The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Page 11
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THURSDAY, SEPTRMHER I, 1017 Training Plans Revised for G!s New Regulations Apply for Courses For Young Farmers WASHINGTON. Si']: I Ii. (UP) The V'cU'raiis Administration laid j down u ne<,v set of refuilatiotis to- i!;iy for veterans who want co un- fleriakc farm tiairury, under []> e ti 1. Bill. Veterans already enrolled in :i£_ • 'U'liltural training cmir.srs \vill not IK J affoctt'd by the new regulations. But vuteians ju-si .starting tlieii 1 -ami l raining tolluw llic ne-.v procedure. 'I lie new program, which was outlined in let!.station passed by Con- Jii'c^s. pruvUU's foi 1 insiilutumal on- t In;-farm training. Slate approi-in;; ngeneiis ivi!! clptmiiiiio wi:at <.>eli>- t"Uii>na] or miming mstiuuions ars: qiiHliliul 10 minis!) lan» training. 'J he appKu'eci insntu'iun.s wiil be re.sf}on.4iijl ( > for supervising ihe training, Ijoth in ehi.yircom.s and on isiims. and for rc-portln- 10 tlie Veterans Aiiiniitislrnliun ill,, failure. of any veierar. to follow ihe approved course. A veteran who wants to take faun training should make his application directly to tile instiui- titjii oriurin^ Mic:h ;i course in hi; eoinnnmity. It will be 11,1 to the institution to determine the type of tiainins; ihc iiuLviduul veternn neect.s lor the .six:' and ciiaratter oi his farm. The Veterans Administration will piy the .same .scale of tuiucii an:! instruction Id's charged other stu- tient.s in similar Mnnses. VA aim will pay for books and t-iasiirooin supplies. Clas.;room insmic'.nrs will risk I lie individual students while they are doing uieir faun work tincljr the new progriun. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS DAV Sweetheart Royall Reigns Briefly as Top U.S. Executive WASHINGTON. Sept. 4 (UP) Kentielli C. Kuj^H. \vho ':tviuno Si'c teUuy ol War less iluiu six wot'fc u«o. ye l a brio I .slim yrsU»nluir I» j Urn highest r:inkiii|. j . ^ovi/ninu'iil j official in Washington. Hut H's u role MKU sivt 1 .-* him no special :r.i- thority. Hoyall's moment ended when SLV- roliuy of Slute George C. Mnrslitili, thr No. l <ukbiiu.l c;(licrr, nUmmul from the Hio do Janeiro t'oiiHTena' during the afternoon. With both President Trunirm and Mur.shal! out of town, the nuikln,; oxei'iilivo off ice r in V/iishinytou Tuesday was Secretary of Ihe Treas- I ury Jolin W. Snydt;r, The nuiiHle ' le\\ on Hoy:ill when Snyder left for Londoi: yewtenluy. •Assistant While House Secretavy ElK-n Ayers cieniud that the Vro.-i- idcnt'.s absence fro:u the counlry bestowed uny .special authority oi 1 pavilion to me nijihost ranking ciib- inet int'inbci' here. -The President :s tin; Presidem, no inattei' wht'j'o lie may be," Ayers .said. lie said 'he question of presidential authority caino i:p every lidU 1 tlie President icti ihe Country. Hu 1 said tliei'e was no grounds for the question because the Presidt'in'.; ] authority was alerted in no way '>•, liis abseriee. Radio Isotopes Mode Available To 27 Countries OAK RIDGE. Tcnn., Sept. 4. "J r>l — Cak Ridge mithomlcs are lirepnriiiR to fill foreign r«iur-sts for radio isotopes to be used in biological and medical research "as f\i>editioiisly as possible." they said today. Tla annoinicsnienl, followed an earlier one by President Truman rcvcaliny the plan to share ihe research tools with other countries. The isotopes branch of the Atomic Energy