The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, SKI'TKil !'>!•; 11 •), 11HY IUATI1EV1LLE (AUK.) COUKIKK NKWS PAGE FIVE Two Face Trial In Lynch Attempt Pair Free on $5,000 Bond; Six Released For Lack of Evidence JACIsISGN. N. C., Sept. 4, <UP) — Jaiikecpcr A. W. EJwaid:;. ami another while mau were at libei'ty today uiidei SS.COD bail to await trisd in coJinection with the M.iy M ab- clticlioii of Clod'.viii Bu.sli, a yami;; RIO on charaf.s of al- lern(;ic<l ralJe of a v.hhc woman, Gov. Grcgji Cherry reopcneci the k case under the .state's aiui-lyneh .siatme alter the grand jury bad lailcd to indict suspected abdnciors including Joe Cunningham, assisiaii: movie manager wiio wivli l-^hv.irds now nmsL face trial. ^.'i^ otlici 1 men charged with conspiracy and wit!) breaking and entering H jail were released lor lack of competent evidence. Hush, who baltcil to safety mcc outside the jail tiltiicu^ii on-,- man j tired -A shot at him. Ulcr.viJied C\ni- j ningham as the ]iiLin who hcl:l a Iiun on him, unlocked hi.s jail cell ; dour and said "come on. nius'.cr, le'.'s I so." j Tlie Meijro was unable lo identity ] the other:, in the i:roup. J Jiich'c J. Paul J-'iiziKlle. sittin;: a.s i a conmilttini; maytst] r.le. ci'dercci ywmn CuuuunUium and the bald- . ish Ejlwards lo appeal for trial in : :idjTini]];i Warren counly- ;u Wai'- ' rciuoi:, '!.! miles distant—on Scp:. 15. Kids for a Pay Stale Fair time in SecUli;;. Mo., LrinKs out a couple o( tlio boys to enjoy (he sights, sounds .inci sweets on Ihc midway. A. W \Vuy. 78, left, looks as it ho \yqu\d like to help his young friend Albert Traulwein, G2, w;uic through that ball or cotton candy. .1 iid^i- Seivc.s Defendant luj-.sard.s ;ul;niuort that he illicit 1 little effort, to .sit))) I lie men I: GUI s'eifcijic Bush. He ^* i > cl!;i!-:;L i :l v. ith conspiracy niid v.iih anting nnd nbc:ttin}j the raid on hi.s j:iiL • in a pucked coytrU-ooni of IJ'J j whiles i-.nd lijy Neyrors. Fnzz'jlle ! Uirneci on Ed\var(is and :;:iid: ''You liatl custotly oi ihcs'j pri- ; -soi 10:s and ycur obligation to ilie » state and i!ie lav.-s of the lap.:! re- ' (juired yen Ly do far more than yuu did to protect Uicm. [ "Not once diet you ask or bc^ i Lhiun to de-siM. You...led the men | to 'Eusli'.s cell and pointed him out, i I couldn't leave this coui'M-oom with I my sell re-spccL it I tlict tint call \ yon Lu suiswcr cliar^e.'i." ; PVizzlle told the other six dcfcn- | dant.s that "Itie only reason you | men aie allowed tt) yo h'tie i.s be- : cauiic of the in^onijieienc-c of Cun- i nin^hnm'^ stiitcincnt a;; it concern;* : you. I "Tiicte will nc^'cr be any justi- ! ric^tion in the peopie attemnlin^ to i take Hie Kv.v in iht'ir own hands." he .said. | Cunningham, who confessed par- j liei pa lion in 13 ir--!)'^ :;e:7nrt! in a • vAaU-mont to the F3I, hml no com- ' mciit. . Bilbo's Divorced Wife Finds Will He Made in 1925 HATTIESBURG. j\;:xs.. .Sept. •!. ; (IJI>i — The l;,lc Hen Theodore i G. Bilbo's divorced wile helped uncover :v will today IHirporled to have I been penned by the Mississippi Democrat 22 years UGO. The will turned up four days after an administrator disclosed that Bilbo died iiite.staio. dividing an estimated S100.000 estate between two children of two marriages. The will \\as discovered m the i local Scottish Rite Temple by Lu| ther A. Smith, sovereign grand in, spcetor