hatter THIS MAT SHOP IUTH OI.EANKD AND nUJUKEIl PICK UI' ASM) ni'l.lVKHV HKIlViriK 1'HONR 4H:)7 . soil w Mnln ______ '__ l:30-|ik-:i.20 Household Goods Wnr-tlAll blind.-; nmv In MOrk noiHly. irmle K M. nilmls TVnl l'«ltit Store 105 E Mi\1n SV pllano.44(19 O'24-CK-U Coolcralov Owners ATTENTION' I.el us convert your Cool- orator ice box to mi electric refriKei-a,tor'with n null made especially for (he purpose. Jlubl.ard Hardware. Co. - 213 .Main SI. 2-i.o-cU-K; . Coal Stoves Aniiy- E5urnhlR WAHM MOKNINCi 1IKATKRH I'RtCf:!) TO SK1.I. L> \- P li.iri;:tlu .Sloru 110 R. Main si. I'lionc 3'JJJ ^__ . 1' ll-rJc-lfi T'S n c-incli to iiHikc niKs Mirt mi. sKTy IIKIK uov ivllli nclinluw flna inl l>onl.s 1'iiiul iilld WiiUniipi-r c, 1(19 K. M;,I,I at. I' 'MCO !.3l-rk-^.3l ; ii VK YOU R>LOO us "A" NKW SPUING AIT IRK Sander for Its-lit J-lociKers Grocery Holland, Mo. ' .l-!.7-pk-2-17 Income Tax Ji" U lii l o ;l> ^ ! r slb ' r ' VNOE »" Insulation FULLER BRUSHES Sales and Service CLYDE KL1)RI1)GK Local dealer—Phone .1-1% l-17-ck-2-17 Building Material rnv«E l ,\ S '- ll ' 1 ' 1 ' lf " S AUE SHOUT coNbtnvK NOW nv iNstn.vriNo With Rook Won] BLOWN OVRDMEAn !>u,l INTO WAlAa \V. II. IVaso Co DiONK 2C1M KREF . K SI.|M,\. IK .s ___ 1 23-rk-l 12 Insurance Do your p^-ti roiirrrtc work ana wr. K-:nt a conrrele inl\rr by day or no-r rnone 4M3. Box f,5r. l!ij-thcvill.- \rk Protection afralnsl all XSniAKI.K HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J Pol'ord Agency ' I'laimcd Insuvancc WHEN YOUR BAHERY IS DOWN i YOU'RE OUT IN THE COLD Replace your old, worn- out battery with a new GENUINE FORD BATTERY, NOW Priced right—guaranteed— made to fit all cars BRING YOUR FORD TO US ANY TIME FOR OUR COMPLETE FORD SERVICE! 5th nt Walniit FORD TRUCKS- LAST. LONGER t'lionu .145:) Farmers Column fur talf—3 JHO Ulllo Cidiln"rr>7p^k~ Inp (Uowii. onp Jotni Dor-ro 12" oil hnlh inow, OIIP (j-i -t tool IUC II I) ,11,1! DlulprR FK. KJIJ anil Join. Droro I ill! lypc, IDl Kejilor M.issoy llnrrla tr.ii-tor «nn cultivator. One KrlKldalrc plcclrlc filovc, ilet>|> wt-ii, top and boiiotn ovpn unit, MM J. W, Wlrlurr, Mulllnj <° r o cpry, Vailjru. Ark. I'lionc cua. 2 lO-jix-13 For «nlc: OIK. new UN ,J 0 |,,, i) rpr ,, "ilinrncor i'HW. Oyrr (iurnor. ,,hoi,o • IK f'or «nl« one new AN John Deere trnelor nun riililvaior, one new (• •lann lltrrr trarlor Rnrt rulllvntar At- klnson Srrvirn Slutlon. South 6|. fan your . nr -I.i.t in sharpen IIIOWB WP sppc-lalm in Mr,n nn.l nil hinds o[ wclrllmr. Also narrow lor snip. H-nrv WnMl.iook'B Sho r > 2">? N. K,r«. j,|,,, n , 4161. ) ..Jj-A'-J li TANKS TANKS' TANKS ... . . r , ANKS AtteiitKiu Farmers • and Fuel Oil Burners. Get an extra fuel ,,i] tank and rack, lie prepared for oil slioriaffe. i Hlyllipville Machine Shop Phone 2S^!8. FEBRUARY For Sale, Misc. Bale Oat Straw KUH or CJill CJiarlle Hroi;doH Phono 7(ia 1,38-1111-2.28 J««l Bt-alfn. .tarn. ntt(lln K machines. I c»sn /CKlhU-rs. meat cas<-^ nevi'iitnt- C0--Icr6. -Sec Doll Scott. 