The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS 'vCBB -ALYTHBVILLB COURIKB NEWS .^r^nB ocxmns MXW» oo. BAXMBS* P*^ii*rf^* (:C VKHHOErr. Kditor MtOL IX HUMAN, Co, New Tack. Chic»«o. Detroit, FtibbrtMd Every Attemooo Kicept Sunday office at BlythevlUe, ftrlrrntm, uuder art of Oon- cri**, October *, l»n. ' ____ Berr«* by U» United Prw» - SUBSCRIPTION .RATES: By "carrier In the city oi Btythevllle or »njr tt)burt«n town where carrier service 1« rnatn- taiaCd, 30c per week, or &5c per month. By mall within » radius of 40 miles, $4-00 per :«»r r: $8.00 for six months, Jt.OO for three month*; Of *i«<i outside 60 ""« BOM, |10.00 per yeai payable in advance. NAed Station The voice ol one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of liic Lord, make his paths ' straight. Mark 1:3. • . • * * God has only man's voice, and man exorcises complete control over that voice. He may or niay not use il for God's kingdom. WHose Responsibility? •It seems to be a great American pastime to complain about the shnrl- comingK of- our democnitic form of goYeriimcnt,'and then do nothing about it at the time when it lies within the power of the individual to exercise a privilege that should be near and dear to .every thinking citizen. • Now is the time to act. After October 1 it will be too late to obtain a poll tax receipt which will be a requisite fon voting in next year's elections in Blytheville, Mississippi County and all of Arkansas. ,The Young Democrats of Arkansas, a non-political organization interested in 'building a better democracy, is to be i commended for the initiative it is faking here in this county and throughout the 1 state to encourage wider use of th(5 ballot, ;ln 1941 a total of 350,000 Arkaii- sans qualified as electors by paying poll taxes,' and then little more than half of them bothered to go to the polls--in 'the Democratic primaries, which is the major event in Arkansas' 'cjetJfioiTYchedulc. More than '100,000 '..•hayo (iualifiecl...this year. Since : the county primaries' are Ifeld in conjunction with the State and district elcg- tions, the vole is fairly heavy in county races, but when it comes to government still closer to home—the city elections- and the school elections— even', fewer .good citizens bother to exercise any preference for the kind of , : government, good, or bad, that we will have at liorn'e. ' Resolve to be a belter citizen in the "future. Assure yourself that you possess a poll tax receipt, and if this essential, to-good citizenship is lacking, ac^ noW. October 1 is the deadline. And it is'the act of a good citizen to obtain hisj own poll tax receipt. Trouble in Paradise 'It seems thai, the other day, Comrade Geoi'gi Fedorovich Alexundrov, propagapda- chief of the Russian Communist Parly,' was caught at the bottom of H.'veVy serious backslide. On the second':.thought of somo of the party's more philosophical bigwigs it was decided that he had gone metaphysical on them. [Comrade Alcxaiulrov, you sec, wrote a Ijook on prc-Marxian philosophy. R u f he', apparently made the mistake of sa.ving that there were some rather Marxian thinkers before Marx, and lhat Marxism was an evolutionary rather- than a revolutionary development. . . . •This'repudiation of the traditional story of communism's birth seem.s to have been a serious matter. Mr. Stalin gave it his personal attention. He call- ed;the-parly' s central committee, which m ; turn summoned SI philosophers frqm all over Russia. lAudrei Zhdanov, the ccnleral committee's .secretary and a philosopher himself, got the job of putting the heat on Comrade Alexamlrov through a piece-in Pravada. Thi s must have been a little embarrassing because, as Miv Zhdanov admitted, the book "received the recognition of the majority of pur leading philosophers and was praised in numerous reviews." This could only mean, he concluded, that other philosophercs were sharing Alex> androv's mistakes, which indicates s«rfous trouble on our theoretical front." It will ho recalled that the pnvf.y has had trouble on its theoretical front before. Shostakovich, the composer, lias been reprimanded on several occasions when some tone-deaf politician would suddenly decide that a new Shostak- ovich work was trival or counter-revolutionary. Russian playwrigiils from time to time have been raked over the coals because their