general of Scottish Kite i Masonic bodies, after a phone call I I from FUlbo's divorced wife. The will reportedly would ylve Bilbo's divorced wife cne third of the csli'te and thirds to each of the children. An exa-ninguion at Bilbo's I Poplarvilii; home of the divorce I decree which was granted in IflliR, I indicated that 13i!bo had made lull settlement to Mrs. Bilbo ami that the will probably would be declared invalid. wide campaign for Ills II-MSC. In other action, the bu.ird urant- ed W paroles and rccomtnciKli'd .six furlouahs and one',;. G/'s Rap Lee In Letter to Rome Paper KOMH. Sept. -I. <Ur>- ~Vo unon- yinuus Ainri'lnm Gl's yesterday wrote lu ilu' KniOl.sli lunjimiBC newspaper, the Home Daily American, citmri evidence of " nnd humiliating InMtlmr-nl" under thi 1 command u( Iji.-ut, Gen. John C. H. Lee. The writers sunwrted the charges of thp Anu'rk'nn newspaper columnist, llcbsrl C. Ruiiik. The writer, based nl Leghorn, described :i "barbed wire i-uclo.suro" in winch troops inlected with venc- re;tl ( were confined nnd made to sleep in pup tents dining Kluys of 33 lo £0 days. 'Both writers siild the camp "has been lorn down nnd neatly disposed of" SHUT first publication of charges jiyainsL life's coninnuul. One writer said the abuses dated Jroiii the lline ol the ro.deulo.vment of older Crl's In the lust throe mouths cjf I9-1G. He .Siild "it r,cems I that since then a crop of '.stateside' j brass has come overseas to lake I cliaiiie ol various eommunct.s." i "We never hut! much to complain | of when the combat men were hero inul composed the majority of of- licoi'.s," In? writer said. "Since their drpiulure there Uao been u marked change in the treatment of the Of." Search for Suspected Burglars Continues CAHVITHKHHVII.U'!. Mo., .Sept. 4. — Deputy Kheritf Jake UluMon KilUt yeslerday no new developments had nrlsen In the ntlempled liquor store robbery at Holland last week. Clarence ICklrli! K c Is still liclnt; held by Puclllenh, Ky.. unthorilic.s. [ul- lowlUB hi.s arrest the latter purl of last, week lu a 1937 V\m\ eoiieii stolen ut Cootcr. nnd believed tivri by the three would-be robbers In tlielr escape to Kentucky, after they h;n! been eha.sed from their ear In n nmninn Bun battle with Marshal Cicollrey Panlcy and his .son. Kentucky ofllcers Identified the Ford coach Ijy motor number, us the Mls.smirl lnj;s luul been supplanted by Kentucky lues when it was apprehended. KUtrldne .said he luul "spotted" the ear, ni'.ii was merely stealing 11 there. He professed no knowledge of Ihi- ut- Icmpleil robbery at Holland. or tlmt (he car hud been stoL-n at Cooler Inter the .same nlghl ol the attempted robbery. 4. the: wiTcknxc of a Hjjlii plane totlayJn an eflort to determine the cauje "I a crash which brought' death lo two yoiuiK men late yesterday. "When a Gl uant.s to [jjo for .sick cull," ilie teltn said, "lie, I urn hi nil hi.s eiiiiiiniient to the :;npi'ly room. There are where til'.s must report lor treatment every day, Ycl ID do ihis they must tm-u in their rcinipment evei-y day regardless. Thru- »rr of .soldiers ROlnn mound sick yet they won' no to .sick ra.l ljt:causc ol the pie scut syslcin." Osccola Rotations Hear \ Two Killed When Plant Hew C. of C. Secretary | Crashes in Tennessee ' OSCiroW. Hop!. •!. — Harry I |,|rw||)ui((;. Tcnn,. • Sept. Paulas, .sceictarv of the Osccolu ,,..,, , . . . Chamber or commerce, addressed .'