The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1948
Page 2
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PAGB TWO BLTTHKVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS WKDNKSDAV, FEBRUARY 11,1948 Film Monopoly Cases Argued Eight MOVM Firms Resist Government's Anti-Trust Charges WASHINGTON, Feb. 18. UP) — firmer M»J. O«n. William J. "Wild Bill" Donor»n «*ld today the government's proposed solution, to a 10-ye*r-old movie controversy would drop * "bonanza" In the lap «f Independent producers and irould rob movie-goers of good pictures In th« be«t theaters. Donovan, wartime head of the Office of Strategic services, appeared before the Supreme Court as attorney for RKO, one of eight itiorle firms named by th e govern ment In an anti-trust suit The Justice Department contends that the firms have a strangle hold on trie movie-exhibiting business It wants the court to order the companies to sell their theaters end restrict their activities to producing and distributing movies. And it wants home changes mnde In the distributing business so other "Independent" movte-nmkcrs can find «n outlet for their pic- . ture*. Both th e government and the movie companies appealed the case to the supreme court. Donovan attacked the government's demand that the theaters owned by Hollywood companies be forbidden to show movies p-rtv.uced by any of the other companies that also own theaters. The five com/ panics whtch have their own theaters are RKO, Paramount, Warner Brothers, law's and 20th Century Tax. Patrons Foot the Bill Donovan said that decade the case has been going everyone hos been heard from except the one whose Interest should be foremost, "the theater patron." "What Is the profit to this un- represented consumer if the best, theaters In hb ctty are shut off from the best features produced in the country?" he asked. John 'W. Davis, representing Loew's, attacked a provision Included by a lower court In a decree In the case. The provision would for• bid any of the eight companies from renting movies made by any of the other defendants for exhibition In their theaters. Davis said the provision was not asked for either by the government or by any of the companies In the ease. Whitney North Seymour, representing paramount, asked the hHh court to strike n. section of the tie- tree which would require the big companies to sell Joint Interests with Independent exhibitors. He uid there *•«« no evidence of tils- crimination to support that provision. Former Secretary of State JamM f. Byrnes accused the government of "arrogance without foundation for complaining that the big Hollywood producers make movies with, an .ey« J oh.boxoHlje.profit* rsther ' '' Camp is Provided to Save BOYS W/io Appear Headed for Grief LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 11 (UP) —Pine Lake Camp, Little Rock, es- flbllshed to help boys between the ages of !5 and 21 years of age who are "heading for trouble," is ready o receive applications Mrs. H. O. LeTourneau, founder and director, .nnounced today. Situated on a 440 acre tract, for- merly occupied the Shriller rtiirii. th* 'Country Club, the setting of Pin "ngo'ng on^ camp '* » "•I'™' for gal, Ing the interest of boys. Facllltli on the properly can accomodate ap proxlmately 150 boys. A competent and experienced sla Motionless, Pilot-less Suspension on of the camp. They »re: Don F. oilman, public relations manager, ho organised and operated four omes for boys In Texas; Ralph A. yles, camp manager, who Is a for- er high school principal and Boy cout Executive from Kansas City, (to.; James P. Fraser, athletic dl eclor and counsellor, former oul- andlng athlete and musician of •heaton College, Whcaton.lll; Kuene WatUs, counsellor, who assisted i Ihe establishment of Christian outh Training Camp, Gull LAke, .llch.; Harry Henke, farm manager rom Peorla, III.; and Jesse Spann, irctaker. of Little Rock. The program of Pine Lake will b« nlque In that it Is the first of Its ind In the United States. The re- glous emphasis will be non-denom. national but definitely Christian, he goal being to lead each boy to he acceptance of Jesus Christ as Is personal savior. Informal study with actual proj- cLs In co-operation with the Agrl- iiiltural Extension Service will en- ible each boy to learn the rudiments of animal husbandry, poultry raising, gardening, and general far- nlng. Later there will be a woodworking and machine shop added !or the boys. Organised recreation will be argc part of the camp's