The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1947 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHKVII.I.r: (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, SEI'TEMBKR <1, 1917 Ibarra Back r*^, In Power In Ecuador Old Mines Planned As Munitions Dumps QUITO, ETeuadoi, Sept. 4. (UP) — Vice-President Mariano Surez VelnU'mllla-.-tenipovarlly took over the.leadership of Ecuador yesterday a few Hours* alter the 10-dny die- i tatorshlp of Col. Carlso Maucheno was overthrown by ft coumer-i'evo- lution. '" Velntimilla announced Hint, lie would cull a special session of Con- greis within a few days nn-i would present his. resignation. Thiu it appeared that his action did not contest the return of President Jose Maria VelaSco Irtarra. who an- noiineed in Buenos Aires that he was flying back to Ecuador today. From the steps o! the presidential paiice, Veintimilla addressed a crowd of Fxuadoreans gathered lo celibrate the overthrow of M'ache- no.'He told the crowd that he would step down as develO)>ments might •warrant. Receivers Make Plans T0 Operate Idle M. & A. HELENA, Ark., Sept. 4. UJPI—The entire 329 miles of the idle Missouri and Arkansas Rnilroart, and not merely the segment between Harrison, Ark., and Seligman, Mo., will be "placed into operation as soon as possible, according to co-receiver J. B. Lambert. liambert said here yesterday that portions of a report filed lecemly \viUi Federal Judge John E. Miller and b?en misinterpreted. "There never has been any idea o Ibperate that railroad only from Officials of the Mknnr'bkln.. Chiunijcf oi Comincrce"s'ui<i"(li7it 1nn> rugmreis plinmcl to use lead and zinc mines in northeastern Oklahoma and southwestern Missouri as munitions dumps. This is .1 view ot Eagle-Pi<'l>cr Mlnint; and Smelling C;o.. located near richer, Okla is typical of y.lnc and lead mines in the Tri-SUue mining area which (NBA Teli'pholo.) the Blue Ooose No. 2 mine of Ihe Although not abandoned, the mine range from 200 to 450 feet dcci>. Seligman to Harrison." lie cleolariMl. A hearing is scheduled Scjn. 10 in Port Smith on 'he report filed bv Lambert and the oilier recciver.s, C. C. Alexnnder and W. S. Walker oi Harrison. t, D»lr,l>utc<!l>vt!tA JCBVICC. I.'IC ,Tlli: STOIIVt AnOri- kl»M Ililpiit-rt. t*e I ittf fells him SUKIIII If* Iliirtlii. A>itlri>» Is .IN .lm..-lf mil liiivi ,, • "' :. .- .xyi TVANCY had ofice told Andrew cttslom, 'open house Jr Ihe Glenn :home, and He was privileged to • drop in whenever he liked; the inference being that she hoped he Would do so oflen. So lhat Sun- day.aflernoon, one of a chill wind, mid- skies grown heavy wilh cloiiHs, he climbed the winding >v|ilk and steps which led lo lite iGlcnn frontdoor and rana,Ihe bell. ' -Jerry, whose leg was almost all irigHl pgain, opened the door for him) yelling at Mac lo get down! : "How are you, Jerry?" Andrew safi\ cordially, going in, laying a •flat package upon (he table, linng- ing his top coal upon the rack, and Smoothing his liatr wild his big 'hand. : 'Jerry led the way to the fire-lit :li|'ing room where he seemed to 'be alone. .Books were open about a';deep white chair. "Histology," ihe explained wryly. I 'Andrew sank into the cushions .of the soft couch. He reached for 'one of "Jerry's thick books, turned •trie pages curiously. He lifted [quizzical eyebrow, drew down his UJaccict -mouth in mock dismay. i"i'm glad I'm not boning Ihis • guff," he told Ihe young man. ; i Jerry ran a distracted hand ;tlirough his light hair. '^Boning is ;just what.irhave to do," he ad- •mitted.