Commission has on file specific reu.uc.sts for the materials from institutions jn Australia. Canada, and England, and inriuiries from 24 other countries. Authorities made it clear that isot«)-.?s J.r fortiRn distribution will not include materials that could be applied lo military or industrial uses of atomic energy. ITmvcvcr. a total of 20 other isotopes will ue made available "in limited amounts to qualified users" outside this country, they said. Each foreign government which wants to receive the materials must appoint nn agent in the United States to handle the requests. The institutions using them must make regular reports on Ihe progress of the research, must insure that the materials are used for the purposes for which they were asked, and permil qualified scientists of any nationality to visit and obtain information at places where the isotopes are used. Yes. times have changed. After the last war, long-tressed, long- dreasetl Mary Pickford was "America's Sweetheart." Now the Disabled American Veterans have bestowed that title on U'sblly ci.xl Murjoric Lance at convention in Los Vegas. Little Rock Women Form "LBK" Chapter LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Sept. 4. lUI'i — Arkansas' liLile beiow the knees movement was spreading today, following formal organization of a. Little Rock chapter in a Capital City meeting last night. Mrs. F. M. E'arnctt of Little Reck, chairman of tile Arkansas group, reported a membership in greater Little Rock of over 1.000. She appointed a committee to as- .sist 23 other Arkansas towns whose women have expressed a desire to join the rii.'oil against longer dresses. Mrs. Barnctt said the Little nock group would meet again Tuesday ni^ht to make plans foi' a mass demonstration and u downtown protest parade. John E:yd Dunlo;). a velerinari an residing in Bclfjst. Ireland, in vented '.he pneumatic au!omc'}:!< tire in 1838. Inflation Picture The grades oi doinoslii 1 tobacco ;iro grown in Mas.sachu- sots and ConiUTti:-LH. Giri Questioned About Slayinq Of Her Brother JMtSKY Cl'l Y, N. J.. Sf|>t. 3. <U1 J ) IVarl KilvtTimiu. 10. xonnlil ior Ihe hannr.iT slayin:- l:>st nlnlit ol I her II-year-old brollier. wus :\r- I ICMllI bv imlin' llllluv li'r (|m-.slU>M- ii'H. Hie yhl. a lormei patient In :l inemn] lm.s;;Unl. h:ul been left in llii' tamily home to late e;ue of Ilic buy while their paivm.s iiKend- ed u movie. 'I lie body of ll-ynir-old Albert wus d:: : L'overed lyln;- in a pool ol blranl in ihe lumily dining room l>y j ;.iulhtr iisciT. .vi.ixiiu-, 10. The tel- I i l>hene h:ul bt-en ripju'd Irutn tl'-e Police said the uirl was ^tlseovert't hiditu 1 . in>- (Jlly. Read Courier News Wnnl Ads. For Complete Protection Against Alt INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoe Hotel Bldq. 124 W. Ash St. Blytheville PAGE World's Greatest Trained Wild Animal Show A TITANIC TRAINLOAD OF TERRIFIC NEW SENSATIONS Fle.ided by •k CIRCUSDOM'S f* I V •> 5 D C A TT V ^ ~rT ~ PRIME FAVORITE V» U I L? £ DCAIIT in Person xvilh the largest, fiercest mixec gtoop of snvnge jungle-bred m.ile and female performing lions and ligors io tlio hi^lory ol his illuslrious career MORE ANIMALS. MORE JTHRILI 5. MORE SUSPENSE THAN EVER ' BEFORE H A R f F T n l-I 1 D f v I I 7r ? TntHv and d.irinRly directing joinl pgrlonnnnccs of natural jungle Iocs — TiioJTICEK and Ihe ELEPHANT FLYlNC"CONClLLOS| w Pfemier Somersaulting Acnal Cymnasls! ClorJOUS SKY BALLET