output was decadent, or showed the insidious influence of bourgeois philosophy. Bourgeois philosophy, along with imitation and servility, seem to ob sess the molders of Russian thought. Yet it is easy to sec how an intelligent Russian, even though thoroughly indoctrinated from childhood, might occasionally forget himself us Comrade Alexandrov apparently did. The total renunciation of the non- Cominunist world must put a strain on an inquiring mind. The physical and mental isolation of the average Russian is, in theory, almost as complete as that of the average Japanese before Admiral Perry rang up the Oriental iron curtain almost 100 years ago. Today's Russian is asked to believe, in effect, that thought began wil.h Marx and life with the October Revolution of 1!)17. He must militantly condemn and reject all foreign artistic thought and creation. Even the materialistic creations of non-Communist society must be admired with extreme moderation. The Kremlin obviously has a hard job as well as a burning ambition. While it strives to communize the world, it must also engage in the ceaseless task of selling and reselling its own people on the wonders of communism. Probably the job isn't made any easier by the fact that some of the boys got out and saw how the other half lived while they were doing their trick in the armv. THURSDAY, SKPTEMBKR 4, 1947 VIEWS OF OTHERS "License to Kill" Any even casual reader of the newspaper knows thai most, states have the cash in mimt principnlly when they issue drivers' licenses. Aucl the majority of commentators cm the annual -slaughter in -automobile nccidenUs rarely give heed to such laxity. David CT. Wittels, writing in the current Saturday Evening Post, reveals condition;; that should .shock the most blase or the most indifferent man or woman driver of an automobile. Pointing out that 33,500 people were killed and more than 1 OM.CCO injured in auto accidents last year, he .shows that as a matter oi course licenses are issued to people who do not know how to drive; to the lame, blind and handicHppcd; to the mentally deficient, and to the immature. In his investigation he says he was ahle to obtain 15 drivers' licenses from 13 slate by mail without examination, under ussuincd names luirt with false addresses. The states not on what he calls the mail- order list do not necessarily deserve a clean bill of health he writes. Not a single state is doing its full duty toward protecting tUc lives ol Us citizens against the danRcr of death or maiming by spook (incompetent drivers. Those are not loose generalizations, Mr. Wittcl says. but the considered opinions of officials of the National Safety Council, the American A&tjona- tion of Vehicle Administrators, tUc Automotive Safety Foundation aiut the National Highway Users Conference. That's n shocking slalemcnl, yet one not to be questioned. Why stales allow A'.M-eyet"., teenagers, weak-minded men and women, criminals with lojig records, and other such menaces to drive automobiles we can't guess. Rut it is high time for everybody to wake up to this peril, and demand lhat some tiling be done ntxMiL it. — ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. BARBS SO THEY SAY 'How're You Fixed for Campaign Issues, Chum?' Manufacturers' Restrictions Due an Airing Before the Federal Trade Commission BY DOUGLAS L'.USICN NEA Stuff Corrcspondcn t WASHINGTON, Sept. 4. (NEA> — The Rovct nmenl's relentless statistical nssaiik cm the hign cost of living continues. The next asenc;: to Icll U. S. cit- .zam Mint prices arc too high will be the Federal Trade Commission. It's going to be a report on an invcs- cigation of how high prices have iv- nimncd on certain consumer goods which arc controlled by "manufac- curers' restrictions." There is feverish activity la get .1 completed by the end of September. The reason for all the rush in the midst, of t-he .summer heat is :hnt it's really the wcond litvie the t-TC has tried to do the job. The irst time the prices lose .so fast that, by the time the report, returned from the printers, it was obsolete. BY HAL Worry docs a swell jrb or £cttiim you nothing — but more of the siunc. * * * An Ohio man whipped his wife for revealing This sort of thing IMS lo stop or none .of our women will he safe. * * • 'Hie one thing Lhat makes yon holler is the old favorite: "is it hot