The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SKPTCM13KU •!, 19-17 BLYTHEVJLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SBVE* Cardinals Win Shut-Ouf Runrctag ffoe Works Victory Manila Team Takes i Lead in Missco Championship Games i 'i'hc Mnniln Cnrclinnls. lu-hind I the two-hit pulling of <ighlluin<ler I Frank Rlli.s, sluit-rjiit the Blyilir- 1 ville UOULO Two uxikouls in t;> j in 1)H! fi/.sl |!!Ujic of Hie Mi^i- ^lt>l» Couiity Lcnyue'.s eli:imi)Nin- )ii[> !)lay-o(i m Walker I'ark yc.i- O[(l;Ly LllUj]-]]Otl]]. 'I'lu- Cunls jumped on Ihr i>5ft->-- iiiBs ol A. w. "Frit/." West, :;,)• five liit.s in ilH' lii^i, inning to ';ivi' 1''his a UneL'-nin wliich lie had no trouble holding. Vioiti ihe ituiini; on. Uic '• Lookouts were < ;isy for t'ap Ci'idl- j nals as they liiuiunerecl Wcsl trnm the bux iu ihc' seventh Trame. Mav- cus Oatt\es \\TJS rushed in to re- lievr in an effort to hr.V. '.lie Cin-ds 1 auat-k but his eiTons w.'re tiuile ns the booming buts of tin' Ai)nii':i ninti^contiinied to pimtitl I:is olfiTinas :ill over Uic jiavh. It ,ias hard to tell who na;:«l the Cards attack for I'vei-j'tinc 1 on the team had a field (lay :il bat, i,fx)koui terrors afield a..'! nien->--!]]fikin£;. It, L. West broiiicr Friu, accoiuHcd Lookouts' two binf'Je.^- Play 'n the ehEimpion.ship '-eiM^ ^'ill b ( v resinnrd StllKtay afternoon wlieti liu 1 two teams move to the Cardinal:; 1 diamond in Manila for the seeond ^ame. 'Ihe third tfame, if needed, will also be played on tile Manila field. . ' the his the to |o Chomp Disgruntled When 'Little Squirt' Robs Him Of Horse Show Honors M\ Hurls Mobile Shutout Bears Blank Vols 6-0; Pels Batter 'Noogans; Crctx Defeat Chicks HY UU.I.1AM A. : il'llllril I'irs:; Spurlu WiiliT) •A'lI.AN'lA. Ci;l.. Sept. -I. iUI'1 Grid Squads Continue Drill \Sessions; Contact Work Looms HV ii).Kiii:ifi' lllnUi'il rri-!>s S| A'll.AN'I.A. <!u, \Vi-Ufr) Ocoi'tiia's Hiiiiin- |io«l elunuiion t Unlltlog.s ami Aubiim's Plainsmen i ivoro die-Mil in mil b.ulii. ini'.iy lor I pi'uetke ti,>;,ums uudiy !M!o\viiVi theii' lii.s! heavy |);iddiiu'. drills yes- tev<U>y. l.\^jitiu ; t wui'k U)r tiu»si yKL,' : flu'iiulcd i» Man mv.- woie nlullmi; slralet;) lodsiv la s'.';nv runs off lull fin'h.iilcr John Hall, jus; hi easi' I he major H'ague.s overlook one nl ilu'ir bes! bot.s and puss m: i ho '^-yc-.ii--uUi Mobile l \virUr Hurt Shot Ion f jives the? league-load inn Brooklyn Dodgers sif*ns from the Kbbr-ls Fit-Id tlnyoul. lUnid on th«,':U, (kis'iKi to concli liny Blades, could mean otic 1 of ninny things, A wave of the hand directs the defense- j—The chump blew Sein. 4. ; into his j been nnger. Hurls No-Hitter As ^^^^^.^iAthletics Beat Washington 3-0 d us led nil the dangerous NuKliYilLr Vols with fin- hits in Mobile last, jih-ihi 10 rt-i'ord hi-; eighth shutout win ol the season am! MIL-- otid in us many irie.s as the Bears triumphed ti lo t). Sonihimv Dick Hoover w»s (he IOM'!' ;\.s thr U-tMiiie- leaders rapped liim und I wo reliri- c••!':; Lor nine. hits. 