Pottsville Republican from Pottsville, Pennsylvania on May 29, 1889 · 2
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Pottsville Republican from Pottsville, Pennsylvania · 2

Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1889
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DAILY REPUBLICAN I rCBZXXRD STXXT XtlHUSQ XXCCT 8UKDAT THE REPUBLICAN BUELDUTO, Ul and 11 Mahantongo St opposite Poet OEce. ? t TzuoorScsacKiracar: v " Billy, 1 year by mail or carder,' do (mo& do- "do 1M Delivered in surrounding towns at fin: Cora per Wtrx, payable to the carriers. ; SCHUYLKILL TREPUBUCAN. tzoo tj sua or carrier, 1 vear...U. ....... TO largest and oest family paper In the county! the region. Tni lirimr mrrt rum nmi Qrcolatton over 3.000 weekly, making it the ten advertising meoium in J. H. ZERBEY, Enrroe axto Paoramoa. $hjul D. EIJULOTT, Aaaoci a.t Eprroa. , Fottsvllle, Paw;' May , 1889. i.puux Busrsncss facts. X L Z-rbey, editor and proprietor of the Daxlt Bcrt7BucAirtlotbaeclar and affirm : that the bona' fide paid ! circulation 'of the tali Daily RtruBUCAjr- for the toast ; six months ha been more than ; five thousand and around six (lousaiul amtaeadt and every tssae. ' Farther that the abort, statement is true in ererr particular., V" (Signed.). .... . t J. H.Ze&bzy. ; AELrmed and subscribed to before me this 12ih d7 of ApnL A. D. 1889. V v j H. HHjxl, J. P. t BJEVEir weeks ago; Be. DrBeecheryof Parkersrille, a brother 'of Ber Henry, - Ward Beeches, was thrown under a railway train, an one leg cut'ofrV fAJtboojn om! years of , ej, he survived the; operation, and on Sunday last was in the - pul pit once more, preaching to his admiring congregation., I 1 . . . ,t i t - r , fiaxvTXBTS of France bare recently? In Vented a new explosive called Mgrisomtet 'Which may be need in mines where gas is abnndanty since the flame is not sufficiently hot to Ignite the explosive atmosphere. The flame is kept cool by. the admixture to the powder of certain salt, such a take up in crystallizing a considerable quantity of the water of crystallisation When heat is applied the water is set free and the tempera, tore reduced. , , OoVxaKOK Bxaveb has signed the bill creating a commission to care for; the sold-lerV orphan and the bill appropriating the money to pay for the care and maintenance of the orphans. ' This latter bill says that the money Is specially appropriated to the commission to pay for the orphans keep and education, and the first bill forbids the placing of the children in the syndicate schools controlled by the people who have fattened ori 'the misery ' of these helpless children. . The people of Pennsylvania will watch with interest the workings of the commission and will view with gladness the downall of the Syndicate. Time sets all things even. : Pottsveujc, as welt, at her sister borongt a of the county, will observe, tomorrow in a ' becb'rniB. fcatriotie manner. 'The various Grand Army Posts, the Veteran tJnion Le gion, the old soldiers not connected with any . .. . . ; l . art. . m ww . . particular organisation, me oons oi vet erans, the military companies, the band, the P. O. S. of JL, and the patriotic people in general will turn eat in force to pay hone age to the soldier and renew their loyalty to the Union for which these men died. Let all our eliisens contribute .their - share to this demonstration. Close your places of business, decorate your homes and gire the day to sober, rational reflection oyer the teachine which the day brines so' vividly to mind. . THOUGHTS FOB TO-MORROW. Tomorrow think of the dark days when the news of the attack on , Sumter reached the coal mines of Schuylkill and our First -Defenders left their mountain homes and . pressed