The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1948 BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COtrRIKR NEWP March of Dimes Fund Hears Goal Reports Awaited From Few Outlying Mlssco Communities Now---The Jet-Propel led, JFIying Wing/ Helicopter ,FAG« TKREB In || lc Lists of enmrilmtions Mnrcli of Uimes infuntile fund riimpalRii received fmm individuals, business firms nnri scliools were released yostprriny hy North Mississippi County onyp c'lmirmnn Arthur S. (Totidi Ilnrrison of Bly- thcvillc. A veimrl [i-,mi OIH- nmij'lnpr ,;,m- * nuinity. Lcnchviltp, was included In 4j the lists. Reports from other communities in the North fmif of Ihc county are expected to brlnf? the drive to its qiiota of Sli.SM. To dnti\ R totii! of $0.108,33 has been contributed in the drive. The lists of contributors follow: Gussie P. Gray, S2.: Mend Clotll- Ing Co.. $5.; Iwma Duvis. Ilorners- vlllc. Mo., S50.; J. \V. Davis, Hor- ncvRvillc. Mo., Sbo.; R. K. L. Beardon. Lcacliville, $1.; Roy Pitckelt. Caraway. S15.; Jim, Burdetle. St.; C. f. Tllc-ker. SIS.; Mary Jo Hall, SI.; Mrs. T. J. Miiiian. .?:(.; Bmum's Dnilis. $;,.; R n i, Burns. SI.: M Ivy w. Crawford. SI.: •>. U "Jodie" Nalicrs, $5.; Army Recruiting Sta- tinn. $1.02. Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Trnnrinway S2.: D. Miller LodRP of B'Nai B'Rilh S12.; Mrs. John M. Fowler. S5.; A. E HunLlcy, 51.50.; Jcdel Cotton Co. S3.; W. K. Green atici Kon. Manila 81.; Mrs. R. N. Hill. S2.: Cohe Bowers, $5.; Mrs. C. S. Stevens Sr.. S!>. F. Westmorlan, I.eachville. $L; Wade Furniture Co., $10. Hoy Walton, $5.: Mr. and Mrs. Waller Stiles, St.; A. M. Jitiunin, $2.; Fowlstnn School of Music. SS.;' Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Dean, S5. p Alva Brown. Manila. SI.; Hueh Whlt- sitt. S2.; Tanner Freeman. $l.; Marie Harnish, St.; T. C. Owens, l.cach- villf. j].: FI. 13. Perkins. Manila s'?o • A. J. Brewer. SI.; A. M. Brewer *!.: J. W. Caudill, SS. Mrs. J, O. Siiftbury, Sri.- Mrs Frank A. Greer. Sl<\: Tisiiie C Smith. SI.: Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ross S5.: Mississippi Co. Lumber Co $10 -' Mrs. Charles R. Black Jr., S3.- Toiii JV Jackson, so.; L. f:. Baker 82- ^p.<rs. James T. Braekin. SS. -Sehmils fontrilxile Blytheviile Hiijh School Gosnell Dell ........'. Armmcl iColorodi Bl.ickoak \ Clear Lake School Promised Land '.". Lonoke -. Lost catie Brwn , \ \ ' Centrnt '.'.'.'.'. Junior Hich \\ . ReecR fc Rocky Schools r.cachvilln Delations A total of scs was collected by; Ernest Caston. in charge of the Negro booth and collection boxes. Contributors in Lcachvillc added $31>n.7fl to the polio fund as or last ! Friday. Contributions from Leach- vine follow: i A. Heitt in. Hudson Hardware 5 i Hipp Drus Store 5. Ben Reid fl ' Levy Carter 10. Lee Bcarden 10 ! March of Dimes Banks 15.41, Joe Wheeler 5. Gem Theater 88 73 School Collection IH.65. j o. Ed"i 25, John E Bcarden 2, Wein. !0. Floyd Burris 5. R. Lovelady 2. Louis Wpinberg 5. Tom Guthrie 5. H. Johnson 5, Allen Taylor 5, Maude Smith I. Mooring "2, Western Auto store 