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Pottsville, Pennsylvania
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I I i II lni-iii Gleanings. How Ohio Went Republican. News Summary. THE MAJORITY BT COXGBKSStONAL. DI8-1 TEICT8 OVEB EIGHTEKX THOCSAiSD.

Columbus, Ohio, October The following are the majorities in the several districts: its prestige, its glory, its destiny long; after the generation to which I belong, shall have passed away. See to it that it is kept in your power and in your hands, and that your hands, clean, pure and strong, shal bear np the Ark of the Covenant. Enthusiastic and prolonged cheering. Ibid you good morning. Let us turn together to the duties of a new day, with its responsibilities, and, hope with its reward.

Renewed cheering. 1st' irtvui Kl, Mine. Sarah condition is more MTIoUs. Maryland KiiiopaHatw meet-' to-day to elect abismvp. 1( The Penna.

Railroad Company is building a central depot Tin Heading. Mr. Wilbur F. Storey, proprietor of the Chicago lat nght. i ii.

A. I A- died in Washington-. An ikbMract jf the, annual report of the Dj? rector of llio Mint isl published. Louisiana has 48,000,000,000 feet of pine in her forest. Berlin ladies carry waterproof cloaks with them when they go in bathing.

Bogus pension claim agents have been swindling, poer people in Mississippi. The London courts have decided that a man is not at liberty to keep in his back yard a dog that howls. Bicycles to be propel led by electricity are being perfected in Eugland which will drive the ordinary machine out of the market. During -the twelve years occupied in the 1 Uutterworth 1 3, tirown z.ums: -l8i 5. Little flie Gist of Correspon- a Recent dence.

2. 8. 10. ii. n.

18. 2. 412 310 ..5,722 .,4,006 410 ..4,829 ,.3,018 724 217 ..1,270 229 7. Henev.X....L. .2,354111.

Klabur. j. ..5.014 '13. Outh.aite. ..6,15315.

Wilheim .13,99716. Oeddes L. ..1,117. Coo pei Romeis Thomuson Taylor, J. Taylor.

K. McKinley 21. Total .42,719 24,4491 Total. 24.449 Fourteen, liv-s were recently lost byUbe wn of the lU jUsh Beck. i vp is Haiti to have appeared among hnW iun.s of Montgomery county.

Fx-1'resideiit tioweu is said to be preparing scli -me. for the re-orgamzation of the Rqad- liifj- I j--: 1 A iiieee. ot Warner, the comioser, who married a bar is said to be iu want in Chi- Rep. maj. in State, 18,2701 Frmn TJie fioehentpr Post-Ezpress.

Mrs. B. to Grover: 'fMy Dear rover I know you was bad in Buffalo, for you said so yourself; but they say you hare been naughty since you've been in Albany. Is it Grover's answer: "My Pear Mrs. You write just like my mother.

Sa much so that I don't know. what to say. I am dumbfounded. I have been real good siuee I have been in Albany; I have been to church and been at home nights. I haven't suen a woman in Albany that I thought was bad, and if I thought she1 was I don't know where she Jived.

It isjcruel for people to; think I am living in Albany the same as I did in Buffalo. I don't have the time. I'm. busy every night until and don't go home until all the other places are shut up." Gains Among Wo iti sgm ex. It is translation of the new version of the Old Testament twelve of the twenty-seven translators died.

A company: which was organized in Southern Calilornia for the purpose of speculation in oranges has 'ost up to the present time. White mice introduced at Winnepeg as a cunosiry some time ago havj so rapidly increased in numbers that somehouses are overran with them. Tha Oswego (N. Y. Manufacturing Co, claims, to have the largest lumber yard in the United States, having 50,000,000 teet of lumber iu stock.