through eury Baltimore to garrison the National Capitalthink of the gloomy '"time after the first Bull Bun, when these 'ame men guarded the forts in front of "Washington, "when treason swept to their very ramparts." A run too oi me gaiiant and bloody charges of our boys of the '43th, 96th 1 and 129th Regiments at fatal Fredericksburg. Think ' also of the good 'work of our representatives In the 60th and tn the 7th cavalry and numerous other organizations - of the solemn times before Antietam and Gettysburg, when thousand of our ' citizens rushed to - the defense of the State against invasion- 1of the days when our boys starved in Knox- villa and in orison Den and lata down their lives in the earnsg in the Wilderness, or in the struggles at the Petersburg mine and around Richmond, or on the fleets of Porter and Farragut, or toiled painfull j with Sher man, to the sea. Then think once more of the joyful day when the glorious news of Tree's surrender was flashed over the wires, and of the gratitude we then felt to our soldier boys, and how eager all were during those try icg Ums to : : open . their "parse strings in their ' behalf. Think finally of the wonderful progress 'our country has made since Appomattox day, of the security, the happiness and the prosperity we enjoy, and then reflect what would have been the state of ifliin art tit no tswtaw RnknwTVill'a Al- diers, in common with those of the north, generally failed to do their duty. Instead of being, as the London Times recently described us, the greatest of all the nations, which in case of difficulty it would require a combination of all Europe to cope with, we y i l. . li i: , wuuiu ujua; u wucuiun ui lvitj .ouua -engaged to frequent strife and may be at this present moment embroiled in a bloody eoofi et in our very street. Think of these things tomorrow, and then resolve to aid to the exteot pf your power to suitably com snrrwrate the patriotic work of the aoldiera of Schuylkill county. " - ' ; , . 1 . ' 'a march to camp.- iOit Bonnafioa;-of the Third Eegiment,' j. Q. of mitdelrtis, rrcpows to vary the nsual prerarame'ef ensazl czcacp raentbyciTirs kU rc'n'-l lOcl's to do so, and will take his regiment from Philadelphia to Mt. Gretna a distance of 92 mile--onjfboLT After, participatiag in the reriew, for muster and Inspection, thej will strike camp and start on the return march to Philadelphia the same day; cThe regiment wilt leave Philadelphia Friday night precediog the encampment, and will march beyond the Montgomery -coun!y4In and go into camp about midnight Camp will be struck at 6 o'clock the following rnornhartheruiramxfthe'fi&tdiyisin be to break camp at day break, or about" four o'clock. I The whole regiment of 450taen wiD turn out -Each : man will tkrrjWe day's ration,- ar-rubber blanket, a woolen blanket 'and ;a change of jmderclOthingabd a piece of shelter tent. (The overcoats will be packed in the knapsacks and sent by train. . With the command will ie one quar texrnaser!4?CPgon, which wiU J jcariy one day'a rations- for - the -men, - and which wiUe replenished .each day.: from supply stations preriously established' "THEI D1D FOR XOU AHDHE." In the irre&isuble round of years we are brought this day to the eve of another Me-mortal day-'day conseitaated by the com-mon consent of a nation of patriotio. 