The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, February 11, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS I'HK DOMlNAN'l KliWSl'APKIl Ol' NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTllEAS'l MISSOURI YOU XLIV—NO. 271 Blytheville Courier Blythevllle Dally Ncwi Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Hcrnld BI-YTIIKVILI.K, ARKANSAS, WKONKSOAY, FKBRUARY 11, 1!M8 TWK1.VR PACKS SINQLB COPIES FIVB CENTS Markets Continue Plunge Bringing Lower Food Costs CHICAGO, Feb. 11. (U.P.)—Grains nosedived ngain loilay on the Chicago Board of Trade and wholesale food prices across the nation took the sharpest dip in 17 months. The stock market opened lower. Corn, wheat and soybeans for delivery in May and July dropped the limit on the Board o£ Trade for the fifth big price break in seven days. Target Practice Fatal for Youth Claude Pipkin, Osceola, Dies of Injuries In Gosnell Accident Caude Pipkin. 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Pipkin of Osceola, died here early today of a gunshot wound in the. stomach received yesterday afternoon while he and several young friends were holding target practice with a '22 caliber rifle in^a field near Gbsnell. Services for the youth will be con- -+ Wholesale food prices making up the Dun it Bradstreet index broke 31 cents during the last week. It was the biggest drop since Sept. 3. 1946. Except for the single week in 1946, it was the biggest in history. On the board of trade, the downward plunge In grain prices stir lassed by far the price collapse in he crash or ID'29 which threw the country Into a 10-year depression Many of the sharp breaks In the commodity markets already ha< been passed on to the housewife in savings at the corner grocer; store and butcher shop. A city-b; city survey showed substantial re tail price decreases within th past week. Today's price collapse tu grain at Chicago -was followed by simi lur nosedives at Kansas City an Minneapolis. Harried sellers Jammed the whea and corn pits trying to sell as th Chicago Trader Admits Making Big Grain Deal Profits in Week Top $300,000; "Inside" Information Denied B> Fred Mullen (United Press Slaff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 11 (UP) — cretary of Agriculture Cllnlon f iderson disclosed today that a droit" Chicago trader inndc $300 Mrs. G. D. Hammock Jr., Homed Woman of the Year tor 1947 ducted at the home of T. i^ Tuck- i gong sounded for the oiiening o er in Osseola tomorrow at 10 a.m. by the Rev. E. K. Sewell, retired pastor of the First Methodist Church there. Burial will be in Bassett Cemetery. A member of the youth's family reported that young Claude and his brothers, Donald and Ronald, were firing at cans and bottles with jklheir rifles. Claude was setting up ^the targets when the rifle held by one of the olher boys went off. The bullet struck him in the abdomen, hospital atlendanls said. The youth holding the rifle, not identified, thought that the safety catch on it was in place while Claude was standing in the line ot lire, a sister said. After he was wounded, the youth was taken to Walls Hospital, where he r'ied early IhLs morning. j 's survived by his parenls; • [01 brothers. Horace. Donald. ' trading. Brokerage firms rcporte that there is "growing anprehei in£iy be only il a general econom sion that this fore-runner of tailspln," At Chicago. May wheat, wliic reached an all-time high of S3.0C on Jan. 16* hart plummeted 69 cents a bushel in three weeks, M corn, which sold at an all-tii peak of $2.70->', a bushel Jan. had dropped 65V'i cents in the sai Some traders made money out oul the crain collapse. At Washington, Secretary ot AKi-inuUnrc Clinton P. Anderson identified (he short seller of 1,000,000 hush- cls of wheat on last week's falling market as E. T. Maynard. Chicago. Anderson said Marnard made 5200,000 in four days. ' At New "York, stock losses ex : . tended yesterday's sharp loss In the market, which wiped out a billion dollars in valuation of listed and CM) to $400,000 In last week's