enough for you?" * * * Judging from the prolonged heal, summer se*ms to have gone and got herself a pcrnMiienl wave. * * * A lot of the fellows conslanUy haunting publishing houses are ghost writers. This particular FFC invest iga- ;ion got started last winter whs :he "Newburyport Plai icws. Remember? Tl jlan cooked up by a group of merchants in the small Massachusetts .own, based on the apparently itilla- .ious idea that you could get prices town by simply lowering them. Pries weren't so bad then, either, v'ith seme cuts of fccef going for uidcr a buck a pound, cheaper ihirts were advertised at lo.s tii.m SOUND AND FUKV At t::c Mime time?, President Truman iaid the Neubur,ynoil Plan was peachy and £UggcsU:c! that ;ill bus- iiiessr.s <:o-op civile find try to get. prircs down. A!moot the iKXt da;; thcrp were big ads by Joual stores in all the papers saying. "Mr. president, we will co-operate. Icok *u our bargains." "But what the average pcsson didn't notice, but the FTC did spot in the ads, was a line- in line print which said some- lh:ny !:kc this: ;"Oi course we cannot reduce prices which are restricted by manufacturers," '1 lie re arc iwo ways T>y which manufacturers can "restrict" prL'es legally, according to the PTC. One is*.bj' fixing prices under fair trncli agreements which is {lone, for ox- ample. \\iih many drug items. Or a manufacturer can "surest" to a retailer that a. price be pegged, on j which is the same as making H an aii" was bis t order it i.s backed up with :iat was the ' the threat ol giving Uie dealership to" another mtrchant. Part of thi: • den is to permit national advertising of prices. | cnily, department stares anci other retailers were perfectly justified in including Lhat fine line in their ads. Manufacturers had, indeed, gotten an iron grip on certain prices which were beyond the effort an'i ability of retailers to lower. But by the Lime the report got to the White House, prices on everything hiui gone so high there wasn't any point in releasing it. At least that's pan of the explanation for why il never came to light. If there was any though of finding prices which manufacturers were illegally "restricting" in the .iisr. investigation, that idea certainly got quashed somewhere along ;he line. And i' the com mi ssi oners ;:rc looking for illegal restrictions in this probe, due to be reported on at the end of September, it's faeins kept a mighty close secret. Most of the commissioners deny that any recommendations for legislation to limit "manufacturers' restrictions" will come out of the report. They say that he whole purpose is to "lock into the situation." II by -some chance a recommendation for remedial action does ac- Congresswoman Wants Color Of Currency Varied a Little Th« DOCTOR SAYS By WIIXIAM A. O'BRIEN, M. I). Written for NEA Scrvic-i When diphtheria breaks out in a home, all the children and adults should receive injections or diphtheria toxoid. In epidemics, a hoost- er dose of toxoid should be givch to children who have not recently been immunized. Diphtheria is still a treacherous disease, as deaths continue to result (rom strangling early in the course of illness or suddenly, late in convalescence." DiptMeria occurs in all parts of the world and the number of infections increases with colder weather. The incubation period of diphtheria Is from one day to one week. Diphtheria of the nose starts as il simple head cold with a bloody discharge, while throat diphtheria symptoms vary with the extent of infection. Diphtheria of the larynx occurs in one out of every four patients, and is more common children. The disease can be spread by infected patients or carders. Milk- * By KRKDKKK'K C. UTI1MAN {United Veens Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Sept. 4. (UP) — There is a logical lady in Andovcr, Mass., Mrs. Edith N. Rogers, who's been having money trouble. The durn stuff's too green. In a dim light, Mrs. R'. can't tell a sawbuck from a fin, of a C- note from a two-spol because they're printed, everyone, the same cabbage-bug color. And always have been, mere since man Alexander Hamilton (a with no imagination) picked the shade. Mrs. Rogers, with a clear thinking peculiar to her sex, wrote the man in charge of the long green, Secretary of Treasury Jolin Snyder, that the time had come to redecorate the currency, Her