The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, SKPTEMBKR 4, 19.17 BI,YTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION . Minlrunm Charf* . . .. 4+4 1 ijme i>«r line ................ '. lie ^ times per line per d*y ....... IZc J times per line j>*t day ..... tte 6 Umes jj«r line per day ........ jc 12 limes jier line per day ........ X Month yer Hue ... ......... Sue Count rive average words to tlie line. \ Ait ordered for three or sli tlmet snd •tapped before expiration will be chare- f«i fur the number of iluies the ad ap- Pi-ared and atliustment of bill nude. All Classified Advertising copy sub- oil tied by persons resldlux outside of the illy must be accompanied by casb. Hairs may be easily computed from tlie above table, Advertising order Tor irrrcuiar liuer- jttuns lakes the one time rate. Nu responsibility will >:* talt«a (or mure thau one incorrect HUtfrUon ul Any classified ad. for So/e Attention pickers 1'lanters We are a^aln inaklnu qunlily Cotton Pick Sacks /or those who wniu lily best, Carney Awning Co. 113 S. First St. »lyttlrv1llf. ArX For Safe Buy your coal ijefore the wlntor rush. ' LK us fill your bin. Hitme 489. Hox W9. UlyiheviHe. Arkansas. 8!lG-cK-tf the lijy 4 wheel farm trailers. 6 ply tirt-.s. all sl/.wi truck and truller nods. Also wagon repairs. Henry brook H])oj>. lornierly Dim Stout ' 8 29-nk-D'23 Allacitle Johnson grass. Poison now available a t IManU'rs Hardware Co., Inc. Phone 515, S IS ck tf For ircsh frulLs it ml virvliibU-s. n'io nil kinds of nnmi'iK trims iv,i.-,on- Hbly prlLTtJ, visit, Hill TJmmiv.ti'i Curl) Mkl... Hwy. Gl NorlLi. '' Combination iihiekstnun - wo let) UK shop wild t;^ra»e. Two ami one-half mll.^ w<-si ot Oictola., ItLKhxvay 40. Ht. 3. Ji<):< 35. Of;ceokt. H H. Mills. G h ji- rnithoiirtt motor. oiH- an'fi. », n./y-pn-n J i ,ate model Cushman motor I scooter, complete with back i seat, windshield, etc. In excellent condition. Ue- duced for quick sale. I'hone 2:i2n. 8-.2« dh tf 1 iflit and heavy mash fed brntxler, fryers. Delivered in cily. Ala JIM- hit lie. North Highway fi'l . !) 2 ck if ii-niy Innifcj. .slmiiy worn! construction. U^ir singly ur itouljle-llocjkhd. SJ.Iill ^uch. £r>5D |iuti- Toll C. l.ystl'r, 2-llk-5 l.aiKl For Sale 120 acrc-.s. '/, mile of slate Hue and Kast <.I highway Gl. <l!l iccrc-.s. ' 4 mill: o! Air Ha.-:c oil rock "oatt. vt-rv desirable: Icjr honjfrone v.-antliic: a home. 24't acr.r.s. very best imnrovlMl peat hunt, K;iat of Advance.-. Mo. Com will iivciiiKi- 75 bushi-ls to tin; m:rc. V.'L- have several 40 anil 80 tratrt.s within a hhoit, dlstanco of Holland. Mo. ?.Tt\i arnss. nil tLlleil. all til row crop. iH'aii.-i. This lanil Is V:r.ovjii as in-lit land, East of Advance. Mo. Tlu-re Is very little- of this typi- soil. Average forn crop K5 Inisliels per acre. We.