plum eting commodity markets. The trader is K. T. Maynard eteran of more than 30 years trat on the Chicago market. Andc on told a Senate Agriculture Con it tee that Maynard had no dc information" from the Rovcri lent and added: "The government would like h 'isdom so it could do as well." While many traders in coiiitnod les lost muney on the falling pi e.s, Anderson said the astute Ma inrri made his profit by selli ,000,000 bushels of wheat short la vcck and by tvadluK in, cotton, oa net other commodities. Maynard's name has appear reqnently on the lists of big tradt vhich Anderson releasetl in comic ion with the congressional invcs gallon of the commodity markets In Chicago, Maynard also sa ad no "inside information" used only his own jntlgemwil as professional trader"It was obvious the market \ started down," Maynard said, Anderson said thai Maynard gan making his profits on the the commodity markets began t bHng — Feb. 4. On tlml duy i fell off and wheat and other L- mcx!itics followed. "While his largest operation a short sale of wheat, he has b so adroit at 'calling the turn' t he has made money Ir.s. OUbeit IX 1 e Hammock Jr.. i so lot leadership ability. theviUe housewife nnri mother, " ' ' •-"— " o has tnkon time out to parliv te in various civic activities of e city, has bcon selected the 1947 oman ol Ibe Yeuv' Mrs. Hammock was announced .ociay n.s the winner of the coii- spcmsoitHl by the Alpha Alphn and Alpha Uetii Chapters of Beta Sigma Phi. in which entries wcvd .sent in by individuals and with the selections* bi'intf mmle for service renclei'etl U> the community ami ul- selections \vere made by n secret committee Monday night. To H« Honored >4 1>» Mv*. llatumixk will b« honored with a formal lea lo be given the latter part of this month, with gue-sts to include members of various civic and church organizations of Die city. She was co-chairman of the Cancer Drive In Blytheville. and was up\X)UUc<t as commander of the 1(148 North Mississippi Counly Cancer CommlUce. She is also chairman of the 1948 Woman's Division of the Infantile Paralysis Drive. Asslsl«l Javccr. For Iwo years she has Inkon an acllve piul in assisting members ol the Jnycees in presenting Ihft Illylheville lleauly Contest and last yonr -she was res|>olisiblc for the 50 youngsters who participated In Ihe Junior Miss Illylhevlllc Con- She has beea in charge of thc cotton fashion .show for the past two years al Ihe National Colton I'H-khiR contest here in Viiy- thcvllle. Mrs Hummock Is secretary of thc newly organized Jayceettcs, aiyl vice-president of thc 1047 Women's City Council of Bctn Slsmn Phi. Also .she is Ihe recording secretary of the 1048 council uroup. She ha.s been president of the Alpha Delta Chapter o[ Bcla Sisma 1'hl for Ihe p:ist two yenr.s and is also a ini-inber of the Woman's Club. She and Mr. Hammock, who is jwls manager al IA-O Motor Sales, have one son, GrenK. who Is 13 monlhs old. Their home U at 510 Council Calls for Election On Annexing Large Areas; Land at Airport is Leased ujriiTCfty *<> Collect $20 Per Acre Murray and LIU, p er y eaf / or J^OO Acre Tract Are Indicted on Federal Charge Violation of Labor Law in Election Alleged by Juron ISy .luincs 1'. Donovan llnltr-it I'rrs.s Staff ('ii]-rc.s|ii>iiil|.n WASHINGTON. !••(!!>. I (U.I 1 .)—A fotlcvnl grand jur today indicted tlic CIO iini CIO President. IMiiliji MUITH of tlic 'I'al' .nlmi' Act l)n n activity bv hi Hartley |X)litiral The Oily Council last night passed an ordinance placing on the April (i municipal election ballot thc city limits ex- lansion issue which, if ratified, will increase the city's iron to approximately three and onc-hnlf scflinre miles and jnosl. thc official population to tin estimated 17,500. Ulythevlllc voters will decide* • April e H the corporate limll.s of ,he city shall be? cxpundi'd lo include ureas now Included in what Is known us Greater lilylliuvllle but outside the city limits. To Im-hiilu Air Iliisn The ordinance putting Iho expansion lo a vote (it (lie city's electors culls [or