'Die Hear win Iiuk'ci Lo booM their imu-tiiu in U;e stuiuUiius us New Orleans triumphed over ChuUunuuga in New Orleans 1U to '2. Jim Shea st.-i ilk- 'Nuoi;an,s bi'i'h with seven hits while Uui I'els buttered three Charley t! lo; 1; and Hen Steiner paeed the Atliiitlii Cr:u'l;ers to n 4 n> 2 win over Me. in phis Jim 1 lust in'f'Jn. (,!Jo;:k (.-Untied two house runs oil Al Hhtrcr to account fur tlie two v.mimiii lallu'.s and Seiner was a wizard :\\ M'ecnd bu'it- on nek'nsi' Too Late to Classify For Safe worms, one cei I/illy St. <) 4 pk liulldO!-. Omrti Scully H'.ilis p'.n Ills fliuri'.cs thniuiill more Hum an hunt 1 ul n iu:li \vurl; nt Athens yi's- tei'tlay Ijelun, In, n'Vined and enllrd i, halt. Call Voyle.s put lli.s !>Jalll.<- men through i-^en mure sti'enuan:; wovkoiu; at Aiiljnm. and the Al'l ranipns was ;'heeird l).v the apiifar- aiuv ol ui.lliark John clasuir ID Join Tiavi.s 'i niui'll .mil eoinpany. Ill Hoblly Ondll WDiXod on .slmpiui: a b.n-klield for his ra't- 7.1t'-(llV/Zil!l|; CifOI'l-ht Tl'ell YCllOW- Jackets. 'rhi- \\<ivd was that UJiiKy like cl";'k\var!: untlr;- Hci-nii' M««IT'.S VVUtl'Utlll OVi'. •|u]nn«'"-; paiK^i-rniis fiiTi-ji \V;iV" wu.s fliccrotl bS" l]u l iitUUtJuti nl ,» y ni'W liillhiU'k prm.piTl in Ui 1 Kiti!)i1i';uix, an all-:, lull, pri'p »l iKirk Ircin Jemima',, Ij.i, Tin 1 in BASEBALL STANDINGS SOUTIIICUN Nt'\s - Orleans Nashville . .. OluULlUKK.^U Allunlu iiSnuiniJum Mc-Hijilil.-. , . 1,11 tic Hot-k . W. 92 . 110 , 19 fft .. 73 70 13 75 70 77 68,82 48 102 Pet, ,017 .003 .533 /l&O ,473 .440-. .321) M'l UtlllKl^t' \\Ol'f; 1.)!' iiii'luiLIn : Ci- K. >•] y Si. y -l-ck-'j on Main Str<-c-l. Nou-resl- Mil's M-H. Slur*-. si lock o' tell. Champion of 1 nookip im M . cC ? ] ™, n '* .' K " }lil nQ ~ 045 -.uul 1948 'uxi yi* rmi BIUUC aeamst \V;|shmiU<m ye.s- can't do thut la me: -me nf the world. Just you »vaH til Pr:- duy and SaLurdny jiij;hts. \Vo''J sen about thiiifc.s thi-:;. 1 ' The cl)limp's foftlniLcs wort: limit was c:Lsy t ll\c work! m 104 •whipped in a ]>rL'liminary round before fi.OCO per.son.s by a little black couldr/i do beuer than run- ni?rup last year. The champ was MUlnight Sun. thn bis? black beauty who won world ch.nmpion.ship walking horse honors tor the Haiiincliilo Stables in che 1945 and 194G Ton.iesseo Walking National Ccieuraiion licre. Back this year. Midnight Sun wsis —ancl still is—hopeful of grabbing the honor :t tiiird lime. Hut last niyht, dining the first night ol this year's celebrntion find in a class lor I stallions four years and over, he I tarter in the "liUSe stjuirc," By COUXKUrS 11 VAN Cititcd !* Sports Writer NEW YORK. S<'iH. -1. lUP) — ierdav was neat and showy :md lor>k tln> lu'iulline-s. InU it didn't take Ihe Brooklyn Dodgers' minds uir the Cardinals, MtiCahan pitches fur ihe Alh- Jetics. and no mattci 1 ho\v yood he is he can't hurt, the 13udt!t?rs: tiie Cardinals are in the same I";UHI>? and have proved many limes they can hurt, the Bvoaks der-^ly. Braoklyn rend of McCnlinn's near- pet-feet game with detarhed admiration, for the 25-year-old right- hander was very good, lie faced only 2ii men, one of whom got on base in the second im-sinv; <»* Fer- .Fain'-s wild throw and 27 little black Merry Go Boy. and plat- whom't'ot nowhere at all. 