'people for the especial commemoration or perpetn tion of the memory of a p rand JLrmy of men who fought for a good cause and died in the patriotism of their convictions. ' As 'these years hare come; sad, receded -as winter's icy fastness has given - way in the annual rounds io;. meUow.,,bmyIspimKtiine---eiid the bods have blcwBomed intobeautifal flowers, thousands of loving- hearts) 'and willing hands all over, the . loyal north have upon this particular date been found devoted to the patriotic work of wreathing the choicest floral gUU of cater, into, appropriate' tde signs with which to crown anew the mem ory of the Union soldier who went down to early, yet honored, graves in defense of the flag and the government they loved dearer than life itself . j , ' v. , ,4 ' .' Among the most impressive, touching and serviceable public ceremonies are those which J these years of ; custom have established for Memorial day. The placing of plants, ' flowers ' and flags upon the graves of those who risked : their lives for the country of countries, the people of peoples, the flag of flags, is in itself a beautiful and impressive ceremony, well calculated to inculcate les sons of patriotism into the, souls, of men and women advanced in life and to make those lessons indellible and enduring in the heart of the youth pf . the land who is to day straggling with the A, B, problem in the district school room. .. Add to this memorial and rjalxiotio ad dresses,' the singing of - patriotic airs, a plea tiful- display , of American flags, a grand parade lead by the inspiring strains of bands of music, and we have day's proceedings which cannot' fail to increase our love of country, and make the people more patriotic; and that which does these things makes bet ter citizens . of our population. : May .! the time never come when Memorial Day is not appropriately observed in America. fThoee dead heroes of ours; cover them over with beautiful flowers.' PwTT.lPKT.raxa. WedneBday, May 29, 1889. Crepe de Virginia. You know it as Albatross. A dainty, graceful stuff , if it's right; There's the trouble. Some Albatross, good enough to begin; with, has had the life cal endered out rot it. bit on it and the crinkles stay ; bunch a handful, no spring. You don't 4 want ahythine to do with that kind. The beauty . of v Albatross is lightness with substance and elasticity Almost hlmy, yet no hint of frailness. Airy but strong. We have just come by a big lot of choicest Albatross. Forty inches wide, every thread wool fine , . wool. . ; Good., weight : nothing slighted . Evety yard the manufacturer tuuti .1 bat lets us put the price at 28 c?nts. At 37t cents they would be surprisingly cheap. - . tt lhink ol ui S2.24. lor a dress pattern of All-wool Alba tross in either of these colors : -white ivory cream -pink ligiit blue Nile violet buff . cardinal Lrab xoode yellow navy black They'll share talk with the Koechhn bateens at 18c American Sateens at 2c Wool Challis at 25c 40c Ginghams at 30c 50c Ginghams at 370 and the Tamise at 25c. We've hardly said a word of White .Goods. ..-What4 need? You ,,know 'they're here' l&e showy mouhtam:iangesrWhat- ever Fashion -trails ' f or. Ahd the priced hang ;toiirdybu Hhe ripe' wheat heddi. t v.. -1 ( We have juct evened b: Xairanattcr'a. ;;. , Trench and English Natoaooka India Linena -. - ' Victoria Lawns ,,' ,v 8wissMnlla . i"Crl''i'' ' K V I ' PUid it'ai&aooks and Muellns. Flouncings and all the Ham bnrglamily-; beauty-touched as you?ye never. know them, f iiiitl iiriiil ui mtnfrn WMHtnWIS V-a WUMVl , .:. - . :...,.....:.'