t'xU'ndlDK Liu 1 corporate limits in nil directions inul lakes In the former lllyllivvllle Army Air l-'leld, which last week bucamo in North 13th St. long side since t)ie market began Us decline," Anderson sniri. Sportsmen to Plant 150 Pheasants In Selected and Protected Areas InillnS order for 150 pheasants to he placed 1« different sections ol Mississippi County for experimental purposes will be made by the Mississippi County Wildlife Association Friday with the' first shipment of the birds* expected to arrive here next April, it was nnnouncct! today by 1. F. BrogtUm oE Blythcville, secretary. its entirety tlic city's for violation of tlic Taf ./^liilcS' IT^XZS mid will bo pubUslu'd in Uic Courier Nous In (lie Meiir future. Tin- City Council, inert Jug In indictment chureiMl the Cl »«» u(hl i' S(|MU| » in cit >' ""» lll » l nnd Murruy with illn;iiH v imrlld- nl f lu - » •''"• .. * - - 1. VoU'ii lo mil 1,400 i\uvs of MLlubli' hind ul Um air U;i.--.r to I/. It. \V,n'il JL., owner of Hit- lied Top Gin ln'i'0, Mr. Wurd'.s btd accepted by the Council UK rend lo :i rciUtil ol ERP is Branded 'Retreat and Pay' Writer Says Marshall Spending Plan is 'Emotional Nonsense' In llio numwlwn* of Hep. Etlwnrd A, GurtimU, O., McL. hi n .stKHiitil cony ros.slon ul i-U'oUou la Mnryluud lust Suininci'. Under Ihe Tafl-ITni tlt-y net. n Inbov uulot\ Is Iotl>t(Stltu to uutk^ nny cxpontHUire. directly or Sntll- lly Jon n I.. Steclc (Ihiltcd I'rfNK Staff Corrcspondmt) WASHINGTON. Feb. 11 (UP)— I-'orclun Correspondent George Wcl. lor loilny told the Hquse Foreign Af- fuliK Committee that the European rccovecy program Is "emotional, H Is tm Invitation to European governments to exploit' tlio Comfit per ncic per year iiiwi n live- \ miinlsl menace lor more. American Joseph and Ronald Pipkin, all of Osccola; three sislersKivairiuc end , su(?s Bonds were lo too Carolyn Pipkin, both of Osceola, colton fluctua tcd. and Mrs. C. L, Bourland of Blythe- ' vilte; and two grandparents. Swift Funeral Home of Osceola * ! , 4.3SJ*.*', .* «*<jg?**.- - «' • • Arab Threats Fail to Deter Secretary Thf , stock nmrket ycstcl . day had s \mk to the lowest level since last Jun( , Nc . 1>300|000 snarMl wcrc *»***, the largest turnover of the '' un fc Brndstreet wholesale showed declines In flour, whe«ri; corn, rye, oats, barley, bullies, Urd, sugar, cotton, cottonseed oil, cocoa, potatoes, .steers, hogs, lambs and butter. Translated In terms the housewife could understand, the v break in wheat prices m"ans that for even' 30-cent per bushel drop. Price Declines Termed 'Healthy' Roger Babson Finds No Cause for Alarm Over Market Crash MOUNTAIN LAKE, Fin.. Feb. 1.J <UP»— Economist noircr Bnbsoi (oriny the current drop in The phr:is;uUs were purchased by * roup of Mississippi con nty portsmcti nnd fanners following a liscussion ot thc possibilities of isms pheasants in this area al meeting m Die Wildlife Aj.socii' ion in the Court House hue last light. The pheasants will be pUiccd in sheltered sroas throughout the county, Mr. Urogtton stated, and some will be placed on individuals farms. They will he watched closely dm infi tlic first year, he said, and if it Is determined lhal the birds car. thrive in this area, will be ordered next ycar.^' Members ol Ihe Missis ty Wilciliie AviOcmtUm fli on the idea oJ imrmlueiTig^jlncis- comrnodfty prices is 'very healthv J ant.s into this urea following a study and should help to slave off more wage demands." He .said there was immediate mist in thrive Jusl a* well in the soybean producing Delta country as they do in the com and wheat belt.s o[ Nc- Kansas and the DakoUs", Mr. Brogdon explained. It Is not, believed that thc difference in weather conditions between. Ihe two aretv.s will affect the pheos- atU5 lo a grent, extent, he pointed out. A film "Phciisnnls and Fhonfiiml. Hunting." made by the Muff of Field and Stream magazine was .