--."There, are times when irin.pretty-Eiire I'll never turn into -a- born ,'doclor." | -"What .ar.e. you studying mcdi- ictne for,'if you've that notion?" | : Jer'ry v shrugged. "Oh-h, I've had •medicine ahead of.ine ever sinci il.'can remember. I suppose it i 'because Doc's a surgeon, and— ItSis sound soft—but lo m Doc' is just about the right Ruy." Dr. Woodward's face was inlent and interested, "hie is the right guy, Jerry. You're admiring a man who richly deserves admiration. Bui, good heavens, idealism isn't enough lo make a man go through the hell of studying medicine—if his hearl isn't in the thing." lie shook his head ruefully. "I know darned well I'd not go through it all asain." iE front door banned open. Mac traded out lo greet Nikk nd Brian who came in with fog Iheir coal shoulders, Nikki's olden hair blown, her eyes shin. Brian look her coal and hei iltle lial; she can;e toward An- Irew gladly, tinkling out hei ands. "Company!" she'snid hnp- 'ity, her eyes fjoinf! pasl him lowovcr, lo a-.vait Bi-jan's return. Brian kepi his overcnnl on, paid •. h::<l time only for a drink, lie railed Nikki to Ihc kitchen. Ui2h- ttiirmurmg voice? fnded away. But they brought (lie tray of coke bottles and glasses back to he living room to serve Jerry and .ho doctor. When Brian reluctantly took his cave, Nikki v.-ent with him lo the "oor, where the farewell was lingering. Jerry smiled ruefully al Woodward. "Ah, love," he mur- inured. Andrew chuckled. "I suspect we're bolh jealous. Cox is a very lucky young man." Nikki came back, all sweet contrition. She curled up on the cushions beside Andrew, tier silken knees well displayed despite the longish* skirt of her trim green suit, and admitted that she always "bled" when Brian left her. "I don't think you're very clever with your young man," Andrew told her, seriously. Nikki looked shocked. "How do you mean, I'm not clever? 1 adore Brian, and he knows it." Foundling I.i'ft in Car NEW YORK «JPl — Mrs. Lillilin MazziL. 2-1, opened the door of her parked car and found something new had bsen added. Lying on tho front .sent was n baby girl, wrap- "Thai, my dear, is what 1 mean.' You're loo open, loo frank, in •our Etdoralion of him. Ask your jrolhcr; he'll tell you il isn't clever or a girl lo let ;t man be too sure >! her." "Jerry!" said Niklci scornfully. 'What does he know about yirls?" Then she turned troubled, wide •yes again to Andrew. "Arc you jcrious','" she asked soflly. * * * ' : /~\UlTE serious," he assured v. her. "A(tractive as your Doling Lieulenanl is, and as great i inalrimonial caich as he must jc, you should he more stiblle, ny dciir." Andrew chuckled. "You may not he n jilt yourself, hut you must know how deadly a jilt cnn be." Nikki drew back in horror. "1 wouldn't be one!" she cried. You don't need lo be one. All (hat's necessary is to he a probable one. The sorl of woman a man ran'l be sure of, an exciling sorl ot girl who must be courted, won and kepi, one always in danger of slipping away from the num. Try [o be sublle with your Drian, Nikki. He'll be a lot bap- pier—take my word for it!" She bit at the end of a rod- lippccl finder. "Suhlle," she repeated. Then she looked up brightly. "I'm sort of dumb," she confessed gaily. I Who's calling my child dumb?" I Nancy's voice p recede d her through the dining room and sludy. She had come into Ihe house from the back door. Andrew got swiftly to his feet, went to mcel her, both hands oul- sltolchcd. "All," lie cried, "Hie lady of the house!" "Are you selling vacuum cleaners?" Nancy' laughed, dropping down upon the flowered love-seal, Andrew silling beside her. "No," iie said deeply, "but 1 did come lo see you." "Haven't the children done righl by you?" "Very right. You're slill the lady of Ihe house, and I'm glad you've come home." Nancy's checks were pink. It was flattering to have him turn his atlenllon so obviously from Nikki to her, to be so very glad to see her. (To Be Continued) lied in blankets. A note said th« baby should IIP taken lo a doclor'^ office within a week, but Mr.s. Muz- za look it to the police and llicy took it to Ihc New York Foundling Hospital. fc P : corn. 100 av -JTA srriujcr. me._r_. M. REC, u. s