- wilt bi: J;![Kl to show this larni Uy appolntnieiit urily. Noii- reslcleilllal owner. We tiuvu any r,\-/Q tract on concrete. Kravf-t road, school li'.is, mail route, that would bi: suitable for a home. We'll be i;lucl to have yuu co:ne m the oliicc lo talk about these farms They tau be- uou^lit over ?. period ot years at a low ran; of We an; in the hind business and 0111; of the riMc-st 111 Northeast Ark- am as and .Southeast .Missouri. Rlnlt'r. 1^-nd Company O.'flc-e upstairs in Hale Uldcr. across from city rtall Phone W2'2 RiiKsell E. liiak-s --- Tl. M. Deck S-pk-r, SO acres :('/, miles Northwest of Steele. Missouri, v o» gravel road, eli'i-tricify aviiilahle, two houses, one barn. SO acres. 2|/, mill's Koulh- west of Dell on jjriivi'i road, electricity, scliool lins rout*.', two lioiises, one small liarn. lioaliv nice farm ii' you arc IfmUin^ (Or this si/e. 120 acres -1 miles Norlliciist of Steele, .Missouri, gravel road, electricity and school lins route, lieflcr than average iniprovenients, a real buy. KiO acres .| miles Soulhoasl of Ul.vtlieville. Fair improvements. Kit) acres 2 1 /, miles Northwest Hassetl, I liouses. •> harns, extremely well drained, hin'h producini/ I'arin. Approximately Hill acres 7 miles South of iilyfhcville fine improvements, wcl 1 located, gravel rond. niail and school Itns riinii 1 , olec- tritily. One of Die lies! t'ai-niK located in (his county. 20(1 acres -I miles South west of Dell, jjravel road, electricity, school Inis ronl>.-. Well located, exlrcmely fine farm. 222 acres S miles West of Osceola on gravel road fair improvements, well drained and a real farm for the money. 2'JO acres 2 miles N'orlli of Ulytheville, jjnod iniprovu- ments, gravel road near it s^ood school, electricity in all houses. One of the fines t farms to he offered lor sale in this ('07111111111- ity this year. 2!)0 acrc.s 5 miles West of Osceola on grave! road fair improvementK, electricity available. A real buy at Silt).(in per acre. If you do not find what you want in the above listings .Ufive us a chance lo dism* with you the balance of Ih- farms we have t'nr sale Will be glad to show you these, or any olhers >.ve have at any time. Cecil Earls Noble Gill Agency Osceola Telephone !).'5 lilytheville Telephone .'!1.">I '.) I cl; --.' For Rent " /ajihlii;: ir:nr-hiii[\ rcfri-rrator. ra»;;i-. l : ol:; Morr lund year Chick;.Si-.v,-h:L. r ee aMt-r 5 p.m. und __ A T T K N T" I O N— Farmers - Truckers - dinners V.'o Arc In Production ' On All -Styles of Custom IHiNt Truck Covers for llov — Coltons«-l — Soybeans Carney Awning Co. 113 H. Klrsl Plmnc 2ri72 lllyllicvillr Ark We have exclusive listing" on approxiniatcly 20 farms ranging iii sixe from 10 ncres to lai-fve Iracls. If you are inf ere.sletl in Imv- insr or .selliiifr, or in tnal<- in.iC a loan bu sure and call us and we will be jrlail 1c show or discuss these farms \vitli you. Cecil Kails Noble Gill Agency Osccola Telci>liiinc S. 1 ! Ttlylheville 'IVIcplione I!"!! ______ 0 I ck II 3 rooms nil n,-w rmnltiirr. incliulw c II Ci.