'I ho rnnkie j m~it (he Hec no nnlv second. ' ' ~ ih ^ f 1S hi f r »' ht fll]1 ^ c:ir w ' th «^;nhnosl rvery •Ihp"jut! S p.s said Meiry Go Boy. 1 A s-Ja>?»«) tv-o men uun tm\y reserve world's champion last yea rjertonncd better last ni«hL tie \vas muter the guidance of one of his three owners, Win:;tcn Wiser, of Shelbyville. ASC Gets New Cage Foe was extended count on a batter. Meanwhile Sarn Chapman's single drove in one ,run and Elmer I Valo's double counted two more, j ami that was enough for a '3 to 0 i victory which ended a seven-gamp S losing streak. I McCaban said that he knew he ; had allowed no hits os the panic ! progressud. btit didn't think surh | hick would hist! Hut as he went out for the ninth inning he <le- i Catcher Buddy Rnsar wasn't so ! hashfuL "I knew from the iirst i inning he had n nu-hitier," hi? said. "His fust om." was tuvat und lie had ;i fine cunv." | 11 was the third no-hitter of the j current season, following the feats' of Ewell Hlackwell and Don Black, j and was very close to being the j perfect game—no base runners -} since Charley RoUerLson's for Ihe j W.12 While Sox. A)! of this was ^ooil baseball read- f iiii 1 , for the Dodgers and their fans, but they kepi cumins back to unhappier news—the sober .story of' the St. IXHIIS Cardinals' 11 to l pasting of the Chicago Cubs. That was oniiiuni.s. Until yesterday, the Cnhs were ;uush for the Cards, having won eight of I'l games from the champs, {birds, who must win {/amp mnnth |o }iave a cliance for the'pennant, continued to ti« just that. It was Iheir fitch straight, and v:as highlighted by Ron Northcy's pinch j?ranci siatn home run. Ominous, too. was thi">: hius by Stan Musial. Hnch h (Itlll! anil •-•'iulj)[it'(l, rriiis; rruKmithlc, prlc*;il ul 111%'utfr u'iilkout. 101 nvrvi, v.-t-ll improved funti CiooiJ cn>]»s. Hc(- tills iuriii on i 100 ju-i-i-s wcll-lmimivPti. won Located 1'ilct- $HO per lie re. C-'Lo •;<• 10 town Tin-tie 1 fill-ins ui•(> loi'iUcd in Sliuldun Cmiuty, Mo. No iw*'illow. l.uilicr C.iay. n'HkU-iH'f p>iimp M3 :-rt llo^;, hjiilo.siinin phone Ml Of! let- plionc '^7,tl DETROIT. Sept. '1. (UPt Law- frence Insiitule of Technology completed its conversion to "big time" today wiili announce. ineiit of a 20-yanio IG-lT-'iS 1 , schc-• cidnd lie wrnikl yet the no-hitter, dtile thai intitules Arkansas State -i knew then I had it coming." Dec. )9. a! Isoine. i lie said. A lien lion to Buyers 3IJ4 A civs at TiiHiifiOOs;*. Mo. a\l\ \n* l)oi i ^in iiO\v it ml iiiKiu'tlliLio [joHsr.s- iA»\\ t;lvc-ii. lUiyi-r l»l:r.s crop. 22D Mil"., hi i: tut on. A well Imiiiovuil C-.itin hi y.ootl locution. Act NQ'W I 1'rlrp *KiO JHT ucr-T- fiD iir-rrs rnst of Arniorol wltli 5 mi.' nuil barn, iloutic bus lights. runnlriK watft- This ulntut Just listed nm] u-ill sell tiutrkly. Cut] now for aptioln tint 'iit. 0 -l-c'k-0.7 Other Farms All C;ill or -M.