The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, FERRIIART H. 1!U* Laney Defends Dixie Governors Arkansan Deniet Soft-Pedal Mov« Over Civil Rights Issue "y Bob Brown United Prws staff Corrt.nondtnl f ,, L p?' I iF Ji 00 *' Ark.. Feb. 11. (UP)—The 40-day cooling o[f »er- lod approved in Florida last weekend bv nine Southern governors was not a scheme lo wlt-ncda! thr democratic revolt i,, the South Gov. Ben Laney said yesterday Simultaneously lie charged tliat "out-sitie and inside" organization.'; stand _to disrupt the Democratic Party in their efforts to promote President Truman's civil rights pnr.ciples. B . Laney is a member of the Eover- I bui 'l and nors committee to consider prob- ' ' Icnw arisiiiK f rom Mr. Truman's proeram during the 40-dav interim. The measure ns inlrodiice'd by Goi'. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina celled for a second meeting of ihe governors after they had sampled the wishes of, their Southern constituents. "Our committee has not met." Laney slid. "I do not, know wlm ^'Jll be recommended, but this is no Ily-by-nlght proposliou." Tiie governor said he had evidence lhat organizations were work- i'ij; in Ihe .suite lo promote the President's civil right.-, proposals He I refused to name them. | Charges Unstudied Approach "I don't believe their Interests arc other than a visionary, unstudied approach lo the entire problem." Laney declared. "They have contributed nothing except agitation They do not provide any money 10 solve our problems but will take fees from anyone who will listen to their prattle." Renewing his recent attack upon Mr. Truman's program, the governor ,s?.id: "It is a pitiful thing lhat his ; — Child Killed Despite Father's Careful Precautions to Bring Children Safety — (AUK.)' COUR1RR NEWS PASADENA. Ca!., FVb. II. IUPI--1 ,. „. tt\rn n inly (JOV (130 been killed in traffic. Zorthiaii became obsessed with ie fear that the same Ililng might nppcn to one of his own children Ihe more he thought about it the more fearful he became. At. last h c cancelled his negotiations for a home in Pasadena and sought « place where },! s children would be safe. He put aside all his work wh le scheming means of harm ^"n^ii s«fc from He thought of everything. First he boujjht 12 acres perched on a mountain at the end of a winding narrow road. At each turn along !ne rontl he posted signs- "Children at play." Before starling Wolk OI1 ,hc house ilself, Siorthia,, personally - -enced a plav yard for his three children. lle built it in sucli a «-ay (| lnt K wajs impossible (or a car to get within 50 feet ol Then he buill the putting into 11 all the careful design that that he concentrated In the mural, »ie has hanging in <p public build- lues in Eastern ci( i cs . Only „,,;, times, the design was for safety as well HF. beauty. Finally h(> hui , t , h , ^ ° - Ch^"™ "" '° "' Tl ™< bilit'rV 'i U ' sun ' c > -e " "'cry possibility of clantw lo Ihe children. He one re- f«l!o«-|n R lor pork 'UP> WASHINGTON, Feb. I The White House denied ciite-O'-1- cally today (hat Margaret Tinman, daughter of Itic President Is engaged to be married. Tlic While House also said Ilier to i'8 cents today. Follow* ratC.'rn of Butter— cvury clt.v but ported price reductions. Retail meat prices were Hie decline. The average chops dropped from cents lo . fi|9: for bacon; from 78/2 cents to The fulli.iB K ra| n nlui maikl , t .„.,_ c-es appeared to be havl,,« theiv least effect In the extreme \ Ir.idiTs on I hi- Chicago U ( ,;inl of Trade wondered themselves linw is no intoimation to indicate thai I I°»S Ihe slump would coiitinuc.'Tn - ••• i Miss T»i'"B» has any such plans ' lor " le foreseeable future PRICES the ma,,,,,,,,,,, ,,., lpat |)1( , vh( , c world's bread price* largely de termtned, wheat for delivery In M,,,, Quick Check Made of 'Red' Sympathizers VVAHHINOTON. 