-nc-r.'.l KI,-<:lrlo Ire ho\ Oscr-ol^ lir.-t )ioii;.c Nc.rtl! J m |,. ( . r.lKdlslri; 'SSfe* ,o»>' PRECISJON-BUIIT For Your Car Exclusively Ford OWIK.TS! We luwc siifficient C'tinuiiio t-aril Pans to 1;<-C|1 your c;ir inl!m K . Ii's plnin i-imi- niun sense to use- {/cmii'ne f'anl / artn. They're made exclusively fur your car. They lit r! K ht !m<l nrcimKlL-orialKmituryniiilrolli-d mult-Mills which insure iiiuxinniin Jilt. Ami they cost less! f>th ill WallUll I'hone . • .••.^f ---V' •< i PAGE-FIFTEEN .'K Services ,':'.':';'' :v ;'"!" i; ,'''"""'" "i mi '•' l.lkMln-ih mmtc-Y -'•H-l'Ii'h'" 1 """ " lll> " l ' 1 »> l-!.-i-lll«| "!'»': luMm-t nimivi. a. i; ____IL in-i-iiii-»!n | Wanted to Suy Notice I!*.drooms wJOi co'ikln- 'aul - liviin- room iinvllri-cs. S5 ,,,-r v,c.:k - Cash for wrecked or junlii automobiles. Wade Atito Salvage, North Hiway <>1. plume :!78. r .. S 5 Vk II' Ilglll.^1 for sllriiluu lu-nl<. in tnitlc lit Elliot Iliiriiiinir.s Hwap Hlion. -illl K. Main. ph. 85S. 21-ck-U Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Hla* T. L. MABRY 23 MISSOURI ST. TH. 36': Concrete Culvert-tile Klzcs 10" tn 36- (liclnforrcd or Non-IEclnforccd) <;heaper :m<] Longer Lasting lliiin any other llrlnge Muterlnl. Concrt-ti: nnit.s for Sanilury I'rlvy—Cuncrclc Srplic Tanks. A.H.Webb" Ilwy. (11 N. al Slalc Line 1'lionc ISljUuiville 714 Re(in;oni. 3M li. Ninth. I'll 2338 n^ room. rt;onf- 21)20 Rcclrnoins. :06 li? E. Main. Ph. J352. Ho your own concrete work nml ww rtout n corrrcte oilier by tiny or hour Phone -13<), Do"V G, r >9 LJIyLhe-vlHL- Ark. ^ ».lfi-cl;-if One f t!nt,:,tr«'(f rfXTni. t-ffiticnrv, AI Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances H7 So. Second SI. niylhcville, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work '2 room hou:-.-. For Hire __ 4 room honsr. front, and Inrl- norrh 32-^1 Marann'l .SI. 3 | °^-a ll'tlioani suit-- v.'llh f-prlin-r, .-ml in-\t- ln-j:. .Apt 14.',. ,Mr Dasf. or nlioili- . " 18< !L_ ___ l-l>k-» _ _ TUAI.'TOHS AND I AHM MACHTNFIIV 1 m-w I! John Di-.->r<- I ni-vr I! i--.irm'ill 1 .is,cl M l-urm:>ll. I mea A Ion; I). , n . I mcil 11 John DMTC F,,,,! ! " nicnl tcir iibovo tnictors also •; 12-A Join. I>..rro roniblnrn wllh motor? 1 A-r: CO I'.T.O. Comliliir. 1 43 Mir' Oimbiii'- Alulrt-w Jo]lkh\R Ill-Oi- y (11. irnlland. M O . r?..,'f.|o !f> arroK Hnr tlni>)f-r Innd oui -jVir W. si fiom Tomato. Ark for i"i!fk ,'ulr. Sift nor rtcro W M H-irn\ lit ,.\HOi'. I'honr- 3:{fil. o 3sik-ii lllnr.k rvn<l >)'ot.i(lf! rr^^rr<l cOrVr-r n'Tiiiitrs Pure hrctJ rollir pmmlr-; ^^l^:^(] hrrd nitpnJr.