1211 W Mwlii or phone '2'£GV. j 2y-ck-22!j N™ Ki-wiuire Stotcti Mnrllnc l>nllcr .' HI' coniplptc with Hack. I'lionc ^JUl^lirwns Dairy. 2.5-pK-la Near III-H- C. o. Conn triminc-l, "«*> Am. liroAilwny. llnrjgnm. Complefo machinery for slnic repiiir shop: one SHOP tnck Sss'; BiiiRor (.rwliw iiiiu-lnnr; thrc-p Jncks. toi- nnd snank prr-h:,; sole irltniupr; rlrctur viilrtm- IT-r; MllcJirr: illilalilni: marmm> 25' worn count,.r: snoo Kliitir oulllt and iVr'i'/vi "Toli'"''-'^ Al ' 1>ly " ''"-H"" 1 ' 2.7-uk-M (ioort iisr.1 ronl stovf chwin Morc- lanrl MuM<: storH, Piscine 1222 nr 4075. 2 'J-cX-12 One slightly rcfilMer. Phone sed nurrouclis casTi 801. l!27-cmi Clnrterfi [nr driveway, no nails si 50 load, call Sln.rii. 4036. Also wash wood ' For So/c, Cors & Trucks til convrrtlt)L<> A-l Vt-iy rlca'u ru ,. (J l huy at. fISOO. Jtatno aiui .iu rar. Call Slcc'ln HI. 2.9-10C-I2 KOK SAI.K: — One A-inocIrl Ford In perlta »hap«. Cnll 793 iirtcr 4 ou I'Jynio'Hh. call 2286. , one i;u- ! olinkrr It Plenty o! |T! o'. "i'lnc-j-. heavy duty ton Stuil- i- k and 2^ 1 Carter trailer - tlrer. IVIKI one tarnaul- H! 5H niythcvlllP. Ark 2.1I-CK-18 Comfort at Little Cost Thai's the Willys Jeep! Nn ticirl t" wnlt nny longer, llir nrw inimlv nvortel Is just -.vlrnt von I u-nni Inr fjniTost In cnsy rjrllnt,- Up- t livery made today riy I'OOI.E MOI'OU COMPANY. Kl.l.IS POOLE. OWNER AND OPKriATOn. s. HIOHWAY SI AT BTEEI.K. MO. THONE STJ3ELK -ID One l!> 10 maroon Clievro- J'lvo burner N'esro la Move. BOOCI condition. faalvuyc. riione, 3';ti5. I'oilnbli:' Corona tyimwr new, $:17 50 PJione 2-iy:i, ie to(i i-ook i Wade Aulo i l'22-ik-21) j ler, eood as 2'J-1>K-I2 T\vo used Niit!'>n B l easll rexlstfr J,oy Kich Chevrolet Company I'lion 570. 12^-cK-t For Ralo 01,!) N'EWSPAPERS COUUIKH NEWS OFFICE 10110 tl Help Wanted Men and women, njfos 1<S'(>, free to travel sniToiind- iii« states as sales people .. . crew. Must, be i neat in appearaiK'e. See Mr. j Cannor at .MODKHN AKTS; STUDIO, 418 \V. Main. j 2-IO-t-k-l;,' Lost and Found MIRRORS t'listuni Built and Installed fur MANTELS and DOORS I'l'nmpl Service Arkcinsns Paint-Glass and Wallpaper Co. 105 10. Main Sir-cut rhonc 2:^72 ?80(]. I'dnno 20.'!8, or can be' seen at Two State Produce Company, Second and Rose.. lx>sl— l^.ciy s trd .^Houkler fwL'. In Ulytheville H.itutday ntehu Cuiuitinuiv; items and papers very Important to me. n louml plcnsc returji to CUv I'olicc station, Hlythuvllle. Aifc l.inern'l 2 3-pK-12 . , i unui: nv.iviuii, niytni Kill COnrlltlOn : rctv ""l. IVarl .Miller. Meat Choppers OIIP 1017 .Icop, with lots of Hcc^ssorioK. Priced ri<riit. Lee Motor Salc.s, ])liono 51!). 2-f, ck If! i - Position Wanted Veteran wants siosllloii as re(ri"era- tlon mechanic under Oll-tlie-Joh traln- tnjr. Has live months vocational ira:n- Iny and n-coimueiuiatlon Iron! ficnool Call I'eabody Hotel, :(9[)K. Hnddy Davis LET US SOLVE YOUR CAR AND TRUCK WORRIES By selling you one of these nearly new late model city-driven cars on display at our sales room. Come in and view this fine selection of cars and trucks. It's extravagance to pay more and it's •o pay HI-17 Chevrolet Meet- master, -1-iloor Se- 191« Chevrolet ,j ",]"„",". Chevrolet Tudor J!)l(i IMymouth •Sedan Tll(lor Se(Ian 19)2 Sedan ]!