.!., -r - I.". W e waysavrP"goo n things' for Misses and Chil-drttiTs wear. .Take outer garments.' ; Here; are ,the -Tialf prjet? CoatSrr:$6 wprth Jot , 3 anti so on-and close 'by are spmerdjngbargainsja ets; A Just the right weight ; lor shoorr mduntain . "or 1 these chilly days in the city. . $9.00 Jackets for $.00 ' s&7 Jackets ror is.00 . ir n eOO Jacket r 3.75,,t , Misses and Children's Dre a-ts go the same gait ; . , - fl&OT Dresses for $.25' '" ? $7.00 Dresses for S3.7&' s S5.0Q Dresses W $2.75 - New. fresh goods". Of course some one loses. . Second floor, Chestnut street side. four elevators. Baby Clothes everything. And a new feature the per fumes and all the delicat little toilet requisites that baby delights in are dose at hand, fresh from Roger & Gallet, Paris, Atomizers, fine soaps, rice powders, puffs and boxes, vegecaoie 10110ns tor xne SKin ; all ready for the basket, and the basket ready filled if you will. Second floor. Chestnut street side. Four elevators. The racket this time, is in Decorated China. Nearly 6000 pieces. Mostly import samples ana enas 01 quicx. seuing gooas. Fine specimens of Limoges, Car lsb a d, Saxon, Japanese, and Chinese ware in a multitude of shapes for use and ornament. Here's a hint of prices: $2.60 Dessert Plates $1 a dozen Sl5Deaaert Plates 60e a dozen . fl.25 Deaaert Saucera 60c . $1.25 Rose Jars 50c 20c Sijl VaaeatOe .( 80c Bonbon. Trays 15c ) i sde Cups and Saucers 15c, Never a better time to see what is going on in Fine China and Glassware. 1 Second floor, Juniper street side. John W vamaker. UNDERTAKING ! . Those In search of Tine Furniture will do wen sr calling on JACOB,WEBER, S3S IDnersTUle Street, ea SS3 Laurel 8treet, stocked bis new store wita of au styles and pncea vao has Just thoroughly ill descriptions of Furniture Chey embrace Parlor and Bedroom $ms I Cabinets, Book Cases, Desks, Fancy Chairs, J. SINCLAIR, 1380 MahantftfignJUtreet, Organist and CTtorrmaster vot ffrinlty Church, is prepared to, receive pupUs cor Focal & Instrumental Music r PriTateor Class Iristructton a alt branches. IN THE COUKT OF COMMON PUEAS OF SCHrm.KIUCOHKTY.nt. Notice is hereby given taat the first and final ae-eonnt of Elijah Emerlch, committee of Ann Doah, a lanattc, has been filed, and4he same will be presented to said Court for confirmation on Monday, we uu aay oi j one, a. v., ioaa, wnen ana wnere au persons can anena iriney see proper. - . ,7: .. , M. P. BBSXXAK, Prothonotarj. t, FORSVXUS, MAX l&TH, 1889. J; ', :'.' W-4W THOSSALiK The threa-etorr dwelling and atom P room. No. 221 North Centre street, and three- atory -warehouse No. 31 : North Centre street; and nine building: lots corner of Third and Fairvlew streets, in the Boroosrh of PottsrHla. late the estate oi muu neuei, oeceaseo. AJpiyo SEALED PROPOSALS will be received by- the Town Council of the Borough of PottsvtUe, until Tuesday, June fonrth,..188aibr buildingr a two foot square box culvert, of stone, on Charles Street, from East Arch; Street, to intersect with the culvert on East Market Street, i v. a .-:!- -r'. v Propeaala to- be per foot ranniar measare. and to include all material, digging odT filling. The work to be done under the supervision of the Committee on Construction and the Borougn Surveyor. ... - ., . The Town Council reserve the right to reject any or all proposals. ' . DANIEL L. K&EBS, : -4 - - Town Clerk: ,,.PoTWvnx, May 28, 18. y ; 23-25-2Jl aTXHABTER NOTICE.-In pursuance of a resolu j Hon of the Board of Directors of the Advance Manufacturing Company of Pennsylvania, notice is nereov civtn tnai an amuicauon wiu oe maaew the Governor of Pennsylvania,' on Tuesday, June iun. ax iu o'cioca mx uarrutxirr. ear the inprovement, alteration and amendment of their Charter, brcnaneuir tbe name of ta tm- pany from that ot The- Advance Manu&cturing Comrjanv of Pennsrlvania, to that of "The .Penn sylvania Fence, Machine and Manufacturing Com-tnT. the character and obiect of which amend- ment is to snxe uie nam ox we vompany more nearly indicate the character of the busmeas it is now engaged in. P. E. Dxishkk, Secretary. rotamue, way latn, - - - XTttECTJTOB'8 NOTICE Henry Eoberts Estate. JjJ Letters testamentaryj ; having- been Aul granted to the undersigned, upon the estate of