1-Vb. 11 ,|JP1 tee l"*" , A|>l>ro l lri ' lll<) ns Coimnll- ime.vtl^ator rc|>oited [hat bu ^"JU^siK^^ r PAGE Slni '™">ed today ' iwyinll. u wu ., i . - e cdren HIM," 1 " llll:< ' ! - v - s " I "cllfvi; I here will coul(f th! »k "f onlv one remntiunp 'm-lhcr price drops in nearly all He had to b;.<-. (,, ",,<!I out '"'" S '' (Continued from Pagr II .. president of the board of Irade has ,, - ''"">. which sold at ai blamed the sharp clip on higher ,''", | lr!lk . of «-70\ ' mils ,m margins put into effect Oct. n nt' „_' : s l >llm >i«elecl to $2.1:1 ihe government's fusistence. He.said i sin | -i w mlls transactions forced many traders " -.--.-.nut of the market, rettui-ing the "cushion" which prevents sharp rises and declines. C. M. Gnlvin. market analyst for the James E. Bennett drain Hrnkcr- ane said there was'a "Rcneral lack oj, of confidence" which prompted po-li,,, „„„.. tenlial buyers to stnv out ot the ,,'„, , market. ' i " m "" /'tirrcMlt break In corn "Probably the only thing that I !Vv,»'\*' llr ! >a ™: s cvpn tl)l! '>«"ik «f would stabili/.e tlie market would be vigorous buying on the purl of the government, which has lie™ tlie largest buyer." hc said. "Hut tlmt all- J,,,,. . n bushel and Mny wheat has drop, pi'd -t:t cents. • ! Not since Jiijy O f jg-jo, ,„ ,,„, , ]JK bri'nk following World War l. lias wheat dropped so slim-ply In n s |,,_ "'- w-rek. 'I'jieji the decline totalled I 1020, when July corn dropped only i 32 cents in |) 1C month's worst week. He decline,! but a.u.lhe. c who ha«l acecs, ml K1TTANNING. P,i. iUp)._|>, .•WIHhmlK Ol ln<lil,,M nlnillf K'hcm'l 'tie historian C. Hale Sl, w wrote "re repaying him In kind-imiM'. Molmwlc liicliiuis of die Si Roan Uesorviilion, New York, linvr iloill- rnlecl a hex*, sewn to l>i> [niiillshi'il fnni'' 1 ' Km '"' """"'" '''"Wish'ip In the dcihcuuon of ihe yliirli deals with history and lc<--' . I'Mrts of Hie oi'iilnnl KIVC NnMmui ,11"' MiiluiAlis cite Sip,. i or )j)s .., , I j liriilinnii of S |d,. s - i,, rimm- | li'ling lh<> Indliiii sviu-a. I I'nrm people elf Hie United Stairs ]<nei a l,nal bnjliig |»wri nt iu . j «tXI,000.0(H) in I.M5, n Wo,dln s to a , federal survey. w their •i-Wi-lHieni'., pnymn , or ,,• no rec". J i' °\ V,' 0 "'""' l ' lvhlr " ' " not icceivcd Ihe a|)])i'oval of Hte- (o i1c' S s T'"""" 1 ' «•»» MibmUir,! aic, To, H , DCI ""' l " lrn( Uvo «•'•'*« »(.<> loi .stuclv mid comment. Other ,,ll,. K ,,t|, ms I]in[1 commilleo were Hint- | , our racial problems." Meanwhile, the governor said a »pecial session of the Arkansas Gen^ eral Assembly will not be necessary 1(1'to enable the state to participate m the regional schools proposed 21 the Florida conference. The idea of regional schools ior both Negroes and whites. Laney dcclar-d. is a revolutionary one ahead ol anything suggested In other regions. He believes, however that education of the pcop.'e and eleminatlon of tome legal barriers will be necessary before ihe schools can be set up. Going a step further, the govcr- nnp" W r ^''"^ '"" ' n ' S ' U " ^ '»'" pne of thc children, h,,!^ ""m'-'diately marie plans to »u>'d a protected turnaround. He was _ going to |x ,,, r thc (.Q,,,.,.