-;. rhran Mr? N" O Joronin. Phtnic 3101. D2-t>k-O ^r/r rlmil.iTiii'-: (roiri-mn of] l-rrur-r TT«nton';; Home of Howcrs nhono • r ' 4f> ___ n 2-rh.j tfs. X>»" nnln'. Job r\ rrroniUlLnii<'<l, Call , o. T'lionc 705. ">7rinrrtt. PHoiir H4. Tractor brfaklnt; pTo\v, busters, d^c. harrow, pliuitrr, cu HI valor, rllnnvr combine. John C. Urlyjil. :tOO K Sr;- conti St. Phone avy. 8;H-i>^-ifi4 A lerrot killed 497 chickens before )jcin^ ca,])lurctt. akor r.sciipini; from il.s cafjc at Mansfield, Kny- lanci. Help Wanted While la'ly It) keep hoviso nncl tciul lo rliililrc-n. Frc-rinim'.s Sloir. Dc-ll to innnano rtinln More 1 . (.live plrir rrrt'roiiccr?. Write box J A 04-pk-F! tf von linvr siilcr. iibilltv or •.!)•• »rn- Ikition to it^rn >iow to sell, Iii'\;iir Inc.. oners you u crt;;it tnUif a.s Oiir (Ttal'-r:- :iT. Hit- nr^-m thrf sir,, nirtklnv, from i250 to J750 unr immth, F.xnrT-'r'i' 1 '" l.s liul •«?)'Wi!tiT('ly :i-"-'>.%s;\rv >jnL he! n Til) ns those nci'Vpu-d will hn uli-L'ii ru-o or iturr rjnv-i si^rjui t.rnlnln^ without ro%t. If tnicrcvicd v'-rll" Tlo* }*.l. '; Courlrr Kc-.vs. H]y- tlu-villr. Ark . or fonuirt In ixrr: on your local I(rxiitr flKiV-r. W:H|I- u Jiimcs, Apt. 14!), Air lln:;c. oung mfln for salCJ position wltli coou future. Wllh Blytliovlllo firm Write box J r, % Courier N>ws 8.7-rk-tf NEAT l.ATVV. WHO TR TNTHI.IT- OENT. GOOD ON S1IOTITHAHO \WI1 SOME BOOKKKF.PINfJ. TO I>O HKN- KRAI, OFFTCK WOIIK. APPI 'f TO BOX GOO. " n COURIER NPA'-'S. E9-»,)t ir WANTKT) COTTON GINNKK . . . for our New Marsfon, Missouri Cin. .Real opportunity. E. B. CEE COTTON CO. IHyfhcvillc, Arkansas il 27-ck-R 31 rtl UJAfi !)<> you nerd K IORJ. tc or remodel; No down i«>-- meiit, no -mortgage, no rrd »«()«. FllA sppruved rate G*. AnV. fur detniis. Max r, phone 203i. «lyth«Tllle. 9-2S-ck-tt House ino\injr, l.'t years ex- IK'i-iencc. I'lonly of t'(|iii|)- int'hl. KH'i'rcnees. ],c;vcl- You Tel! Us. Wli(>n you di-ivp in. I ell us wluil. you want ;\ml we'll t'wLit! .\'(i )icsil;ilinjc horc—\vr j;ivc Ilic sorvien you've wanted rlxcwliwc. ('omnlclr Tor all niiikcs anfonioliilcs. Brin K tis your car problems for i^iick, dependable solution. K.sperl ( -n.i;ine work. | l( ,d v work and .siirav panilimr. LANGSTOH-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 5S5 Virgil Kolcy, jihone 2!IJf>. 8 M iilf i) N Kxpert radiator repair for less. \\'e have (he lu-sl in radiator repair equipment. Let rim- (rained man hoil out ami repair your radiator for you. ()uicl< Si'vv- ice. I'ickiip and deliverv. Russell I'hillips Trador Co. Douglas l.awson, ^Mgr. I'liime 1_'I7I. S' !) (| Call Hill l)a\is for [''veu Ks- timate on I'apei and (lecur.'iliu);. I'lioin. 9 -I ck 10 -I si:wiNf: M/-.CHINI-:H KKrAinr:!) '.'iiKllllli: I.IMI Iroiiliu;. Wlllln llc-11.. Cir<-i-». 111.' H l..,|:,.. »:in-|)l;-!l i; Position Wonted Wanted nij-.iit *'ni cii- Let CHEVROLET Super Service INSPECT YOUR BRAKES Brakes are just as much a working mechanism as the motor in your Chevrolet. Numerous pieces are subjecl to every day, normal wear—plus the grit and abrasives v/hich they pkk up that accent this v/ear. Have them checked, inspected and adjusted regularly. Our expert Chevrolet mechanics have the "know , , ; liow." And pronto! you'll be <•" " back on the street, ready for ',0, traffic signals and the sure, swift \ stops that eliminate unnecessary • v .