>!! Chevrolet .Sedan 19-11 Ply mouth" Sedan TRUCKS Chevrnlct I,or, K \v. liaso (ruck, 12 Fl. Ijody. 19 Hi Chevrnlpt ^ pickup truck Ton MIKi Ford Lonjr \y_ | jas( , truck, 12 Ft. body Chcvrolot j/ 2 stake I ruck (<,„ Easy GMAC Payment Plsn We Never Close Sales Dept. Open til 8 p.m. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut St. Phone 570 BRING IT BACK TO CHEVROLET fOR SERVICE-PARIS-ACCISSORKS Private Rooms Herirooms. lllvlhevlll Services Htlmpson Coppers, r'lnce order no lor prompt delivery, chopper V.mve. tl plates iinrl replaceinent oarts DELI, SCOTT 1'l and . Musical Merchandise All kinds ol work yimranl.:e oil st:>VF^ repaired All d. Phone 4222 or -57(15, j IW2 DIHUiK ', ton pickup I1M1 INTKH.MATIONAI. ', ton nick tin Hrytlici-lllc Motor Co 'JIV S. Sfioiiil St. rii.nic ^^22 1 S-cK-12 NEW SPINETS • Dccca Records • Sheet Music • Ksfey Organs 100 MII.KS I'iU-.K UE1.1VKRT MORELAND'S Music Stove 315 S. Second — Fhuii« <\2'2'2 Jilytlicvillc, Ark, 1^ 12-rk-tI Notice On TilK :5l'OT shots CULLISON I l-llotoi;ra|iner 11-111 have •;« tnati there i to taXo It lor you. Call 4377. Gtencoe i "Otcl. lllE-ck-2.lli Will care lor children tlnrlnp nay- time. Hprerences lurnlshcd, r,(l!> N Thlitl St, 2.5-pk-IB WASHING MACHINES and Kleclrical Appliances repaired. Blythcvillc Machine Shop 1'hoiie 2828. For Sale, Farms H') aorrs In Pcmlscoi- County Mo N>;ir Oi'iuon. AIL In rultivauoii. trnn- t^r i.-\nd. (.lood liniirnvnnriHa. c-Lccirli- """" ~" grj\_vrl roiul, scnoni hxi-i. nntl Hotel Phone l,2n-pk-22i) Hertroom, men or couple Call !O2 ___ Iil2-pk-l!-l» lietlronm, 3M N Ninth rnont! 2:133 : -- ORDFR I" the Chancery Court, (Milrka- sawl ):> Dislriol. Mississipni Counly, LCathryn 'lYanlham Plaintiff I v.s. No. 10,396 | Clem O. Trantham Defcndnnl ...... ... ._'._. :JL_':";_" " j The riefoiT-ltnit Clem O. Tran- Rooin nnd iinnrd only tme cni] ',ir>n I '* 1!in > i.s hereby warned (o appear 2y- pr ;-i-2 '•• within thirty days in the court Brrfroom. ronvvuml lo'hath-slcnm i ""'"^ J " UlC ca * >tl0 " hCfOf and m-fvt. Piiono M2S. mi \v. Mam miswcr the cmp^int qf the plaintiff Katluyn Trantham. . , Remcrl lor 1 4 tlU Sla [rr>r acre. Ol cotton I Kllrhrn. ]irlvih-?r'^. 2Jfi Sewing Seville;. (Irrastnaklncr and n;:n-liliic made hnttonhole.s OU1e Stlcru-ood llollanrl. Mo. 2 7-int-a.";' Slicing Machines (fJ/ihe-Ainerlean sllccrs Also hantl silvers For (rep denionstrailon see nEl.T, .SCOTT Rnlc.s and Service I'hnne 2L'60 , 1211 tv Mnln Typewriter TYPEWRITERS SCC LUTHER (5RAY or RA Y WOiri'HtNtrTON 1 nr;iJtors nnc! tioir AUCHI j ll--> b, Tltlrd at.—Uiyuioviiir ^rk I'lionc Oft Ice 2751. Resilience 51:1" __ . 