Henry Boberta late of Wert Mahanoy township, deceased ; all t peraons indebted - thereto are re-onested to- nmke payment, and those bjavlng eJaima to present them, without delay,- to iyi CHAJLLE3 OldET8L Wm. reim r. O - -; r his attorney . ,.. .C.LnTiJt.PottsvUla. ; TIAME'TO THE PREMISES, a light red cow. j with small white spot on, the forehead. -4 The owner can oare uw same dt acniywe m jjujuo XMJLtso, uoaictreei w uaruon, ana paying- tor jy ko, muxes,;;; 0. MILLE-O;- THE trNDERSIGNED, COMMISSIOrEBS OF V, .THECOrJNTY;OF SCSTJtLEILtit , . . hereby give' notice to the taxable inhabitants and others, owners of property within said county, thatappeala relating totheatwamenta made Jfcr 1889, wul be held for the eeveral boroughs and townships of the said county, as follows to. (When and -where all persons-clatmlnr exemption .from inrntaijutj ere jreaired jbojproeenttoeir. For the boroughs of SchtryVkQl Haven and Cres-sona, on Wednesday, May 29, in - the forenoon, at the public house ofc Henry ,Wessner( fichnyliill . For the township of North Manhehn; on 'Wednesday, May '29' In the afternoon, at the public hAose of John Wagner. .. :- h. . For the township pf South Manhelsv and the borough of Auburn, on Friday. May si, at the public house of Lewis Henry, Auburn borough, - For the township of ' West . Brunswig ana the borough of. Port Clinton, on Saturday, June V at the public house of David FahL. West Brunswig. ""For the boroughs of Orwigsburg and Landing-vUle, on Monday, June 8, in the afternoon, at the public house of A. H, Imboden. - . ' . For the' townshrpof East Branswick and the boroaarh of New einssold. on Tnesdav. June 4th. at the public house of Joseph. Marberger, , New Ringgold oorougn. " ' . ' . Vnr the tnwnahin of West Penn. on Wednesday. June 5th, at the public house of R. F. Leiby. Tot the township of Rahn and the borough of Tamaqua. on Thursday.'June 8, At the public house of Thoa. Purcell, Tamaqua. ' ' " For the townships of Rush and Kline, en Friday, June 7tiv in the forenoon, at the publie house of Stephen Hauck. . . ? ' ' : For the township, of Schnylkfn. . Walker and Ryan, on Friday, Jane 7th, in the afternoon, at the publie house of Hugh Haggerty, Tuacarora, - For the township of Blythe and (be boroughs of Middleport and New Philadelphia, en Saturday. June 8th, In the forenoon, jU the puhUo house of Patrick McQuaiL New Philadelphia, m . , . . For the township of East Norwegian ana the boroughs of Port Carbon and Palo Alto, on Saturday, Time 8th, in the afternoon, at the Mt Vernon House, Port Carbon. ; , ' . : , A - For the townships of Foster and Cass and the borough of Minersville, on Monday, June 10, at the public house of T. Mohan, Minersville. r ? jror tne cownaupoi runer, n xwwmj, 11, at the public house of Henry Updegrave Tower City. For the township of Heglns. on Wednesday, June 12, in the forenoon, at the publio house of J. F. H. Longr. . i ........ ... For the township of Hnbley, on Wednesday, June 12, in the afternoon, at the publio boose of late Daniel S. Arts. v For the township of Mahantongo, on ThursdaT, June 18, in the forenoon, at the publio bouse of B. E. Hepler. , f For the township of EMred, on Thursday. June 13, in the afternoon, at the public house of E, H. WetaeL - . For the township of Barry, on- Friday, Jane 14. in the forenoon, at the publio house of B. O. Bein-ert. For the borough of Ashland, on Friday, June 14, in the afternoon, at the public bouse of JameaDee-gan. For the township of Butler, and the borough of Girardvlle, on Saturday, June 15, at the publie house of P. J. O'NeiL Otrardville. - u. For the township of New Castle and borough of St Clair, on Monday, June 17, at the publio house of Mrs. Johnston, St. Clair. For