5, Cash Dollir Store 2. Mrs. Shones 1. Pate Variety Store 2. Tnrnbo\v Gro. 5. Business Firms Donate Martin and Boydston S!) Delsie Stewart 1. B. E. Bttsbv 1 > Frank Sawyer 1. Marshall Black-' »i'd 1. Martin and Boyriston 5 Hart's Bakery S44.50J Hartzog 5. Helen Criner School Buildings Influence Pupils Blytheville Teacher Is Speaker Before Lions at Luncheon Artist's conception, above, shows the husc "Hying \vin|?." jcl-))ropelle<1 lu-licupler r to the congressional committee investigating air safely. Powerful jel engine.', at the Fi\-l)ladcil rotors. The craft's proponents claim Hint it could carry •!()(] people in Kr can present transports because it can stop in mid-air to avoid obstacles and i-nn la fuse of mechanical trouble. Converted to military . plus their motorized transport and use. it could carry IjlrRp detach weapons. (Copr.) Mccluuiix illustrated .^kel aler safel>' th:m H! nnywhcre in nents of troops, from NKA. Civil Liberties Union Against Anti-Red Bills WASHINGTON, Fob. n. <Upi — The American Civil Liberties Un- I SR2.08 27.09 47.06 7.46 3!).10 6.80 2372 17.50 i 24.M| 0.70 67.fi5 48.70 24.20 ', L. S 1. wllina Teriforri 1. pat linlton 1. carnell Brock 1. Oral Dim 1, Rubhen Mury SOc. f'rniik Lee 1. Earl Williams 2. Wesley Williford 1. Murry Moore SOc. Lloyd Thomas 1. Bill Dildinc 1, Jessie farmer SOc, Pickett 1. Ernest Crawford 1. Ernest. Jones 1. M. V. Jones 1. Virginia Henry ].. Burton 2. Wei ton Loftin I, Flossie. Hill 1. Louise Sleaii 1. Otho Tale 2, Leon McGnrrity 3. II. L. Hamilton 2. Edward Broun 2. John D. cook 2. Walter Waddy 2. Ray Murrey 1. Glenn Mitchell 1. Ellis Wel)h 1. Jessie Murry 1. Jne. Atkins Machine Shop .. SIS O. 13. Alexander 1. H. E. Nrbelt 1. joe Atkins 5. Wilber 'Van-en 1. H. H. Oakley I. Chester Ingram 1. Criner 1. C R. McOhec 1. E. D. Killinpwest 2. Joe McGhce 1. Shelton Motor Company ....$9.55 Johnnie Dranc 50c, Hershel Smith 40c. F,stice Dixon ',\c. Harold King 25c. Frank J. Cruse SOc. H. P. Harvey 20c. George Fres- son 25c. G. G. Shelton 1. Jimmle Ray 1, Shelton Motor Co. 5. • Clumblin Sale.s Co (35 L. D Chamblin 12.50. W. D. Chamblin 12.SO, H. C. Davis 2. Ralph Trammel 1. William Mcd- !ock SOc. Robert Shelton 1. Edward Eaves 50c. Leon Rotaeruson SOc. Robert Orison SOc. Ivan Rounsavell SOc. Guv Rounsavall 5Dc. James U' Ciam.s :0c. Trby Appleton 1, Patty June Davis 1, Leon Davis 50c. MIGHTY FAST RELIEF in RHEUMATIC ACHES-PAINS nn ion yesterday oppo.sed pending bills ; in to curb Communist parly aclivi- j p<- lief 011 si'ound.^ Ihcy would promote (lie prowth ol Conniiunisrn. nor, hfilt il. Arthur Giufir-ld Hays of the un ion also told a Hnu.ic, UnAnioricaii Activities .suboommittpe that any don in I of basic freedom to Communists "inevitably chfUlenfics I lie plit.s of fi'l ]Kiluiral minorHie.s." Haj.s recalled that the lascist tecliniqiif ol Vlnlrt nnd Mus-soUm \va.s "to stir up a Red sen IT ^nri t)jrn ropiT^.s thp liberties of mri id Courirr Nt'\v.s Want AcJs A .srhiml bnlldhiK should he cnn- .trut'tcd so us in give Ihc sUideiU.s i.sinR H .some fooling (ind concept ion, nf