The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Page 9
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THURSDAY, SKPTUMWJK 4, i'J<17 IHATIJKVILUC (A«K,) COUKIKK NEWS Kyushu, Cradle of Japanese Militarism, Slowly Turning To Democratic Ways of Life (EDIOU'S NOTE: Miles W. Vaughn, U.I', vice-president and manager [or Asia, has just completed a tour of the souihw-cslcrn Japanese Island of Kyushu with Maj. Gen. n. B. Woodrulf, comnumdliiB general of the First Corps. Kyuslui was noted r.s the cradle of Japanese ultra- natioiiiilisin and Vaughn reports vestiges of this spirit still are iiuve. 'Hie chief fear, however is of Russia.) ' BV .MILKS W. VAUGHN' (United I'rcss Staff Correspondent) KOKUHA, Japan. Sept. -I. (UP) — Japanese and Americans alike on this island wnich once cradled Japanese military ultra-nationalism believe thai Japan is ready for a peace treaty but that a considerable body of U. s. tioojis should u? maintained here fiftcr Hie treaty is .signed. In Tokyo ihe opinion is general thai Hoops should Ije withdrawn Ihe moment peace is signed. That belief is not held here wheic it is felt the island will face possible ideological a egress ion from without as well as possible extremist disorder from within when U. S. forces depart. In talks with dozens ol Americans and Jiiixnicse in a live-day tour of the island, including 11 cities, their viewpoint could be summarized as follows: 'flic economic situation of Kyushu is bad and tends to become worse because the reparations question and peace treat;- arc not settled. Once foreign credits can lie obtiiinecl for purchase of equipment and raw materials, foreign trade can be restored and the worst .should be over. .Must Kelv on Exports Kyushu like the res', oi Japan must export lo live. The island cannot beijin to produce enough food for its millions of people but ready to furnish export products the United Stales to preserve their newly tiained liberties. Tl.ev ho»2 the United States can operate through the United Nations but if not they hope the American people will act alone or in cooperation with Britain and China. The fear and distrust of Hussia appears more acute in Kvusliu than in ether purls of Japan "because of its exposed position relative to Korea and the Asiaikr mainland. Despite their traditional conservatism—the Salsuma clan of Kyushu furnished many of Japan's leading military fismes—the Japanese in Kyushu talk frankly about, the new slatus of !]>;• emperor anil generally approve ol it. ••The old system under which we were uiusjhl to revere the emperor as a God was .silly m-ts we knew II," a business leader said. -We lliinx the new way is much belter will) the emperor us a symbol of the Male which is ruled b; and for liie people." Chicago Prices To Be Probed By Grand Jury CHICAGO, Sept. •!. tbV) — Fed- such as lumber, si!k. bamboo par- j cia! J - :ti B c John P. Barnes lias is-, cclain. Chine,, pollery, vegetable suc . t! a C '.' U lor L1 s l ) <'cml Brand jury wax. textiles and marine in return for fosd and raw materials from abroad. The chief hmncciiaatc needs of the island are loot!, de-thing, elec- sllctl a cal1 lor product'* I lo lnv " sti salc iirices in the Chicago arca, il was learned yesterday. The special yrarid jury will convene Sept. 32 to conduit "the. investigation which is expected l:> u:>:o iric power, mining ma;hincVy and i f:cvcl ' n [ months. The inquiry will be medicines. Food is chronically short. The electric power .situation grows worse because of the coal shori- age and a lack. lorestation. Relations between U. S. troop.-; i "on^iimcr' and military government teams and ; f n ,. hl ,,,,.^' the Japanese arc excellent. Cooper P illt of fctlcral fitvernment 1 :; i;c:;cr.:| investigation " f '.oaring prices. . - ' I''deral agents said the Ctiica^n of water due to de- I ill[ I u ' r y would io!lo\v the dislribu- I l:0 " of a number o! cojinnoditii'.s nlion from the Japanese leaders leaves nothing lo be desired. Everyone agreed that Ihe population holds Gen. Douglas MacArttiur in the deepest esteem. He is revered as an exeaiplarv warrior who has practiced Christian chivalry rather than revenge and who has given the plain people of Japan KII opportunity lo show their-, ability to govern themselves. The new constitution, under which Japan renounces war and reduces the powers of ihe emperor to vhai; ol u mere symbol, also generally is approved bur. most Japanese believe a formula must be found \vliich will guarantee against ideological aggression from the extreme right or extreme left. Japs Fear Russians Many Japanese fear trmt Russia will Iry to use the Japanese Communist party as an instrument to ! bring the country into the Soviet! orbit. The Japanese declare they i arc depending almost entirely on i summoned ; sources said. witnesses, federal NOW- SHE SHOPS 'CASH AND CARRY' Without Painful Backache Many EufTcrcrs relieve nnuRfng backaclic quickly, onco tlipy eWscovcr that the real cause of tbcir trouble may be tired kidney.!. Thfi kidneys p.rc Nnture's chief way of lal:- inff iJip cxetsa Rents and waste outrof the Uood. They hctp most