2>pk-l2 riVff ACRES land Oirro miles South !nl HLythcvllle. $275 an ncrp j iOU ACHES Innd. in sto.!d;,nl County. . Mo, (.mod hoiiRc, t;notl burn 441 acres . in (nUDviiDtsn 555t>f> j ail ACHES. three houses, three | hams. $50 nn ncrc. Her- H. M. HECK « 301- N T . UROAinVAT rhottc 2«y^ 2 Ll-pk-IR ^0'^ acres, about 2 f - milr* iroin a , coo<t town hj StodtKiKl rrountv Mo . tiooi! Bandy lo.Ttn irnclcr lancl All" . Irnccd and nil-.ft homr. inmiu house. Inrpc barn, other liliprovcinrtit.s. This , is n Good prodnrtlvc farm, ntiovr-' over! tlnv.'. we I t-ci rained, rritiy to ^o ran • '-rive iio'sc.wton If sold" Unmrrtlatnlv 1 )'rlrp S2R.QOO. About ] 2 rn*]i balnnce" . loan. HOC LUTHER (;n.HT 1'hoiir -"il^ r.'O E Syr-inimr HlythcvlHc-. Ark. a.-S-i'V-l? arise !>avls Wanted to Buy \Vanied tn rent or buy rrom owner smnll liome or store In soort location 1'lione 45,6. . ia. V k-ie Hoyni, :>mltli. cnrotin ton Portable in.- ' N COL.HLKR _ "iVhy ^|]nn) iiuinr. •l^ln riu-ne S. r i9 l tinvr niovrtl nu vvlint tlicv SEWS ui-A DON EDWARDS I'hc Typewriter lit) « Second St 16 rk tl FLT^ nrrps. nlinul two inilr.t snvith <MI Hichvvny fil Xnv xvell-himi iioiisr ti'i' ILtilstirrl rojisr-.r^ioii now E'rlcr ff>.iHHj. pure rto«-n. b^lnnrr or ssnn per yrar, Srr or rAi); LUTiiKn nnAT Phonr 513 ' 120 K. Kycamoic 27-rk-l.l NOTICE Notice is hereby given !hat the annual .school election will be held March 20. 1948. from 2:00 to li:SO I .m. Tim purposr of this election is tti sch'ct diiTctor.s for o.icli school (lisu'ict. levy tue sr.iool tax. nntJ ctcri County Hravti Members from 7one.s tltrcc and four. Signed: John Mnyrs. County fichnnl Supervisor Mississippi County Scliooli- 2 11-18-25 Delimited Cotton Seed (Actual Size) . Dated this 10 day of Fcbrunrv IMS. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Betty Peterson. D C C. R Cooper, Atty for Pltf. Fxi B. Cook, Ally ad litem. 2:11-18-25-33 Porfo Rico KII.N l)RIKl> SWEET POTATOES Delivered fo Your Door Phones .1G77—21ISG Buck Meharg Produce 401 E. Main St, Perfect Service We pride ourselvrs on our courteous. prompt RCTVLI-C. Perfect foot! plus perfect ^ service equaU the pprfeol ™ meal, Elliott Johns, Owner Johns Cafe -Ml!) Wesf Alain Phone SilOO Typist TYPiNo. w;n For Sale —City Property Photography Personal Butcher itSu f i? s"r.i>iy you w m> k ,,ivp 5 •tcpls. block brv:.Mi<-< ana trnuwrs ^sassF"- UELl. SC-O-IT 1211 W Miln Phonr ?:iw , _ 1'!9.rk-2]J Business Property For Rent Loans Frozen Fonrl lockers." Vrm.- Foods. 21st aiul M ; ,i,i lioric 2602. IMi.f-:- ,, , in n: tririYimnV : J?« » Itl>n <iHNKrt.\i r:rvNS'i?"^cr PURCHASV: COIM'OR -\TION 15? W Ash si n;i ,-x-i ji Cash Registers New Ohmer cash rcclr-trr* r 2260 . DELL SCOTT Mpney to Loan l'miVKO Tl Vl'F 5" rnn i>Frr.\n,s x Logan, Realtor 0.H l>vni . h B,,,,,,! BlTtherUlt ArX i nt\Tp ^omrtinnK vnn rion't rt rrtn'T i:rl rtrt or. try ^thm i's Swnp .simp, ptmnc 1 s^ii -;t»-; _ l »-.•*.ir Persono/ \\'HA r [ r ^ : oY \\'A\\T lU'V WHAT YOU DO \\'A.\T •miner News Cla^ifirrk _ _. _ Dogs, Cats, and Pets Am oltrrlup RKWAIU) fi>r return .iric :i;»l while .Splt.r. Fl(.