•Several other films on hunting were shown by U tr jf*ri$ .of Bli'Lhevlllc. lourlnV'tbe meet ing 'H H. Holder of--tittle'Rock, federal wildllte coordinator for the State Game and Bahson, who accurately predicted tlic 192!! stock market crash and has been' for years one of the LAKE SUCCESS N. Y.. Feb. 11. | Price of a loaf of bread eventually IUP) — Secretavy-Oeheral Trygve ! will come down a penny. Lie of the United Nations said to- : Each 30-cent per bushel drop In day he was determined to do "cv- ' Ihe price of corn means that pork the nation's better known market experts, said in a mexiage to the United Press there were three ren- •ons underlying current stock mar- erythiiig" possible to carry cml the ; can be p pa'rtition of Palestine in the face pound chen produced three :aper. cents of growing Arab resistance. I But the hog market began a re- Li id he made this clear to'; cov«, today after Monday s major /Great Britain in a recent private [ price break was partially checked ' talk Kith Minister of State Hector i at the big cornbelt stock yards yes- McNeil. The UN chief told a news conference he had established an advance mission of four UN officials and two secretaries, which will go to tlie Holy Land "at an early date" to begin negotiations with the British government there concerning the carrying out of partition. tcrday. Trie spectacular plunge of commodity prices set (he farm bloc lo work at Washington on plans for new jrovernmeiil support prices on farm products. The major products, however, slill arc well above price support levels. The House Agriculture Ccmmlt- tce has been lukewarm to sugges- ket lows. They were: "I. Each year as living costs and everything else goes up in price, investors have less moifey left to use for buying stocks. "2. Most of the slocks today are called following the survey, he stated in order to conduct a thorough discussion of thc ])lnn. "We believe that phcu.sant.s will a discussion of quail and duck hunting. Approximnley 150 sportsmen attended the meeting; •colly on bi'hiOf "f any for u totltrill office:. 'Hie indictment sjild Unit tho publication of (m eiuioi,icitirnt of OurmntK by Murray In the "CIO News" on July 14, Ifl-ITi—tho day botorc Gfti'iuatr, election—-wnsU- Luicd a tllrecb vtolntlon of the huv. It wnn thc Justice Deprtrtment's rst nctlon Uic 'l'[\ft-l!avL- Iny net's no-polltlcA bun and will to n. court test of Hip cnnst.ilut'on- alSty of those provisions, NO date was set Imiucdliilcly for arraignment nf trlnl. In commenting on Ihe Indlcl- inenl, Attorney General Tom C. Clark said: "This indictment resullfi from thc fact that Mr. Murray nnd Ihe CIO nsert thr 'CIO News' to publicize tlielv simiKivt of one of the candidates for Con^n^s h^ the .i)w- clal election held cm July 15 r 1947, lu the Third Congrcsrionnl M*trkt of Maryland. Suction 301 'of i^i Tn/l-Hnrtlfy art prohlMLi tl*/^ pcndlturc of the funds of orgnni/nllon for such u p "Tliis .statute cnn present a pro- nm in thc nccommodatton of the nstltutioiml power of tho Cones to reRulnte Icilcral electloivs th the conslitullotinl freedoms of ecch and thr press. The executive yrrir lease rx|)tritiK nl tin; end of '1. IX'hriTt'd (\i-.t Son oi\ bids svib- tnlllcil for ri'iiln) of I tic air busu j tlHJiili'f, -swimmint; pool anil recre- ultdn luvll. 3. Ufstiu.m'd lujcii.swily of purchasing another fire-lnick to rvplticc (he I'ii-yetir-okl vehicle nL Firtt Stu- tlon No. 2. 11)00 \ Main. Tho need lor nuoUior utw tvuc.k wan «m- plmMzcd nti(t Mitt issun wns placed in the hand.-; of a committee of three aldermen. 4. Voted to .sell cusl Iron polo.s formerly used u.s street llRlil [ix- tm-c.s lo tho Blythcvlllc Wutor Co. [of $50 per tot). 