PAT. err 9-4 "Just as 1 thought, high school is going to be pretty linrtl — -we've been here three days and I still don't know what high school boys like to talk abotitl'V BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NQRTH TENTH Phone 315! FKEOKLES & HIS FRIENDS All's Well Free Delivery By MERRILL BLOS3ER ANY FAVOR WE I CAKI /-: EXD / SURE, YOU FOB. CAM DO ME A fAMOR! --YOU CAN KEEP YOUC B>\S FATIJC6BS our OF MY BUSINESS ' Call PICKARD'S GROCERY I'hbnc 2013 Chickasawba if W's INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospilalixsition • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary Plato Glass Tornado I Surety Conrls • Aviation GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch 7 Crown Caivert Schenley Three Feathers Hill& Hill Old Taylor Four Roses Pt. .35 .35 .35 .35 .40 PJ. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Ub --J.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6-90 4.50 we WOULD RAZ.X A FRESHNUM WHOSE BKOWEE'S IN) , COLLEGE/ 5% Beer per Case $2,88 GAS ' re 9 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5- randsCigarets^tn. $1.35 S TU DEB AKERS 5 CHAMBLIN SALES CO. D D E B A K E R STUD E BAKERS Sales—Studcbaker—Service Hendinmrfers for Guaranteed New arid Used Cars and Trucks 1S!7 New Inl. 1(4 ton Short Wheel Base 1!M7 New Ford l!i Ion long Wheel Base 1!M7 N'cw Iiilcmationii] \>/- inn l.uitf. Wheel Ha I!)4(i Dodge ><. Ion 1'ickup lilli; Chevrolet ','j ion Pickup IfllO GaiC V- Ion I'ickup I!)41 Chevrolel y, ton 11141 Chevrolet !i ton Pickup I!)40 International I Ion I!M7 New Kurd "8" Coupe I!) 12 Nash 2-l>nnr / lilll I'lymoutli 2-nonr 1941 Stiideliukcr 4-Dnur l!>3!) DeSolo -l-Dnor Sedan WASH TUBBS 1.title IK-iirs KY 6ViE <£iET5 THAT WAY AT TIMES, WASH TODAY IT'6 PacpABLY BECAUSE THE TWINS aoT h'ns LAWM MOWER. WEP<SEP IN HEP H.vH'lACE CHIMNEJ" YOU VE TWO FINE, MANLY BOYS, CAROL I THEY MINP LIKE LITTLE AN6ELS, UNCLE TITUS... MEVER PO AW- THIN6THEyV£ SEEN TOLP NOT TO DO IT'S HARP.THO,THINK- EVERVTHING TO WARN THEM A.SAINST TR/IW6! THOUGHT TO TELL 'EM NOT TO PAINT M1Z 6TEERIM' WHEEL PEP.' IT DIPN'T DRY FOR A WEEKl Insurance Agency 108 N. 2ml OinrlMO. Dlttne.r-W. M.fnilll Wlhon Rv iTEardb"" rHlN!S5 ARE TOO FRED UATf.MAN '\ AT OAW,^ EACH AORS!|r<X3 REP RYDE.R .AMD IITT1.E BEAVER RIDE " CK TO HEUP BU11.D Trig «= W SCHOOL ADDITION-- FRESH AS HE 0UILT A L\5T SMUT ur Boarding House with Maj, Hoople ByJ.R. Williams ; EGAD,6URKe,OLD : M1UD. K\V QDAMERIMG VOICE, <80t X THKT EOCK \ME DIS— COMERED WWbm- GOLD AT •ALL,,8UT A. CHEAP OUR FORTUNES AR6 A, VJ&LL, MPvJCR.VOD C/WT '= TUE STEPM FROM ,60 LET'S NOT LET OUR.TEAR GET MIKED OP \\JtTHTU' /— 1 STILL SROPE AW ROPES AMD EARSJ A P6\M SELUNiG By V. T. HAMLIN ILL JUST \ HITCH UP MY \ BRITCHES /\M' HEAD DDwM I ^ TH 1 TRAIL.' / THE OU PLACE LOOKS MORE CR LESS MOK!"\AL ..I CON'T BELIEVE IM ANY JAf^ WITH OL' OUZ. 1 CAM'T TALK KWSELF OUT OF . USE BCIN' FOOLISH ABOUT A LITTLE — 'LEFT MOOKS 6EFOR& ALLEV OOP PUBLIC BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH BOOl-S ANP HK-l BUDDIE58 EDGAK MARTIN AIL MODESTY A4tD€,THAT kVAS PRETTY CRAFTY TO CACHE CRI8B AHD DCHtY WOSUL DOWN IN THE 0.0 MOGCl STEEL WOP.W.HOSCW WER CCcS HEAR IT SINCE IT WAS SHUT OCXVN E BRIEF OUTSMARTED US ONCE-, AND PIAIN ORDINARY FUTFOOT 1ACTICS WOUID LEAVE CAWKIN6 A6AIW IIC CAD T HAVE \ '.O -.VrUi TAKEN HER PAH Vou «•>•:•. JO FROM HERE. IIE GOT Uii& O»>> >w.\f- BACK IN IHREt HOL'SV) 1»lt*i COME Of) DOWN TO /CI A iCAfjlO APARTMENT " 6ARA6 MWSE I IT WYiN'T VORTKt GftV. UtCt VAt. at OUT UKt T. \=, ON Pi (AS.ROD WA Vot-iNfe SOU V3 I $° VOU E-tvouso IN wvm c VJtLL, OON'T VOU WORR.N v> OPP\\- TOKt Cf\fit OF v tt-\ Al I I«K OTHER «DANS. TI<AI-rP.ICK WORKED CltC€ AND IT'ltWORK W« K>&ET«t PAST THE W5.»fl£R!(OON RUSH HOUR THIS l*Mt. tUFV'll NEVER BE i ABIEiOmiMYCftR FROM I A| . .,.. B v;>;

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