-C llu- [iislt'.il [; Ei.liilr ftrm In this sifct. best in fiuni lands. II. K. "Hud" Kisher Hfiil Kstitlv & Loans 101 Kasi KcuUicky lllylhuvillo. ArU I'hone 2:!:«) Any 'J'imo i; -J ck 9 7 lAlubitinLi'.s CVmiS'Hi Title wns fe- ut'tod ruliini; ut '1'usi' u'illi vory bvith tilU'd I'Xi'rp 1 t ' 1 >" rii'.nt lU'Me. !>i:-k K.u\Vi is, 20,") ]):HllKl unular tut the two years at hul pest, h:iN hi'tn out with ;i ntlfl nee shu-e the tirs; workout, llnrrj' iilmtii' w,i:. n'in>riiMk 10 huve linnid lis Uircei almusi every thne diii'iiU',» i rda> 1 s nra.'tkT session. Usuismi'. luhliavi; Jim J'urmU Coaeli Puul Ui-yunt'.s Keutnelty .stiuud, but luul two more to;i- Ic.-llvr In Kiishvill Ifi'tl ^;nn1ri.s L'i)'L' lllut inrliuli' Cu|ii>, 1;^ MmUlux a tlcll. ll!l(l (i5l;U'(l I'l. "!Ul<'.^ ( ' c l" lu- was I wi'ii- rtily nuuii!-. M (lei'lillt coiuiinii'tl ku .Ininir Wiuir. Hub !!i avtl :nld lrr:.]unnli tl»U}|; Uu' luinliuv.. ili JLM- liill Ctincli il DVrr un injuvy li'd tarl;U'.., t.',ill n' <:nii- 1 !! HlMl lunts uhili,. V.ul- ; dtill:;, \\itji . 7.;u-k Oiiu- in i ).k\ itlsjll Rmoklyn ."l. I. ml:, BCMUtn Now York Cilil'lulmll NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L, If, 85 '13 60 60 62 62 12 58 TJ 54 10 M 70 AMI-KICAN Ncu York Pet. .021 .517 .54!) .510 .415 .415 W !• Pet 85 47 .C44 71 6» .050 tlV 6^ tiO 05 70 7, r > BO Cntcrc CAP OIHZ NBr/,, Prance, Sepl, 4. (UP)— -Daniel Cnrplo, Peruvian dl?-., ancc .swimmer, set out nt 9:45 ttrnf. * :m\»y on an nttempl to sv/iitt life "" ; ;nglisl> Channel. Hf. hoped (o make ' Hie nsiprcxLiimtcly 11 miles to th», English coast in abcul 12 .hours. Jurors to Investigate -' Labor Union Complaint LI'n'LK HOCK. Ark./, Sept. 4. (UP) —The Pulns)tl County Grand Juiy wlU meet here tomorrow, re- poitexUy io .study the case of the. Scott paper uox Company. An American Federation of Labor offlllate chiiixes that Die firm violated ihe Arkansas' "Right to Work" law by firing employes b€- eausu of their union membership. Finn officials deny that they "locked out" their employes. . 71 . 06 .01 .55 40 ,St» .501 .460 viUuho\v hi; University o lolch line I Wildlife Chapter Aids Plan to Construct Lake Ll'i-lM-U l(,o;-n, Aik,. Kcpl. •! lUI')-- Tlu- I'lllnskl CNilljily Clliipt i'! (Ill' S!l!(i' Wilcllilc ANsnrilll i<ni ha;; shnlc;o it;; -shun' nl IniKl ! build a S:tr>.ll3;) inilili- i m-ivv llu- I i ',nil):ni'i--l' 'Ray kHeiu j Wolf cluin^ect Jiis nind aljout the fii'sl .sirrmnniige for ,hr Ploj'iil» 'Oauir.s nt Gainesville yc-slerday. lit .^alil 11 was a lillle too warm Un tla- b:iys lo don lull inuldhiK iMid deV(jted Uu- M/SSIOU to •vsinj; iinti kicking maneuver.';. No injurie.s svri'o reported tor the Ci»- tor.s in ihu-e diiy, 1 ). LoiiLsiana Plate's highly touted Tiyers continued hard woi'kouLs polishing up oJd pluys mul devising new MriiU'Hem.s. They went through signals and ]> d fills Ues troui Couwuy uunouueetl at. the Little Rnc'k mei'ilnr Iliat the Fltulknt L 1 di ive has already n-avhrd I lie JJIIi.OW mark. The Arkansius Cj;,jne and r'ish C'oivmiisskm \\i'.l .