the boroughs of Gilberton and Frackvilleon Thursday, June 20, at the public house of Francis McEeon, Gilberton. For the townshipoi West Mahanoy and Shenandoah borough, on Friday, June 21, at the public house of J. SL P; Sheiney, Shenandoah. : For the townships of Union. North Union and East Union, on Saturday, June 22, at the public house of Israel Applegaie, Ringtown. - For the townships of Delano, Mahanoy and Mahanoy City boroueh, on Monday, June 24, at the Mansion House, Mahanoy City. For the township of Norwegian and the boroughs of Mt Carbon and Yorhvule, on Wednesday, June 28, at the Commissioners' of&ee, Pottsville. For the South, Middle and Northwest wards of the borough of Pottsrille, on Thursday, June 27, at the Commissioners office, Pottsrille. For the North, Northeast, South east and Seventh ward of. the borough of Pottarill, on Friday, Jnne 28, at the Commissioners' office. Pottsrilla. All persona and eorpovations who feet, themselves aggrieved by tbe assessment and 'valuation of their property are requested- to attend at the tune and place above stated for redress. . . . .. SAMUEL G. DaTUBJC,! ' JAMES J. B0WE8, VOwnTntwdoneTS. GEORGE D. MOYER, I ? Attest-nJoHK 8. Swtbkb, Clerk., . .-. 123-tl ' Largest Ice Cream Parlor IN" THE COUNTY ; In American House Building. The Purest Ice Cream, All llavors, Water Ices and Con feet ionaries In any Quantity. " Also Bread and Fancy; Cake Bakery, wholesale and retail. Families, Parties and Picnics supplied at short notice and reasonable prices. ROBERT H. REITH. AUBURN BHIOK WORKS I W. nH. CT03STEJS, Manuntcturer ot Hard, Pressed and Paving Bricks; W .11 Am IwlltM .IIPini.ilMi A.n.it it T KJk ku v vmij v the works are 20.000 bricks daily.- Patronage. of tended to. P. O. address Anbum, Pa. . i i Dr. H. J. Herbein, Dentist, 503 West Market Street, PoOnHLe, Pa. Garfield 8ouare.. -;: ; ; ; The Sponge is Mightier than . the Brush. . IK .AWa4S2(:T. sr THROU iSfAelEOlEHBSH aad eaa a Speatga aed water, which wiQ. ktepr TMr SHOES BKIOUT . . aad CLSAsN if ms.bmv. voifrsACtiEBiacwng 2e immmw Jfctaea s greedC tXwf smd CI aoea , mU tta mm emgkt to. Itpreaerrea the leather aad gives a bril r . liaatpolialu. Waterandaaowalipeffitaa surely as off a dock's back. Men.' shoes -require dreuicg ONCB A WEEK ' womea'a eece a maeth, that's JL Worth i ' -trying, isn't lit It is ako the best dreaa-; - - log for haraeas. oa which it lasts THREE : . Y MONTHS. - - WOLFF A RANDOLPH. PbiUdelpbU JJT CALLING AT THE OFFICE, - , , Ma. 17 North Centr Sfrtot PotUrtie, Dr. Vm. H. RODinGOr. ; WD1 prescribe and furnish you with wxxn for one-half dollar , . . . i. OAFE DEPOSIT BANK. -tof IVHw V ILLS. ?t O FOTTsvTXt, Pa:, March 28th, 1889.!.' '. NOTICE TO STOClOlOLDEEa . .. , . , Notice la hereby riven that a meeting e-f the Btoeknoiden or tiie iana wiu Be neJd at the bank-Iv hotne on MONDAY, THE FIRST DAY-a-OF JULY. NEXT, between the hoars of -.9 and 12 o'clock a. xa., to vote for or alnst the rropr-' - n wi:h i c?rc- c- rttt '3 r-'j ar.l 6reaLtlieldeYs 'in ' ft 'V - - .-v .m . i - -. : BUSINESS SUITS 5 II!'!" fit - natTd td our Special order. '".--5 - PIPOBTEP FBOM . . - LONDON. Write ioc Sampled bfCSotb and Cut -showing StjIes of , Suiis. Samplea, Measare Blanks and Dia rections "How to Order Suits by. JfallMree f charge. t Tnnmnsnn Jmpwrter f Jondon Hade Oothlna;, 1333 CHESTNUT GTHELTT v Philadelphia. , A MENDMESTT TO THE C)N8TTTTJTION JUL proposed to the oUUeos of this Common wealth by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ' for their approval or rejection at a special eleotsoo to be held June IS, 4Si9.' Pnblisbed by order of tbe Hecretarv of the Commonwealth, "tn paranaooe of Article XVTflef the. Coaw itation- i . Joint retUutloii