-'itcr-n >f;i j (.iroccry More witn tlvin^ qunncrs Kooa location. Doing nice business Near swtu Oil Mil! will L.-IVC Imine- i dlnte pos.sesslon. 420 S sixteenth j BaTbpr5llop tor snlc nt Hollnnd. Mo 1'tcnls- of busmr.w. 2ll-i'K-l« Klve room 1 Imve ^o hons spot Former's Coftmm A'iTKNTlON KAIJ.MKRS! One ton 10.15 pu-knp truck. new motor. Can in- soon nt Mid-South Distritinlini,' Coin- Coal and Wood For sale — pood co:il nmt 'rcinriling. I'lcnfy of j|. \v ( > deliver. Pliotip' nin. Poultry, 410 K. Main. *" » A LOANS I-'. HUME I,0.\NS When the thermometer goes down rVant Ad RESULTS always go up.' I'HONK J.1RI I 2R.TX-2 2R The ril «),o wants"r.7buv vnnr iiMiiCM is watching t], 0 Want 'A. ds . , P/umbcr Power Meat Sows ,"r . r "-'"": ••»•< -'.-i-r, Scafcs nr.t.r, 'si-«MT >V "Tf. E.ich His Own" The richt gilt Is in the Want "Ads. I H-li c'k tf If you avo sut'tVvimr thp in- k'!)]ivi'iiioiH-os and discoint'ovt i'l Iiard vv;iloi' on t!u> farm e! I'l.ANTKKS IIAKIUVAUK install a mndci-n «-arrr soft' 111 ''' <"i an um'omiitinnal iMI-ck-tf l I'.stntr iuirl In riicr In Cnnp strort. fro to I) us lino. ant lots for Atrsatulrr nratir . plinnr- »:tfi any HnLl. , 2 11-CX-14 House For Sale 400 N. Broadway Hare ft £<X>ti lioi]f.r: could r^sllv hr rmivrrtrct Into four t'lirre-toom :<p^Tt- njpnt.-:. \\~131 srll. uonh thr numioy. 0. S. Rf)l,LISON "Phone llclits anrl rltv \«-n 2'II-rk-M Avaius. I.nnpo St. l.rnrlivlllr Onr tlirco room In . . c.wsrr. M 1 1I-1.X-H 21 1-rk-IK r n.i poo ron- cUMon ill Osrrolft. ArX. For quirk K^lo. fio^s i" 1 si1 oil \vt 1 1\ rlrrd. ',O'.\' prlrf* JSlOO. nrp rrKijn house on \\Vst Vlnr Ex- rrllrnt rtinclltlon. nnd conrl .(tTPpt. Trlrr with tprni5 for pnrt--$,^^00 \V. M. m'UNS. Koaltor K. T. KnMjanl, Salesman Phono 3:UU STATK CEirnr-'iKi) CHKMI- CALI.V DKLI.Vlm COTI'ON SKKD rest less to piont. Tlicsc - |)u:-e all seed arc trraictl and ' free from .-ill feed lx jmc diseases. ; Quicker HcriuinaUon. plant and ! plow ihc Mine wee!;. Reduce rlioppiiid exponsr. Tse .-my bean, I corn or pen plnntrr. : STATE CKRTIFIKD VARIE i TIKS packed in alivadiVG 50 lb. i bats. Come in and lionk VMUI" require- llirnls loday, we will liold until BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. nlyllicvillr, Ark. Hriinrhcs: I.eachvillc. Ark., Canhvcll. Homcrsvillc & ScnalK, Jlo. A'lTKNTlON FAUMKKS IN ADDITION TO OUR MANY tyrilKH SKRVICKS Wf; NOW HAVE BLACKSMITH ING pnisti voun ri,o w POINTS TO rs Kxpcrtly Slinrppiird I'mnipt Service F. L. Wicker Machine Shop Phone 2lf)2 215 \. Sccoiut S(. 1. 3-rti-33 EXCtSSIVE SMOKE FROM [XHAUST SMLLLS TROUBLE: That's Your Good Money Going Up In Smoke . . . Thai dark smoke from ynnr exhaust sounds * wam- iiiK ntito tn you. Conn- in and let us chock your nnjrs nnd i)i."lni>s. Don'l waste oil imncccstvirily! Save money and your far! EXPERTS DO OUR WORK! •» ' WALNUT AT BROADWAV * DIAL'SBB "FOR SER VICE

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