The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Page 10
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f AGE TEN HIA'TIIIOVILLK (AUK.) COUK1KK NKWS TJIUUSDAY, 19-17 War Work Begun Early by Farben • Records Show Active ', Liaison with Nazis 4 Years Before War » ' 'i NUERNBERG, st-pt. *. <UP>- Tiic I.'G. Farl>eii industry established -a 'strong, active liaison with German military headquarters in Berlin in 1935. four years before the \vjr began, document? introduced iii Die-trial of Farben directors dis- clpscd yesterday. 'American prosecutors introduced evidence that a-Unison office • was established to "deal with all questions of military economte '.policy mid or' ft' military technical nature Si\ connection with the planned de- Yqlopment of a military economy." Ilie prosecution •emphasized that (His was done long before the world wits aware ihnt Adolf Hitler was planning war. •Work ol the liaison office was highly secret. One document, quoted Dr. Robert Ley, Uje. ftnzl labor lead el', -durlne the -years .Irpm 1933 to 1S39 cveryihing necessary had been dqne in secrecy that seemed the conservation'of the nation in the anticipated clash with an envious surrounding world." Documents showed that as early us 1933 'Firben was making smoke sarceiv* tests and holding elaborate ail- raid.' protection rehearsals in Us plants.' Welcome for Oldest Delegate Oldest Legionnaire of New York convention Is John K. Newcomljo. 80, o( Auguslci, 111,, nltentllng his 21st consecutive conclave, 'i'wu pretty models miike tlio trip wortlnvhile for John. o Include NonStop Antarctic Jump of 7,000 Miles C1I1CAC1O, Sept. 4. iUP) —Flier* Wlillnni Gilrini said yesterday ih:i: !ii; iilohe-ciirlini! flight over bolli |jo;rs nr.\i Novemlji'i 1 wouUl Include u 7.00lt-inlli> non-stop jump over the AMUirlSc. t'Jtiuftj, v.ho ,«:et n nev; )'onn<l-the- •.vnrld y.i,]ri sliced rec'Crd liist month. said he would take off from Chi- C;H;O nr:ct fly U) Tokyo via the North pole. Fiotn Tokyo lie said he would fly to N'e'.v Zenkind. I'njiri I here, oduin said he would fly over tiii> Konlli Pole; nnd back lo ijifier Chile or Ar^eiuina, " arut tin Doctors Curb Hypertension; Simple Diets Are Prescribed i lain iHlllition. , As the studies cnnllnnecl, | ficullon or the diet w:is fell nn: i^ii'r.'.' He ,K:iid l to I'ly :it over jj'jrl : liiiul:;. Oflo.-n M to v.'ain tain; a! 1 :j CMiil- rj' s:iid li'.i: tli^ht would take <:]• four days." and possibly -: if lie h;id to stop for re- aid lie would make the :i H-'J:'. Crj!isolidatf<l bom- lonr-entjined [ilane slightly :h;>n the ll-'ai). !:;;]fi mountain ranges up 'el nnd possibly higher I > exist in UK? antartic. t it, iiii^hi be neeos.sat'v n altitude of 40,000 fee! ^ (f! [lie Antartic wnsU:- Driver of Rticer He(d Attei. Ojutspeedirig Cop I-ATLANTA, Gtt.. Sept. 4. (UP)— Dirt track, racer Bob F.oelC.who vc- psrtedly eluded a motorcycle cop In n 'chase arourid the subui-bart Lnke- \vpod Park track-surrendered today to answer to charges of substituting (or another driver during Mon- dify's I,ibor Day races. flock Had been tanned from ths tuick. Shortly alter two' crackuus on both ends of the tract police re- edgnlzj'd'Hocfe' 1 In one of the rnc- I'lK vehicles. A rnotoreycle cop gave chase. •But Flock, police'said, drove off Uje track 'and into town leaving police far behind:' ' • •PJock was booked on four charges with an aggregate:bond of $350. Tlie d|ai'ges: :' ' '••'•• ••Disorderly conduct, speed Ing.. $100 band; disorderly conduct, violating irtce track; ordinance. J100; dlsor- r'.lrly conduct, reckless driving, $100; disorderly condubt, (iisUirbance, S50. '. Miss Canada ' By I'ADI, I'. Kl.l.IS (Unlleii Hrt'ss Si'icure Writer) NEW YORK, Sept. 4. (UP) American!) suft'urliiK from hyper-1 particularly 'Alien it was tension miRhl well till down Iheir the blood inessine level wiis .••in- i : hltjh blocjd ' pressure by bcf.vnilnc I blliztil. Tlic inodificiitions :illov.i-(l rice enters and drinking more fruit' Included • vvgctnblrs of law cn- juices. bohydrale contetu, lean meat, sail This opinion was expressed lodny sparingly. by two Miami physicians who re- Tlie doctors round that milk, ported in the Southern Medical wheat and CBBS caused a rise iji Journal on results of studies with blood pies-sure" and subsequently I 54 patients, fed a special diet based were never permitted even when laivly general diets were allowed." Some of llic patients had blood pressure us hlt'h ns 200 or more-. One hud 250. }lis AVHS .flit tlqwn to 100 in a matter of six weeks. Onf I patient, who weighed... lUu pounds! ,M the start of treatment, lost i;; liounds and 70 poinU, biMiH'jDt? hi.i pressure down to 150. In most of the .successful cast 1 .", the relief -was. obtained in .one t-i two weeks, although .somt; minimi as long as six weeks. "Hypertension and its con.secjiirn- ces are amon^ the commonest eon- tltlons confronting "the practiouei f medieine." the doctors saitl. "ri\'.'