Loafers stand on Brooklyn Bridge and make bets as to their skill in spitting tobacoo. juice in the faces of passeneets ontelTit boats in the returns whijit th mining dis- tricts of Ohio, have done ard' bringing about the result of Tuesday's election. In iojineastem unio tne KepuDiican trams were At last evening, Muldooo easily defeated Chrystol in a Gncco-Roman wrestling The cholera excitement is entirely over irT Italy, ami the iiittei)it4e is now regarded is -practically extinct. The president wilf leave Washington on Monday next for Jew York for the purpose of cam tine Ids Vote for presidential electors. Isure you on the highest authority that Cleve- passing beneath.

supply of postal cards this yearwill cost the Government $232,000 and it willre-quire S7.300 to pav for their distribution and and. is a good man. My wife wrote to him ind asked him if he and he said with-ijreat emphasis that he was. That base calumny having been disposed of, let us now ift the canvass out of the mud and filth of personal abuse and proceed to the consideration of Blaine as a liar and thief on the testi-iiiony of those two upright and honorable the expense of the agency. There are nine establishments in the TJnit States producing 3,650 watches a day, establishment alone turning out a watcn a minute for ten hours each day.

gentlemen. James Mulligan and arren One of the latest and most elegant designs isher. Tremeudous applause. Thelrlsli are Gains: steady in the coal counties, iis the following samples of gains will shoit: Medina, 518; Summit, 749; Portage, 77 Trumble, 837: Wayne, 151; Stark, 597; Mahoning, 558; Columbiana, 011. If the average gain over the State had been up to that in these counties the Republican ticket would have had 32,000 majority in ihe I The coal counties in Eastern Central Ohio gave Republican gains as follows Coshocton, 32; Tuscarawas, 207; Carroll, 574; Harrison, 131; Jefferson, 150; Licking, 118 Musking-gum, 131; Guernsey, 100; Belmont, Morgan, 245; Noble, 215.

Had 1he whole State given majorities by counties as these eleven did, the majority for the BepubHcan would have been 35,000, but in the Eastern Ohio group three coal counties gave Democratic gains: Holmes, 24 15, Monroe, 340. All three of these jeounitie ars always overwhelming Democratic- They are the only counties tnus far that have shown Democratic gains. The Republican gains iu the Southeastern group of coal counties arer "Vintpn, 104; Athens, 110; Washington, 288; Meigs, 4S4; Sci-ptov 295; Lawrence, 654; and Gallia, 385. The averajge gain of these counties all over the StatCjWould make the Republican majority about 12,000. Two counties intjie Southeastern iroup gave the following Democratic gains: Hocking, 214; Jackson, 25.

In the entire mineral region of Ohio ouly fi ve coun At a meeting of the Irish-American Blaine and Logan Club of Dubuqu, Iowa, last week, Sir. George W. Lucas, made the fol Tii'i annual rrjiort'of the Commissioner of Indian Afiairs buovvh encouraging progress among the men in the arts of tioti. Ini ju, aged 18 years, was fatally injured at Keystone Colliery, Xiocustdale yesterday, by being rua over with a dirt dumper. The jarade of bane ball cliiba, in honor of the viettiries won by the Metropolitan, took piart' last evening at Mew York.

Forty clubs of Uuiit city and vicinity partieipated. TLoinas Wodei'ck last evening declined the, Democratic nomination for Congress the Fifth district. Charles M. Dallum was -named by the Committee to hll the vacancy. WilUani T.

(irier aged 34 years, Professor of the Latin Liuiguage Literaturejn Lew-isburg ni verity, suicide on Sunday uigut by cutting his throat with a razor. The policy of England irr Egypt as defined to Lord Wolseiey wa to rescue General Gordon and Colotiel btewartj and not to continue offensive operations except as necessary to effect this object. lowing remarks: Gentlemen of the Irish-American Blaine and Logan Club. Being frequently asked for my reasons for voting for Blaine and f-gan while still professing to bo a Democrat, Luow intend to show you a lew gooa reasons why I do so. I hope they will be satisfactory to the intelligent portion of the Duboque city and county Democracy.