^!..'.. " J'» r eMl 8 alors. probed members ul the notary Club Tne.s- day at their regular im'ctlnv:. Uane Kerntts hiul charge of the program, entitled, "Uevelop CoiiimiLUily .Salesmen." Visiting Itotnrians were 11. G. Grant. J. Wilson llenvy anil J. i l.onls Cherry, all or fllytlievllle. I Myron Nallllni!. meiubei'of Itir l.ux-j Ol'n chLb, M. Ktirt/. of l.iixoru. liar- j okl Hiimm t>r Uei'Jiiolt, l\it Mosley | "I Union Kutiue and 'I 1 . W. Dunn and II. I! Darr, both ol Helena. Veteran Has Real $64 Question But No Answer ' NAKIlVII.l.K, Tenn.. .vcpt.-I. lUl'l — (\ real $(]-! riueslion \vas still 1111- iin.iu'crcd today. A war vele.rull. Leslie It. Shut- fine, tolil police today he cashed a UTinhml leave bond ycsteiday un:t led lo make a bll ot whoopee The dm .stopped lust nluht. thoiutli, when his woman companion, carry- inc Ills porkelbonk, left Ids table lit u roadside tavern "to make a phone rail" and didn't return. A red-haired woman listed as Mrs. Irene Lawrence was jailed a.s a rcMill or his .slory and charged with hirccnv. The billli.M held «';!, KlmU'lnr. .salil. The woman didn't have it when arrested. Tlwsc kllk-U were Walter I,. Brown, 24, -Aho I)ltd been married only two weeks ago:-, and Robert Manlcy, 17, Witnesses safd, the plane had been stunting a lew.tVijjfc;. utcs before it crashed into the side of n road about » mll«-from the Lcwlsbtirg Alriwrt. Another Protest Sent Russia on Petkov Trial WASHINGTON. Sept. •! CU?) — The United S::ite:; h:is dclivei'ij:! another sharp proieM to Russia on the "scandalous 1 ' Irial.and convic- tiori of Nikola Petkov, leader of the anti-CoLi'munisl opposition in Bui- Workers' Defense League Pardon'Reaucst is Refused LITTLE ROCK, AlX. Sept. 4. | i OP i — Tec Davis. Critic,tlen i County Negro, remained in Arkan\ sas State Penitentiary today alter ! Ihc State Board o! Pavdoiw, Paroles and Probations ycEterd;-y refused for the third time to yrant i him clemency. ' | The board announced that i: x'.'HI I not consider another aopiica'-on in Davis' behalr until Kucii a request receives favorable rec'jm,.;iencj.uioiii; from Crittcntlen County officials. Sentenced in October. 1H11. of assault with intent to kill. LUvis has been the object of nv.tch :iueicsi since Ihe Workers Defense; Lc:i!-,i.e of NCA* York latinchcci a natirjn- Sensational News! Now We Can Offer You Our Hnjciy our delicious, .select, well- cooked foods . . . swiftly, courteously served! Kvcrytlme yon dine suit treat yom^elf to niaxfmnin plt-asme at minhnum prices! JOHNS CAFE 1011 West Main HI. I'liime :i!IOO Gin Supplies Don't leave Blythevllle to buy Gin Supplies. We are competl- .Ive with nny mid-south flrm oh ,hcsc supply iirices.- Buy here; [or better merchandise and lover prices. ' ' U.S. Belting - Detroit Belt Hooks Crane Va|ve$ and Fittings ;- Pyrcne Fire Extinguishers Sou Planters : Iliinlwiirc Now! garia. it \va.s annouuvtd yesterday. Iii a nole delivered to the Soviet Foreign Ministry Aug. 31 this caun- try reiteratcri a demand tlisn :.he Soviet Union ititeivenc in Bulgaria in behalf of Petkiv and order an Allied Control Commission investigation of his tria 1 . Hoth the Soviet chairman of the Commission ami Ui': Soviet government previously have rejected U. S demands to intercede in Petkov's behalf. after the daily grind ! 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