^,. ,-?i., i i1 S - WCckl l! ' 1ftevcr . the first ism /eJl in many weeks ol a long t«k«f««lSm 0 dSMfT lll ' PreVCIlUnilhlm . If it harf no t rained, the turnaround would have hten completed by Sunday when Zorthian's. 18- month old son, Tiran, snuirmed away from his sister's g,a.,p and ran in front of the car as Zorthlan £r c - '' from the garage. Tlie child was killed instantly. Governor Denies Plea For Clemency for Slayer LITTLE HOCK, Feb II (UP1_ Gor Ben Lancj- indtcatert today lhal he had tound no grounds to grant clemency to 2G-year-old Jamc.s Harold Hyde of Hcnyville who is scheduled lo 8 o to thc "electric chair Friday. Hyde was convicted by a Carroll County jury in the murder of Frank _ Simpson, the father of his sweet- ^~ heart. Margaret Simpson. Hi- said the fact lhal main prices declined "so easily" has caused "much apprehension." Experts said today that the sharp bieok in commodities which began last Thursday hart already been transmitted down to the grocery stoics and tmlchcr shops to ro'icv'e Ihe Inflationary strain ol past months on family budgets. A spot check ol cities across thc country showed today tha_l housewives were finding the ' following average of price tags in food shops Flour-sellillK at S2.17 for a 25- pound sack compared to S2.3fi on Wednesday, thc day before, grain prices broke. Every city checked reported a decline, srimc as much as 20 cents. BrenO— surprisingly, only two cities reported general price reductions although others said lhat individual stores hod cut prices on (he basic food. St. Louis prices dropped from 15 to 14 cents. Lard—all points reported price slashes, as much as 10 cents a pound in some cases. Tlic average dropped from 31.1 cents last Wcd- i Arkansan Gets Okay ! On Salary Increase I-I'ITLK HOCK, r.-b. II i m'i — I unfoy GUI . S1 ,(,j lO(hiy , lls J, K . |T ., S . cd salary ,,l sl.srjo „ ycnr tli |i| been approved In- die commissioner of me Hoi-mi Security Administration t'"l is admlnistiator of the Ar- KiuiSLis Kinpl'iyinent Secinit,. njvi- S'on of the Arkansas DepaVtment '" i-iiiXH'. "e icccivcd notice of ap- 1. 1'eistms ot nnong Hie tlcpai Imr'iit's j t jt,. s and they snpposetlly nsi'd Influence (u put some of i-Kinlc.s on tln> payroll. i, 2 r,l'l"' <It 'l 1 «' i '"" - nt sufU'icil irom In.-tflcU'ncy nnd ]„«, ,„„,.„,,. The rrixiil docs ,,,,1 n sl , u \ v sun l) v uaini.. j>ui DV . rl ,,| c ninnbi'is ^''f,!"," "••" '" '"« s'lx'onnnit'. When Inlori 1 Hun p u it s of II,,- H'M'il linil li«.,i |nilill.s|u-(l atrfnii jijiltl somclXKiy "loakcd" |ni 01 ,,,,,- wil.s fixed ,, t lly Alklinsi ' sl M. K . Class.- Beware Coughs front common colds That Hang On Crcomnlsion relieves promptly he- c.-inse it coes rli;ht to the scat of the trouble to help loosen anil expel perm laden phlegm, nnd nid nature >o soothe mid heal raw, tender, In- ilamed bronchial mucou3 mem- urane«. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the nn- derstandmir you must like thc way It quickly flllays (he cough or you are to have your money hack CREOMULSION for Couzhs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis MENTHOLATUM • Me (her. w lien cou,;hiug .spasms vvrMi-k vmircluld'.Hhudyan,! leave IIH chest mtiHcliMan sore it hurl.H him tn hrojillie — quick! c,,l'l Cninfy nnd "Mirity" („ t | u , rc.scne. Coinrorliiig Cnmphor nnd '"'"l.v Menltiol, McnlholHl,,,,, Ihe. two f«mr,n. ,,,;r(.,lienl 8 , nr « BEST-KNOWN Mo™ ».li.f I,, Th. South » 0 , l umb< , 90 „„,, RHEUMATIC (±'±1-^;' SS^.^SlJltti..^?; • pnmifnl. < n,ji,,m: r»i>/mil- „, ,|i,„.(,.,) A«k .1 |W More n U.ulo oi C-3i2ii Heartburn FARM LOANS Hum. Offli-e, Newark, N. j. «•»'.!.. WKITli (IK Ml *»•»».-(,,,/ AlJ,',,;^ 1 ','"! 's^','" AUTO UPHOLSTERING JU/ East Main DL no Phone 519 hi K m l . 1 |. --th w CQ101 . ed '" *'"'"' ""' l>y ltH ""K '"< »>il>ltly your nutu uphr,l.,lcr- So Fconomiic o/id Patroni . * SON l> and Wo* for wrvlcr. "tin-In,l they work Insl'lo hi.'h, JI«M.,I <:oiif!e«li»n, onsu HnrenexH nnd ]<>.s.sen i'ouj:l]iii K ' *ISO ItUHtS MIAD-COID SlUFflNtSS N*S»ti««irAriOH*HDCH»PPIN6 ' , e gover- . nor visualized benefit.s to all state? • ^ , l , 1 ' 5M S lnm " were sisn- by .similar co-operative effort's He •' , .2 a clcincll( =y petition doliveretl suggested that Arkansas could gain I ° the *°vcrnor. oj- Joining Alabama in a veterinary : " T am ? ivln 6 tncse picas