5. Voted to vmvlleipal-fl \i\ tlin malaria control proKUim n^aln this >c»r lo nil extent not exceeding $2.f)00 cost to the city. 0. Authorized Mayor K. II. Jackson to employ men Lo do maintenance work at the ah' bnse. 7. Authorised _CJty. _AMP rn ,cy : pftf- Lie said he considered Palestine tions for a new long-range Inrm "a serious problem for the United ! program. But Chairman Clifford Nat ' ion ., » j Hope. R., Kan., s.ild the price break "It is my duty lo do everything ; might change the complexion, possible to carry out the will of i He said if prices drop lower n the United Nations General As-; new program mi?lu be enacted at sembly as expressed in the Pal-1 this session of Congress, estine" partition decision." Lie said. I Government Factor Oiled "And I intend to carry out that I J. O. McClintock. ex-nitiye vicc- dulj , ,. Sec TRICES on Page 5 LJe said he had no knowledge of •he policy the United states intends to "follow when the UN Security Council tackles the question of sending a UN army into Palestine to enforce partition. Warmer Weather Hits Blytheville But Blizzard Races Across Kansas The minimum temperature In Blythcville remained above freezing last nifiht for the second time since January 9, giving this area Rome —-, relief from unseasonably cold weather but the balmy period promises bought by well lo do people In the to bc short -livcd. SO per cent to SO per cent tax brack- 1 T])C (J s weat |, el . forecaster in Little Rock predicted rain or snow ets- These people. If they buy I nlKl lmlc ], co uier tonight in the north portion of the state with Thursday to be cloudy aiirt mneh colder. + The low this morning was M; day. degrees and the niaxmium ycster- i The sub-zero weather extcndct day was 45. On Feb. 4. a low ot 35 : from Montana eastward to New degrees was recorded here with; England. Bangcn-, Me., was thi below-freezing readings going all; coldest spot in the nation earl; the way back to Jan. 9. j loday with a reading of 23 degree. The United Press today leportcd i below zero. It was -19 at Ouster a sub-zero bliraard roaring hrollgh stocks. don't have more than 2 J {per cent left even thoush stocks yield six per cent In dividends or even. more. Hence, they nre buy- inp non-tnxablc bond's ' instead of stocks. Warns of Danger Ahead "3. Sometiny there will be n bust a n d every vca r we n re »et 1 in g nearer to this time. Hence, each month more people are gradually Western Kansas and on into Oklahoma and Texas. There was seine winds out of the . serve to minimize -12 at Mlnot r N D.. and -9 at Phil ! 1|>, S. D. arcn )n (he clian^inp; from bulls to bears. Babson said the uricc of stocks ! prospect that wns ou o st() "depends upon supply and demand ; South might serve to minimize j ]( )u snovrs h |, t W j,,d 5 North the same as th c price of beef and j the new cold wave In the extreme , Knnsn j w( , rc nol s tron' B . The ne- Amphib Tractor Upset; Marine is Drowned OCEANSIDE. Gal,, IVb. 11. (UP1 —One Marine was dead, another missing and 20 others injured today after five amphibious tractors captizcd In the Pacific Ocean surf and turned tragedy. a mock battle into a British Embassy Warned Bevin's Life Endangered everything else and not upon quality and earnings. "If there are more buyers than ! .sellers, stock price? go up. If there ) are more sellers than buyers, stock prices go down. "Actually, most -stocks are safrr Eastern portion of cold which swept Southcastwar LONDON .Feb. 11. (UP)—A foreign office spokesman said today that security arrangements for tlie protection of Foreign Secretary At Goodland, Knn., the center of j across the nation was expected I the .storm area, the north winds! moderate considerably focfor reached velocities of 40 niile.s per | reaching the Eastern .seaboard, th hour. Motorists wcr c warned to; U. S. Weather Bureau saUl. stay off highways as the temper- | Temperatures rose considerably I attire dropped to three degrees be- | the Gulf States today ns Souther IOH , 11, (H i, i today than they Have low zcro nnd U]c dr , vjng snow rc ,; ly wlmis warmcd Uic area wlric been for mat\y years, but due to the reasons given very few people are now buying stocks. Hence, when some rich man dies and bis stock holdings are forced on the market to be sold, prices necessarily go down However, no immediate bust Is duced visibility lo a minimum. No'suffered near-freezing weather yes casualties were reported early to- i terday. Ernest Bcvln had been "tightened 1 ' i now in sight. In view of the above following an anonymous telephone j .situation and the foreign outlook warnJiig received by the British cm- l the safest course is to bave one bassy in Paris. half of your funds in attractive The tractors turned over in wind- j sa id."" 