There are many important reasons why I can not conscientiously support the Democratic nominee, Graver Cleveland. 1. Because he is the nominee of the worst elements of the Republican party and the Know-nothing element of the Democratic party. 2. Because he is the Free Trade 3.

Because bis nomination was hailed with joy by the entire press of England. 4. Because bis numerous vetoes of bills for the protection of labor has shown that his sympathies are with monopolistic corporations. 5. Because the unit rule in New York compelled the Democrats from the only Demo ties how Democratic gains.

Ii Southeastern Ohio the Republican gains art greatest in the counties that abound in cdal and iron. As to the effect of the work-injgmen'svote, that should appear strongest inlthe following counties, in which are the large cities and the manufacturing towns where the Republican gains are as below staged; i -Hamilton, Cuyahoga, Lucas, Summit, 749; Montgomery, 1,683. ITrinklin, 312; Clark, 543; Columbiana, 2,173: for a gentleman's scarf pin is a bird's nest composed of threads of yellow gold, in which are laid three little silver eggs, A young woman in Toledo, who tried with a horsewhip to teach a slanderer the art of holding his tongue, had to pay $30 for the privilege. It is hard to teach by example. The city government of Vera Cruz, Mexico, iiHS been humane enough to pass a law requiring butchers to kill beeves either by cer- bral concussion Or by cutting the spinal cord.

The Philadelphia Ledger raises its voice against munching in public, on the streets or in the cars, a habit which it considers both annoying and disgusting, especially in women. Enthusiasts in cold watercure cite the alleged fact of natural history that animals with a broken limb have frequently been known to hold the member iu running water, until it had. healed. A Connecticut inventor has perfected a machine for making barrels out of paper or straw pulp, which willturn out 600 flour barrels a day at a cost of 23 cents a piece. They now, cost 55 cents.

When you go to Washington Territory don'frcali for "a dozen raw." The Puget Sound oysters are sometimes two feet in diameter, and weigh, inclusive of the shell, as much as sixty pounds. 'It is noticeable that the earthquakes follow a course from northeast to southwest parallel to-the Appalachians, just as the earthquakes of the western coast are propagated aloug the line of the Sierras. 1 Quebec woman has appUedto the corporation of an ancient city for permission to exhibit herself as a cursosity. She weighs 450 pounds and her limbs are four and a half feet in circumference. Billy Clark, the town crier of Nantucket, is credited with a recent sharp answer.

A young lady-whe had made some about him which he did not like asked him where he got his bell, "I fotmy bell, young lady, where you got your mauners, at the brass foundry." For miscellaneous lying the Indspendent. Bcrea in this city "takes the cake." On the 22d a dispatch went to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch announcing that the Independents eom-r pleted a very elaborate and painstaking can Thre is not a manufacturing centre in which 1 1 I ri' 1 tucrc uaa ueeu a iiuotra oic aiu. 1 lie Aeiii- cratic districts in the state to have their votes- with one or two exceptions, inade gains only in the intensely Democratic coun ties! and there they were small. Blaine to Young Men.

recorded for him in spite oi their earnest protestations to the contrary. 0. Because he is a question of the home against the brothel. 7. Because a much superior statesman, and a typical thoroughbred American, with a well marked policy and a clear idea of American rights at home and abroad, is running against The largest room irt the world, under one roof, and unbroken bjLpillars, at St.

Petars-burg. Its dimehsionslarefG'-JO feet long by 150 feet wide. Twenty thWuHand wax tapers are required to Hgkt it.j James J. IJjeen was; nominated by the commute- as a candidate orfcengress in the Se-cnul Congressional- district, and John Quiun was selected as a Senatorial candidate in the First Soiiajorial district Officers of tie Reading Company are now willing toadini.t that collateral of that conl-1 any may be told if thp note for which it is security is wf rnetbuJ claim that due notice of sale shoti made. An explosion of Krliiedamp occured this nioridug iu tin mine'ofjthe Voungstown Coke Company, fur miles Kjortb -Qf! Uniontown, while twenty men were tn the mine, and it is believed thai none have (U tieral littler returned to New York State yesterday, rfud siiukeJ at Saratoga, Sandy Jim and White Hall.