propeainc mm ameskbjaent to tbe eonatitntion of the commonwealth. crnoir 1; : Be U reeotted by the Senate md Home of Reytmtattoe o lAa CommemweaUM of Jemtyitmia in General Assswtoly met That the following ta proposed as an amendment to the constitution of the Commonwealth of Penn-syrraats ie -aeoordaaee with the proviaiona et the eithteenth artieie thereof Strike out Trace aeotioa one, of artieie eicht tbe four Qnalttleatfisas for voters which reads as follows t v . - twenty-two years of sen er upwards, be shall have paid, within -two years, a state or county tax, which shall nave been j least two wjontba,- and pa d at la before the eleettoeV so abac the leans aa louows t at month which UJeverv male ettiaen, twenty-one years or ace, possessing the following qaallftcationa, ahaU oe aotiu d to vote at all elecuona : First. Be . shall have been. dtiaen of tbe United States, at least one snoath. ' Beoond. He shall have resided ia the state one year (or if, bavmc-prevloaaly been a qualified elector or native born eitisen of the state, be snalL have removed therefrom and retoraed, then eats month) immediately preeeeding the election. -- ' . v . i - . t Third. Ha shall have resided In the election district where be shall ofier to vote at least two months immediately preoedirjg tbe election. Fourth. If sweaty-two- years of age or upwards be shall have paid, within two years, a state or eounty tax,, which, shall have been assessed at least two montbs and paid at least one Month before the eleettoeV' shall be amended, to aa to read aa follows -' Cvery male eitiaen twenty-one years of age, possessing the lollowiog qnaliflcaaona, shall be entitled to vote at tbe polling place of the election district of which be ahaU at the tune be a resident and not else where & 4 - First. Be shall have been a eitisen of tbe United States at least thirty days. Second. He shall have resided in the state one year (er if, having previously been a qualified elector or native born citizen of tbe state, be shall have - removed therefrom and returned, then six months) immediately preceding tbe ejection... ' Third. He shall hive resided in the election district where be aball offer to vote at least thirty : days immediately preceding the election. Tbe legislature, at tbe cession thereof next alter the adoption of this section, shall, and from time to time thereafter may, enact laws to properly enforce this proviaion. F urtJt. . Every male eitisen of the age ef twenty-one years, who shall hare been a dti-sea for thirty days aed aa inhabitant of this state one Tear next preceeding an election, except at municipal ejections, and for the last thirty days a resident of the election district in which he may offer his toco, shall be entitled to vote at such eleo- ioa in the election district of which be shall at the time be a resident and not elsewhere for all officers that now are or hereafter may be elected oy tbe people : -Provided, That In time of war no elector In tbe actual military service of the Bute or of the United States, iu the army or navy thereof, ahall be deprived of hia vote by reason of bis absence from snoh elect! jo district and the legislature shall bare power to provide tbe manner la which and tbe time and place at which such absent electors may vote, ana tor the retarn and eanvas of their votes ta tbe election district in which tbey re pecUvely reside. Fifth. For tbe purpose of voting, no person shall be deemed to bare gamed or lost a residence by reason of bia presence or absonos white employed la the aorvioo of tbe United States or Htate,' nor while engaged in the navigation of tbe waters of the State or of the blab seas, nor while a student of any eolle e or semi nary of learning, nor