'The caller said Mr. Bcvin was ' convertible bonds and the other in crave danger'', the spokesman i half in-cash, nicy you need not lushed seas during landing; tnanuc- vers yesterday- Coast Guard and Navy planes and ships resumed a search of thc ocean and beaches today, hunting for the missing Marine and two landing craft which still had not been recovered. € U. S. Protests WASHINGTON, Feb. 11. (UP)— The United States hni accused the Soviet. Union of "unwarranted and unjustified" interference with Hun' irian sovereignty by allowing Red nny troops to arrest and abduct l.uo American Army officers In Hungary. New York Cotton 1:30 open hiv,h low p.m. ... 3125 31SO 3065 3118 ... 3125 3195 3060 3135 ... 3070 3122 3000 3076 ... 2005 2950 2815 2881 Nfar. Way , July , C-cl. . Doc. He added that Bevin was accompanied by the "usual" Scotland Yard security guards when he appeared last night at a dinner given by the Anglo-Egyptian Society. I ever worry what, happens to slocks. "As to commodities, the pie-sent break Is very healthy and should help to stave off more wage demands." Weather MOO 2022 37S5 Z866 —3.19 Arkansas forecast; Cloudy with rain. Warmer in thc East turning colder in the West portions today. Rain or snow and much colder In the North and West, and rain and colder in tlie Southeast portion tonight. Thursday, cloudy to partly cloudy and mucli colder. Minimum this rooming—34 Maximum yesterday—45 Sunset loday—5:39 Sunrise tomorrow- B.48 Precipitation, 24 hours lo ^ a.m. today—none. Total since Jan. I -1.25 Mean temperature (midway between high and lowt—39.5 Normal mean for Feb.—43.4 This Date Last Year Minimum this morning—23 Precipitation, Jan. I to this dale Potential Candidate RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. ?\^b. 11.— (UP>—Former Lt. Gov. Bob Bailey refused lo comment today on the possibility that he might be a candidate for governor. He admired, however, that he had received many letters end telegrams from hts Arkansas friends "Anybody would like to b e governor." was his only committment Bailey's name was projected Into thc muddled gubernatorial picture when it was reported tu Arkndet- phla that a group of Southern Ar- kfinsas men planned lo ask him to run. Poster Contest to Place Emphasis On Americanism, Jaycees Announc A poster contest for grade and committee said iiigh .school students will be sponsored here by the Junior Chamber of Commerce in connection with its observance of "Anierlconism Week" Feb. 12-22. it wtv.s announced loday by the Jayccn Americanism Committee. Subject of the posters lo be entered by the school students Js "What Americanism Means to Me." Posters imist be submitted to faculty representatives not later than 3 p.m. Feb. 19. according to contest rules. The contest ha.s been divided into three caVeRorle.v. for grade school children, for high school .students iti ninth and tenth grades and for students in the eleventh and IweU- the grades. First,, second and third place prizes of S5. $2, and $1, respectively, will br P warded to grade school winners. Five honornhle mention First judging will be done by Jaycee committee and final winnc will be selected by Circuit Judi Zol B. Harrison of Blylhevllle. The contest is open to any stude In the public school system, thc committee said. tne Chicago Dally Nc\vt stuff writer cicflurcd. Ho snicl KHP cati bo dnnecroui because il "cnroiirnKc.s false ctmll- dcnec In the American people." "HulldlnB ^M> Western Kuropc't rt.slslnucc aKiiinsl Coinniunlsm cnn- not bo achieved by any number ol American bllllon.s," he said. "Th« net ctfccl nf KEIP i,i to lucrensc tin blackumUhiR power ot th« Soviet nnntcs. "Thc power of drn\lcs can W nnswDrcrt onW by a very substan- Unl permanent Increase of the American rcployment ot nrmed powci in both l^nropo and A.sla, Including permanent