He went toNew York city lat night, and wi I stump 'the western part of the ate later iu the week. It i said ft hat Howard Sullivan sine he has been ed to 1. hanged ior theljinur-dcr 'Watson is persistently, revised to. and is becwuiiiig no weak it is iVaredj he may die before the arrival of the lay appoiuiAl for his execution. eunsy Ivania Kldersbip ofGod, in session atLancuster, elected the lelhwtng Judiciary Ciiinmitiee yesterday: C.

If." Forney aiid t'. Rice, of liarrisburs: I)j Jii Bare. At the time Mr. Blaine was in Cincinnati, he -was surrounded by the Young Men's jjlaine Club, at one o'clock in the morning. to their call, he appeared: at the mm.

8.. Because he is against whom our the nominee of the men sires fought in 1776, 1812 window of his room, and spoke as follows: Yourgf Men: The giants of mythology typified the strength of younri men. In the tian dispensa- eulightened era of the Chri To-day the tton, young men vere stron ana isoi. i 9. Because the literary and social dudes, the long-haired men, and the short-haired women, the swells, the montbanks, the Cranks, the mugwumps and the men who have made the name of.

America contemptible, support him. 10. Because his defeat will be a Democratic irty is the streagth ot tnte Kepunncan vouhE men of the country, of rnom it pos- sessis a i Vast majority. Chee i Ihe young victory. "He serves his party best who serves.

man is always for" two votes, his own and the one he brings. Cheers. No party in the history of thus country has ever been his country best. A.nd consequently we urge our Irish-Amerr beaten that had the sympathy and support of the young men of the country I cheers, and it has been the chief gratification of the tour of Koaring Springs J. H.

Kedseckdffcf Leb- I have made from the great commercial auuii and D. V. Spencer, of XewvSl metropolis to your beautiful city, that every where I have found the young men on our side. Cheers. You are in the morning of ican Democratic friends in the city and counf ty who think for themselves and who are not led by demagogic office seekers to join our club and work for the election of the grand ideal American statesman, James G.

Blaine, and the brave, patriotic citizen-soldier, John A. Logan. Especially do we appeal to the young men to assert their independence of all parties and to rebuke the insolence of political bosses, who dictate to them who they shall vote for. Do not pitch your tent among the enemies of labor. i life.

The day is before you. and you axe equal to it. Cheers. You will hare the vass ot the State at clock tne previous night; "They have precisely 85,320 names of solid Republicans signed to pledges that they will not vote for Blaine." The same interesting dispatch announces that the last and best estimate of St. John's vote places it at 24,600.

information' would bo quite i well worth giving but for the fact that the same day the Independent Committee announced here that they were confident that at least 60,000 Republicans in the State not support, Blaine. A trifling difference of 25,000 rotes in the estimate officially given by the same committee, and professedly based upon th' same canvass on the same day, sufadantly -illustrates the value of their information. N. T. Tribune.

fashioning of the republic df ita strength, Following is the entire Gubernatorial vote in the BepU-iuber election as received and counted at the Secretary of State's office; Ro-bie, U. B. Eaton, W. Eaton, U7: W. T.

Eustisi 1190; scattering Hi. The Socth is apolitical field white for the harvest. After the Ohio" election at least a score our best speakers ought to go to those outlieni States whose material interesUar most clearhr on the aids of th party of protection. Y. andExprtu.

It is announced that in the vent of Cleve land's defeat Carl Schurz will retire from politics permanently. Jt is Understood that be la under a two-year engagement piay the part of the desert in Buffalo Bill's "Wild Bxx Bctxxb's eyes were not born so. They got twisted in looking through labor statistlcwouuU Cottrier-Jaurruu. wett" mtun rru..

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