idea was to leave dollar bills green; make the twos shocking pink, maybe, so there'd be no mistake; print five dollar williams in canary yellow; produce tens in a pretty shade of tan (all right, moonglow), and so on through the 11 different denominations of money. The biggest bill of all. the $10.000 number, would be done of course In royal purple with perhaps a in | golden gadroon border. Honest John, the money-maker, was getting ready to sail for a London conference of fiscal bonic outbreaks have been reported, and cats have spread the infection on their fur. Healthy carriers, however, are the commonest spreaders of the disease. Outlook for a patient wilh diph- theirn Is always questionable, although there is less likelihood of fatality if antitoxin is administered early. The total amount needed should be administered at the first injection, children should be given adult doses as the disease is more severe in them. IMMUNIZATION' HELPFUL Diphtheria can occur among the immunized, through their failure to develop enough resistance to throw off the germs, or if the munization was performed some time ago. Diphtheria attacks the non-immunized 10 times more frequently than the immunized and severe infection is "practically unknown in those who have received some protection. Two injections of toxoid should be given at six months of age, or soon thereafter, while fewer cases or diphtheria arc noted today, the disease is just as virulent as ever. Until all children are Immunized at six months of age, and again 'when they str.rt to school, diphtheria will continue to cause preventable deaths. wigs, when he received Mrs. Rogers' letter, tic was busy, as it/ happened, stirring up an extra pot of 'green Ink to last until he got back. All he said to Mrs. liogcrs' suggestion was "Um." That's a man for you. Let things slide. Leave 'cm go. And never give a l.xly a straight answer if he can htlp it. So the Secretary sailed from New York today (his wailc-L was stuffed with green money on his own manufacture) without ever giving Mrs. Rogers any satisfaction. That didn't . bother her. As a woman she's used to men sloughing off their responsibilities. And that brings us to the climax of this rtis- im- I P^ 0 ' 1; ' w -' £ - Rogers i.s oni lady I Snyder can't, Ignore. She's a Congresswoman Massachusetts and a Republican Congresswoman at that. QUESTION: My son. age 15. lias protruding ears. He has become conscious of them and other children poke fun at him. What can he do? ANSWER: If they are not too prominent, it would be .best for him to griii land-bear it, otherwise a plastic operation might be done. " wi.ui me Federal r lrac;e Commis- j company the report, it will go first sioner.-i wanted to find out was jnsi li.i u.e ii.ireau 01 the Budget. What how much these "manufacturers' ! the bureau could or would do with ive dollars and i dime apiece. restricUonV were contriniuiny to rising prirr:;. THE IKON GIJIV green peppers co.i; j Aocut the only tiv.ns t:ic firs; -study turned up \v;is tuat, appar- | down. it is anybody's guess. Meanwhile, pricc.i are going up and noboiiy yet hus come across with any idea for getting them **••••<••••••••••••••••••'' '15 years Ago • \ In Blf/theville— \ »••••••••?••»«••••••••• t> Steve Broks Jr. fell today while playing on the exercise bar at Central Ward School and broke both wri.sts. He was taken to BlytheviU? Hospital where the bones were set and he received treatment. Come January she's going, to introduce a bill, calling for John to make money in 11 colors. She predicts the law will pass and she doesn't want him to clain; he can't deliver because or technical difficulties. He makes red postage stamps, doesn't he? And brown anci green and blue and lavender? Ail right then, said Mrs. Rogers. He can do the same for cash. Snyder's underlings. I regret to report, are men, too. Trioy won't talk for the record. I think they are scared. One of them admitted privately that he was a)! for Mrs. Rogers. He was tired of being green, himself. He runs a SlO-bill press, polishes the plates between each impression with his bare hands, and every moaning now for 20 years his nose . has- begun to itch about the time both his paws have become a soupy, drippy green. He has tried phycholcgy on himself, self-hypnotism, everything. But he never has been able to resist the itch for more than one hour and a half. Then he scratches. His nose becomes green and he's sunk. By the end of the day lies green ail over, ears included. Tlie vie-.v of himself in the mirror is monotonous. He'd welcome being scarlet for a change, or baby blue, or even street car yellow. Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Haley tod:;y I Take it away, Mrs. Rogers. Your IN HOLLYWOOD By ERSK1NE JOHNSON NKA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD. Sept 4. (NKA .iollywood is on an economy ..p — the result of the b.ui (in rxprnt- . for Hollywood ng films to England - aixl [rrmi ' .he way things are going n.irr. I ianiick will be down to ins lusi :rcx|iict mallet in » couple of s Cor- c lime mettle There is no shamn in one brave and faithful ally, deeply Injured in Ihc common struggle, asking another to help him recover and get upon his feet. Had Ihe position teen reversed, we would have done the same for them.— WlnKton Churchill, People arc being fired - - ,viO -U 2Cth Century-Fox, 200 ;it Universal international — opiinn,, air Jropp'ny — bud pels are bom^ .shav- -'d — IiiKrtd IJci-gmiin will h,i\T i i get. alonp on only S4.flOO.QW) insio »-i Jf S6.COO.OOO as "Joan of Lnrrainr" — bic |)roduclions are u able and scUs arc ^ctvitm I hear they're ihinkuic only midgets as extras. Onr more budget rut nn "l.(t. mine" und Ingriil ivill hr nr.u - ing" oliJ (llsfi'irtlpil thi r;iiis j-,, strart of ;i shmy suit «f arinnu The economy wave- is s<i :u u', that any mimilc I expect r^ in-.,- a film company shooting a S.i'v*-, t drsei't scene in a sand trnp .r. i;r Country Club rp.d ,li:j-,niv Dur ante's nose and Cnbir's -M- being cut down It) SUM' ni:iKr-u,> HOLLYWOOD'S JITTI'I! -i Hollywood with Hie jittt-rs :.; more fun than n Marx S.i.rjv i , movie. And, as Director i ;cor ;r Sidney says, tiiry *\ proo.iij': t ->, the HollyftocI-Bvitish imroum bv IctUnc: Huinpliiey Bosai t and Jain^ Mason tight it mil in Msuiisdn Square Ciardcii. Hollywood with the jitters is lough on the littlr guvs, tliou^li. It's Iho carjiftnlcrs and the rlcclri- cian.s anci the hairdressers ami people like that ulio gel laid off SIR6.000. I'KOVIN'G (illOUN'f)' Instead ol crying into it now is iiv to prove its —spend sonic '>t l;i-st year's profits on better pictures ami build the market, it r.cotls lor the In lure. Bob Hope; is having trouble, loo. liui it has noihnu: to cii> v;itli line the theory for correct play in clear terms. In today's hand, winch is one of Flaz:n's. East's problem wa.s to keep from losing three diamond tricks. He woidd not have a problem if South held the ace and qucei'i of diamonds; he would simply lead toward dummy's jack and lose two mcmry• < J '" thn iintT.h It's censor troublr. H sUu U.-J when I'at s- r mount Jane Russell us IWO-RUTI - Calamity Jiinr in "The Paleface." i licforr Jane vra;s c:ist, the John-i i stoti Oitici- [-en.ific.s :tpprovod the " 1 script quickly and minus any cuts, - When Jane yol Hi* 1 part, the cen- »: ', .sors yelled lor the .script to ic^<1 it aanin v.ith ;» inucniSyint; t:Uv;, Hlonde Judy Conk. Ihr "\Vh:MTi" j Kirl tif thn Howard I Inches iyves- | ti^aUnn. is hliving her trunbles, j (oo. JiMly Ihon^ht .vlir'il K'*l ;i mnvir job sifter her phtilngraphs wrre ^plaUcrril all nvrr I hi: na- linirs front pa^rs. Hut the enm- cimy iv,nr is keeping lu-r at hot:v. | But it^ any one \vou;d like I to hire Judy, she's :ill rcudy wi'.a | hor skimpy bulhitm suits. V'-tsl of all. she says, she'd like to V;ir ! in the life story of Esther Wil- ! Hams. 1 "Ilul '".sther knows liow t" M\ini." people tell her. "I know." SLIVS Judy, "tnil slir hasn't R»t Ihe '' I've soli" diamond tricks. Bui he could not lake that .situation [or granted. remembered lhat North had bid two clubs. About the only thinj North could hold was four clufc. ; so he must have nl least the queen of diamonds, so HHZCII proceeded to announce the approaching irmrriagc of 'their daughter Miss Elizabeth Wooldrklge Haley, to Murray Smart. :on of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Smart Sr. The wedding will be solemnized Saturday October first at First Baptist Church. The Misses Mary Cummfngs, Mary Grace. Hill. Vivian Holland, and R. A. Nelson Jr.. Preston Ramey. Horace Scrape. Tontniy Thompson. Joe Pride Jr.. and Joe Wright left today for Jonesboro A. and M- College Jonesboro w