activities. Instruction in the busic fundamentals of all .seasonal sports and comprehensive aquatic training, including Junior and senior llfesavlng, will be available to the boys. Each boy will be assigned dally chores and will assist in the maintainance of the buildings and grounds. All work will be done tinder competent guidance. There will be one coun- sellor for each 10 or 12 boys. Pine Lake Camp was purchased and furnished by the LeTourneau Foundation. The operating costs will be financed by voluntary contributions of Individuals, firms, churches, and civic organizations. Parents wlui This helicopter, in Palo Allo, Calif., Is the ilrst full-size hcavier- than-air craft in aviation hlslor; to hover motionless in the air wi'hout a pilot. The feat is possible by means of a new control system, which consists of an overhead control stick connecting through a simple linkage to a control rotor. In 1786 i* has disappeared, re- ap(x?nrcd and changed physio- graphlcilly many times. Ms most recent emotion was In 1910. Sea lions and birds have returned to the island at every reappearance. Guards at Penal Farm in Shelby County Accused MEMPHIS, Tcnii., Feb. 11 (UP) — Clinton E. Dunlap, 41-year-old former convict yesterday accused Rmlolph Jones, Shelby County Com- nilsloner of Penal Farms of condoning brutality against, prisoners. He charged that guards "havs been whipping and tails." Dunlap, nn upholsterer, said he decided to complain after reading newspaper reports of Hie weekend escape and the subsequent death of escapee Clyde. Martin. Dunlap said that Martin was his close friend at Hie (arm. (Pour of the six escapees were recaptured; Martin died of exposure, and convict Arthur Jenkins is still al large). Dlnlop tols the Memphis Prcss- Scimltnr that conditions at the penal farm had charged since the recent departure of Commissioner O. B. Ellis, now In charge of the Texas Prison System. Advised of Dunlap's accusations, Jones sftld: "I am using a policy of firm Justice. I expect the same requirements from prisoners as I dirt men in service. They must respond to orders." "There has not been a resumption of whippings. If a prisoner threatens a guard, the guard Is not going to hack off and let the prisoner run Pays 35-Yeor-O/d Debt With 150 P.C. /nterest OMAHA, Neb. (UP)—Mrs. George Duros decided she couldn't, go through another year without paying a 36-year-old debt of MO. Site |iaid the debt plus S60 Interest to James Poulous, a Union Pacific clerk, who had asked her I'; 'forget It—1 haven't thought of il in yearb." Poulos said Mrs. Duros approached him when he was sorting mall on his Job and asked If he knew her. H« Mid he didn't, Mrs. Duros explained that he lent her husband $40 in 1913 when the family was having a "rough time of It." She insisted that Poulos accept the »100. Vtt« Turn t» Church CONYERS, Ga. (UP)—Of 26 men who have applied for voluntary admision to the Trapplst order at a monastery here, 13 are World War II veteraans. Another five ex- GIs waiting to get in. THE SHORTENING THAT HELPS CAKES ACHIEVE EAT APPEAL IT'S ALL VEGETA6L* Sounds I.Ike Hollywood BOSTON (UPi—A Boston arclli tect snys un atomic war would turn the United Slates into a nation of . cave dwellers. Chester Liiidseyl ovcr '>'"'• If a prisoner bristles up, Churchill told a group of students '"" ' '"" of architecture that unless peace Is Thirty-one million acres of New I preserved, 'we may as well start Mexico land Is in farms and ranch- [ digging better and bigger caves (o as. solve our housing shortage." . the guard cnn defend himself. Jones said that guards were not 1 beating prisoners, but perhaps hit- } ting one now and then when the i prisoner gives tlie guard trouble. will asist the founder In Ihe opera- can will pay for their boy's care. Korean Riots Directed from Russian Zone :orc:i, Feb. 11. (UP) Jon. John R. Hodge, common- I """V 10 : der of American-occupied Korea, | mnl charged yesterday that recent Com- ) womiln munlst agitation In South Korea • was directed from the Soviet zone, j in a blunt 1500-word statement I distributed to tlie Korean press and Radio, Hodge said Die purpose behind Inst weekend's disturbances was to delude a "United Nations Commission Into believing that Koreans "either do not want, or are not ready for nn election." Hodge's slatemenl came after U. 8. officials said 17 persons were killed in the Communist-led demonstrations. Although agitation for K general strike appeared to have ; 'falledr Asherlcflri , military authorities kxpected.