-.tiin^rvi^e eonstnie- tion N! Ihe proje<l itiu! adjoiul dam. Yesterday's Results son rin:uN I.KACHK Atlanta .|. Memphis V. l.tlili 1 Korli 0, 13lrmiiu;limn 1. Mobile -I. Nnshville 0. New CllU'linti 10, ClmtUulooKU 'i. Today's Games SOUTIIKKN i.EAGVK Memphis nl I)h-min^">i», Little Roek nl Atlanta. Clmllimougn til Mobile. Nashville at New 'Orleans, NATIONAL I r,\GIJK SI. liUlli:; II. Chleano 1. llin^lnniill at I'll'sljurrJi, iilijlil. Only i',inne.s. AMKItlCAN I.KAdUK Ni'vv Ye.rk 11-1!. Uostfln 2-0. l>)illa(lt>l|>hia :i. Washington 0. Cliieano H-S. Cleveltllld 3-6, Only Dallies. NATIONAL LEAGUE 'Brooklyn nl New York, : nlgh.t. Phlladeliilila at Boston, night. Cineliuiult at PUUslniryh. Si. Lunls nt Chlci\£0, AMKK1CAN I.CAGIIK New York at Washimjlon. night. G'hk'uiiu at Cleveland, niijht. SI. Louis nt Detroit. ' Only K'mie.s. 'Ihe lonndliiK of pure breeds of swine did ncil take piaee unM] the lath or llitli cenUirles. nllbotinh Ihe pil: had been knovii lo man for hundreds of years. SCREEN DOORS Most si/.es now in stock. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Oh Buy 5 Red's Coming Back to Town tuiiHllinn ll! chancc.s with only one error. ' 'LjiUlc UiH'k tinsucl out Hirminj;- hntu !> to 7 in a .sluglcst it; til mi; town. The rapped two Ilinotl Ilhiycr.s lor IG hii.s lit^hidiny n homo ruti iv, rollicking hiickslo]) Kun Snirs. The Uarons c.\me throtiyh \viLh ], r > hi us otf two Ro"k IjiLchers iueltuiiut homo runs by Hud 'Mtitheiiv and Don lliehiuontl. LUtle Uoc-k ntoves licrc. Me,ni])lns trans lo Ch:iitaiiooi:u. NiislivJlh; moves into New OrlcmiK and Chut- ti\i\cioi r .u is t» b. 1 I'.ulufLuiiuid in Mobile in final M'rlex openers of Uu: season tonight V Bi'ooklyn was idle, and Us lend stir unk to .six panie.s but the lirooks have only 22 gnn^cs to piny and St. LouLs 24. Kwel] BlackweU of Cincinnati won his 21st game, a l.T lo (i decision over Pittsburgh ninde. n;isy by the Hsnlr.' heavy hilling and nine walks nil Pirate pitchers. Ray Lamnnno huttful in four runs with a shifjl^, double 1 and triple. One of tlir 10 hits off Bhu-kwcli w;i.s Ral])h Kiner's 41st homer. Eddie Miller and Bi'.l Cox also homered. After ?omp riiHyinu dui'ing ihe \vcoker.d. tiie Yankees slapped dcnvn the Boston Red Sox twice yesterday, 11 In 2 and 9 to fi. and v.'ent I'J 1 - L'lunes aheaci v;ith 22 to play. 'I he Yanks b^yaii acee]>Jinj? World Serie?; nioiioy tt)tt«i5 r . New York ^ol ;i 1 hits in Uio two games, including 1H .^ini;les in the opener. Joe Ci- Maj!L;io t;ot .