\' •ecalled that hypertension or ils consequences — tncludim; on rice-fruit-sugar. The physicians. Drs. M. l!ugene Plipse and M. Jay Plipse. reported the treatment was effective for most of those patients who followed through with the diets. In some cnscs the blood pressure dropped as much as 45 or move points. During the two-year study, tho records of 54 cases were analyzed, but 14 were not evaluated for one reason or another, including some who had complications or didn't I complete treatment. In the 40 cases ' which were possible to evaluate, the doctors reported. 32 were placed on ft strict rice-fruit-sugar routine. "Of this vgroup, 20 were classed as successful and 12 as failures," hey reported. "Two of the patients considered failures had 'marked :alls In Wood pressure, but the diet resulted in such weight loss nsxl malnutrition that the regime was considered a failure." Of the remaining cases, according lo the doctors, the failures were in most cases due to the inability of the patient to take rice- fruit-sugar either because of "coexisting disorders or psychological factors." The strict diet consisted'of one half pound of rice or more dry weight, daily, cooked in unsalled water and served with fresh, stewed, dried or canned fruits, fruit juices, sugar or corn syrup. Baimn- as were used extensively to inain- ,iiiJ he would rely on radar him of imchai'icd moun- ;i distance of ir>() mites. . will be installed in >::iid. lo photograph >'.:-; and provide ;* ord ni what ihcy I he would carry bo lu ten passengers, In- ' least live .scientists." . Army v,;as cooperating In ilif Ilialii, and WLI:; lending much or the special {'qnipmeiH for sei[>n- [ ti!h; observation. Patient Consents To Delicate Brain Operation ! OHT LCOAW. Colrx. Sept. 4, Jj'f • Virjfil Game/, U7, it former \vi:r [ijjsfine r who holie. ves one ol his J.*p guards jinuudcd a nail into In:; -LiiU in I!M3. today KAVS V«i- t-n.n-: Administration surgeon.*; hi.s iriit l r J i't-!nove the noil, i>!i!( / iok' surgeons he had ;iti'-d iL wouUI ijc Tor the 3)Ast" iiju- the- two-inch nail removed i) beLween the lobes ot his brain. : aid lie rpuli'/.L'ft that the oner- n 'Yould be ilanj;erou.s. hi- nuil was drivvn into G^me/.' «i while ho was a prisoner ol" J.tpurt'.sc. He .said it- apparently iV'iic while hi: was asleep, iiy ii-tiJu'rcd find in-4 blood on ni'i p, bui lit; did not U:iru of ihi: 's pvM'Wc uruil reL'enUy, whun X-ray pielui'o discio.seu il. liar> .surit-i't!(i recurrent , .iperch liy filing nrros-; I he 1 :,.,•• K'!a:l in Ku Klux KJun vai'b "a; | ,;aivnl!y are not nu:iihr-r with n '1 no hcodod sVJdents v.'earii white robss parade! .siJfiit'y acr^ tin? sUi^u bearing b:i:>tN.-rs reitd'n "Bji'wsu-r for i:re.siilyni" uiul "I3res .su-r, our boy" a.s the flToj'utGj' ;>p-l /jflore VOo .Mudcnls ant! ;;i! j, today, Bri'wsler c'.opurled from hi; if lo tile lii.s reuoid Tor loif-ranc't. ("•>n hKid:u:lu*.s which re: Hilly have jTo. 1 . n more painful. Surgeons .;ii:i :tn npeintion was necessary ,1ml iht.v jcl Gomez m:>ke tlie dfC'i:;i^n liimsi-N lx-f:MJS» of its "ilclicjilc" hi-sJUiU'ti i,'» make i iKJcau.s^ his you 11:4 ; tlKrir [i]',l, rbilit in N :- !:i hi.s prepared sjreeclij .lie ex- to cooperate with the rest of the prr.ssed belief Russia and her sat- world. eimes .should be excluded from the Russia, he said, has misused the United Nations until they are ready veto power in the United Nations. hccfs? . . . nev/ laco^? . . We-'11 do everything 1 hoi's ntecled to liave your children's shoes ready for FItt'f TV.Y Or SCi-iOOL. SHOE SHOP 106 So. Second St. NOW! New additions lo our stuff of ex- (|iii('kor en:il)h> us lo give you belter, K repair lh:i« cv**r ho- 7 DAY SERVICE To— Bring Your Watch PAT O'BRYANT niptns holo- ial iL c:m live tlt: L'illtd 'with Imitators Interrupt Talk hy Sen. Brewster UHUNSWICK, Mo, Sept. 4. -j-Jt-ji. Ov.-pn IJL'ov.stC!-. R. f Me., said ..•su-rduy t]je .six slntleiHs v;ho ii)- 'iTiipted iii.s liowdoin College nn£ guests* from other lands at "Miss • America** contest in Atlantic City is Canadian beauty queen' Margar^V. P .Marshall, 18, of Toronto. Ebb H. Carsori Tax Consultant Tax Reports— Accounting Room 21, Lynch lUdg. Write I'. 0. Hox O.TJ Phone 2940 Blythcville nllments — i.s one biggest killers. of (he nntion's SALE Phone 517 ,'s tod SUITS CROSS SHOES •AMERICA'S UNCHAUENGED S.HOE.VALUE Very striking, indeed, with its broad band, across your instep and its clever strap and buckle, is this Gold Cross step-in. In sleek calf. Fit-Tested, of course. FAMILY SHOE STORE 312 W. Main Phone 2342 • For Better Service • Better Workmanship Pat O'Bryant Jeweler Main at Second Sts. 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