-further violent. out-. hi the Union. r ___--_. i Vegetable Pure, ; to be sure / ^ "~ "~~ HunKo _ 2)ainty COOKING FAT JtsWonderfal! The Amerlc*ivcommander-: said that all persons apprehended and sentenced for complicity in the three-day sabotage movement "will join tlie ranks of the Communlsi- bcmoancd "political prisoners, 1 who are wept over In every Communist, handbill, poster, publication and radio speech." Look Before Buying, Woman Advised AMES, la. (UP)—Prom the looks of Ihinns, tlie woman shopper will have to look hard before she buys quality fubries or dresses lor that new look. Lucille Reo, Iowa State College could tell by "looks" and "feel" what she was buying in the way of quality mcrcliimdise. Thai was because cotton, silk, linen wool and that newcomer, rayon weie the only materials she had to choose from. Today, Miss Rea said, many man-made fibers and special finishes oflen look like what they aren't and offer still more surprlsin uses. There are crush-resistant water- repellant, flame - retardant and permatictit-crispt finishes—Jus to mention a few. There also are blended fabrics, made up of a com oinaUoii of libers Nylon and wool for Inilaiicc. Mi»« Rea recommends that yo tc-oi tor informative labels on all fabrics or garments, preferably those put out by a reliable manufacturer and take his advice to heart. Many new fabrics and finishes me still in the formative stage and haven't been proven as yet, With the Courts Circuit Norman Bunch and Irma Bunch vs. Sally Ann Biscuit Co., a Corp.; suit for $250 damages resulting from I an nuto collision. Alaskan Mystery Isle Appears and Disappears ANCHORAGE, Alaska (UP) — llogoslov L-jlntHl consist of three volcanic cones and is one of the mystery Islands in Ihe Bering Sea, 25 miles north of the Aleutians. It is ot volcnnic [ormnlion and since its first eruptive appearance WE KHOW 4 9£T7f* WAV! Th« only brake* good enough to entrust your tafety to art pvrfoc* brakes. We'll make yours that way. We'll check the fluid level io th« muter cylinder, refill if necestary, and five you back a car thufi adjusted aod teefed for dependable bntn performance, T. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY Play safe . . . with your ear end with youreelf. Drive in for aa ecpwt Wake check-up. WYDI rOUt NfW CM COMB AlOMO wru nv rout ot£ OM *o#*« smowoi CHRYSLER L PLYMOUTH 121 Emt M«i» St. ! Thousands A3SOITID HIAVIIS • ^^1 CHICKS D 90 P«r 100 Ouoronl.. Hfavy lr.«dl 30Q.. $20 50 ,f*illiv*ly No Ifftiorni) JQ. Z.. j. rot riOMpi SHIPMENT" 1000 - $68.50 I. CJI.I UVE DEIIVEH* GUASANHSO w , , oy ,„,„„ «1 J-lAiO BHMmL. D . DC 5AB i CHICK CO. IN JUSINfSS OVIK 30 YfAIS There IS A Difference in Auto Service.. Yes, there's as much difference as Ihere is between an apprentice ami a specialist. We have skilled specialists in niolor car ailments. You can hank on th« best at Lee Motor Sales Inc. We Cater to Truck Owners! Our Mechanics KNOW Trucks LEE MOTOR SALES 307 East Main Street •^ GMG TRACKS OLDSMOBILE '• ' ' : • ' Phone 519 Soy Beans Cleaned Don't plant grass and weed seed with your soybeans. Our new cleaner removes all obnoxious seed. Before having your need beans cleaned come by and see our new modern cleaner. Brlnf your beans to be cleaned at your convenience. Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. Highway 61 South Old American Legion Airport Phone 2860 CALL 4627 For Lower Cost Insurance • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS Arkansas Mutual Agency W. L. Tamke, Mgr. Isaacs Bldg., Blytheville, Ark SHOP REFRESHED AND TAKE A CASE HOME fO* R(*l Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Blythevilie Ark. 112 Walnut St. Phon. 2122 24 bottle cos* (plus deposit) DAVID B. ANDERSON MASON CONTRACTOR Brick Work of Quality Boiler Work and Remodeling a Specialty 110'/2 E. Davis St. Phone 4641 "My Joints feel Rusty" Don't take a cliance with your health. Doctors call It Arthritis and say that it may be aggravated by improper kidney elimination. Many physicians recommend this natural mineral water that helps to elLmiiiale the systemic wastes. Order a case TODAY— Call or wrlle today for FEEE booklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY Main and Division Blytheville, Ark. SHOP I fl FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree Estimates IO1IUD UNDER AUIHOHITV Of THf COCA-COIA COMPANY If COCA-COLA BO'rrUNG CO. of BLYTHEVlLLh .,..,.n. c «..e*ic«p.,» S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK.

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