bn;ie.s overseas-. The cn» lire strucluro of> war-tlm« ftRrce- iiients needs to be lorn down and re* built fiti Omt It ceases to defraud Uic American interest." Wcller called KHP thc dying plinsi of nil American postwar policy which he characterized nt "retreal • .,. . TOVtsWW i<v*bp'frti fr'pi'iWlci [uro tlint been clo.secl by. tlie cleaning firm. llurktnl by C. of C, F,xiKUi:,km of Uic city litnUs lo liiL-iudc nrr:is continuous to llui city hii.s brim dismssrd nnd n.'roninurnd- ' - bewail with the United SUtUis' foot- •nnch of Hie Kovernmenl will, of ; cd willi )iun':isinK Irwmenry thir- enforcc the .statute a.s It is j iiit' the pusl yt-ar. 'I'hc: Cliumher of i." Cijnmnirce Ifi-st Summer ni)nouiH:c!il ; it. \vould .support a move lo expand the city limits and shortly Hfter- c.oiKUieloU a -survey showing that thti tmpulutitm of Greater Hly- thevillc wa.s an estimated 17,500. If npprovrd by Blylhcvnle voVors, cxpiiM.sion ot tlie corporate limits will bring Into the, city Pride iind rltteii Clark nckfed Unit the Justice De- irtment Is prpprirltig- udtlitioiml •ofiecuUons of other reported vio- tlons of Ihl.s .statue. reek Troops Close in On Guerrilla Band 75" por ctnt of the cost oi'^, UNRUA." The writer contended 1 that th< Soviet attacks, on tho recovery "plan never were intended to keep ER-P out of Western Europe. *•; "They were Intended.' 1 * he'\suld "only to Insure thtit the Marshal] plan .stnys out of Eastern Europe, Russia's sphere," •• However, he added, the Sovlel Union and its sUitelEitc states "will be delighted !f billions of American dollars flow Into their hands through Western Europe's purchase of Eastern Europe's products. "And Communist Europe will ex^ Knbinson Additions, Maple Grove j peel to buy more cheaply from West- & SALONfKA, Feb. 11. (UP)—Two Iron;; detachments' of Greek troops ire hot In pursuit of th<. Rlterrllla orce that shelled Salonika ye.ster- fay nnd mav be able to bring them o battle today on the South Shore )f Lake Koronia, six miles cast of Salonika. Col. Augustus .1. Rcgnlcr. I'rov- dcncc, R. I., an American military •ulvlscr with the Greek army In .he field, said the guerrillas were hemmed In nmonpr H linn o! ridges iitiil Khmvocxl Ccmtct'lcs, Harrison Nei',ro School, Blylticvtllc Couipi-L'^s, Swill nnrt Co. oil mill nnd iiutncr- nus other iiuiustrles nnd biisinc.s.'; linns on Nortli and South lllgh- \vtiv 61 nnd »l Iho nlr hnsc. 'i'lic new South boundary of Hie oily wlH'crrxs-s UlRliwiiy 01 where il, intersect willi Uic cli'iilnniic ditch Soulli ol Uic old Amwicmi Lut-ion I uirjiort. The Norlliemniosl city i limits will cross North Highway 01 I nt the [•inv«;l roiul jnst Soutli ol Camp Moullrir 1 . An t'NHjiKOiicy clanso was incliul- t-d in thc ordinance, placing il in dk'i-L inimcdmtcly following il-s iviioplion by Uic volevs. Tlic orcll- wltli their bucks' lo the lnl:c Insl »:»"-c -'.'ales that annexation of '.Ills lidded are.i is "ncccssury for the licaltli. salcty niul convenience crn Europe goods temporarily subsidized by American dollars. Thus the Communists In Eastern Europ< cnn hardly be hurt by ERP, which sends them dollars by handfnls." nlzht. It is possible tlie entire force may be captured during th^ day unless they have escaped the trap by exccutW a 'successful right inarch. Uegnlrr said. "If the guerrillas haven't pulled oul. the troops have them In a mighty lough spot.". Rcgnlcr said. "They should capture Ihe whole j works, plus their c.ims and ammu- i nltlon—but that's only If they; haven't pulled rut." j Tlie number or cuerrlllas fit the ; br.nd was not known. Villagers near i the take estimated them at ^00 but of the city" and Its inhabitants, for Srr ANNEXATION" on Tafie 8. Texan Demands That Anderson Give Up His Job WASHINGTON, Feb. U. (UPI Sen W. Lee O'Danlel, D., Tc: me: I<IKU I'Miuuiitu nmji «\, TW I.UL , rt , tl Sonilr tod^v (lilt Rcsnjer sMd h, set th, nnmber ^^y 11 ;/^,^.^ ^.