r herc they will attend school for the coming year. play the hand against I.Hc worst po-':- brcafc. public is behind you on all 11 flavors. , Brother Leopold Kesls LOS ANGELES fUP> The mechanical age has come to the rescue of Brother Leopold, 63, wiio pulled the ropes to ring the three big heavy bells at,' St. Joseph's church for 25 years. Parishioners j presented the church with a pushbutton system and Brother Leopold now rings the bells sitting down. Air Line Keeping Tabs On Large Game Fish MIAMI (UP) — Fan American World Airways is keeping tabs on migratory game fish all over the Western Hemisphere. lu cooperation with the International Game Fish Association and the Sailfish and Tarpon Club of Miami, the airline is organizing » hemisphere-wide survey of the travel habits of sailfish. martin, tarpon and other big game fish. Pish will be tagged and their whereabouts reported when caught. Plastic- tags have been distributed to fishing clubs, hotels, charter boatmen and amateur fishermen all over South America. Comparison of the place the fisli was tagged with the place caught will aid i in charting the most suitable fishing grounds for deep sea angling. McKENNEY ON BRIDGE n/ ffi '\ flftllt^l ' ' while the bigr shols po to Ihc Mocambo and C'iro's and olhrr . _, ., » bislros lo ilrown tlicir sorrow., in | / J OS-SfO/C />Cff/ charnpa^iic. Ill facl. Die champagne room :( 1 tbc Mocamfoo is <1oitip a torrifii' business, \vKti such a picco do resistance as .".stuffed s:\drilo of wild haro and sage • pudding, Wild Caucasian strawberries gatliprrd rtcw fresh, served with Cordon-House '28 champagne" (at S32 a l)ottle>. People are taking cruises to Acapulco. Mexico, on the fovEiier Morgan yacht. The Corsair, al JMO the rcunci irlp and you c.m Uuy a beautiful home in Bel-Air at the "greatly reduced" price of "only" BY WII.I.IAM H. MrKKNSKY AmiTk-a's Cr.nt Authority Written (or VTA Horvlrr 'Ihnxr are many line card plny- cvs who never ran renicniccr a f-ood hiiiid. Kiihci' tl:ey liiid 0110 play oi all hanc's so slmrh> that lliey do nci. recogiii/e il'.e more interesting one.:, oi'.t^iey just do not iKjthei (o re- mc;)Tiber them. Tim is 1:01 tvuo. however, or }Ii'.7.?u. vi.'p \jres - iocnt "I Ihr A:m.L-un Coi'.liac: lividae L'>aii\ie Lee runs across soinn very interesting hands and can oul - A A!) I V AQG » .i 6 4 2 * J .1 2 A 1052 V 107 » A 10 9 * A K 8 6 1 Tournament—Neither vul. Soulh \Vcst North Kast I A Double 2 Jf* 3 Jl» Ooublc Pass Pass 3 if Pass 1 9 Pass Puss Opening—* K 4 South held ihc first chib trick Hurt shifted to a spade. HRZDII win:un^ iu iiis own hand \vilh tl~^ jact:. Me cashed Ihc king of trumps and led over to Ihe ace. South'* ten fnlliiij;. A small club was led from dummy and trumped by Hazen. tlic kinp ot spades was cashed and a .-mall spade led lo the ace. On vlv: jack of eiuus Ha?.e;i discarded the live of diamor.ds and South hail to win this trick with the ace. If South returned a club, il would give llazcn a shift and a ruff. The only Hunt: South could do wn? to cash Die are of diamonds. Thus Ha- 7.t\\ held his losers to three tricks. Radio Comic HORIZONTAL, 1,1 Pictured comedian 3 Wander 13 Before . M lie performs on the 15 The re fore 3 Looked .^ askance 4 More coura- ' gcous T> Load G Girl's name 7 Clamp 8 Folding beds fl Paused Looks Ahead LUOnCCK. Tex. (UP) — W. M. Graham, of M.Uador, wants lo live until IT can (ly ths route between Dcnton and Dickens in a jut-propelled piano on April 27. 19,7. At lire ai;e of. 18. Graham made the same trip iu 12 days and arrived on Apiil 27, 13T?- vin wagon. of hair 20 Exist 22 Roof finial 23 Clcimsiny agents 16 Compass point 10 Decorated 17 Adjust 11 Mohammedan 18 Fillip 10 Rani 21 Calcrpillnr hair 23 Cubic meter 25 Flower part 28 Command 29 Utopian 30 Hough lava 31 Sun god 32 Languishes 36 Billiard shot 39 Incline 40Genus of Brasses •11 Ballot 43 Native metals 44 Journey 40 Frighten 4!) Employ 52 Speed contest 53 Rods 54 Encountered 55 To cut 56 Shouts 57 Ago VERTICAL 1 Males 2 Sea eagle 24 Follow after 38 Recommence 26 Jewish high 42 Discern priest 43 Russian city commander 27 Beast of bur- 44 Transposes 12 Tangled mass clcri ( a b 33 Neophyte 34 Epic poetry 35 Hardened 3 6 Coddle 37 Hail! 45 Sped 47 Mine shaft hul 48 Entire 50 Indian weight 51 Greek letter . S7

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