Convulsing Convocation i Don Felipe •BilTyPowdr*STrio7V^Ta7d(! Aerial ESCALANTES Whirlwind Tcclerl>=. lr d Acrobnlic ACM Hilarious Hi-jinks on the High Bars WONDERMERE TtOUpO i Back to Prewar Prices! GEN. ADM. . . . Plus T:i\ 7S(> I'm 1 Afternoon F'crforiii;iucc CHILDREN Under 12 ... I'ius Taxi 50(? Shanghai miss holds in her hands an evample ol Iho tre- ; mentions nmnclary mllulj.m n, ; Cliinn. where it lakrs ;i l;;iskel , t,f hnnkni.les to huy ;, l,;i : ;kel ,,i i;i.,(cries Hundle ol n-.oney ;•! left (about S-H(i,01)(| C'hmcse) '.cqunls S10 in u. S. SELL' Your Car While Prices are HIGH! to . SHELTON ! Motor Company nn w. Ash ni ;1 i .i.i3s| E nla rged MENAGERIE a n d H o r s e F a i r or KSSB ftULLER'S KST-TodajJj, EXTRA ADDtD ATTRACTIOM: Populni ON THE MIDWAY Mcsl Comprchcnsiv« Cowboy Film Star BILLY HAMMOND A;cumublic.i cf HUMAN ODDITIES and His Company ol Wcslcrn Ch.nnp^'Ever Asscnihlctl Under One Covering Entire Enchanted Cargo of World-Wide \rVondc7s~Transpoffc"d By Our Own Special Train of Double-Length Railroad Car: Geneva] Arlniis^idii and ItcKorvcvl Seal Tickols on Sale SATURDAY, 1C a. in. till :" |-,. in. al OWKNS DKUC STOKK. Here's the Combination You've Wanted lor So Long I 4 ni!;i FliOIVOIlAlllO $I64M Beautiful Walnut Console • Automatic Record Changer Unsurpassed performance, for its price, in both radio and phonograph makes this beiaitiful combination a household treasure. You'll take pride in its graceful styling and have joy for many, many years to come in the rich beauty of its tone. The phonograph plays ten 12-inch or twelve 10-inch records. Easy Budget Terms Available fir«$ton« STORES 207 W. Main NO. 1 KRCKiEK ASPMAGBS Na i FRUIT ,.„ 17 ,n .*:;• 25 •If) W. KROOBH'S JUICE CiRAP Sf IT 2Q< Hi <)/. UBBY'S JUICE TOMATO Can 27 NO. 2'/i FLINT .„,..,„ PEACHES 2 ,„ 47 NO. 2 KKOfiKH RSI' CHERRIES ,„ NO. :U).'! (JRkKN (ilANT PEAS ,,„ " 27 27 Hi ()'/. .IMl K0H(iKK SALAD DRESSING 29 x NO. 2>/i C. C. | HCMiMY 2,, n 23 ] lOVAl'OKATKI) Jft\ PET MILK 3S37 '* ' '"! 'I'HK I'AUSK THAT RKKUKSHKK COCA-COLA 6 ",£" 25 C NO. :tOO KltOGKK PORK & BEANS ,, 14 ,P * * * Savings add up faster at Kroqer low prices 4 !.!>. CAKTON PURE HOG LARD AVON DA I, K KIOI.I-'-HISINCi FLOUR 1 1,1!. CAKTON HUMKO 85 $-|7:t •fliii i • SlSif **-J^^^f^*^*^.<t,+4,JL?£ZL y ,.-».''• ^jz c txi'y^^'&j'j^g^ i(i O/. CAMhMKT BAKING POWDER (m 19 S (>/,. HUNT'S TOMATO SAUCE 3 C;IMJ< I'll UK CAN 1C KA'l'MOIJIO OLEO CANDY BARS C I.I,. v H:i« .. , u, 28 O i'o,- Id FINEST QUALITY MEATS Heavy 'Calf Meat CHUCK ROAST 39 STKW MKAT J i BRISKET ne,iv.v <:ulf Meat .'.'.".' iZ'37' I-'AT HACK SALT MEAT nV K FMJiFnfiRS Ib 49 C ^ ; I.KAN At MKATY cuir Meat ... ' i.W . lh NECK BONES WHITING I,b. 23 19 C BOX WASHINGTON STATE Holes First of Season PEACHES RED TOKAY GRAPES U.S. NO. 1 SELECTED RED POTATOES 10455? For 5? " 150 TENDER SWEET GOLDEN GREEN CORN DELICIOUS APPLES Hot-Dated Thrifty buy SPOTLIGHT COFFEE YS1.05 11'/2-oz. Country Club SPAGHETTI DINNER- 29c Qt. Enchantress PEANUT BUTTER - 450 Angel Soft FACIAL TISSUE «, X- Cherry Pecan Golden Layer ' ALL POPULAR BRANDS CIGARETTES EXTRA STANDARD NO. 2 TOMATOES 2000 CT. KLEENEX KROGER'S SPDA CRACKERS N CAKE Krogcr's Plain ] DONUTS 7 Orange Cocoanut COFFEE CAKE Do*, to Pko. Krunch 1.00 coTFEE CAKE 2 Cans Boxes J-tt. Box 16 oz. Burry's Asst. COOKIES 10 oz. Kroger FIG BARS 10 oz. Cocoonut • WAFERS Each Pkg. Each Each Box 530 19* 19< 39< 19*

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