«ix hits in nine tries in tin- yauies. and Tom lirnrii-li h lit ted in fivr runs \<\ the (Juubl"- lu-ader. Clevcliuicl and Chicago s])lit a dmtbleheadL'r. The \Vliite Sox won the first, 8 to ?,, with a 12-hit at ^k behind Orvai Grove's .six-hit chins. C.:ss Mivii^tMs Ix^'.Vixl in two runs uil,h (lire: 1 Iiits before lie 1 Help Wonted ICxjicrienccd siilesman who ciiii iiroduce results. No liigh pressure. In local shirt' of ^(xul ru|iutali<in. (ioiid salary, j;n«<l \vorkiny Cdiulilions. l{t'!)ly in own handwriting sliilin;; |iast employment veconl. Hox 22—care Courier Ne\v^ Company. il 4 ck !) 7 For Rent cc rooms [<»r r ;,T - A, h\ DU-tTi A^filry. l(]li K. 0 -l-c A ne-.v inTra-r.-cl snurlroKraph. firn inslrninent especially dcsiBii- tyi 1^1 record uHh a pholoeleelt le :'c:i the li^ht sjiven orr hy excilcd •aUiii^. has brrn developed. Read courier Wflnt Ads. WOE COT'EM. Famous Iron Tone worsted suits in single and double breasted models -every one is a style leader! Hank Edwards' triple and Hal [ TYi-V.'s siiuiK'. Dirty, clogged cooling systems nre costly. Don't take risks! We're truck cooling system experts. Fact is we're experts on all phases of truck service and preventive maintenance—high standard International Truck Service and Maintenance. \Vc use International factory-engineered parts. /Sc bring your trucks in—whatever they need. Even better, let us set up a regular schedule of inspection and service for you. That's the sure way to get the most from your trucks. Phone now and tell us when to expect your trucks. No other games were scheduled. retired lifter a butli'd ball hit him j Yesterday's slai•;-- Boh McCnhati. in the lacxv j whose no-hit, no-i'lin i:ame could Cleveland won (hi 1 .second tfnme. i inive been n perU'Ct one if Ferris r> lo r>. willi two inns in Die t.Jntli Fain hadn'V erred on an easy hv.ung mi Geon;c McUtovich's sin- ch:ince. Your Did Faithful Again Available M^^B!fi1=rj^-f|ga 3/2 SOUTH20PST. PHONES63 YELLOWSTONE'S BACK! Tlic same p!d Kentucky sour masti bouftion Enjoy once again this Famous Whiskey. Last Time Today "BORN TO SPEED" with .Tohnny Sands urn] Terry Austin Fox Movietone News Also Shorts Friday and Saturday : 'TRAIL to VENGEANCE' with Klrby <ir:inl Serial "Lost City nf the Juntles" Also .ShorU . . New Theater Manila's Finwrt Bh.w» EVERT NIGHT MaMnce Sktordar * tend** B» Open* Week D»y« >:M >j Time Today ^ 'MEET JOHN DOE" Alsn Sliorls Friday "Robin Hood of Texas" a Itcjmblic Picture with Gene Aulry :uid l,ynne Roberts Also Shorts INTERNATIONAL Trucks Also Available SO proof Ask (or Yellowstone Black Label Distributed by: BARRETT HAMILTON, Inc. *NECK ZONE tailoring, exclusive with STYLE- MART clothes for men, is why a STYLE-MART suit fits so smoothly without unsightly collar gap. Come in today and see our beautiful selection of (ron Tone worsted patterns and shades, in regulars, shorts and longs — they're real values at onlv Siiluruay i 'Chip of the Flying U" a Universal Pictwre with Johnny Mack Brown Also Shorts' RITZ THEATRE : Manila, Ark, : 1 Time Today 'ROLLING HOME" with Rassell News and Friday & Saturday 'BORDER PATROLMAN'! O'Brien and IMh Ckaptar "Manhunt of Mystery

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