-• ^I'^i^^i'X^-^Y^'Vi '? ii VJ*8s'vl* "'"^M^mw^-* Take Advantoge of Our Special Major Brake Adjustment LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. RAI.KSAIAN WANTED Ke:u\ Courier Ni'wx Wnnl Ailr,. v.'imti:! -M, i, 10 liiiirt In limhiron n our f:,tjll:il ;.•«-!! :;<nni' ^ivi riinii . lioii proem, i . in ( ity ,,f i)lyllii>vllli< in R' n..j-l)v itH-allllcs.'.i.ii'l t»:r . p:,r(li-nl:H ; will*. M.-II,- I2-HH..', Personal NOTICE TO PUBLIC Hie luw orfloi>!i or Oi-nc K. Hi.ul- Iry liavc IICL-II movc-d lo -ill \v. Muin. lAomss (ilreul from Monl- •Ol.l) AT .;i). 50. flit?" MAN1 YillTl-r TU»y! -rhO'.u.aiKls |n-|i|iy M 711. O,- ll-l'IC Tunic: Tul/llln ]l,.|l ]||, ln K ll ( .,i la,-h!n:' lion. I-'ur i-iiii[lti\v!i fcc'lllv- "i-""v n. wciiiir-ii cull -ciki". r;,.i JI fl<l .sL'.c' intliiy ONLY I:DL- lit ,il| i'l ci-;L-l!.t^ 111 Itlythc vlllc ar Kliljv R 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKK OR MODKt,. HE- iJAUM? WOHKMA.MJJHP. PHONE 2642 Wi: call for and 'Deliver FRED GAIUKJM Klcrfrical Appliance Co. Antlii>rJ7c<l Molnrol.i tt^illn Sales anil Sprvlcr !0r, Snnlh Plrsl St. Clean Reconditioned USED CARS , X Await Your Selection uf SH ELTON Motor Company II!) W. Ash Diiil -I PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock flimrnntccd I'rlctn Ksrby Drug Stores CAN \VATI-:!J All) IN KIDNEY—BLADDER Disordi-rs? Yes -H ir- Mounliuii Viillrv Miner-ill W:L(CT. Uir fn- mous ht.iirli \V;I!,T froni Hot .Spiinf;s. Ai'k:insu,s. Muun1:iin Vnllcy licl|is sliniulnlc kidney action, MK>||I<' l)!ii(t(ier inir;iliuii. (.onibnl iiric-:i':l<lily. \viiy nut [;i\v Miiitnh'in V:illey ;i t!-j;i]? [i IKI.S licipc'il innny tiinn SiineK f<jv Dime !h;m ;.() v«:r>r". Di'lii-htful lo drinl: . . . di'livrri'd Jim a. 1 ; i! flows ;i1 Hoi. Sprin'is. Onlcr ;: simply lucljy. Cull m writr fi>r bonklct. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and DKI-Inn lIlf. Ark. DON EDWARDS The Typtwrltfr M»n" itOVAI., UMITII, COItONA »<t HKMIiVOTON POKTABU UU tt. SECOND ST. ' PHONE »M 'BvtTj Tranancuon MUBT BK UATISFAOTOBY) - "01' Doc (;iki'.s (ilT on his calls now since hrs car was rewinditionod hy '['. I. SHAY AIOTOIl COMPANY 1 ." RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIAI TAIl Types Kxcrpl Canctr) 0RS. NIES & NIES PH'lClI.I.A'S POP ICE COLD! Watermelon Red Ripe—Delicious Whole or Sliced Blythcville CURB MARKET 130 K. Main Phone 073 ! We Guarantee : i'-J," i * ™J1 RECAPPING | HawkinsoB Treads Let Your Next Tirw GENERALS • • Cost More — Worth Mora! did my gir/ do in school Lesson for Tmlnv I MODINGER TIRE CO. ! i*i«tM»in rw»nm: fVou mejit\ youve /£?3rned\ something j already ? Why, that's wonderful! Mi at did you /earn? Gy AL VERMEE1 _ Little -,., ,„ f shou/dn •/• thro iv . rocks

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