every .science school or by joining Texas •' "onsMcratlon." thc Kovernor said m adding to Us school of petrol- ! ' bllt " p to tllis tin >e 1 find no Brounds for clemency." Hyde said yesterday he will leave the corneas of his eye.s to a Little Rock eye bank, a precedent recently aet by condemned killer Vollie Bill Bates. Hines Relinquishes Post As Envoy to Panama WASHINGTON, Feb. 11 <up>— Prcsident Truman has accepted the i r "'e natior > ° f »>*. Gen. Frank T. P'"" n5 , Amcnra » ambassador to! T T" 1 U »' as - lMr "«< ^^ ' - In(ormed ™"™™ said nines' res- ' . lgnallon wl] , be cf(ccUve March j , i The amte -«^or's intention to re-' w ^' ^ r ^°T ^ DcC ' 26 ' T " is I ] T shortly after Panamanian na- : 1'°"" «««'"»ly rejected an agree- ' ^"""^ bases ° 1 "- : z<mc enm engineering. Ku Klux Klan Denied Use of ^City's Streets ANDERSON. S. C.. Feb. 11. (UP) —Ku Klux Klan members here yes- leroay had been warned by Mayo:J. L. Sherard that lie would allo* 1 none of their hooded demonstrations. Alderman John Lambert rose in City Council meeting last night to request a parade permit for the Anderson Klan. He said he had been requested to seek the permit ns o hide their identity to use tl" street., of Anderson for such a de - onstration." Sherard saw He pointed out that an Anderson city ordinance adopted in 1941 specifically outlawed KJan parades "in the interest of public safety." Lambert's formal request, con- firmeri reactivation of Ihe Klan in the Anderson area, first, reported las!, week when an unidentified nailer questioned Anderson police as to the possibilities of a mass Klan demonstration. Oldest Ostrich Ova ^ What arc believed to be the old- ^-t ostrich eggs in the world were unearthed during excavations at Maadi. a suburb of Cairo. K"vpt The t'Rss arc sad ito be more than .->() centuries old. ^".-- D "«*"" Wokei Pimples Disoppeor Fast ™""*""-"" "fJrng Stores Everywhere' 1 Do you suffer distress from We Have Jusl Received the Remaining SMOKE DAMAGED STOCK FROM MISS WHITSITT'S SHOP.. . SAVINGS and Now We Offer it to You at Great WEAKN With Its Nervous, High-strung Feelings? Are you troubled I Lot Sweaters 1 PRICE 100 Dresses Values to $29 95 $5.00 Each Thursday Each Caltex Swim Suits Regular $14.00 $4.95 Each 15 Denier Nylon Hose Black and Brown $2.95 Values $1.50pr. First Come... first Served the Vogue Shop 2014 Main St, Phone 2906 A U'i lenioltonal! NO duty bog I* J\ -Piy ... NO (>tavy w . ish , ,. !\\\ "!!1 Gt " °" lh> wo - i 'C \,\ \\ **" ° W ' Urnilu "' Clet "" '"9.. ' '"agic. Duili from floor If hul,. Coniplel* . wilK alluchm.nlv lor WuMng, molhptoorinQ, REQUEST A DEMONSTRATION OF " THIS FINE HOME CLEANER. OUR SALESMAN WILL CALL ON YOUI A| "mwls. Aiiy'llme « Kasy Term, STUDEBAKERS GUARANTEED USED CARS «, TRUCKS SliK THESE BKroiiK you miy : dan ,:ir ; », as ,l, ry " J ^ '"^ »™J *>•' 1!HI <"h"yr»lrl 2 l),,,,r H , wrong on (his o,,r. 1911 Ko'r'd A ('mi'vc',Tihie, ,lf, IMR C|"°v rr) ^'"' u • OUR PAINT AND BODr'sHOP IS THE BEST IN THIS SECTION! • I'V'lory Trained Mechanics • I'.'irls jnul Aft'ossorics • Wrci'lier Service Chamblin Sales Co. Lex Chamblin B ,!l Chamblin R. K. * Ash Strrots ,,„„„, STUDEBAKERS Notice to Our Friends and Customers BLYTHEVILLE GARAGE 2Hi l.aClcde SI reel Nnrlh Rnliinson (Jin Complete Auto 4697 and Tractor Repairs I mi **. k. i *- • I PHONE Frank Aslil.y and Kric HaU. Owners Cull on Moore, Trncfor Mechanic Attention, Soybean Grower Have yoiir Mi M arr p ^ a i, a We h;lv « a .. e ;lv « rccc illy i,s(;,lle,l one «f Ihr btsl hr»,, cIcRlitr., In the SUle. IlouWr clMnuis procr^. ,vc have l»o rloaners In operation. ^ npiioinlmrni nrrdcil, pruiiipl senior, no wniliny. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 7800 W. Main Blythevillt

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