licojile IIRSS about y pints a tlay, When ilisonlerof kMnev function iiorint!.i rwi£'jnouji matter to n>niAl:i in your bl'jot!. tt niai-causenaKjirgbncknclic.rheiimnlicnain- leg raintf.Ios.q of pep nnd cnerjry. Ret tins up niclila, awclJinp, puflinesa im-Jcr the cye^, headaches nnd dizziness. Frequent or Ecnnty PR££agi.'8 with KmrArtln^r nnd burning fjoine- limes shows there is something 1 wrong with i °"r hidn cys or hlii.! .tcf. ^y millions for over 60 years. J)oan'!i l;!'P !ly "! iof ""* wi " llcl i> lhe 15 ™< l c Due to the Change of Telephone Numbers Our Phone Number j Is Now COBB FUNERAL HOME 603 West Ma in St. Silk Mill Scene Bizarre Tale of Witchcraft Unfolded in Municipal Court The wheels ol Japanese iniu^ry are turning slowly alter I wo years of peace. This girl Is woik- ins in n silk foelory which Is now (jcMline bark into production. Tempers Rise in Forum On Hollywood Commies IIOtl.YWOOfJ. Sept. •!. (Ul'l Er-enkcrs nearly came l-j Ijlmv.s <m Air.eriea's Town iMoctii'K <>I the Air radio program while discussing "is there leally a Commun::*:, lineal in Hollywood?' 1 Mndeiiitor Urnm- v. D:-nny. Jr.. :irted :'s "referee' v, Idle heated, personal ix-marks were exchanged i:clwecn Slate Senator Jack li. 'I'cn- ncy. head of a California UiiAmer- ic:>n Activities C'J:mr,itloe and ft.r- incr Aiscn:blym:in Albert DekKcr and serccn writer liunnet. 1-avery on the program 'I ucsdny night. Livery and Dckk'ir luu.l liie nc•:- WI-Kil..\WKI-'N'. N. .!., Kept. •)- ilJl'i A liut.baiid who charged ills r.s:i'aiii;ril wite with wllchrrafl h«d :er.ewcd court permission taday 10 usu bis children at the house where Mle keep; his hal mid photograph iyinu Hloji an emptv p,rave in Ihi' back yard. The husband, Adndhio Cirelli. -IU. charged i;> polite unirt nlijhv HUM Irs wife Carmela, Jj, had refused him |vrmi;,sn>n to visit their children once a week, thereby violating a previous ct:un order. Cm-Hi mid lUvjrder Abraham Itlpbennar.. v.'ho issued the order, tln'l his wife wns pracUcintt witehcrult n::ninsl hi in mid his relatives, lie «ud in addition >.o liie mock BI-IIVC, she kept pliotii- tininlis of his relatives under her bedposts. | Mrs. i:irc.:ll atinntleii .sue kept a mock Ki-ave. in I lie minmcr described and told the r:uurt she had :i dream that Cirelli would die. at I he e.rave. Cnelli said Ins wife kept the pictures under the l>edpos>:> be- i alive ol the c|Uest:en. while Trn- | nev ai'd Mrs. L.'la liojsrrs. ir.olhjr of Cliiw Rogers, tool: the affir- ; mai.ive Mrs. I{o s ers dunned hav- i (ry's nc\\ist screen plays were pto- j eijiiililllliJM. La very denied il, Nine- movie prrsuiialiiies invited loincah on ihe pi-nunim d-clined. cause she believed tlie bed's wcl»hl would hurl the relatives, lie elm rued also ttiat she Manipcd on the pholouiaphs for nn hour every nlttht. The oldest child. Mall'.da, 13, testified that her mother wns "iilwnys pinkini;" on her unit hud struck he «ll!i a saw last week. The recorder awarded custody of the child to the father, who lives uiih his mother In West New Vork. N. J. T he case was dismissed when Mrs. Cirelli anreed to penult Cirelli to see tin- miier children, two i;lrls U) nnd 7 years old, ami a boy U> months. Head Courier News Want Ads. Form Loans Al Lowest Kale of IntcrtNl (JuicU Service A. F. Dietrich Unilt'd Insurance Hid S. I H|. SI. Ingram Season You Can Have the Kind of to Most Becoming to Ybu! There's a marvelims clioice of coat styles this season I l/rose cunts _ Hint L:i].ur; topcoats with a lavish air and Hair; ciisy-milslctl. ,;li,n- 'Hi|)|>i:<l filled eoaLs; ti-Uell eoats; nil with the radically new shoulder, sleeve, lilp and hem dciails. for STY i^ FIT FINISH '['his Casual Coal is as new as nexl week! In son, snug wool i:ecce, the bach sweeps into II e new fullness, willi the front lla c modifier! in a graceful line fro n (lie fluttering, new shoulder aid yoke. The coat you'll adore wen - ing—everywhere. Blue, Oatmeal, Grey or Circe n. Suits by Mary Lane and Junior Lane $29.75 up Fomed for Style Fif Finish DITCH BANK LEVELING S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH-BLDG. BLYTHEVItLE ARK! I'lnm eviry j>n';!e ITns JlINIOIl-LANI'', COAT IH NI'AV.S. Fullness h:'l<l ill ,:( the wuLsl. \villl Hie bell, Ilivrr, Ihe new rounded Ilip. and feminine silhouette, j Sofily rounded :,hnn;ders. gathered sleeves and ' lie?!) arinhdles. enhance Ihr: wjft charm of the all •' wool Suede. It's loi-elv -and oh so wurin and sinu:. Cnlor? "<elnde l)el!l Blue, Red Wine. Mint Gicen, Grey, BUiek. " " W E DELIVER 2OO E. MAIN ST. nniversary Sale CELEBRATING 75 YEARS OF MONEY-SAVIN* .^C PAY LESS FOR SHEER ALL-NYLON HOSIERY Full rusliiuiieU .. . reinforced for longer wear. [''InUiU'inj; Full similes. 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REGULAR 49c EGG BEATER 39 C s "» n " B-wing heater; opor- ales Mnriolhly! RiiFl- resisting ine.lnl; comfortable T-handlc! 22-ga. seamless aluminum in 1, 2, 3-ql. sizes! Cup graduations! Save! CLAW-HAMMER SALE-PRICED! Semi-polisherl, 16-oz. drop-forged slecl licad. Firmly-wedged hickory handle.

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