hi'juity in luldktlnn tn pns.scsslnt;! funrtloiml design. Mrs. Lucille Qucll- m«l/, of thi* Itlylhcville -school .sv.s- tern, told miMiibrL's nf Ihc Mons Club at Ihcit 1 weekly Hireling ye.i- tcnlay noon In the Hotel Nobie. H»)i-»kinn nn the "School of Tomorrow." Mis. Qnollmivlif. pointed out Hint is no better to tuke H .slmlcm from & bejuilLful home tnln K drab Great Grandfather Turns Painter at Age of 82 MALDKN. Muss. UJPt — A KHM! ^rstndlather, who .suu-ted, iu\iutitii; M Ihr H(<I> ol B2 In Inke his mind of f J11 nn 1 y t roubles, has a 11 uir t e< I t]u> iiLirruion of art teacliers airl rtluiicius. Now 83. Ku-ietl t;. Rea hits |iro- dM-rd more than HV> painting.-; hi n yenr. Hrvri'itl n! tii.s wmer-roloi 1 ,! i h:\\c em m-d [lie plandi!*; of the b ci'itirs. j lica retnrd Ironi ivoi'k In tlir t'nl- link loom ol c\ knitting null S3 Most i* nun kiible, ii4vordinn i" the critii'A, is Hen's ubiliiy to depict I he foldnc.NS nl a stono in a M inlry 5CH hi}- \\'.:i\ the swirllit^ of water anunul rork.; alony it slieieh ni ly])ii'nl Nrw Kn^liuid coiislllue. idDl thnn (o tnke him fiojn n drab home Into Midi « school hnlld- . lutlnn llinl M'hrjols ol tomorrow .should be both beautiful and functional in I heir design, she sin led tlial U students were tuil bronchi ii eonceplion of beiuny hy Ilieir uluml building, some would ne\'er ncqnlre surh H coturpLloi). Mrs. Q\iolUi\ivl7. ulso spoke im the- hLstory nf sclmols und their Kcneiiit lack of .service facilities ni the | pas). I Visitors at Ihe meeltiiK were Lindsny F. Hakcr of iKIutlviaot and I Carney l.ashe. former Hlyl*ie\'llln llli:h .School coacli who Is U<AY hue- c.onch ut the University of Kentucky. DELICIOUS WAFFLES Are Always in Kvxson! THY THEM AT THK Nickel Stand Mr*, .lack Suillm 10,1 .M;,h, strrrt I H I P11 - A C 11 0 N NELP r H.. ( J?.tf COIGN SIPTOL •USK OUT Mli.rUi COLDV Hivt'n you iiitlunl ii'Iirf In » f-Unl- «! n]> li.'Lul. ,-,,], I nit. I t'onvli. Ilii,,,,! iniUlioii nnd hnii i mm.'** .hi.' L. it .••il.l. Si|Ur>) I.IOH-II* On- iililiTm i" t)io lin^iil EimL hn.iu'int trni-t. iin<t l.m-iil K I.IIMK Distance ItlUllinj; Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anvwhcre Any I'liicc Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. I'lidtu's: Day Ki77 N in 111 ^i)K(i Steel Oil Barrel Racks in; MM T. L MABRY <2> MISSOURI ST. rH. MM . <:K ' r SIPTOL HEADACHE Ctpuilint rclicvci titJdjc>>« hit l>c<Juie It'i liquid. IU in- — jll /tidy la begin f JiinR |h« pjin. It jlid icolhri ntuc l<n- tian du« to Ihc pjir., Uv« JM'ii'i;iii "Buy Yours" City Drug Co. 101 K.nst Mitin SI. Name Brands • LIQUORS ;tiid • WINES ' FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paiht 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 69J r" people in artier to sa\'e them from the Reds" "It is a bom timeVvc realized th:U. this technique of pa.ssinf; lii\vs to savs us Ii'oin Lniagincd iliingers i.i inimical to freedom," he said. "What we iH'i'ri are men in this country who not only believe in but who are ixoi afraid of freedom." Eiirlier. (lie national commander of