while, kept at any almshouse or publie institution, except tbe rnnwet of any home for disabled and indigent soldiers and sailors, who. for the purpose of voting, shall be deemed to reside In the election district where said home ia located. Laws shall be made lor ascertaining, by proper proofs, the citizens who aball be entitled to the right of suffrage hereby established." , " . . Atroeeopy of the Joint leeolatlon. - ' ' CHART ,n W. STOITg, ; Secretary ef the Ooeaseonweaita. A M END M EXT TO TtfJC UONHTmmnN i. nroooaed to the eloaens of this Common. wealtb try tbe General Assembly of tbe Com- nsoBweaiui oi jresnsyrvania, tot tnetr approval or rejection at a special election to bebeid June IS, 1889. Pnblisbed by order of tbe Hecretarv of the common weal ta. In , pmrsuaaoe of Article XVmof tbeCooatitution: . Joint res lotion proposing aa ' amecdmr nt to the conatuunon or tms uoajmonweatth: - SEcnoK L Bett resolved by tbe senate and House of - Bpreeonta tares of the Common wealth of Peonsvlvanta at General Assembly met, r That . tbe following nmendment la prwl posed to -the Conatimtkm of toe Comnaa-weaUh of Pennsylvania, m aoeordaace with th jugnieema Aracte tnereor: - - AMEfiiDVETST. 1 . y There thaH be n additional, article to said Constitution to be dffffgristfid as. Article TiTt H IVliUWBi '-.r'- - ARTICLE xrv- Tbe snanufactnre, sale or fceephig for sale of intoxicating , Uqnor, to be need aa a beverace, la hereby prohibitedV and aay vtolatim of tbi prohibition shall he a tnisdemeaaor, punishable -The mannfsrture. aata, vt ksephurforsale'el Intoxicating -Uqaor- for other, parposes than as a beverage .may be allowed in aoeh manner only aa saar be rreeeriond ' by lwi iThe (it erat Aatnwy sh-U. at'the hrt eesstossu- tvwuoj? a nuopuoQ oi vaxt arueie ot the Qet-cttJtnv enact laws t wi"t : iuats ' peaals tit its e.r3rt3j-t. " ' - t . A tnt eery ci t j r w-o-u " "f- t 'I t V""" 1 ""-"- i .. . r ii w mim"""J'"ii r'T " i mm m i " " otti arssrss . For Stores and Dwelling ear write foe estimates W. Mi ZEEBE n onaac ana oiauonery star . . ZU3 PI. OUITKE ST., POTTtVJUX THBEE KIHLS OF ICE CREAM FREEZERS Adjustable Window Scree; 23 Cents. Fly, Wire and Screen Do A New Carpet Sweeper, 1 D.LiESTERLTSO; 26 S. Centre St., Pottsri' 9' r D 5- - ' 8 E 9 Om c 2, I Mi PI B a w a - . - S3 SHOE cv$: 3 SHOE FOR UAP'' ' vt: Et In the world." KjawKJ ; POLICE JINDFRMEH oi Mj(0 and S31.75 BOYS SCHOOi V.H.1H1W .ka wmv Aeien mvuf Ttrlfist fr' sw 1. DOUGLAS, fwj Examine W. L. Douglas S2.00 Shot r men and ladies. " . - I . . . OBSALEBT ,T ini-.MI..Centre Street. Ptsm J - XXTtS. GTSOTZGE ECcWI-W -XlfAWTED-A situation as dert, gjj. ' W:1 -man, with over three yean J5 and rapid penman, quiek at ufnr"i J referenoea. aa to character, ability. v particulars and terms, 3ert:" Cnaw , kffl County, Pa, ; r : . . ' F ESTATE OF ELIZABETH 8Cir. j of Fountain Spring. Butler To? , axu voruuy, aeceasea. . .1 reqw menLand those ha vine claim or the estate of said testatn without delay. SAMUEL urn. u. SLaxacBsa, Attorney. at. CLara, Apru 29,. issa. A DMIKTSTRATOK'S NOTICK- LSTtagcIaimsorwg'J J minletratiou e. ta. on ths t HoCa, iasoofthe Borough of baviafiT been rranted to the undertif: sons indphtivl to said Estate, are reqr payment and all persons to present the sameK M t? ' ' 1 l MZM-i jvpm tw'i said T N THE ORPHANS' COCET OF 9 j JL COUNTY. ' Jt- , . t rNOnCE-The undersieAairw by. aaid Court to makarftiotk In the bands of Came E.-SteddaU, d. b. n. of the estate of aaid deeedest, those legany entitled thereto, t that he wiil seeet r thewn-poae p atment at hia office, ia thewfS mm HMD 1 Z w a ii w ss e ill! L r 2. ltM. Wilfi, IfWWW mmm 1 1 tmm- II ri

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