^"P. Clinic Will O P/ en Tomorrow for Missco Cripples A crippled children's cHuic will R comlnclccl liorc tomnrroW at, the First Clilirch of thc Naz.ircnc, 301 Sonth First, by tlic Crippled Children's Division of tlic State 'Department of Public Health. The clinic, conducted under tha nuspicc-.s of the Mississippi County Medicnl Society, will be open [roin 8 n.m. until 11 a.m. Or. W. Vernon Newinnn. orthopedic surgeon, mid Dr. Vida Gordon, pediatrician, will examiin children broug/it to the. clinic. Dr. .John T. Cray, director ol the pro- srnm. lins invited parents of children not already tinder the car* of orthopedic or plastic surgeons to attend. . Mrs. Annabel) Fill, county health Jr" |. .' ! nurse, will have charge of the clin- n? n'ie. a.wistod by Mrs. Harriet Sulli, ,50 , . , „ . van. director of the Mississippi Anderson is thc ' ronl gambler In Col|nt> . Wci[nre Department, and Templf on Wheels Bears Gandhi's Ashes to Sacred Ganges River ABOARD THE GANDHI FUNE- markets. He demanded llml Anderson resign. O'Danic-1 long has bro:i a foe of Miss 1'ollv Wilson, head of tin Child Welfare otiice here.. Strike Follows Riots ROME, Fob. 11. lUPi—Comimm-. _ . . isl controlled unions ordered a one- j thc administration. Hl.s speech, , . _ day Rcneral strike tortny In Fog- brought healed replies from Sen- < UUtCfJ none V-rOSHCS, Kla province, where five ix*rsons ate Democratic Whip Scolt W. » killed in political violence be- ; l.ucas, D,, III., and Sens. Carl Hatch, en rightists and leftist. j D., N. M., and Dennis Chavez, D., j Nineteen Persons Killed RAL TEA IN. Feb. (UP)—A New York Stocks wiuhc nrivcx divsion. I)ii- third class railway carriage transformed into a temple on wheels rolled toward the sacred city of Allahabad today bearing the bones and ashes of Mohandas K. Gandhi. India's martyred salnl. The train Is carrying Gandhi's Rwnrdsi Cll '"''y remains lo the junction of ' the Holy Ganges and Jumna Rivers I Z p.m. Slocks: A T and T Amcr Tobacco Anaconda Copper . Belli Slcel Cln y.slcr Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester Nortli Am Aviation 1 market with lieavv government nur- 150 1-8 chases because of a "ComimmlsUe G3 ' <\( 30 7-S to brine on i 71 I-I price controls. 1 - El BATAVIA, Feb. 11. (UP)—Nineteen, persons were killed Including . Iwo women, when «. Dutch Army Dakota transport <a DC-3) crashed and burned near Bandoeng yes- "r'lh'r'-'NewD^Tdvm'stv 1 " le ««^ It™* announced today. O r Hie Ncsv rx-al djnastj , A Di|(( . h commllnl( , uc ^j,, , h , plane crashed near Padalaranj In Western Java while flying from Bandoeng lo Batavia. The dead included four civilians, among them the two women; 11 military passengers and four crew members. public clamor for j I" 1 Northeast Arkansas Schoolmasters to Meet Soybeans May open high low 341 541 .nil p.m. 342 plicate n wards will be given In rase at Allahabad, where, in keeping j Republic Steel . of ties. with Hindu custom, they will be I Hrutio ............ Posters will be judged on a point': mixed with tile »'Mevs lo lloav away j socony V;\cmnn . . basis— five point* fur originality. Into time. i siudebake;- ....... three points for forcefulncss and two poinl.s for artistic ability. Thc 15 winning posters will be displayed In The people of India arc paying I Standard of N J . holy homage to this train as Texas Corp though Gandhi was slive and would ] Pnrk:,rd •in 3-4 12 3-» 81 1-1 ' The Norlhenst Arkansas School» 1-4«rs Association will hold li.s 22 3-t monthly meeting tomorrow night in " K 1-3, ihe Wilson High School at Wilson. H 1-s ! Members of tlie Wilson High 16 7-u j School faculty will have charge ol BO .1-1 !>2 1-3 (he proKi-nm. Attending from Bly- tlicville will he Sunt. and Mrs. W. Bootlegger Fined S. P. Marshall. Blytheville N'e- gro. was fined $100 anrt, costs In Municipal Court this morning when he pleaded guilty to a charge ot selling liquor without * license. downtown store windows, lhc( soon come out slid spcjik U> them. U S Stcci 68 1-4 I Miss Ktfie Lee Terrell. 3-4 i n. Nicholson. Mtss-ZlosR Hardy and j Half of thc fine was suspended [pending good behavior.

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