Amvni.s nrgod approval o[ le;:is- latKin to "t'masculEUe Comnuinisl.i RUI OH SHELTON Motor Company II!) \V. Ash IlliS SUGGESTS Set 1?iw FOR YOUR VALENTINE Choose Front Th«s» Outstanding Values Th« best Valentin* gift of oil ... a handsome ring to remind the lucky wearer of the giver every day of the year. Thrilling cameos, luitroui simulated birthstones, authentic fraternal emblems, smart dinner rings, rich blacU onyx . . . many of them dramatized by *parVlino, diamond*. Choose now from our collection of vali/ev DHEIFUS \1rrl Driiifus . . . \Vr:ir Itmitii 3iK tti::n \\\\\ ST EASY TERMS 7 CHAMPIONS W, • UP TO 32% LONGER MILEAGE • UP TO 55% STRONGER • UP TO 60% MORE NON-SKID ANGLES For ».if«, tronhlo-frni! drivliiK (xinlp your cur with Flrcfttoue Dn Lux» Ohflinplons. Oome In And get our liberal iUlowaiica for your nnndOreft. YOUR USED TIRES ARE WORTH MORE • Surplus Army Shoes • Combat Boots • Overshoes • Rubber Boors Anderson Slinr Sli»,i * (!|,,| B st ,, rr :tlfi K. Miii,, St., Hlyttvi-villo for Swiff, Sur. Starling ON THE EASY firc$ton BUDGET PLAN packed with power. for long. trouljlo-frce s a r v i c e. Qxiarantoed. I or wood, co.tcrata (loom. Rcsi.stj? f rc.c.zing linr, Rcorclilng sun. Drlc.s ovcr- FOR THE BEST JOB' NEW 1948 fimiont OUTBOARD MOTORS 3.6 Horsepower Single Cylinder OUTBOARDS Two models to choose from, improved 1048 mode In. Quicker sl.irting smoother performance. TJin de luxe model hag automatic recoil starter. COMBINATION SQUARE > 1.45 71/3 Horsepower TWIN CYLINDER OUTBOARD Faster—np to 20 M.P.K. maximum npecd! firing cylinders, Ifa,i Automatic recoil nlartnr and push-type choice. Streamlined too. With storage rAck. Buy Now Pay Next Fall 'A Do>*n — ^Bal. Oc HUBBARD Furniture Co. Oct. 1 Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR by TOxpert Cnll 811 Brooks Music Store 107 R. Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Siren 4, A *nd I inch Culvert Til* suts it, 12, n in, n, M, N and 3fi Inch A. H. WEBB llif.v. SI »t sute l.lnt rtinnn BLrlherlll. 714 RADIO REPAIR 1 ANF> a I3AV SERVICE OH ANY MA KB Oil MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 \Ve call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Klvclrical Appliance Co. Anllinri/rri Mot S;ilrs anit I0r, SimlK • Take a jc° 1] rt look. Do jrour • J family'* shoes need mftndlnjt, • • nrw licels, soles? I.ei our ex-. * pcrts do the job! .• H-flLTCRS QUflUITY SHOC SHOP 121 W. MAIN ST. Free Delivery Call PiCKARD'S, GROCERY I'luino 2 1011 CliicKasnwIm I Have On Hand At All Times (• Several trnctors and eciulomeiit j . . , both new and used ones ;<!JOim DEERE, FARMALL and i j other mnkc.s. I have for | t sale nl all times 70 In 80 head of { mules. Terms can be arranged. i Will trade for most anything < you have. New Ford Tractors Heady for Delivery F. C. CROWE First National Insurance Agency FOR COMI'I.KTK PROTECTION I'Moiie 2;U1 108 North lincl St. KILL WILSON CHARLKS BITTNER :07 W. Main St Blvtheville BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 _^»

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